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Star Wars: The Last Jedi
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Last Jedi will polarize Star Wars fans into two groups: those who want to hold onto the past, and those who are willing to, as Kylo Ren says, "Let the past die," while still loving and respecting the franchise's history. If you are the latter, then you will love The Last Jedi. I have been a Star Wars fan my ENTIRE life. I've seen every movie hundreds of times (not an exaggeration). I can quote all the lines and I know all of the random background characters (Grizz Frixx or Willrow Hood anyone?). I passionately love the franchise and everything it has been, but without the trailblazing new directions from master filmmakers like Rian Johnson, our beloved franchise will eventually die. With The Last Jedi, Johnson creates the most character driven Star Wars film of all-time. It is also the best directed Star Wars film to date. Johnson crafts gorgeous scenes with breathtaking color and a constant sense of awe. The action in the film is also marvelous. Lightsaber combat has the same raw grit of the Original Trilogy, while combing the impressive choreographed sequences done in the Prequels. The acting is also second to none in The Last Jedi (a shocking feat considering Harrison Ford's absence). Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are as great as ever, but Daisy Ridley, and in particular, Adam Driver, are incredible. The Last Jedi is exactly what all the cast and crew have said: different. Don't go in expecting a nostalgic recreation of The Empire Strikes Back. Expect to be surprised, and enjoy what is placed in front of you. Overall, The Last Jedi is an excellent film. It may not be Star Warsy in an Original Trilogy sense, but like the Original Trilogy, these new movies have pave their own way in order to stay relevant and keep the audience guessing, and Johnson smartly cares more about story and character than worrying about appeasing to fan nostalgia. If you want to see Empire, go rewatch it at home; you will always have that film, but with The Last Jedi, Star Wars fans can once again expect the unexpected.