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Vuk's Review of The Monolith Monsters

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Monolith Monsters

The Monolith Monsters(1958)

I absolutely loved this flick because of it's strange and unique plot. Here we are presented with a totally different kind of monster, something that isn't living. No, not zombies, not ghosts, but rocks. Yep, boring old rocks, that are in no way ordinary.

These rocks originated from a meteor, and when exposed to water (in the worst case scenario: rain) they rapidly grow, and grow, and grow... until they reach a large enough size to break, fall, and get smashed into smaller pieces, which continue growing. People who become exposed to these rocks turn to rock themselves. Yes, it sounds pretty absurd, but I assure you the movie gives a good enough explanation for most of this.

As for the special effects, they were quite good for the late 50's, there's nothing complicated to do anyway, just show rock crystals growing from the ground. The story may be slow at some times, but if you're into unusual subject matter you won't feel bored a bit. If you're a fan of classic sci-fi, this one is really worth the watch.