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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Being a die hard fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit book(s), I like many others, have been eager for the past 10 years to see this production spring to life. I was a huge fan of Peter Jackson's adaptation of 'The Lord of the Rings' (all 3 of them), and I was curious to see how he would transform a children based, 300 page book into an epic trilogy. I admit I had my doubts and questions but what we get is a film beyond our simple book and in my opinion, makes it an even better story!

Jackson has managed to plunge us back into Middle-Earth with a whole new story which feels much more fast-paced than 2001's 'Fellowship of the Ring'. We have a handful of characters returning, some not included in the book, which some may feel is forced and unnecessary. I felt the same at first, but Jackson finds the correct times to add these characters in order to blend nicely with 'The Lord of the Rings'. This helps us a movie viewers, tie the stories together and feel a sense of "danger" building in Middle-Earth.

My doubts about breaking the story into 3 films were relieved. Jackson has successfully found a way to use the 2 hours and 50 minutes wisely, without too much drag. He gives us proper and useful time with all 13 of our dwarves (who are brilliantly acted), Ian Mckellan's Gandalf who is reprised with much more screen time than originally used and of whom we get more respect for as an elderly wizard. Serkis' Gollum hits the nail on the head in the 'Riddles in the Dark' scene. HIs performance always stunned me in the original trilogy, but he brought an even more chilling tone to the character which ties in nicely with the subplot surrounding these books/movies. We also have a handful of characters from the original films who tie in nicely with the overall story as I mentioned earlier. This alone makes our first film fill up with time, whereas the book is read/narrrated in such a manner that we dont' really know each character greatly, except for Bilbo. Jacksons decision to involve us more emotionally with our heroes will make the final outcome more worthwhile and epic at the end of this saga I feel.

Naturally, in time, technology advances so the visuals have improved drastically in comparison to the original trilogy. I'll be curious to see it again in IMAX HFR to get a full perspective of the intended experience.

Without spoiling, I will say for those who have read the book are in for a wonderful treat visual, story, humor, and action wise. The film also ends on a great note/cliff hanger to leave us ready for more adventure next Christmas!