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Evil Dead
Evil Dead (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

For my first rating on RT.. I wish it could be higher!!!

Wow..first of all I am a die hard Evil Dead fan, the franchise,Bruce Campbell and the creator of it all Mr Rami. Of the 3 films, of course, Evil Dead 2 is my favorite. I tried to have an openmind and have to start by saying this is not a remake of Evil Dead.

The newest film is not made by Rami, although I wish it was, but was a movie that stands on its own using the story line of Evil Dead. There is no humor, with the exception of the reference to the, "We just cut our girlfriends head off with a chainsaw..does that sound fine?" quote.

They reference lines, props and visually a great movie. Its over the top gore but the core of the film is lost as any kind of Evil Dead remake. The female characters possessed in the move remind me more of Regan from the Exorcist than any characters in the original

Like my first review it lacks alot of substance and although entertaining not something that will be remembered 30 years from now. I gave it 3 stars and thats all I got. Wait for DVD which is hard to say as I had to go on opening day but its the reality of what this film is.

I wanted so much more of the ARRRGUUUUUUUUARRRRRRGARRRRRRROOOOOOOOAHHHHHHH...the sound of the Evil racing through the woods!

Like Drag me to Hell better if your looking for a more true to the Evil Dead story telling thats for sure.