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Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World(2013)

Earth, Asgard and the universe are threatened with destruction by Malekith and the Dark Elves. When the Nine Realms converge and the Elves get their hands on the Aether, they'll achieve their objective. Will our heroes stop them?

Review: Thor and his Viking gang get another big screen outing in a movie that ticks all the right superhero checkboxes. A quick prologue tells the story of how Malekith (Eccleston), Algrim (Adewale) and the Elves were defeated ages ago by Odin's (Hopkins) father, Bor. Back then, Malekith was after the Aether, a protoplasm-like substance that has the power to return the universe to a primordial state.

In the present day, when the Aether is released again on Earth, some of it enters Jane Foster's (Portman) blood as it requires a host. This also gives Thor (Hemsworth) a great reason to go visit the Aether-host, Foster. The Aether's reactivation awakens Malekith and the Elves from suspended animation and they once again set about on their malevolent mission of intergalactic annihilation, starting with Asgard. Odin tells Thor that an alignment of the Nine Realms, coupled with the Aether landing in the hands of the Elves, can spell disaster.

Thor soon realizes he needs Loki's (Hiddleston) help. Loki, at his snarling, menacing best, is a far more potent threat this time around. In fact, if you want something beyond stud-god Thor's alpha-male heroism, you will find Loki to be the only character with different shades. The effects are amazing but the best moments are when Thor and Loki share screen space. Loki has the power to make you empathize with him, but is that just another one of his deceptive tricks?

Thor, Loki and whole Norse mythos is as complex as any school of mythology that was formed eons ago in days of old, when magic filled the air. This movie is also about sibling rivalry as well as a long-distance love story with an intergalactic twist. Don't miss this one. Oh and by the way the post credits scenes are worth it but the first one felt weird.......and prepare for a great twist in the end indicating thor 3......