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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
World War Z

World War Z(2013)

Everybody loves zombies. There's no debating or denying it. Especially when reflecting upon the last decade or so where zombie related material skyrocketed in mainstream pop culture popularity. Putting it in simpler terms, zombies make money. Denizens upon denizens of people follow television series like The Walking Dead or play games like Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately, we have been reaching an impasse in the sub-genre and World War Z is the brick wall. Unless you have an idea or some sort of refreshing concept (Naughty Dog's recently released video game The Last of Us) I don't care anymore and neither should you. World War Z is absolutely soulless Hollywood crafting. It exists for only one reason, and that one reason is not to respectfully and faithfully adapt the Max Brooks novel of the same name. That is just a sad marketing tactic geared at drawing in a few more people. World War Z is nothing more than Hollywood coming to a realization that zombies are the latest cash cow and that if they get their greedy, slimy, fingerprints on a script regardless of qualify, they can toss insane amounts of money towards the project for soulless destruction and overblown action sequences that will hopefully hide the shallowness from the average citizen. Fuck World War Z and every single big wig that had creative control regardless of their extent. This is a PG-13 zombie film that cuts away nonstop from any and every act of violence. Why? The Hollywood tactic of lower ratings guaranteeing more asses in seats in turn lining executive pockets with more money dictates that logic. I cannot express how much I hate this film and how it is the unequivocal poster child of everything wrong with unlimited budget Hollywood filmmaking. So much that it is actually hurting me inside that I cannot give this soulless piece of shit a 1 as that just wouldn't be objectively fair to those that did put forth effort and admittedly made the film at the very least watchable.

Brad Pitt plays Gerry, a member of the United Nations tasked with locating answers or a vaccine in exchange for the provided and continued safety of his family aboard a secure and secluded ship. For over 2 hours Gerry travels the world to areas such as South Korea and Israel. A good portion of the film is flat out boring. Gerry rarely gets any answers; more often than not he just gets more questions. There is a big revelation towards the end but is probably the dumbest solution to an apocalyptic outbreak I have ever seen. Despite this, the third act is somehow riveting to watch and does salvage some emotional interest into the film.

My problem with World War Z though is the absurdity and safety of these extravagant action sequences. The violence is totally incomprehensible to deliberately hide blood and gore to maintain a PG-13 rating. I'm not sure what offends me most. The twist, lack of violence in a fucking zombie film, or that Hollywood thinks I am stupid enough to accept that zombies can somehow use themselves as fleshy meaty stepping stones to scale a gigantic wall in Israel. Sorry, just because you can do something with CGI (which is horrible in this film and had my theater cracking up at zombie expressions) doesn't mean it is awesome. Blocked off doors though, insurmountable! The action constantly boils to generic shots of the military capping zombies without blood.

I know the actors tried (Brad Pitt included), that Matthew Bellamy of Muse did an awesome job providing music , and that there are a couple sweet scenes ( most notably the plane sequence), and that the third act slightly elevates the most basic aspects like tension and suspense. The overall product leaves a horrible taste in my mouth though that is tough to swallow. I know the countless reshoots (apparently the movie was worse at one point) drove up the budget even higher. I only hope it was enough that this film doesn't make a profit and that we don't have to endure more watered down PG-13 Hollywood zombie garbage.