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I've been a fan of Donald Westlake's Parker books as they introduced the concept of a "Good" bad guy. "Parker" is indeed a pretty nice tribute (the movie is dedicated to Westlake) to Westlake's character. Jason Statham does a good job with only a couple of slips in accent. The movie presents a nice novelty - the hero doesn't bed down every beautiful women he encounters but remains true to his one & only. Jennifer Lopez does a fine job as another cog in the plot's gears. Just as the books were, the movie is violent but the body count was only a third of "Last Stand". This is a movie to be enjoyed for what it is and not scrutinized for logic, coincidence, and believability. As there were a number of Parker books, a follow-on of similar quality wouldn't be all that bad.

Silver Linings Playbook

"Linings" finally made it to our cineplex. It was worth the wait. Great performances, writing, and directing make this a simply wonderful film. It has the courage and intelligence to deal with mental illness in a manner that's realistic yet amusing. The fact that more people went to see the "Chainsaw Massacre" remake last week is an indictment of the public's lack of intelligence not the quality of this excellent film. Move over, ZDT and Les Mis, "Silver Linings" is 2012's best.

Django Unchained

So, Mr. Tarantino tries his hand at quilt making. Far too many patches from "The Wild Bunch", a few patches from spaghetti westerns, patches from "Where Eagles Dare" (the bad guys fire hundreds of rounds and miss the good guys but every shot from the good guys counts), and perhaps the best done patch - one from "Blazing Saddles" - the hooded raiders scene was pure Mel Brooks. Unfortunately, Quentin's quilt was much too large for the bed and would had fit much better if he had trimmed it down a bit.