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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Best director yet david yates embodies the spirt of the films and makes the most complex and complicated book easy to understand but new viewers would struggle its great for users of the books though. The book is dark and sees the return of the dementors and the introduction of order of the phoenix and the start of the war. The introduction of imelda Staunton as umbridge is impressive , the film is action packed and the ending in the ministry is well designed and the death of sirus back has the emotion that the book portrays to the reader.

Overall good version , great acting and chemisty of the cast and amazing for fans of the books

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Dark and continuing the same style even though there is another director. The fourth edition is good and well filmed an the acting is good as always. However due the this being the largest book there was a lot cut out of the book and they concentrated on the tournament and the some actions of characters were changed such as dobby being swapped for Neville. Also the ron and harry fight and hermione training with harry was cut. But other than that true to the books and great to see on the screen. This film is the darkest yet and see the first major death and includes the return of Voldemort.

So great for fans of the book but due to the complex story line could be a struggle for new fans

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This was my favorite book but ill try not to be biased , a good version of the book and the introduction of more british actors help. Gary Oldman and David Thewlis embody there character brilliantly. The film continues to stay true to the books while still getting darker and the introduction of the demetors doesn't help. But overall the bond between the main three is great , the britishness is good and the new director's style takes the user on the story.

There is the right mix of humor and darkness and for fans of the books its great again

The Hunger Games

Good film from the start the hunger games stays true to the book and brings the user into the world of the hunger games. The cast works really well together and Jennifer Lawrence as katniss embodies the character and makes the emotional connection as well as the strong leader. The other main reason this film works is the way the violence of the hunger games is done with the background violence set to music allows users that dont really like violence watch the film. The film has raw emotion and realism that holds the audience through out the film. Also secondary characters in the book has a chance to shine and are remembered so in the future films they are known to audiences.

Overall a great truthful start to the series that captivates the audience and gives a good action packed film. Which will attract reader of the series of the fans and new fans. The raw emotion such as the part where rue dies gives this film heart and makes sure it isn't just a violent film it can pull at the heart strings as well

So Undercover

Not good im afraid not memorable and in the pile of that Sunday afternoon film when you have nothing to do. It was cheesy and made me feel i was too old for the film. Miley Cyrus also spend the whole time trying to be funny not much i can say really sorry not the best

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

After earth is a strange story with not much story line making a case for will smith not to go into writing. However there were some moments that stood out such as the WTF zombie moment in the film .Also a powerful flair needs a mobile signal and he needs to climb an erupting volcano. But other than that the film was the most memorable and was 2 hours of jaden being paraded on the screen with will smith being used to get bums on seats.

There is a few emotional moments when the eagle loses its chicks and moments between will smith and his son. The on screen chemistry is good and you want the characters to succeed but the film is good for will smith fans but is not amazing. But if you are in the mood for will smith go and see it

Resident Evil: Extinction

The third film sees Alice who now has super powers traveling alone trying to hide from umbrella and meets more survivors. The battle this time includes zombie crows that attacks a convoy of survivors that adds to the video game style that is still alive in the film . The zombie dogs that expected arrive again but still the zombies are kept to the standard style.

Alice integrates her self into the group meeting Claire and K-mart and then takes a change of pace and moves from the suburbs and city to the road and desert with base being a motel. The film continues with the same action style and gore level as the second one. But then the film moves the survivors from hiding into a big city Las Vegas before heading to the so called promise land in Alaska where the infection hasn't reached yet. After a good shoot up the gang make it and of course Alice decided to go take on the umbrella corp rather than making the trip setting the film up for a forth part.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Slightly better than the first installment with more action , more unlimited loaded guns and more dog peril it is a watch for fans of the game. The film continues with the action video style and the zombies haven't evolved much from the first but is has spread so the city is locked down . Alice who's body has started to bond with the t virus continues her assault on the umbrella corporation and the zombies meeting more survivors who learn how to fight very quickly.

The film then turns to a rescue mission when the only scientist that could cure the virus wants his daughter so Alice , Jill and Carlos and the other survivors to battle zombies of all ages including a boss level zombie to find Angie and return her to her dad. The film is a good action packed video game adapter and since they have sorted the gore out the is a good continuation of the franchise.

Resident Evil

Resident evil is a good start to the franchise and sets the story for the sequels to come. The idea is good and realistic with the idea of a computer run corporation lets out a virus so the computer turns homicidal to get rid of the virus.

The film takes a very video game feel with the deaths of the characters with the use of lasers and of course guns with unlimited amo. We are also introduced to Alice who will read the films to come and the zombies are typical. The film design is good and well adapted but the film is let down by the over gory feel to the film which isn't needed. However as not a fan of horror movies the video game feel allows he to watch apart from the dog zombies of course. The film is a good foundation and the scene with the laser is embedded in your mind afterwards so it does OK.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Gi joe 2 i went to see it in 2d so cant comment on the 3d but as it was no stop explosions and action it is easy to guess. Spoilers

The film continues the original story by killing off duke and causes the retaliation against the phoney president. The film takes the action up with added call of duty style when the new cast of Adrianne Palicki and D.J. Cotrona team up the newly promoted Dwayne Johnson to take on the government. The film continues in the same style but is better than the original and some people will say its for fans only but it is enjoyable , action packed and humors in places.

The the film goes a step further when the question is asked who can they trust there is one man of course it would be Bruce Willis who has a armory in his house so with more guns with unlimited amo and a buggy the team hit the road and get there revenge. Along side this you have the story of snake eyes and storm shadow which ends in a happy reunion as the truth of who killed the master and started the rivalry is revealed. The cast works together and the ending is predictable but the film flows and is an enjoyable sequel. However if you haven't seen the first film you might get confused as the story integrates well .

Rise of the Guardians

Amazing i love a animated film and this is up with the best, you can trust dream works and they did a good job. The animation is great and even though it came out at Christmas Santa inst the best character in this film.

Jack Frost played by Chris Pine grows through the film finding his center and why the man in the moon told him. Which is funny cause dream works has a man in the moon at the beginning of the film .Next is North aka Santa played by Alec Baldwin , the Russian Santa is played supposed to be the leader and does lead his gang of out of control elves and yetis with one yeti not getting anything right which is cute. But Santa still has sword skills his sword and flies his sleigh but inst in as much as expected. Next we have Isla Fisher who plays the cute and excitable tooth fairy who introduces baby tooth who is really cute and steals the show.

No film would be complete without two rivals and this time its Jude Law who plays pitch or the bogey man who wants to be believed in vs the sand man which is different and fits together. But the best character belongs to Hugh Jackman as the Easter bunny. He fits perfectly and keeps the humor throughout the film and goes down as a character such as donkey or Marty.

A great film by a great studio but don't be fooled it isn't a Christmas film Santa is just included.

The Host
The Host(2013)

I haven't seen a film that bad in a while i expected to lie it but was faced with a twilight copy. The films premise is a good idea and maybe with another main girl but the film is childish and goes on forever.

The film was rushed and badly scripted in order to catch on to the end of twilight and in doing so it comes across as if a child has written the script. Also the main girl comes across as a whining child not a strong character and the similarities to twilight are easy to spot.

Instead of a girl wanting to become a vampire you have the host wanting to be able to die and then when you think it cant get any worse you have the choose a side with each girl falling in love with a boy. The only believable character in the film is the uncle and the seeking.

Overall the film could be better if they had taken more tie and a bigger company had supported the film

Red Dawn
Red Dawn(2012)

I know this film has been slated by the critics but after not seeing the original i actually liked the film. The film was over the top with cars driving through flames and the fact the American's did not see the Koreans coming but it was a decent action film.

The main cast of Chris Hemsworth who played a marine returning home after 6yrs manages to lead the group of teenagers and plays the leader type well while still portraying the emotional side. Along side him josh peck has blossomed from a Disney channel star to an acting talent who by the end of the film has become a grown man repeating his brothers speech to the allies. But the two impressive characters was Connor cruise who really holds his own against established actors and leaves the audience feeling sorry for him after the Russian major yes Russian tags him. Finally Josh Hutchinson takes his hunger game training to a new level while coming across as a scared little boy but can fire a gun.

The film has a good premise and a good cast and sticks to the tradition of leaving the audience to figure out what happens with a ending that looks like it ran out of money but a decent effort that i enjoyed and think deserves more credit.


A film with a great premise of time travel been invented in the future and not in the past. The film also brings in twists as the viewer tries to find out who is the top gangster that will kill the main characters wife.

One of the best SCI-FI in recent times with a good mix but with a dose of reality with a gangster/hit-man life style meets the matrix. A brilliant cast with Joseph-Gorden Levitt and Bruce Willis are a great match adding to the films success. The shock twist also adds to it and makes it stay in the memory for a long time.


When i went to see Lincoln i was presently surprised , instead of a boring history epic that goes on forever. I got a incite into the life of Abe Lincoln. The film was typical Spielberg which gave it more of a emotional depth due to his style of directing and the eye to detail was stunning.

On the acting side Daniel Day Lewis gave a captivating performance projecting both sides of the leader and the emotional side that we don't see. Along with the supporting cast the acting well scripted and helps carry the story.

The film manages to show in detail the fight of both the civil war and slavery fight bringing it into a new light. Giving the film a emotional touch with audiences to combat the amount of speaking in the film. This point is the only bad point about the film there is a lot of speaking but as this is a historic film that is expected.


best bond yet , Daniel Craig proves that he can do bond , with added humor and a surprising ending. |ts the film not to miss , a much better version that casino royal and quantum of solace.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

A film that if it wasn't Burton and Depp it wouldn't be accepted. This quirky remake isn't perfect but its harmless fun.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Heading more darker and with the inclusion of the weasleys a good faithful continuation of the series. Keeping its British style the film adds more humor and for potter fans its another great movie.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Bruce Willis , Action , Terrorist and guns and of course at Christmas what more do you want.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

A good faithful start to the series. The good range of famous faces and the British style gives it a unique edge. The film is well made and sticks close to the books and with the decision to stay British for fans of the book wanting to see there favorite characters come to life you cant' lose.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

An inspiring story of a young girl that won't give up. The film warms the heart. Anna Sophia Rob fits the role brilliantly and moves into a more dramatic role and shines throughout. As she portrays the struggles and triumphs of a young surfer that loses her arm to a shark attack and believes shes lost everything. Overall a good heart warming film proving that when everything is lost there is always hope.