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The Bay

The Bay(2012)

It was only a matter of time before the found footage craze drew a bona-fide name-brand Hollywood filmmaker into its ongoing vortex. The story behind "The Bay" is that the US government coverup an--outbreak that wiped out the town of Claridge, MD in 2009. All cameras and footage related to what happened were confiscated by the government, but now someone has compiled and the truth about what happened in Claridge, MD beings to leak out. Although this is placed in the horror genre--containing some tension and gruesome moments-this is comes of more of an eco-scare.

The footage is a combination of the news filming of Stephanie and her cameraman, as well as other various form's of camera footage.This combination of POV adds an element of interest and realism to the film, expanding the storyline beyond what could have been achieved by a single camera held by a single individual. The movie jumps around town to give more comprehensive coverage of the crisis--sort of like if "Contagion" was told from a first-person point of view, and isn't nearly as good. The film follows the findings of a pair of marine biologists, who discovers species of benign organisms that appear to be evolving--into something more mischievous.

Levinson seems more interested in spreading a green message-than terrifying.viewers. There's nothing wrong with that, but audiences lured in by the trailers may be disappointed despite being well produced. The best found footage films "Paranormal Activity" and "REC's", immerse you fully in the hellish situation, and make you feel as if you're part of the terror. "The Bay" simply never does that, but it's an admirable attempt at something a bit different.
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