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The Maze Runner

Teen movie that follows the model of leaving you hanging at the end!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sorry I ever started watching it.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

The story is interesting but the big reveal and plot twist falls flat.


Your typical war film. Nothing really new.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Although the similarities to Groundhog Day are impossible to overlook, this Sci Fi take on a person caught in time was enjoyable watch and a good SciFi Action film.


What sets this film apart is the stunning visuals and the tension and drama that is built not by gore, but by the story. See it on the largest screen (IMAX) possible and in 3D.

Kelly's Heroes

With a all-star cast, viewers should not take this film too seriously. This is pure entertainment dosed lightly with commentary on the management of a military at war.

Star Trek Into Darkness

The 3D version was a good sequel to the reinvented Star Trek movies. Man movies suffer sequel let down, but this movie is an exception. Similar to Aliens being a solid stand alone to the original Alien, this movie stand on its own and it some ways surpasses the original remake. The effects are outstanding, but 3D does not add a lot to the movie save a few scenes. The acting is solid and the social aspects of the main characters well thought out. The story itself was my only complaint, not that it was not good, but it could have been better and hit a solid home run. That said, the story is in many ways better than the last.

Les MisÚrables

Graphically stunning and well acted, this movie suffers from what all those that came after the Broadway hit musical suffer from, a mediocre score and few great songs. To me, the great thing about the stage version was the staging and the constant flow, not the music. Since these are both given in a movie, in lacks the wow factor of seeing this performed live. In the end, a good rental, and enjoyable movie, but one that will end up in the rarely watched section of your DVD collection.

Zero Dark Thirty

Compressing a decade into a few hours is never easy, nor is handling topics like torture, war, and terrorism. Although this film tries hard to handle these subjects, it falls short of the mark and never reaches the deeper meanings of "The Hurt Locker" and at times lags and drags as it heads for it's inevitable climax. Rated R for a reason, this is not a film to watch with the teenagers with brutal scenes that are meant to evoke reaction and force debate on torture on if it is necessary or evil. In the end, it is a decent film (good, not great) but not one that will stand the test of time as a "Classic".

Men in Black III

Like many sequels, MIB 3 suffers from the comparison to the original. Although better to MIB 2, this movie still is not as good, not as original as the first. My recommendation is wait for the DVD.

I Am Number Four

Predictable and unimaginative, the entire movie and plot has been done, and done better.