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The Heat

The Heat(2013)

It feels almost mandatory to mention upfront that I have not seen Bridesmaids. I have no doubts that it is great; I just have never sat down and watched it. Something about it just never really appealed to me. Paul Feig has returned with Melissa McCarthy and this time Sandra Bullock in a role I had to see to believe. The results of contrasting the crude and obscene foul mouthed Melissa McCarthy caricature with a cocky and overconfident FBI agent played by Sandra Bullock however are hysterical. Like, piss your pants laughing hysterical. If you don't like Melissa McCarthy this film undoubtedly won't change your mind but for those that do, you're in for a good time after the mediocrity of Identity Thief. I really should watch Bridesmaids one day though because if it's even as half as funny as The Heat I will be satisfied.

The story isn't anything revolutionary or even amazing which is admittedly one of few flaws in the film. It begins smart and involving as our partners against their will join forces to solve your generic drug lord mystery. Maybe it's a good thing The Heat doesn't get too caught up in telling a story revolving around criminal overlords and out of place action sequences (Hangover 3) though. Director Paul Feig is completely aware that the greatest assets to his film are again, the impeccable lead character contrast and their endless camaraderie. This isn't "good cop, bad cop", it's "insane cop, awkward cop". That extension of the typical dynamic is the vehicle for plenty of the jokes found here. As usual with similar R rated comedies, the boundaries are always being pushed in terms of obscenity. The Heat is no exception and provides some unbelievable scenarios, like Sandra Bullock hitting on club owners and getting blackout drunk. Kudos goes to Bullock for making the contrast work as I'm not sure other actresses could have pulled it off. It goes without saying that Melissa McCarthy has some truly out there scenes and hilarious dialogue that perfectly complements the aforementioned contrast.

Around 2/3rds though I did notice tropes and predictability begin to take over. It's all your typical comedy movie formulaic twists that you would think directors would adamantly try to avoid nowadays. Furthermore, in that final act plot begins to outweigh jokes and the result is the movie in general overstaying its welcome. Fortunately the climax finds that sweet spot mixture of comedy and action as the movie ends on a high note. The Heat is a summer surprise though and totally worth seeing just for the scenes of Melissa McCarthy racially roasting an Albino man and Sandra Bullock out of her comfort zone. Her performance may not be as memorable but it's definitely comparable to Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses.