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Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad (2016)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sooooo...after much long-awaited hype and a mega marketing campaign I finally bit the bullet and went to see 'Suicide Squad'. Keep in mind I'm a lifelong comic book fan and I love fantasy action movies. BUT, too bad this movie disappointed me :-/.

Suicide Squad feels like a sexy date who turns out to be boring. Looks good and seems like it should be MORE - but despite all the gloss, nothing actually happens. So here is the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY about 'SS". :)

The BAD:
This movie has rush job written alllll over it. From a story perspective it was surprisingly sloppy and 'by the numbers'; a bunch of people we really don't care about do a bunch of stuff for some reason. They run from Danger Point A -to Danger Point B and shoot things and fight a lot. Shit blows up. One liners are spewed. And soon I forgot what the plot was even about.

Apparently Filmmaker David Ayers had a few weeks from conception to finish to bang out this screenplay. We can tell. And whoever the cinematographer was should not work in Hollywood anymore. This was truly a technical blunder. From a direction and editing view, this movie looks sloppy. It uses about three different techniques that have NOTHING to do with each other. All the scenes rush immediately from cut to cut, OR - even more disturbingly, we get AT LEAST 20 character close-ups. I mean, the fact that I even notice all of this tells you just how bad the editing job is. Folks...I'm watching an action movie and I'm complaining about the scene editing lol - its really THAT bad.

Music. Dear God, how many songs did the movie use??? There was a new song for damn near every scene. THAT got annoying as well.

So the movie is about Bad Guy being used to do heroic stuff. Well, it fails mightily. These so-called bad guys never actually do anything REALLY BAD - we're just told that they are bad. And then the movie just rushes them into danger and blah blah blah. At no point do we get the feeling ' Oh man....these guys ARE bad!" NOPE. Heck, one guy is just a bank robber! How exactly does that qualify as the 'Worst of the worst'?? Our bad guys just don't do much....well, BADNESS, to keep our attention for 2 hours.

Here's where Warner Bros messed up. This movie should have been Rated R. 'Deadpool' proved to Hollywood that a HARD Rated R action/comedy movie can work IF the story is well-written. Ryan Reynolds spent 8 years developing Deadpool and it showed. Deadpool was BRILLIANT. Suicide Squad is the opposite of brilliant. Deadpool runs around spitting out hilarious vulgarity also while chopping people to bloody bits. We laugh our ass off AND we flinch at the viscera...but not with 'SS'. SS gives us NOTHING to cheer for, NOTHING to flinch at, and NOTHING to care about. It's a shame, really.

The writing, the dialogue was gawd-awful. I haven't heard so many terrible one-liners since 'The Expendables'. I mean...its REALLY that bad! There are maybe three characters in the movie and I'm thinking to myself 'Why are YOU even here??? What's your purpose??' I can't remember the last time I went to a movie with such high hopes and came away with nothing to like about it.

Well, except Margo Robbie :) :) :) My Goodness, Margo Robbie is a superstar!

THE GOOD (The very GOOD!)
Harley Quinn single-handedly saves this movie. Where does acting end and reality begin? I swear this was the living embodiment of Harley Quinn! - one of the best characters in recent memory. Margot Robbie NAILS Harley and is the #1 reason to go to see this movie, AND, the #1 reason to STAY and finish the movie! LOL :P - Harley was the PERFECT mix of sassy, sexy, sultry, slutty, and DANGEROUSLY chaotic....that was some damn good acting!
Every scene that Harley is occupies is a godsend. Every scene without Harley is really just wasted celluloid. No, seriously. Take Harley out of this movie and it flat out SUCKS. And I do mean suck. This movie wouldn't have worked without Harley. NOT. At. Allll.....

Enough praise about Harley Quinn. Will Smith does his usual Will-Smith-iness. I mean, its Will SMITH. He nails his scenes and his lines. The guy has mastered effortless charm. We KINDA care about his character and we KINDA care that he succeeds? - But then again we don't. His character is a cool assassin guy and well, thats it. In all honestly this could have been Will Smith and Margot Robbie (AGAIN), and I would have been fine with that. They have the BEST lines and the best dialogue. The chemistry was so-so, but not forced.
It would have made for an interesting love-triangle between Deadshot, Harley Quinn and...


Yeah, forget about the Joker. We were all hoodwinked. Bamboozled I'm not sure what Warner Bros wanted to accomplish here. Did they WANT to piss fans off?? Well, they did. For all the outrageous stories of the immensely talented Jared Leto going 'full retard' and method acting the FUCK out of The Joker - apparently most of his scenes got cut out of the movie.
Yes folks, all that hype and glamorous marketing, and the Joker only shows up for a few cut-scenes, flashbacks, and vignettes.
YEP. Total bait-n-switch. Which was too bad, because the Joker /Harley storyline is really what keeps this movie interesting!

Notice I didn't even mention the plot. Don't worry it is pointless. The plot is ridiculous. And this is coming from a true comic book geek. This was the whackest plot line in recent memory. I'm not even sure WTF the plot was, but it doesn't matter. A bunch of scruffy villain are rushed into action to do stuff that we don't really care about.

And then there was Harley Quinn :)

And that really sums up Suicide Squad.

If not for Will Smith and Margot Robbie I would seriously give this movie ONE STAR out of FIVE, just for sucking so badly. Without those two? this movie is unwatchable.

The Conjuring 2
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The original Conjuring is hands down one of my favorite horror movies EVER :D
Part 2 is creepier and has more scares than the first one - BUT, also tells a lot more story so the movie is longer.

Part 2 treads further into demon possession (which is scary as hell) but I think the original was more INTENSE. Again, a family is terrorized by supernatural evil and Ed and Lorraine Warren come to save the day.

Keep in mind, these movies are based on actual events that took place. Ed and Lorraine are real people - paranormal investigators who performed exorcisms :O. You can find all of their stories online with photos, newspaper articles and everything. That adds to the creep factor!

As far as I'm concerned they can keep making these Conjuring movies like a series. That would be dope! :)

Original Conjuring: A+
Conjuring 2: B+

Captain America: Civil War
5 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes


One part political thriller, one part superhero showdown, this movie excels at every level! Once AGAIN, Marvel Comics shows why it rules superhero movies (sorry DC Comics!) though perfect balance of excellent story-telling, action, humor, heart, and insane action!

'Civil War' kicks off Phase III of the Marvel movie saga and we can tell that shit is REALLY about to get insane. My only suggestion is - if you haven't seen them yet - go watch Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel is about to tie every. single. movie. into one monumental galactic crossover that has never been done in movie history. And it all starts here!

I won't say much else about Civil War, but here are some SPOILER FREE comments you can read without getting pissed at me lol:

Cap vs. Iron Man
The entire Marvel Universe is balanced between these two leaders, one representing old school values vs the other and his New World agenda paranoia. The allegory between these two is staggering.

Black Widow
She isn't super-powered, just super-skillful. Possibly the best hand-to-hand combatant outside of Captain America (who has super serum running through his veins). Widow is an elite super-spy who looks hot AND whoops ass.

Scarlet Witch
She is clearly the ace-in -the-hole for this entire saga. She is called a 'witch' because she has a hex-like ability to alter reality, meaning...Her powers are off the charts! Using her abilities, she can basically do whatever she thinks of doing. I'll just leave it at that.

Spider-man is pitch-perfect!
In the middle all of this seriousness, tiny teenage nerd Peter Parker shows up and lightens the mood. Literally a kid trying to hang with adults. And in case you didn't know... Spider-Man is powerful as f**k!!

Black Panther
My FAVORITE new superhero! For many reasons but mainly it is always good to see another superhero of different ethnicity, ESPECIALLY a powerful Black man. And not just a Black man but a KING. The character Black panther has been around in comic books since the early 1970s, but not many people knows this. But again, this is where Marvel trumps DC Comics - through strong diverse characters. Chadwick Boseman plays the African King with a strong air of royalty in every scene he is in. But mainly...Black Panther is a baaaaad MFer! Loved it!

Overall, this movie IS long and there are some seriously emotionally heavy moments, but again, Marvel excels at balanced story-telling. Enjoy it for all the characters we've been introduced to over the past 6 years. There are some great surprises and incredible action scenes. Summer blockbuster season officially starts right here!

The Jungle Book
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Everything about this movie was incredible! Fans of the original Disney cartoon (like me) will love it. Dare I say this movie is even MORE entertaining as a live action remake. all the characters and the classic songs are here. The voice casting was spot-on perfect. Was this computer animation??? I can't tell. Looked like a real jungle to me. The kid that played Mowgli was brilliant! Take your entire family to see this :)

10 Cloverfield Lane
7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

As a fan of the first movie I HAD to go see this!

For those who may not have seen it - the original CLOVERFIELD was JJ Abrams' classic movie - a hybrid of Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla. One of the most famous viral movie marketing campaigns - CLOVERFIELD spent a year putting out cryptic messages online while giving NO information about what the heck the movie was about.

People started all sorts of website theories trying to piece together the storyline and make sense of it all. Eventually we discovered that a group of young 20-somethings were at a party and the world suddenly went to hell in a hand-basket. They decided to film every second of the devastation and that's when the fun began! :)

Watching '10 Cloverfield Lane' is like meeting the 2nd cousin at a family reunion; not much of anything in common other than namesake, and doesn't even resemble each other, but there's still something familial so the ties are there.

That is how this compares to the original 'Cloverfield'. A cool little movie that does a LOT with a few actors and a couples of cameras.

What 'Cloverfield' did for monster movies, '10 Cloverfield Lane' does to doomsday preppers and survivalists (think, Stephen King's MISERY during the apocalypse :P ). Where one movie had massive citywide carnage seen through the lens of handheld cameras and cellphones, the other claustrophobic doom confined to a few tight areas. Both are equally effective in their extremes.

So here we have a young woman who is rescued in a car accident by a guy who keeps her in his survival bunker. He claims he saved her life from a nuclear or chemical attack.

Goodman plays teh supposed savior - a hulking conspiracy theorist who has dedicated his life to be prepared for the worst. He has a fully stocked fallout shelter built for comfort that can last YEARS. He agrees to care for the young woman and another young guy.... But the real question is - was there really an attack? Or is this guy just nuts?

'10 Cloverfield' becomes a tense thriller played out like a game of 'WOULD YOU RATHER...?', as the mystery slowly unfolds and more information about the supposed savior is revealed, one starts to wonder if the REAL horror is outside or INSIDE?

So, WOULD YOU RATHER....? - survive safely and comfortably inside the fallout shelter with a guy who just might be a lunatic? -OR-

WOULD YOU RATHER...? Escape the nerve-wracking confines and face whatever horrors may (or may NOT) be outside?