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Django Unchained

easily the best movie of 2012 what else can I say he's JANGO

Insidious: Chapter 2

This movie was so good for the first hour then the stupid and cheesy switch was flipped and it wen straight down hill

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

the mere concept is scary and already controversial cant wait to see this one

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

its a mindless action flick you see with your pals on the weekend what more do you want.

Jack the Giant Slayer

At of all of the fairy tale movies that have come out this was my hands down favorite the giants were cool and the story was pretty straight forward and it was great seeing Ewan McGregor back in action movie.

Rise of the Guardians

one of dream works best it was funny creative and very imaginative


mama isn't your average scary movie it had an original story, good characters, good character development, unlike so many other scary movies coming out. The two girls were actually as scary as "mama" at times and the bond between the older girl and the main protagonist seemed genuine and even though it didn't scare the pants off me it was still pretty intense at times all in all it was a good start to 2013

A Good Day To Die Hard

Never thought i say this but this Die Hard was boring I kept looking at the time to see when over was over all of them were had there own little thing that made them good but this was just unnaturally boring this 95 minute movie felt like 3 hours and oddly enough it felt like there wasn't enough action

Hotel Transylvania

its funny and a little dark in the end its a good movie for kids and younger teens

Exit Humanity

one of the best zombie films I've seen the story was deep and enthralling the drama was better than some drama movies and the animation cut scenes were just spectacular

Batman: Year One

very well animated and well told at times a bit unfocused especially when telling Gordon's story its Batman Year one not Gordon Year one but besides that it was a very solid origin/ beginning story

Batman: Under the Red Hood

best animated movie ever ,there was sensational story ,awesome characters , and probably the best beat down scene I've ever seen.

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

although the movie contradicts the entire franchise it had decent action and the idea of a female terminator wasn't a bad one but the casting was absolutely horrible especially with John Conner but besides that it was ok

X-Men: First Class

this was was a very strong addition to the X-men franchise seeing magneto and charles in their primes was just amazing and fun to watch and the wolverine cameo was priceless plus the supporting members were also so good and shaw was the best villain I've seen since magneto not only that but we saw mystiques back story which was well over do it was quite fascinating to see her relationships with Hank,Charles and Magneto also we figure out her motivation but the best thing is how they set it all up into a very interesting story especially at the end. i wont spoil it but it was a very good ending that sets up for sequels hands down best X-man movie go see it

Monsters, Inc.

Again the producers are just cashing in on taking a movie made what 9 or 10 years ago changing the format to 3D and releasing it again and make a profit just as big as the original, still a good movie though not my favorite pixar but still good Sully was funny and caring mike is ok but i never really cared for him and boo is just so darn adorable her interactions with Sully especially at the end when she finally realized Sully was a MONSTER not a cat she became very scared of him that part was just perfect were i really forgot how good it was and the 3D wasn't to shabby all in all its good enough to spend money to go see it again.

A Haunted House

just another parody movie i new how this was gonna go 15 minutes in was just another parody movie making fun of what ever is currently popular you can see there trying really hard to match the success of the original scary movie but it didn't really separate itself from the pack , but if your the average movie goer then there are plenty of stupid little things to laugh at.

Resident Evil: Retribution

I honestly have no idea what has happened to the Resident Evil franchise the first games are now pop culture icons and the first 3 movies weren't half bad but this movie continues there crash and burn streak they had for the past 2 games and 2 movies it sloppy boring run of the mill action, totally inconsistent from the games or books they rushed and tried to cram the entire cast of the games into one short movie unless they reboot and start from scratch the movie serious is doomed.

The Dark Knight Rises

!!SPOILERS!!Christopher Nolan did it again granite this wasn't The Ground Breaking phenomenon like The Dark Knight but it was still an extremely good movie the action was absolutely perfect all the actors performed spectacularly Bane although not as good as the Joker provides a spectacular villain and actually provided Batman with a physical challenge. But the betrayal at the end was good but most people don't know the comics so well and didn't know who Talia was plus many people are in a debate as to whether or not Bruce survived or what Alfred saw was his imagination but if you get past that this is easily movie of the year worth I command you to go see it or better yet buy it on blu-ray

The Expendables 2

This movie is hands down the best action movie I've seen in a while and I'm not even that big on shoot-em-ups all the characters were funny and the Chuck Norris cameo was priceless and this movie was actually very funny ( 10 times more funny than Jack and Jill ) and they had much better motivation in this one also the action was very well done and smart and the villain was actually pretty intimidating this movie is definitely going into my blu-ray collection go see it; rent it or buy it either way go see it.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Very good there was good action not super over the top like LOTR the story was good and was condensed and known of the characters were as weak as Frodo all of the dwarfs were tough and able to fight even Bilbo managed to take down some orcs and actually help is friends and not hold them back plus the white orc was a good addition because there was just one main antagonist in the movie also the movie had an over all happier more upbeat feeling than the end of the world scenario of LOTR my advice is to go see it you wont regret it