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Hardcore Henry
17 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An hour and a half of pure adrenaline, non-stop, gory as hell action, which truly is enough substance to make Hardcore Henry work. (A-) 8/10

Nocturnal Animals
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I had to take a couple days to process this movie. From the opening shot of this film you can already predict on what kind of film "Nocturnal Animals" is going to be. Now a forward warning for people who plan on seeing this movie, this is an extremely hard to watch film. No spoilers of course but the first scene in the movie is a bit hard to watch and some of the people I went to watch the movie wanted to walk out of the theater at that moment. If you don't like watching movies with hard to watch imagery and really tough subject matters, I would not recommend seeing this. But for people who really want to see a pretty much, perfectly directed art-film that will get under your skin, "Nocturnal Animals" is a must see. I like to describe this movie as a mix of "No Country For Old Men" and "Gone Girl," and surprisingly I found myself enjoying this film just as much as I enjoyed those two films. Right off the bat, all the performances in the film are fantastic. The stand out performances for me was for sure Jake Gyllenhaal (who really needs to be nominated for an Oscar by now), Amy Adams, and surprisingly Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who gave a really convincing performance that was very chilling. But my favorite aspect about this film for sure has to be the direction. This film is suspenseful as hell. And the imagery is beautiful and there isn't a scene in this film where I felt bored even though the film is slow paced. Sometimes slow pace can work and sometimes it can't and in this case it definitely work. I most certainly also have to tell you, that this film is so unique. I'll just say for the sake of no spoilers, that there are two stories within' this movie that each have similar connections that really play off a strong theme in the movie that in the end really makes you think. This film makes you think about hard and terrible events that happen in the world today and they really make you process the themes behind them. Overall guys Nocturnal Animals blew me away. This is by far one of the best movies of the year, it's definitely my favorite mystery, drama of the year, and if you're into powerful, intense thrillers that are artsy but not over the top artsy, I think you'll love Nocturnal Animals like I did. For me, overall, Nocturnal Animals gets a score of 10/10 and a grade of an A+.

Buried (2010)
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A tense and emotional film that pulls off its singular setting throughout the entirety of the film. (A-) 9/10

Shut In
Shut In (2016)
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'm going to be honest here in defense of my own self righteous, that I went to see this movie cause my friends wanted to see it. I skipped my chance to see Arrival for this movie and I wish I had gone and seen that instead cause this film might just be the hugest disaster of 2016 I've seen this year so far. I'll also add, that all my friends after the movie ended, thought the film was a waste of time, boring, and overall immensely stupid. I guess the only positive I have for this movie is that Charlie Heaton's actually tried to act really well in this film but his character just came off as confusing due to an awful script. Also the cinematography in this film was alright and sometimes beautiful, but cinematography is one of those factors that really don't affect my opinion about a movie, if the overall film is layered with negative factors. Naomi Watts' character in this film was so bland and one dimensional. Her character made so many cliche, stupid, horror movie decisions in this movie and had emotions that were conveyed extremely poorly. The movie takes about an hour to actually get semi-interesting since the first hour is pretty much really bad exposition scenes that don't really have anything to do with the revealing plot at all. This movie also relies on something I hate a lot about certain horror movies: "jump scares." I can't stand them. Literally the only scares in this movies are mainly false scares that aren't even remotely scary. Another negative I just have to mention about this film is the twist ending. Of course I won't spoil it, but, it is a laughably bad twist. What I hate the most about this revealing twist is it has nothing to do with the events that have led up to it, it just came out of nowhere. Readers, if you feel like torturing yourself with a film that is extremely boring for the 1st two acts and has extremely bad script writing, go right ahead and watch this "movie", but if you want to save money and time, just skip this movie for sure. I'm going to give this movie a D- and a score of a 1.5/10.