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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Croods

The Croods(2013)

I watch these movies with one rule in mind, that being as long as my kids enjoy it and have fun it was worth it. I have been pleasantly surprised in that most animated movie I have taken them to, I have been able to pull my own enjoyment from some well written stories or superb voice acting. Croods has put an abrupt halt to this streak, and rule # 1 just barely made the cut. There was not one single redeemable part to this movie. The story was a seventh generation retread, the writing was tired and unimaginative, repetitive dribble that must have taken 2 days to write. "ok, we'll do Ice Age with the flintstones." The actors selected for the characters just didn't fit role and there was no harmony between them. I am a fan of Nicholas Cage, but his well as Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone was just annoying from start to finish. The only character my kids liked was "belt" because it did the "dun dun dahh". This was the ONLY animated film in theaters during very slow months, and it will make money only because there is no competition, but this is the most forgettable animated films of the last few years and I will not take my kids to see a part 2 if that monstrosity ever made.