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Fia's Review of Deadfall

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I am a savage critic. Despite thinking Olivia Wilde couldn't act her way out of a paper bag (Cowboys & Aliens), I watched Deadfall on PPV b/c the trailer was good and Eric Bana is capable of being quite compelling and Sissy Spacek is intrinsically talented (and picky about her roles) and so is Kris Kristofferson. Treat Williams knows what he is doing, too. How bad could it be? Deadfall seemed like a good story to take my mind off of being cooped up in my NYC apartment (and the horror just blocks away) post-Sandy.

Turns out, Deadfall is a GREAT little film. The story and script are tight. Production values are just right. Everything looks like real life in its snowbound, insular world. With the exception of the black actor (?, sorry) who plays the wheelman (for the first couple minutes only), no one is miscast, not even Olivia Wilde. Charlie Hunnam is a natural, there will be lots more of him in future. Everyone from the actor who plays (sheriff) Treat Williams's deputy daughter (?, sorry), to the sheriff's secretary(?, again, sorry) who tells her to live her own life (a one-page role) is perfect. Deadfall played out in what seemed like half an hour, paced very well, to a finish that both satisfies and leaves you wanting more. I'd gladly queue up in person to see a film about the next 48 hours in the lives of these characters, and I almost never go to a movie theatre.

Yes, the title is off, but Deadfall deserves an audience.