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Finally! Here is my review of my most anticipated movie of the year, Interstellar. Alright, alright, alright.

In the most too distant future, Earth is beginning to die. Crops are all dying out and it's near the end of all humanity. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former pilot and widowed father and a few others must embark on an Interstellar voyage to save all of humanity.

What a beautiful, enthralling epic Interstellar is. This was my most anticipated movie of the year and despite other reviews being mixed or mixed to positive I believe this to be one of the best movies of the year! Christopher Nolan has created another masterful film and a movie I will not forget anytime soon.

Matthew McConaughey is fantastic as Cooper. He is the actor who you really follow and carries the story and he's fantastic! He is just that one character who you root for to win. He is easily an Oscar contender for Best Actor in a Leading Role, this is the best I've ever seen from him. One scene in particular he had no holding back tears he was so convincing. Anne Hathaway is also great as Amelia Brand, one of the astronauts who goes on the voyage. I thought she did a great job with the work given her. David Gyasi and Wes Bentley are terrific here as well and this is the best thing Nolan does. He brings out the best in every single one of these actors from this A list cast. We even have a robot in this movie! It was completely awesome! It acted as a comic relief at moments which were hilarious but in the end I really did care about the fait about the robot as well.

Back on Earth Mackenzie Foy who played Cooper's daughter Murph is great. She is an excellent child actor and I want to see more of her in the future. Her chemistry with McConaughey were some of the best father, daughter duo I've seen in years. In a role I will not spoil Jessica Chastain comes in and gives a performance worth an Oscar nomination for an Actress in a Supporting role. And if you have a Nolan movie Michael Caine will show up and he's great as well. All of the acting in this movie is just spot on brilliant and we even get a child actor who wasn't annoying but excellent!

While we do have the interstellar voyage, essentially this movie is about a father and his daughter. Like I mentioned above, Mackenzie Foy's and McConaughey's chemistry was so strong and the goodbye scene was so emotional and so well done I forgot this was a movie! I didn't see the actors but their characters. What I wanted to see was the Earth as it was dying and we do get that! I was hoping it just wouldn't cut to the voyage but the first half of the movie is on Earth and it's fantastic to see carnage and everyone realizing that they aren't going to survive.

But the movie really kicks in once we leave the planet Earth and get one of the most beautiful representations of space ever put to film. Everything looks gorgeous and in the end it is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever watched in my life. Nolan is an expert is practical effects and not once in this movie, CGI and a green screen was used. I know! He only used practical effects in this movie, in 2014 where CGI is the way to go he creates one of the most stunning movies ever made without it. This is where it gets tough because I can't really talk about the space aspect of the film without spoiling anything but I will say it turns into a true space epic.

Director and Writer Christopher Nolan creates this masterpiece and he is deserving of a Best Director nomination for this film. Not only is the emotional scenes excellent and visuals top notched but the action set pieces are enthralling. One sequence in particular had my hands sweating and my legs shaking, waiting to see the outcome of it. By the time it ended my hands were sweating. Interstellar believe it or not is as scientifically accurate as you will get. Nolan spent seven years studying wormholes, that is great dedication. Interstellar makes me want to read more about wormholes and want to study everything about it I was so interested in it! Despite having a three hour runtime the movie never drags and I didn't want it to end. Nolan truly is one of the best filmmakers working today.

You just have to appreciate Nolan's ambition on this picture. From the man who brought us Inception, this is his most ambitious film to date and you just have to stare in awe at this picture. This is a truly original film and it's ideas are not only thought provoking but universally epic.

The movie gets it's amazing emotional pull from the science of black holes. The way it represents them, time in there will speed up time on Earth and it's shown in great detail and heartbreaking. The one scene happens and it's so real that I was tearing up and attempting to hold them back the best I possibly could. We also get this sense of place in the universe. We learn that we aren't the only things in the universe that it's much larger than we ever could imagine. In reality I'm just this spec or bacteria on this planet making this review for you all, I'm nothing more and the movie does this so well that it makes me think about it all.

Do I really need to talk about Hans Zimmer's amazing score? The music in Interstellar is so unique and different that is separates itself from other music scores. The music empowers each scene and often brings emotion out, by the end of the movie I wanted to buy the Interstellar soundtrack. In fact as soon as it's released I'm buying that soundtrack because it's that fantastic!

If you do want to see Interstellar I do recommend seeing it in iMax. I saw Interstellar on a four story screen surrounded in an iMax theater. The sound quality was excellent and it made me feel as if I were in the moment. While I do recommend it make sure you are familiar with iMax because this was my first time ever and it took me sometime to adapt into it. But it was so worth it. Interstellar was made to be experienced like this.

In the end, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is a fantastic piece of cinema and is one of my favorite movies of the year. It's filled with excellent performances, amazing direction and featuring some of the best action scenes of the year. Please see Interstellar as soon as possible!

I give Interstellar an A+.


Just clarifying, this is not the X-Men character. My review of Nightcrawler.

Directed and Written by Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler tells the story of Louis "Lou" Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a thief living in Los Angeles, just surviving. One night he is driving where he witnesses a car crash, one man (Bill Paxton) begins the film the scene so he can sell it to a news station to make money. Lou decides to do the same thing, he buys a camera and an assistant where he begins to become an expert on it to the point where he begins to commit crimes to get these stories.

I have seen a lot of movies in 2014 and I will tell you that Nightcrawler is the absolute best movie I've seen all year. We are featured an outstanding film with an unforgettable performance Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact this is the best movie I've seen since 2012s Silver Linings Playbook.

First off, Jake Gyllenhaal gives the performance of the year as Lou, he is flawless as this character. He nails every single aspect of his character. First off he lost a large thirty pounds to play the character stating "he wanted him to look like a coyote who is trying to find the scrapes of living on the streets" and it truly shows. His weight loss is just the surface to this amazing performance. His line delivery is just mesmerizing. During the course of the movie I never once was Jake Gyllenhaal but Lou, how often can you ever say that?

His character is one of the most memorable characters I've seen all year, maybe in years. His character lacks empathy so he doesn't care about other people. His interactions with the other characters in the story is riveting. That is credited to writing but that will come later. The way he says his lines are just chilling and often hilarious. Seriously this movie could be a very black comedy. I was laughing at some of the things he said when I don't think I was suppose to. He is constantly threatening to beat, blackmail or even kill the people around him if it doesn't get his way. This is one memorable character.

Rene Russo plays the news director who he begins to sell his footage too. She is also great. She could possibly be nominated for Best Supporting Actress but she isn't a front runner by any means. She is great at playing this character who is so desperate at getting rating that she looks over the fact that Lou is most likely insane. Her interactions with him were the best scenes in the movie where I had no idea what was going to happen and I was looking forward to every single time they got in the same room. Also Riz Ahmed is great in the movie but in the end they all are just in the shadow of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Essentially Nightcrawler is a character study film. Similar to Taxi Driver this movie follows Lou as he slowly begins to lose his mind and his obsession takes over him. Right off the bat we know something is off with his character, we don't learn any of his backstory however that benefits because it's surrounded in mystery and makes you think. As the film progresses he becomes even more disturbing and that was the best thing about the movie. I love films that are based around character study and this movie does that perfectly.

Dan Gilroy in his directorial debut also wrote the movie and the screenplay is just perfect. This is one of the best and most original screenplays in years. The dialogue is rich and fascinating and it takes so many different twists and turns you don't expect. I was on edge the entire time wondering where this movie was going. Gilroy's direction was fantastic, he creates a lot of tension throughout the movie even when nothing is really happening. Every scene is directed with great skill and precision, I felt like I was watching an Alfred Hitchcock film.

The locations were another strong aspect of Nightcrawler. The streets of LA look fantastic. This is the best they've looked since Drive back in 2011. Everytime we see him recording all of the crimes I left like I was literally in LA with him.

Finally Nightcrawler features one of the best finales I've seen all year. It's slow building and as it progresses farther the suspense only builds, my god I was starting to shake waiting to see the outcome. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, fists clenched, my palms sweating and by the end of it my mouth dropped in shock.

When I say Nightcrawler is the best movie of the year, I mean it. This is easily the best of 2014 and I beg all of you to see Nightcrawler if you get the chance, it's more than worth your time. Jake Gyllenhaal is unforgettable as an unforgettable character. The screenplay is one of the best I've seen in years and throughout the entire movie I was on the edge of my seat. This is one of the best movies I've seen in years.

I give Nightcrawler an obvious A+.


OK, for real, my review of Fury right now.

Fury is directed and written by by David Ayer and is set during the last month of the during World War II in April 1945. The Allies make their final push into Nazi Germany. Leading this is Sagent "Wardaddy" (Brad Pitt) as he takes his crew (Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal) with their tank fury behind enemy lines. But problems occur when one of his men is killed and is replaced by Norman Ellison (logan Lerman) who has never seen a day of combat.

While very disappointed, Fury is still a hard hitting look at the horrors of World War II and we are featured great performances from Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman. Without a doubt flawed, but delivers some excellent thrills.

Brad Pitt is at the top of his game in Fury. He is the strongest part of the movie and he (for the most part) carries it. While I don't think he's as good as he was in Moneyball and probably won't be nominated for an Oscar he's just great. He really does bring the character of Wardaddy to life as he has become a killing machine and forgotten the man he once was. Logan Lerman gives his best performance, even better than The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Without a doubt he was the Jeremy Davies of Fury as never seen combat, it made him a very relatable character and I rooted for him to live through the movie.

Despite all the hate he's gotten, Shia LaBeouf is great in the movie. He is grown since Transformers and shows us he's a very capable actor. Also his dedication to the role is to be noted, je actually pulled out a tooth and cut his face with a knife for the role, that is a dedicated actor. Michael Peña is good in the movie along with Jon Bernthal, but in the end they don't have much to work with and my god these the characters are just dicks.

Other than Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman, I really didn't care about the other characters. Not only do we learn nothing about each character (no backstory at all) but they are so unlikable! Jon Bernthal is the biggest dick ever, especially one scene I hated to punch him in the face! He irritated me so freaking much. I didn't mind Michael Peña's character but along with Shia LaBeouf and the rest of the cast we don't learn that much in the end. So when the intense action scenes hit I didn't really care or want these unlikable people to live, other than Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman.

The action scenes were very well done and otherwise intense. The one thing Fury did show us that other WWII movies haven't is tank warfare. This is the first movie I've ever seen tanks go up against each other in combat so that was interesting to watch. It's a whole new type of combat and it makes it that more interesting. The sound was Oscar worthy, I felt like I'd been transported into World War II. But like I said it lacked some needed attention due to the fact that I didn't care about the characters that much.

This is a great look at World War II. It was nothing fun, we get a very hard look at combat. Men getting blown up in graphic ways. At times hard to look at and does anything but glorify war. We also get a very intense scene with Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman were Pitt makes him do something that was against his morals. People will find this a bit disturbing but at the same time it was necessary to show him what he needed to do in the end.

Another scene that is getting a lot of hate is this dinner scene where Pitt and Lerman meet these two german girls. The movies momentum stops but to me this is one of the things that makes Fury special. It was a quiet moment to get to have Pitt and Lerman's characters bond and understand each other more. That was the best part of the movie, not the battle scenes.

Other flaws in Fury were the pacing of the movie. The whole story takes place in a day or so and despite having a near two and a half hour runtime there wasn't a natural flow to the story and things just happened. The movie lacked story in that case as well.

So while I am disappointed by Fury, the great acting and intense battle scenes bring the movie above average. Towards the end it becomes nearly impossibly to by what's happening and it becomes very Hollywoodized. The dinner scene is the most important scene in the movie and I still did enjoy it.

I give Fury a B+.

Dracula Untold

Who wants to see my review of Fury! Well here's Dracula Untold instead....

Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) is a family man and a leader of his own people. But when the turkish come and threaten to take away his family and people he must go to a vampire to turn himself into Dracula in order to gain the power to defeat the new enemy.

Now I'm gonna be completely honest with you...this actually isn't that bad. I know, I know, "I've lost my mind, can't trust my opinion anymore." But in all honestly, I found this movie is to really entertaining and the best thing, vampires are awesome once more.

Luke Evans does a really good job as Dracula. I bought his performance and he was a relatable character. I wanted him to succeed and win, he brought a lot of humanity to the character and overall did a damn good job. He is without a doubt the biggest positive about the movie and carries it most of the way. Dominic Cooper who plays the villain, meh. I think any person could have acted like a complete douche and they would have nailed the character. His wife (Sarah Gadon) did a good job with his character, which isn't much but still did a good job. And my god, she is hot.

I really liked how they really tried to make a different Dracula story. We all know the Count Dracula story, but do we really know Vlad the Impaler? I didn't so it was refreshing to see them try to change things up. While the actual story isn't that great or anything, follows a pretty predictable A B C format. It also featured more of an emotion pull than I thought. I'm not spoiling anything but I did in the end care about the character of Dracula and his family.

This movie without a doubt goes into guilty pleasure. But at the same time it doesn't. There were times where the movie didn't take itself that seriously which was good because the overall story is a guy who goes to a vampire to turn him into another vampire to fight off enemies. How can you really take that seriously? For the most part if knowledges it's silliness but then it will try to be really serious and dramatic. Those scenes through my off and I kind of laughed at it.

But come on, why did we come here? To see Dracula kill a bunch of people which we see in awesome ways. The visual effects were very good in the movie, one of Dracula's powers is being able to turn into a flock of bats and back into human form. Those looked great and when the action hit it was awesome. We see him transform and stab, slash and bite a bunch of enemies in cool aways. They do make him an idiot at times, I won't tell you the scene but there's a moment where he could just kill all of the enemies at once and he doesn't for no real reason. And, shaky cam is featured at times.

The movie is really trying to hold a PG-13 rating so they just start shaking the camera around so we don't see a lot of the violent stuff. That hit the movies grade hard, only a few movies have ever pulled off shaky cam for one and it just bugged me. If they went for an R rated movie it would have been better to watch.

This is suppose to be the start of a Monster Universe where I guess The Wolfman, The Mummy and many other classic monsters will come together like an Avengers type of thing. I like the idea. To me, it will be interesting to pull off and awesome to see Dracula in the same room with the Wolfman or the Mummy.

So Dracula Untold did surprised me. I thought the action was cool, the effects were well done and Luke Evans is awesome in the role of Dracula. This is without a doubt guilty pleasure for sure. If they do make a sequel (which they will) unless Luke Evans comes back I won't see it. I'm curious where the reboot to the Monster Universe will go.

Dracula Untold is a B movie that gets a B-.

The Judge
The Judge(2014)

Iron Man defends Tom Hagen against the villainous Bad Santa in The Judge, my review now.

The Judge tells the story of Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.), a very successful lawyer who works in Chicago. But when his mother passes away he goes back to his Indiana roots where he meets his two brothers (Vincent D'Onofrio and Jeremy Strong) and his entranged father (Robert Duvall) who is the judge of the town. But when he is suspected of murder, Hank will defend his father against Dwight Dickham (Billy Bob Thornton) despite his feelings toward his father.

The Judge benefits most from an excellent leading performance by Robert Downey Jr. and great supporting work by the great Robert Duvall. While The Judge is beautifully filmed, the film overall lacks some needed substance.

Robert Downey Jr. finally plays a role outside of Iron Man and this man is an actor. This is the best I've seen him (outside Iron Man) since his Oscar nominated performance in Tropic Thunder. He owns the screen and carries the movie through a near two and a half hour runtime. His character does resemble Iron Man (something I've noticed) but he has a very challenging role and nails every second of it. He is one of the best actors working today not to have won an Oscar. The great Robert Duvall gives a very impressive performance in this film. This is the best I've seen him in years, he proves to us why he is one of the best actors of all time. Playing a mostly unlikable character, he comes off as a nasty cuss but that only makes me even more fascinated to watch on screen.

The best scenes without a doubt were the scenes where they went at it. Downey Jr. and Duvall had excellent chemistry on screen and it got VERY intense in the arguments they had. Both showing off the best they could pull off, it seemed natural for them. I just wish the rest of the film lived up to these scenes, they're aren't many at all but when they did happen it was the highlight of the film.

In supporting work Vincent D'Onofrio and Jeremy Strong play Hank's older and younger brothers. They were very solid. I believed their performances (particularly of Donofrio). Supporting work is just as important as leading, while I think they get put down by the two main leads they were strong enough to make an impression. This movies acting is without a doubt the highlight and the actors carry it most of the way.

This film is beautifully filmed as well. The frame shots and they way the picture looked was fantastic. Leading the cinematography is Janusz Kami?ski creates a very moody and dark pictures were the colors are saturated. This added a more grey looking picture at the main point which added on greatly.

The courtroom sequences were the most disappointing aspect of the film. They lacked a lot of needed energy. Now I'm not saying it had to be over the top Liar Liar or anything but there wasn't a moment where I felt a slip of suspense or worried about Duvall's character. I they do a very good job at filming these scenes but looking at scenes like Lincoln where I know the outcome and yet are on the edge of my seat the entire film does prove a small problem. Billy Bob Thornton was great in the scenes but I wanted to see more of him which we didn't get.

This also goes on way too long. This is a two hour and twenty minute film and holy crap it shows. Easily twenty minutes could have been cut out of the movie and also cutting out this certain character, Vera Farmiga playing Samantha, an old love interest of Hank's character. She didn't really move the plot any farther and really just dragged the movie on longer than it needed to be. If they had cut her out of the entire film it wouldn't have been any different and put more focus on the main subject.

The main message his family in the movie. I liked it but it got to a point of it so was sentimental. Unbelievably sentimental to the point where it was kind of corny. Some of it really did work a lot to the films benefit giving more emotion but it crossed the line a few times to where it was "Yes, this is a movie and we are going to make you cry by making it as dramatic as possible".

So The Judge is OK, without a doubt the acting carries the movie along, Downey jr. proves he can act outside of Iron Man and it's great to see Duvall working again. This is not a perfect movie, I am slightly disappointed by the outcome of it:

I give The Judge a C+.

The Equalizer

Denzel Washington has a particular set of skills for monsters like this, skill he required over a long period of time and now he he's ready, to kick some ass. My review of The Equalizer right now.

Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a quiet man who works at a Home Depot at Boston where he mainly keeps to himself and gets along with all of his employees. He likes to go to this diner where he meets a young prostitute (played by Chloë Grace Moretz). After she is badly beaten he goes back into action after hiding from a mysterious past of his to avenge his friend.

I didn't have a lot of hype going into this movie. It looked like a lot of fun and wow, I loved this movie. No really, I did! This is one of the most enjoyable action thrillers I've seen all year and it featured Denzel Washington in his top form and showcasing that he is capable of playing these type of action roles which he really should do more of.

Like I said Denzel Washington is the star of this action film and he carries it all the way through. This is his movie and he never lets you forget it. Washington is one of the best working actors right now, he really is. He could make a film about him sitting on a bench talking to random strangers and he would pull it off. That talent is shown in this film. He is fan-freaking-fantastic. He seems to have a lot of fun in the role and he even gets to play a role he hasn't really played before. He's kind of like Liam Neeson who's an older actor being a badass, you wouldn't expect that but he is so perfectly casted I can't think of another actor playing his character.

His character was so interesting. Have we seen this type of character? Of course we have. He's brilliant and brutal without a doubt but so likable. What I liked most was that he didn't really learn that much about him which adds on to his mysterious past, I wanted to learn and see more of him. But the best quality of him is when he's killing bad guys, he is emotionless in his facial expression and he's scary.

I also thought that Chloë Grace Moretz was really good as the young prostitute he befriends. But she isn't really in the movie that much and I was slightly disappointed by that, it would have been cool to see more of the friendship develop adding on possibly more of an emotional touch. But I won't complain seeing how in the scenes she was in, they share really good chemistry and effective performance.

The villains of the movie are cliched, cartoon russian bad guys where all of their bodies are covered in tattoos and they can't seem to hit McCall with a single bullet. The main villain, Teddy portrayed by Marton Csokas pretty much is McCall's equal in the movie (pun intended) and he's great. Is he cliched? Yeah but he was so intense to watch, he is a complete psychopath in this film and I was honestly kind of scared of him whenever he got on screen mainly because I was afraid of what he would do next. He is this calm and collective character who isn't afraid to beat the living crap out of anyone who gets in his way.

The action in the movie was pretty impressive as well. McCall has the ability to predict everything around him and seek out the possible outcomes of his actions, to see him plan out is interesting but seeing him go through with it was awesome. The action scenes were very well made and intense it's just some of the violence took me out of the film. You know I'm not the one to complain about how violent a movie is, I love some pretty hard core R rated movies but some of his was so over the top and it was unnecessarily grosse that it
took me out of the film.

The visual style is also awesome. Director Antoine Fuqua makes this movie pretty much a arthouse film. Just letting you know, an arthouse film is a movie in which the visual style of in your face and very flashy looking. The Equalizer is a very flashy film and it featured one of the best scenes of the year I'm not joking. I will not spoil the scene but the entire time I was fascinated in the way it was filmed and the way it was executed.

One other minor issue is the length of the film. The Equalizer was a tad too long, maybe cut out ten minutes of the movie and also cut out this entire subplot featuring Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman. He wasted maybe ten minutes of the year, if they had cut out the scene it wouldn't have changed the movie whatsoever.

So I am very glad I watch The Equalizer, it was a film that knew exactly what is was and delivered plenty of thrills. Denzel Washington is at the top of his game here, featuring one of the most stunning scenes of the year and I can't wait to see where they will be taking the soon to be franchise. I'm hoping they do a crossover with Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington together because they would be unstoppable!

I give The Equalizer an A-.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Gone Girl quite possibly has the most disturbing sequence I have seen in years....My review of Gone Girl right now.

Gone Girl tells the story of Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) when on his 5th wedding anniversary his wife goes missing in mysterious circumstances and he becomes the main suspect of the murder. The film flashes back between two different time periods, the days when Dunne is being questioned by the police and the days before his wife went missing where you get a look into their marriage.

Gone Girl was one of my most anticipated movies of the fall season and of the year, did it deliver? Yes, Gone Girl is a very good movie filled with amazing direction by David Fincher and all around some of the best performances I've seen all year long. While not one of my favorites of the year it was a great movie.

Ten years ago if you asked me if I wanted to go see a Ben Affleck movie I would have laughed in your face. But this movie fully shows us he is an amazing actor and one of to reckoned with. He gives the best performance of his career and one of the best performances of the year was Nick Dunne. His performance is so offbeat and off on screen which makes him perfectly casted as his character, he is easily a contender for Best Actor. Nick is portrayed as being a guy who's not that likable and believe me he shows you that in great detail. Rosamund Pike is also amazing as his wife, Amy Dunne. She deserves Oscar consideration (and will most likely be nominated). I can't think of one flaw in her performance, just amazing work. Her past few performances I was a little iffy not but this completely changes my mind.

Tyler Perry even has a role here and he's also perfectly casted as Nick's lawyer. I honestly can't think of another actor who would be more fit for the role other than Perry. He doesn't have that much screentime but if he did, Oscar consideration. Funny man Neil Patrick Harris does good work in his role as Desi Collings, an ex-boyfriend from Amy's past. He gets the short end of the stick unfortunately. Compared to everyone else he isn't that great but he still does a good job with the role given to him. Also Carrie Coon will most likely be nominated playing Nick's sister, my god she is an actress! She steals every scene she's in and overall an amazing performance. She will possibly be nominated for an Oscar I'm sure of it.

David Fincher is one of those rare directors who is the main star of the film. He pretty much tells you he is an amazing director in this film, this is one of the best directed movies of the year. Visual this movie is just amazing looking, there isn't a single flaw with Gone Girl visually. He makes the story so believable with real characters and combining comedy with hard hitting and verily dark drama. Fincher creates such a dark and moody atmosphere that only gets darker the longer the movie goes on for.

This is also a long movie, it's two and a half hours but the great David Fincher makes
sure that it rarely drags. This movie goes by so fast like it's not even as long as it is. There were a few moments where I thought there was a great scene but it just went on a bit too long but nothing major. You get so invested in the characters and the story to where you want to know what happens but it's also unpredictable.

I love the story it's so unpredictable. It took a completely different direction than I expected which made it interesting to watch and suspenseful. The story also gets dark as I mentioned before and there were a lot of disturbing scenes in which one of them I almost puked while watching. Fun times! The screenplay is so sharp and spot on, I loved the dialogue and seeing these characters interact was just amazing.

So Gone Girl while not my favorite movie of the year is easily very good. Is this an Oscar contender? Obviously. Great direction and amazing acting combined with a fantastic script with dark storytelling makes this movie worth watching. Would I watch Gone Girl again? Maybe, I just don't think it was the rewatch quality as some movies do.

I give Gone Girl a B+.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

So Transformers features a new cast, a new plot but director and written by the same people...I really wanted to like Transformers I really wanted too but did it live up to it's potential? My review now.

Four years after the Chicago battle, the government decides the Transformers are not a good thing so they start to destroy both Autobots and Decepticons. When Cade Yeager discovers a wounded Optimus Prime, his family is in danger so he teams up with the remaining Autobots to defeat the new enemy.

Despite a good leading performance from Mark Wahlberg and the presence of the Dinobots, Transformers Age of Extinction is one of the worst movies of the year. Not only does it go on forever, it has some of the worst dialogue of the year and action overkill. Do not see this movie.

The acting was for the most part bad. But I will say that Wahlberg was good in the role he was given. He does do the best he can with the script he's given and the best part, much better than LaBouf. He just doesn't run around screaming "OPTIMIUS! BUMBLEBEE!" He does stuff like pick up a gun and shoots stuff up. Nicola Peltz while attractive doesn't do much. She's better than Rosie Hunting-Whitley but isn't as good as Fox was (not saying much). But it's Jack Reynor who is just awful. He does nothing but drive a car twice in the movie and just annoyed me so bad, he has no talent at all. Stanley Tucci is good in the role he's given, he did give a few funny moments and proved he is better than John Turturro. Kelsey Grammer is good but over acts in a few moments.

The Transformers, meh. They are no longer supporting characters which made me happy and we get a lot of Optimus being awesome but other than that they don't do much. Peter Cullen is great voicing Optimus as usual and I did like his new ark like he's wounded and feels betrayed but still fights for the humans. Bumblebee doesn't have much screen time but he's cool as usual. The other Autobots? Hound was cool and John Goodman was good voicing him but Drift and this other green one didn't do much at all. They were boring and just in there because for whatever reason.

The action is handled a lot better this time around. It didn't annoy me and you can follow it easier in this one. There is a lot going on but i could see what was happening a lot easier. But it does get to the point of too much action at the end and it did get on my nervs, but it's the running time that killed me!

This is nearly a three hour movie and it never ends! As soon as I though it would end it kept going and going and going and going to the point where the action didn't matter and I couldn't wait to get out of that theater! A whole hour could have been cut out and the movie was boring! The first act was ok but the second was so boring and a whole thing going on that didn't need to be there.

Michael Bay should not have returned. His direction was complete shit here. He uses so much slow motion sequences for reason and made the same movie he made the past two times. But he did lower the Bay humor! The first act was very annoying but after that it wasn't really in there and Tucci was actually funny when the humor did kick in. The script and dialogue is some of the worst of the year just saying, too much action not enough story. But at least these characters were a little better than the previous ones.

But the best part, DINOBOTS! They do not disappoint they were awesome in the time they were given. Seeing Optimus riding on Grimlock into battle and seeing them rip Decepticons to pieces was the best part of the movie! But they weren't in it that much and when they were it was when I was begging to get out of the movie

If you liked the last two you will enjoy it, if you didn't you will hate this, Despite a good Wahlberg performance with the Dinobots nothing good came out. Optimus was awesome with Peter Cullen voicing him but I don't think I will be seeing another Transformers movie again. It will be the same thing again so I will say:

Transformers Age of Extinction gets a D.

The Giver
The Giver(2014)

Been waiting four years for The Giver to be made, oddly like Godzilla, my review of The Giver right now.

The world is no longer what it used to be. The world has now been broken into "communities" with a family unit. All color has been erased from the world and all feeling from daily injections. And above all, no one has a choice. Everyone is selected to be in their certain jobs ranging from many different types.

This story revolves around Jonas, he lives in his community with his family unit. When gratuation comes he and his two friends, Fiona and Asher, attend the ceremony. Both of his friends are picked but they skip over him, it's revealed he will be the next Receiver of Memories, the one who keeps the erased memories. In order to do this he must be trained from the previous Receiver of Memories to have all the memories given to him. But once he does he realizes that his world is not what it seems.

So lets talk about the book first. This really has a special place for me, it's the first book that I ever read and liked. It's really the one that got me into he bookworm I am today. The book was very well written and filled with many controversies and themes that are questioned today. I loved the characters and it was a great story.

The film adaption (for the most part) is true to the original book. Yes you can easily point out the changes and up until the third act I was perfectly fine with it. This is a good movie but it could have been much more.

Jeff Bridges kills it as "The Giver" while no Oscar nomination will come his way he was the perfect choice as the title role. He pays respect to the character filling him with so much life and pain you really feel for him. Overall a great performance. Meryl Streep does a Meryl Streep performance. She is quite good for her role but far from her best. Will she get another Oscar nomination? For once I don't think so. Katie Homes and Alexander Skarsgård play Jonas's parents, they play their roles as they should. Given bigger parts in the movie they are still emotionless characters and that works greatly for the film, it's still paying respect to the source material.

Brenton Thwaites is Jonas and he does a very good job despite he is too old to play him. He understands the character very well and he gives a believable performance. Given bigger roles also Odeya Rush is Fiona. She is very good to look at and I liked her part as well. She is a very conflicted character adding on to the drama already present. The weaker part was Cameron Monaghan as Asher, he was just OK playing him. Other than that the acting was very good and don't worry about Taylor Swift in it, it's more of a cameo.

The most interesting scenes were when Jonas is with The Giver and the memories. Seeing Jonas react to the different memories were so interesting to watch since he's never seen them before. My issue with it is that the pacing was a bit too rushed with the memories so we don't see enough of them. Also some of the memories were just kind of "could you do better". Still the most interesting part of the movie and the most enjoyable.

I love the visual style of the movie too. Being shot in beautiful black and white just as it was in the book. Director Phillip Noyce creates a beautiful picture. When Jonas begins to see in color it transfers greatly. So for that I thank you. This is one of the best looking movies of the year (in my opinion).

If you are a die hard fan of the source material you may be a little pissed at the changes. For the most part I was fine with it. The characters ages were changed drastically but since they did do a good job I was fine with it. The world used more technology than in the book but it worked well. But there were changes that didn't work well.

For instance, adding a love story. It was good don't get me wrong but unnecessary. It didn't move the movie farther in plot but did add on a good sense of drama and suspense. The first two acts follow the book perfectly but the third kind me a little insane. It was changed so much that it didn't even fit the book anymore. Asking me personally, it would have been better it as it was.

And the themes was lost in translation for the most part. I don't think the themes hit as hard as they should have like in the book. Yes they make you think about how the world is but nothing like the book did.

The Giver is a good adaptation from a great book. It was better than I thought it was gonna be and for that I am glad. Jeff Bridges took nearly two decades to make the movie and it payed off.

I give The Giver a B.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grande Budapest Hotel has early Oscar buzz surrounding it, does it met it's hype? My review now.

Now I'm gonna be completely honest, the plot of this movie is so random and all over the place I'm having a hard think of a plot. But what I can say is that there was something of a murder and a man being wrongly framed. A painting that costs a lot of money and it being stolen. That is literally the best way I can describe this plot.

Wes Anderson managed to create one of the weirdest, odd, quirky, and original movies I have seen in years. With a stellar cast this is a mostly enjoyable movie. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorite movies of the year but I do recommended it.

This has a stellar cast but this is one of the downfalls of this movie. There are so many actors being introduced here that it's a hard time for them to shine, although we do have some great cameos throughout which I will not spoiler. Ralph Fiennes leads the movie as M. Gustave, the owner of Budapest Hotel. He does a pretty good job from what he is given. I think that he owned every scene he was in and gave some gut busting hilarious moments throughout.

Other actors worth mentioning is Tony Revolori as Young Zero, a lobby boy. I honestly liked him, he did a fine job and showed to be a likable presence. Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe do good acting out of the material they are given. But I have to say it was only Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori who really stole the show.

Now this is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen in my life. There are just so many random scenes of characters doing the most strange things. The screenplay while strange was excellent writing. Wes Anderson created this strange world of strange characters. I have to praise him for doing that much but I wonder, how did he manage to write this? I'm not trying to be rude at all but this kind of looks like he was either damn high. Again I'm not trying to dis him! But it did seem as if was that at times. Without a doubt one of the most original movies in years.

But this movie was pretty funny at moments. Ralph Fiennes gives some great moments throughout, he is this wise cracking, rude, self absorbed dick who doesn't care about other other than Zero. But the humor comes from the most over the top moments. I mean over the top at it's weirdest. I will not spoil anything however I will mention a sled chase sequence that just the funniest thing in the entire movie The interactions between characters were interesting to watch. They are pretty messed up or quirky people and that made it even better.

Now visual this movie is stunning. I can see possible Oscar nominations coming it's way for art direction, production design, and even the score was great. The buildings and environment is unlike anything I have seen all year and it all does look fantastic and again, original. Everything about this movie is original, visually anyway.

I also noticed a strange diction from Wes Anderson. The way he directed this movie and the way the picture looked. He always had a straight angle, never turned and he would hold the camera in place the entire time. Once in a while he would spin it around but he liked the use continues shots of the hallways or the characters. He even went for using quick cuts a lot. Between the continuous shots.

My biggest complaint is some of the story telling in it. There is narrating throughout but I felt it being more distracting than helping. And throughout the second act it seemed to drag on a bit. But toward the ending it picked up and become much better and more enjoyable to watch.

Overall I enjoyed the movie. It was weird without a doubt, we have a huge cast with only two of them giving really good performances. I think this will be lucky and get Oscar nominations for art direction, score, production design and maybe even screenplay for Anderson.

I give The Grand Budapest Hotel a B+.

Schindler's List

Schindler's List wins Spielberg his first Oscar, this should be a great movie

It was a really good movie. Everything was just right, from the acting, script and dialogue. Ralph Fiennes playing Amon was the best part of the movie, he was great, should have won an Oscar (I still love you Tommy Lee Jones). It shows you what the Holocaust was really like, the horrors and what those poor people went through. My only problem with the movie is that it goes on for half an hour too long.

It was still a really good movie, I give it a 8 out of 10

The Godfather

The Godfather is considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made, that got me really excited two years ago. When I watched the movie, I was highly disappointed. It was the most boring, draggy and overrated movies I had ever seen. That was two years ago, I watched it again. My review now.

A crime epic, The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son. -IMDB

I liked this movie so much better than from the last time I watched it. The first time I gave it a 5/10, big improvement. Probably because I've become more of a critic in that period of time. I'm not going to say it's one of the best movies I've ever seen, not at all. However this is still a very good movie.

The best part about the movie, Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone. Brando leads this movie like he was bore to, not a single mess up as one of the greatest movie characters in cinema, definitely deserving the Oscar. Al Pacino does equally great work as Michael, his favored son born to lead the family, should have won his Oscar. While I do not agree that Pacino was nominated for Supporting Actor while Brando for lead actor. Brando didn't have more screen time and the movie wasn't even centering on him. Other great work comes from beginners James Caan and even Robert Duvall.

The movie had an excellent script to work with, Francis Ford Coppola directs this movie like a master (He got an Oscar nomination for directing). He also wrote the script which I'm giving the man even more credit for his work. The costume design, fantastic. The set design also worth mentioning. But my favorite part, the quotes. This movie is full of some of the most memorable quotes in any movie. My personal favorite, "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

Now the gangster genre isn't my favorite. I really liked Pulp Fiction but other than that I haven't had any exceptions. The story of The Godfather to me stretches far too long. It's a near three hour movie and at moments I started to get bored and a little sleepy. But then BOOM! Something happens that catches my eye and it continues to entertain me. If you're not interested in this type of movie, you'll hate it. Trust me, I used to.

This movie is a very good movie. I'm not going to say it makes my top 30 or anything. The acting is great, one of the best casts ever put to film, an excellent script and directing from Francis Ford Coppola. But again, the story goes on too long. I give it a 8 out of 10


Just letting you know, I've changed Noah's grade from A- to B-, minds been changed but here's Non-Stop now.

Liam Neeson is officially the biggest badass star of all time, he's 61 years old now doing action movies and look at him! Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can deal with that. My review of Non-Stop right now.

Liam Neeson plays air marsh Bill Marks who on one plane gets a threatening text message saying if he doesn't get 150 million dollars then he'll kill someone on that plane ever 20 minutes. Now Bill is on a mission to find the person but then that leads to something much bigger to behold.

I told you guys I expected a B rating for Non-Stop. That's exactly what I got from this movie. It was a lot of fun watching and a (mostly) solid action film.

Liam Neeson is once more great in the role of Bill Marks. Neeson was completely awesome in Taken and he was also really good in the Grey, did I like him more in those than this? His acting as improved over the past few years but his actually character wasn't Bryan from the Taken movies. To be Bryan is one of the best action movie characters ever. But I loved this character in this movie and Bill actually goes through a lot and by the end of the movie you relate to him and you see a softer side of Liam Neeson, you know when he's not kicking ass. Julianne Moore does some find work as Jen Summers who ends up helping Bill throughout the investigation. She was good without a doubt but she wasn't like what Liam Neeson was. Good, but not great. The rest of the cast do well in their roles but Neeson and Moore shine most in this action flick.

What drew me in the most was the premise of the movie. This guy on a plane is going to kill someone every twenty minutes if he doesn't get his money. You think to yourself "How can he pull this off?" And you see the movie unfold and it's like "How, I would not have thought of that." To me the premise was just so engaging and the actual execution was handled quite well.

I also admired how the movie kept me thinking. I was going in here expecting a mindless action movie with an intriguing premise. I got a lot more, I kept thinking to myself throughout like "OK so that happen so who could it be?" and the mystery kept coming together slowly and just the fact an action movie had me thinking was great and I give them points for that.

Of course, the action was great. There isn't much violence and action in this movie believe it or not. A lot of it was them trying to figure it out but that also aided it greatly. Having all of that suspense build up over time and by the end of the movie we have these great action sequences that had me literally on the edge of my seat.

Now the action does get ridiculous over time. By the end, everything begins to become more and more impossible that it kind of becomes silly but that was minor to me. Then the execution of the plot twist wasn't what I was expecting. It was clever in a way but was it like "Wow!" no. So that did leave me a little disappointed.

But ignore the minors and enjoy this awesome action flick. Liam Neeson is great, he's badass, relatable and just interesting to watch. The supporting cast is well, the action, while impossible, is just awesome. The premise grabbed onto me and never let me go for a second, it was fast paced, slick and fun. Liam Neeson, 61 years old and still the #1 badass in the world. It will be interesting if they decide to make a franchise and where they decide to take it.

I give Non-Stop a solid B

The Longest Yard

Eh mostly forgettable.


After watching Pearl Harbor this isn't so bad

Winter's Bone

Carried by Jennifer Lawrence's incredible breakthrough role, I just don't think it's my kind of movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

*four months ago* "Oh my god a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is being made!" *looks on wikipedia* "Who's making this movie! It stars...Megan Fox as April O'Neil and produced by....MICHAEL BAY, you have to be joking me!" So that was my first reaction to that, did it turn out as awful at it could have? My review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now. #tmnt

It follows the story of reporter April O'Neil as they tries to become a successful reporter in New York City. The city is facing a great danger with an operation lead by the evil Shredder. He and his Foot clan are taking over the city, can they be stopped? When April is rescued she discovers three mutant turtles raised by a rat and this may be the only way to stop the Foot Clan.

Well I fears were realized, this movie sucks. They're barely any redeeming qualities to this piece of garbage! While this isn't as bad as Transformers Age of Extinction is, you can completely tell it's a Michael Bay production.

The acting...yeah. I was very worried about Megan Fox as April O'Neil but I don't think she did a completely awful job. Fox is a good thing to look at we all know that but she did the best from the material that they gave her, but that isn't saying much. While she does scream, a lot, she does do a few things. At least she wasn't as annoying as Nicola Peltz was from Transformers. Then we have Will Arnett as her camera man. Please give this man a nomination for Worst Supporting Actor at the razzies I will LOVE that, he was awful and pointless to the story. William Fichtner is good as ever but his character is one dimensional, he could have played this character if he was asleep let me put it like that. And what the hell is Whoopi Goldberg doing here? She does anything! Useless!

The most positive thing I can say is that they got the turtles right. All of their personalites were in check, Leonardo is a brave leader (voiced by Johnny Knoxville), Raphael is still a stubborn prick (Alan Ritchson did a really good job as him), Jeremy Howard was great as Donatello. Of course my favorite turtle Michelangelo (played by Noel Fisher) wasn't the best thing ever. His jokes were very unfunny although he had a few good ones. This was the best part about this piece of garbage, at least the turtles turned out OK. Splinter was also pretty cool but the origins were completely screwed up which I will get into that in a moment.

The visuals were just OK. This isn't the best motion capture ever. The turtles looked pretty good and I liked the design of them. They are mutated turtles so they would look ugly and that makes sense if you think about it. But if you compare the motion capture to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes it looks like nothing. It could have looked much better but at least it was decent.

Now the action scenes were pretty boring. They didn't really do anything to excite or thrill me. There was one really good action scene in a snowy mountain. But like Transformers they're was so many thins going on at once that you couldn't tell what was happening. And we see a LOT of slow motion, lots and lots of slow motion which really annoyed than added on to the action. Also Speaking of Transformers, Micheal Bay producing this, bullshit.

I swear to god Michael Bay directed this movie. It has all of the Michael Bay touches you will except to see. The story is so poorly constructed. All of the origins or storytelling was done in flashback or explained in the dumbest of ways. All of the slow motion sequences called out to Bay and my god the Bay humor is present in this movie! All of Micky's stupid jokes were all the sort of Bay humor we get in Transformers. And they treated the turtles as supporting characters at first not the main so we had to deal with April (which we don't care about). No he wasn't producing this movie, he was directing it.

If you are a major die hard Ninja Turtles fan you will be pissed at the changes they made to this story. The foot clan are more military people than ninjas but I can by that favor. The turtles were also way too big. They are six feet tall and lack ninja moves. They don't really show off ninja moves, they are big enough just punch the bad guys against walls and knock them out. The whole origins story is changed and that REALLY irritated me, because that certain story you will us connect to the main villain, Shredder! But he sucks also!

Shredder is one of the best villains ever, he was just awesome. He is developed so poorly here it's sad. Because of the origin story change we can't really connect to him in any sort of way. All he does is beat the shit out of the turtles because he's bad. The whole Shredder ninja suit didn't work either. It made me think of the samurai suit from The Wolverine. I don't know why they went with that but whatever. I hated Shredder, he is one of the worst villains of the year when he should have been the best.

Even the villains plan is stupid! There are so many plot holes to pick apart in it. I mean when they announced I was like "are you kidding me?" none of it makes sense and so many things could go wrong in that plan. It's cliched and just plain stupid.

Overall I know this isn't an Oscar thing, they aren't going for that but at least try! The acting was decent, the visuals decent, the action decent but then comes the story, plot and MICHAEL BAY being in this project it is bottom of the barrel! I will not be watching any of the sequels if it makes money and it was not enjoyable as i would have wanted. While not nearly as terrible as Transformers it's still bad.

I give Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a D-.

Winter's Tale

You know, while watching Winter's Tale it was obvious that this came out on Valentines Day. I actually forgot that it did indeed come out on Valentines Day, that means it's a February movie...oh god. My review of Winter's Tale right now.

If you do want to see this movie I can't discuss the plot of the movie. in order for me to discuss the plot would lead to many spoilers and you all know I hate spoilers. I will tell you it's about a story of a man and a love that will never die. This movie is something.

Yeah this movie is something, a pile of dogshit. This is one of the worst movies of the year. We are suppose to sit through a two freaken hour movie filled with cliches, two dimensional characters, a boring plot and one of the worst developed romances I have ever seen.

The acting here is mixed. Leading the movie is Colin Ferrell as Peter Lake, a professional thief. I thought that Colin Ferrell did a good job with the material given to him, he did the best he could I suppose and he truly is the best part about the movie. But his drove me insane throughout the entire movie. But then we have Jessica Brown Findlay as his love interest Beverly Penn and well..I did not like her at all. She didn't do anything in this movie other than speak some pretty forced dialogue. She kind of annoyed me and honestly I can't see her going anywhere any time soon based on this performance. Also Jennifer Connelly has a small role that I will not spoil, and she is wasted. Seriously, she doesn't do anything.

But Russell Crowe has a role here, that must be awesome right? No! I am a Russell Crowe fan but he does an awful job here. He has this weird accent going on, I didn't understand what the accent was suppose to be and his character was the most cliche villain of the year, you can't relate to him nor do you care about his notations. But we have a cameo actor here that I will not spoil and I thought he was the best part, he had three minutes of screen time and he was the best acting in the entire movie.

The great Martin Scorsese deemed this movie "unfilmable" and I can see where he is getting that. This plot goes in all kinds of different directions while the book I'm guessing is great this movie isn't at all. This has fantasy written all over it but none of it works. There is talk about stars, the universe and where we go in the afterlife but it was REALLY stupid. The direction is lazy but the screenplay is just a big wtf. The dialogue is so cheesy and when the actors say it, it comes out forced. The characters are very dull, they are two dimensional that he don't even care about. I couldn't give a crap that happen to any of these people!

The actual romance between the two lead characters are forced. He meets her once and talks to her once and suddenly he can't life without her, give me a break. I did not by that factor in the movie, they share no chemistry on screen so it seems more awkward than romantic. So when the heartbreaking moments came we just don't care about them. They are almost no character development. Just because he's the hero doesn't mean we can just connect and route for him.

But I will give the movie credit for trying to be different. We've seen the same romance before they so tried something new but it just doesn't work. It's the same movie we've seen before only adding in a fantasy element. I can list off many other movie romances that easily beat this. Now if this would fall into the right hands maybe it could be a very good movie but again, not the outcome.

The film itself it filmed beautifully. The cinematography used is just gorgeous the way camera would turn and we see New York City it did look great. Also the effects were quite good. This certain horse who turns out to be like a guardians angel or something can fly with wings, those looked fantastic!

Despite being visually gorgeous. This movie has no idea what it is going for. They tried something new but fell flat. The act is bad, the screenplay and dialogue is stupid and it never seems to end. This would be a fantastic movie if the right people would take the project up but that wasn't the outcome. So if you want to watch a romance movie with your spouse or boy/girlfriend I do not suggest this. Instead try out Silver Linings Playbook, The Fault in Our Stars, Titanic or even Die Hard.

I give Winter's Tale a D.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I was checking out Guardians of the Galaxy cast and crew, I especially wanted to check out the director when I saw that director James Gunn was one of the thirteen directors of... Movie 43...oh shit. My review of Guardians of the Galaxy right now.

During 1988, young boy Peter Quill (also known as Starlord) is abducted by aliens after his mother dies (from some sort of cancer). 26 years later he becomes a thief and smuggler, he gets into more than he bargained with when he steals a mysterious orb which is wanted by the evil Ronan. He sends one of his assassins, Gamora, after him. After she kinds him, they also get into a fight with Rocket Racoon and his bodyguard Groot. They all find themselves in jail in which they must breakout and stop Ronan from finding the orb and destroying the galaxy.

This is without a doubt the balliest movie Marvel has putout. I have never heard of these heroes before and I was more curious than excited for this movie. And the outcome, this is one of the most enjoyable movies Marvel has put out to die. Guardians of the Galaxy is a real treat and one of the best blockbusters of the summer.

The cast is impressive here. Newcomer Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill (Starlord as he calls himself) and he is quite awesome. He is the most developed character of the entire story and reminded me of a Han Solo type character. He's relatable, funny, wise cracking and might be one of the best leading heroes we have ever gotten. Then we have Zoe Saldana as Gamora, an assassin daughter of the evil Thanos. She along with Peter were the most developed characters of the Guardians. She did have a lot of great moments throughout and showed she is a great hero and I wanted to see more of her. And it was great to see her change color again, green instead of blue this time (as she played Neytiri in Avatar). The weakest of the guarians was without a doubt Drax (played by wrestler Dave Bautista) it takes him a little bit to really get into the character compared to the others but by the end of the movie I did by him and he gave some of the funniest parts of the movie being simple minded,

As for the CG characters, Vin Diesel voiced the tree creature Groot. Despite having three words to say he does bring a lot of personalty to the character! It was interesting to see him say "I am Groot" only but it was the way he said it. In a certain situation he would have to say it in this way and he pulled it off big time. But the big screen stealer, no, movie stealer was Bradley Cooper as Rocket Racoon. He is this trash talking racoon and my god he was the funniest damn thing ever! You can't even tell it's Bradley Cooper and he seems to have so much fun with his character, bringing so much life into him and I have to say he must be the best Marvel character, ever. Better than Iron Man? Thor? Captain America? Yes he was awesome.

The villains? Not so much for me. Lee Pace does a fine job playing Ronan but when you compare him to the five heroes he just doesn't seem to work. Was he a decent villain? Yeah I guess but whenever he was on screen I wanted the Guardians back. He's probably the best villain of the Phrase Two. As for the other minor cast members it was cool to see Glenn Close in there and John C. Reilly was interesting. But again it was the five Guardians that stole the show.

I loved the character interactions. It reminded me of The Avengers in which many of them are different from each other and they have to get along which they don't. But it was hilarious to see them fight. They brought out some of the funniest scenes when Peter and Rocket argued with each other that were gut busting hilarious. Completely different people (or creatures).

Speaking of comedy, this movie is f*cking hilarious! It could seriously work as an action/comedy. There were so many moments where I just lot it laughing. And director James Gunn knows not to take this too seriously either. He knows that this is a little dumb and weird and it does work very well. It knows what it is and makes the best of it. The humor is very well done and written but not all of the jokes worked. I'd say 95% of them worked and the other were just ok and could have worked better. This might have worked better with the villain also, maybe he could have been funny and evil at the same time? The Joker from The Dark Knight was so maybe it could have worked better.

The action and visuals? Top notch! Most of the action was very well director by James Gunn, unlike Transformers these can be watchable. There aren't so many things going on and blowing up five hundred billion times, it's all beautifully shot and timed. All of the eye popping visuals are some of the best I have seen all year. This movie is really colorful and it does create a lighthearted mood. The ships looked awesome, planets awesome, and especially Groot and Rocket's characters. They looked very real and well done.

Now I'm not that fimilair with the story of these heroes. But the one thing I kept thinking is, this might what it be if Star Wars and Star Trek were one. I think this is a mix of the two. It really becomes it's own space opera. I would say it's better than (the majority) of the Star Wars films release and is nearly equally as great as the J.J. Abrams rebooted series. Another issue though, I felt the pacing in the art act was a bit rushed. This is a little complaint I did have was the pacing being a bit iffy but it did even itself out by the end of the movie.

But the best part of this movie, the soundtrack. This is filled with 80s songs and I knew just about every single one of them. Whenever a song started to play it was awesome. The song choices did fit with the mood of the film (a lighthearted and fun action/adventure/comedy) so that gives the movie a little more boost to it.

So I was pleasently surprised by Guardians of the Galaxy. It was better than I thought it would have been. We are featured have very well acted and great characters, fantastic action and my god the humor was just the best. I wouldn't say it's better than Captain America The Winter Soldier but maybe in time I will be more fond of it. I can't wait to see these heroes return and hopefully see an Avengers/Guardians crossover.

I give Guardians of the Galaxy an A-.

Men in Black II

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back

MiB II is not as good as the first, not even close but it was still good. While it does use a lot of humor of the first and elements such as the visual effects. The movie was too fast paced at times for me but the best part? A hot alien chick in a bikers jacket and of course Smith and Jones's performances in the movie.

I still liked it, I give it a 7 out of 10


This is so bad but I can't help but get some entertainment in it, at least I can laugh how bad it is.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

Up in the air! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...those sharks again. My review of Sharknado 2: The Second One right now. Keep in mind, I have some minor spoilers in this review I don't think it's a big deal that you missed Sharknado 2, just saying.

Taking place after the first movie, Fin and his ex wife April are working things out as they fly to New York. April has published a hit book "How to survive a Sharknado" and the book becomes a major hit. They fly there to sign autographs for fans. But things go wrong in their flight (the most ridiculous plane sequence ever put to film) and Fin has to make an emergency landing while April looses one of her hands.

They realize that it's starting once more, the Sharknado storms. Picking up sharks as it goes by through the ocean. The news reports two storms are coming to New York City and if they meet it could mean biblical proportions. So Fin has to lead a group of randoms with the rest of New York City to stop the storms and kill some sharks.

Sharknado 2 is bigger, nosier, dumber and yet less fun than the first. This one is more talky and less cutting awful looking CGI sharks in half, what a shame.

I know this review is just going to be ripping this movie apart but I have to talk about it so please stay with me.

The acting is better than some of the Syfy channel acting. I don't know why but I like Ian Ziering as Fin, he has a likable presence and he proves that he is the biggest badass in the Sharknado franchise. He is good at acting in the role which is good but his dialogue is unbearable at times but overall he can be watched, he doesn't take it seriously which is a very big positive. But his ex wife, oh my god! Tara Reid as April, while she looks great she overacts like no other! It's almost like she is taking the source material seriously which I don't get at all. You're in a movie called Sharknado! The other acting? No I'm not gonna get into this.

But with the cast throughout the movie I did love the amount of cameos but many famous people. I was taken by surprise at how many of these people agreed to be apart of Sharknado 2. In the first five minutes we have two, Will Wheadon and Kelly Osbourne. Many, many more actors popped up and gave a few good moments. The acting from the main cast? Not really but the cameos? They were the best part of the cast.

Now the visual effects, yeah. The reason I loved the first Sharknado is because everything looked so bad, especially the visual effects. Of the Syfy channel these aren't too terrible. The beginning plane sequence actually had a few decent shots but the sharks? No. They look like the most fake things ever, and when they are cut in half, blown up it just looks ridiculous which is what it is suppose to be. Deep Blue Sea visuals prove to be possible worse than the ones in Sharknado.

This Sharknado is less action and more talky, and that kind of pissed me off. We have the hilarious plane sequence in the beginning but after that it's just more talking about family, relationships, and how to stop the storm. I watched this movie to see people kill sharks, sharks kill people in the most over the top ways. There are a few good moments in the second act however the final act of the movie makes up for the rest of the movie. When they are trying to stop the storm and everything goes down, my chest was hurting because I was laughing so hard.

Because of the talky stuff we have to listen to the downright awful dialogue. I know these movies are awful, it's the Syfy channel but listen to that dialogue and watching the direction just killed me as a reviewer. I was begging for them to start killing stuff so I could laugh and not focus on it but that just didn't happen.

These movies are made for you to make fun of them. The first one never took itself seriously and when it did the actors weren't into it. But here they actually do try to create a serious situation with it's characters. At times they want you to laugh at it but other times they try to improve the silliness. It did make it less fun because I wasn't there making fun of everything happening.

This is obviously one of the worst movies of the year. It was bigger than the first Sharknado but it wasn't nearly as much fun as the first. More talky dialogue and less killing stuff. I enjoyed the opening sequence and the final act but I can't forget about the second act so I will say that:

Sharknado 2: The Second One, you get a D+

The Big Lebowski

"Shut the fuck up Donny!"

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

An impressive cast filled with memorable performances from Sandler and Rogen and a sharp direction/screenplay this works as a serious drama.

Billy Madison

I'm not ashamed to say I laugh every time I watch this movie.

Anger Management

Jack Nicholson carries the movie on his shoulders

The Waterboy
The Waterboy(1998)

To me they are three kinds of comedy:

Ghostbusters which is hilarious
Anchorman which is stupid but funny at the same time
Then we have movies that are so bad they are funny.

The Waterboy is so bad it's funny.

Happy Gilmore

When Adam Sandler used to be good, I miss the old him.

The Wedding Singer

An enjoyable movie with Adam Sandler giving an actual good performance.


Looper is on of my favorite science fiction movies in years.

August: Osage County

I've always heard of how Meryl Streep is literally the best actress to ever live. I've wanted to see her movies but never really got the chance. So I heard about her performance in August: Osage County, she lead an all star cast of all kinds of talented people including one of my favorite actresses Julia Roberts. So I took the gamble and watched this film. My review now.

After one family member dies, the entire family gathers to the place where they were raised. And once more has to deal with the mother who raised them all, a complete monster.

How was August: Osage County? I'm gonna say that I couldn't stand this movie. I've watched some movies featuring some pretty screwed up people, Saturday Night Fever comes to mind and I hated that movie because of the characters. We have to deal with the most f*cked up family to ever be put on screen for two hours. Oh my god.

There is no doubt that acting was just fantastic. Meryl Streep can act, she was fantastic in the role she was playing. But her character, she was a complete bitch. I couldn't stand when she opened her mouth, she was just a despicable character. She gobbles down pills like no other and my god when she got on screen and opened her mouth I couldn't wait for her to get off screen. Then we have one of my favorites Julia Roberts playing one of her daughters who she constantly goes up against. Roberts does excellent job here, she wasn't as good as she was in Erin brockovich but she deserved her Oscar nomination like Streep.

Like I mentioned this features a huge cast full of highly talented actors and actresses but it begins to get overcrowded. There are so many screwed up people here, there is no character here who doesn't have something completely wrong with them, get to that in a moment. First some of them are miss casted like Ewan McGregor and Julianne Nicholson. But others like Chris Cooper and Abigail Breslin (the little girl from Zombieland) are well casted and provided some really good acting scenes within this awful movie. But Benedict Cumberbatch? has a role here. I love Cumberbatch, he's such a talented actor but this isn't his best. He doesn't have enough screen time to shine and I honestly feel he was one of the miss casted actors here, sorry but he was.

So the characters, holy crap. These are some of the most despicable people to ever be put on screen. I hated just about every person here. Meryl Streep's character is awful, always insulting her family and viciously attacking them for no reason! What the heck? Other than Chris Cooper, everyone was screwed up. No spoilers but having to spend all this time with these people was just awful. I got a headache and started to complain aloud. I had to leave! I left right in the middle of the movie and didn't come back for easily ten minutes!

August: Osage County tries to work as a black comedy. I didn't realize I hated that genre and I can't stand it, this is a perfect example of black comedy. There was nothing funny here! I will admit I chuckled once or twice and laughed once but all of the "humor" involves insults and attacking her own family. I know the point of the movie is to show you these awful people but don't tell me this is a comedy because this is an awful example of a comedy.

There was one scene I will be giving away here and that was the dinner scene when all of the family is seated and eating together. This was the most difficult scene to watch, here Streep is insulting and attacking her family like no other. Calling Cumberbatch's character a fail at life and telling Julia Robert's that she marriage failed and she deserved it blah blah blah. Here is when I left the movie because it was awful watching Streep play a bitch like that.

No one should watch August: Osage County, no one. I do not recommend this at all. Yes the acting is very impressive and maybe one chuckle involving Robert's yelling at Streep to "eat the f*cking fish!" but other than that? Just like I said with Saturday Night Fever, is an ugly, offense and despicable characters doing awful things.

I give August: Osage County an F.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Apes on horses! My review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes right now.

Taking place ten years after the events of Rise, humanity is nearly killed. As far as we know all of the humans are killed. The remaining ape population lead by Caesar (Andy Serkis) keeps growing. He's a husband and a father of two, they're way of life keeps growing and everything seems great.

But when a group of humans are discovered, tension grows. A small group of humans are survived the virus lead by Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) believes they have to go to war with the apes. But Malcom (Jason Clarke) thinks that they can negotiate with the apes and come to an agreement. He heads out to negotiate but this only causes even more tension in the ape community.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes does what The Dark Knight to Batman Begins, it improves upon the first on every single way possible and even surpassed my expectations. This is one of the best movies of 2014.

I have to talk about Andy Serkis's amazing performance as Caesar once more. I thought he was great in Rise? Yeah no. He improves on this character even more, he's powerful, magnetic, I could use many words like these. He is one of my favorite movie characters I think I have ever seen, he is such a calm and collective leader and is a scene stealer. He has limited dialogue in the movie but he does need that, through the motion capture his facial expressions are just fantastic! He can get so much emotion just through is expressions, how many actors can do that? Exactly! He proves he is one of the best working actors and he deserves an Oscar nomination for this performance. GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR! He gives the best performance in the year along side with Shailene Woodley for The Fault in Our Stars.

The other apes are great too. It's awesome to see the same apes appear as in the first one. Maurice was the orangutan is hear again and I love that ape! Karin Konoval plays him and again he's just awesome and I love all of the motion capture acting work. But the scene stealer is Toby Kebbell as Koba. He plays the biggest dick character of 2014 I hated him so much. No spoilers but whenever he was on screen I could feel the tension grow between him and Caesar and Koby Kebbell is fantastic playing the ape.

Human characters are just as great as the human characters. Jason Clarke is great as Malcom. I really liked his character and the relationship between him and Casear was so interesting to watch. He gives such a heartfelt and emotional performance. Keri Russell is also great as Ellie. She supports Malcom with the apes and I can see her going places in the future. Then despite limited screen time Gary Oldman is great.

I loved the relationship between the humans and the apes. They have seen each other in years and now seeing them the tension grows. Despite what the trailers show you this movie is quite unpredictable. This takes so many twists and turns and I loved that! It's so great not being able the outcome of the story so it's a thriller!

The action scenes, my god! They as thrilling as hell and it completely works. But they aren't like your regular action scenes. Unlike Godzilla or Transformers (despite how boring they are to me) they are hard to watch. At the point in the movie you can about the apes and the humans so you are kind of voting for both sides to win. When you can get that type of response from the viewer you know you're doing a fantastic job.

Director Matt Reeves does a phenomenal job making this movie. Some of the camera shots are breathtaking. The way he directs the action using a lot of continuous shots really shows you the horror of it. Even the way he has the slow scenes using a lot of close ups of the characters faces you see the emotion. I'm not gonna lie, I was almost tearing up at a few scenes. The emotion is going every where and like I said it improves on the emotion from Rise.

Of course the visuals are just fantastic also. They are some of the best of the year, the motion capture work are just amazing. You can literally see the eyes of the human actors and their facial expressions, these are Oscar worthy visuals.

This is one of the best movies of the year. All of the actors do such a great job with Andy Serkis being Oscar worthy. You cared about the characters, both human and ape alike. The action is thrilling and horrifying at the same time. The direction fantastic so go and see this movie as soon as you can and stop seeing Transformers!

I give Dawn of the Planet of the Apes an A+.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Very disappointing, while Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are great and share great chemistry, this is an overall boring movie. The actions were more annoying than entertaining due to all of the slow motion. Hopefully if they make a third they fix all of their mistakes.

The LEGO Movie

Do you want to build a lego house? It doesn't have to be a lego house? Yes I made a Frozen reference...sorry. My review of The LEGO Movie right now.

Emmet is a regular lego construction worker who does everything by the instructions. But when the villainous Lord Businessman plans on destroying the entire universe it's revealed he may be the chosen one, The Master Builder, who can save everything. So he teams up with Wyldstyle, Vitruvius and Batman to save everything and be awesome.

The LEGO Movie is without a doubt a fun time, while I don't think it's groundbreaking or anything like that it's such a fun time watching it! While I don't think it will win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature it would be awesome to see that happen!

I'm surprised how many known actors were in this and all of them do provide good voice work as their characters. Chris Pratt voices Emmet and I thought he was great to voice him. In fact I loved the actual character Emmet, he is a relatable character and you do end up routing for him to win by the end of this movie. His positive, upbeat and lovable personality truly does show. Elizabeth Banks voices Wyldstyle and she was a cool character. Banks is known for playing Effie in the Hunger Games but here she is one of the heroes. I liked her character, she had a few funny moments and overall had a few touching moments near the end of the movie.

Morgan Freeman has to be in this movie because you know, he's Morgan Freeman. I thought he was awesome as Vitruvius, the godish type leader who believes that Emmet is the Master Builder. He gives some of the best moments in the movie, he's hilarious! The other voice actor I should mention is Liam Neeson as Badcop. Neeson just has that voice to him, that dangerous "Don't take my daughter or I will kill" type of thing. Will Ferrell even plays the villain and he's awesome too! I think he's a hilarious guy and here he brings some of the best lines in the movie This movie provides a lot more voice work from Charlie Day, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and many more.

The animation I thought was so cool! Everything is made out of legos! I mean everything! The people, buildings, sky, water. At first it was hard to get used to the animation since I really haven't seen this before but after a while I loved the originality. They mixed stop motion with computer animation at times. Whenever there was an explosion it was made out of legos and again, I thought it looked so cool! Nothing groundbreaking but the overall great looking.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the writers and directors of the Jump Street movies, also direct and wrote this and you can really see it. It uses the self aware humor towards the plot. They know you've seen this type of plot a million times before and it really works! They don't take the movie seriously until the end (get to that in a moment) so it does make for a great time! The actual writing and directing is handled well and I'm really liking these two directors lately. I think they are some of the best comedic directors working right now.

The actual humor either worked or it didn't, one of the downfalls of The Lego Movie. They use a lot of pop culture references and I thought that it worked quite well. I got a lot of the jokes they were going for but the movie is really fast paced and there's a lot of jokes flying out so some of them didn't hit the right timing as it could have. But for the most part I chuckled a lot and laughed out loud a few times. But the ending, oh my god!

I swear to god the ending of The Lego Movie was writing by the writer of Toy Story 3. It was so heartfelt and came out of nowhere! I was laughing at the jokes but then the last twenty minutes kick in. They took a completely different direction that I thought and it works so well! It's so heartfelt and meaningful I loved the way the directors took us by surprise. While it should have been obvious to begin with, no spoilers, without the doubt these last twenty minutes make up the entire movie.

This may get an Oscar nomination for best Animated Picture but will loose to How to Train Your Dragon 2 I think. It will be awesome to see it win but not likely the outcome. I may not have liked it as much as some people but it's a lot of fun and face it, you can't help but hum to the song "Everything is awesome"

I give The LEGO movie a B+.

22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street has the funniest end credits I think I've ever seen in my life, my review of 22 Jump Street right now.

After succeeding in the drug bust in their high school, Jenko and Schmidt have to do the same thing again only this time their heading to college.

Despite being the same exact movie as the first, 22 Jump Street somehow finds a way to actually finds ways to improve on the first, I'll I enjoyed 21 better, 22 is the best comedy of the year.

This series wouldn't be what it was if it weren't for the excellent chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, they are fantastic once more. Each actor as their own moments to shine greatly but when the two were on screen together, the laughs never seemed to end. But I have to say that Channing Tatum has the best moments overall. Like I said for the first, I wouldn't expect him to be so funny but he actually is! Ice Cube returns as their boss and my god he has one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie where he has this meltdown screaming curses left to right.

So yes this is the same exact movie as 21 Jump Street. Same plot, same twists, same story ark but somehow the directors managed to make it just as funny as the first. It was the self aware humor of it. The movie once again knows it's stupid and how it's the same exact thing so they point it out on multiple occasions. I think that's what i liked most besides the chemistry between the two leads, I love it when movies point out how dumb they are and so on.

The humor for the most part worked fantastic. The jokes while rank were effective. It had great timing, that's what most comedies don't have these days is the timing. A joke needs the right timing in the situation in which this movie has. The script for it is very smart like the first one. It isn't the stupid Adam Sandler comedies where everything falls flat. Speaking of that though I thought with the jokes it was either they worked or they didn't. Most of the jokes worked like I said before but then again some of the jokes didn't work and they fell flat.

What I didn't know was that Hill and Tatum improvised a lot of the scenes. The two of them would be acting out on set but the camera would still be rolling which makes me wonder what was actually in the script.

So did I like 22 more than 21? No. Just to me, 21 Jump Street was just such a big surprise. This one the jokes either worked or they didn't and it did slow down near the end when it was suppose to be more serious but picked right back up at the end. It's nearly a non-stop laugh out loud and just a great time at the theater. But it's the chemistry between Hill and Tatum that completely wins me over.

I give 22 Jump Street an A-.

3 Days To Kill

Last night I watched 3 Days to Kill and when I woke up I remembered that I did watch this movie. Not really a good review now.

Ethan Renner is a skilled CIA agent and is trying ti take down these two people known as "The Albino" and "Wolf" but when he finds out he has a brain tumor and has three months to live he decides to bond with his daughter that he rarely saw as a child. But things get more complex when a mysterious girl blackmails him to do one more job before he dies.

3 Days to Kill is one of the just plain dumb movies of the year, it's so stupid but it's so entertaining at times. This is complete garbage and I shouldn't like it, yet at the same time some of this movie I did.

It's great seeing Kevin Costner having more roles, 2014 is the year of Kevin Costner I believe. Costner fans will enjoy his performance in this movie. He looks like he's having a lot of fun in the lead role and doesn't take it too seriously. The real star here is 17 year old Hailee Steinfeld, Oscar nominated for True Grit, playing is teenage daughter. She is the best part of the movie, she's really good here. Steinfeld truly does bring out the bratty teenager she is suppose to play and despite the stupid screenplay she somehow manages to rise above the materiel given to her. Amber Heard is god awful in this movie, she really is. She's great to look at but her acting? No way. And no I'm not gonna bump up the score because she was good looking, that's a stupid.

So the action, some of it was fun? The first ten minutes I didn't care for because of the amount of jump cuts. I hate jump cuts (looking at you Taken 2) so that didn't work for me. But despite the opening scene some of them were fun to watch. We had a cool but useless car chase about 2/3s way into the movie and the ending was completely stupid but again, entertaining.

The title doesn't even make sense here. It's called 3 days to kill yet that doesn't match to the plot of the movie. In fact the plot is so bloated with different plot devices you don't care about. You have him trying to stop the bad guys, bonding with his daughter, the bad guys putting hits on him and this black family moving into his old apartment. I liked two of the four plots going on. They didn't put enough of the bonding with the daughter into it. Those moments were sweet and showed that Costner and Steinfeld both had great chemistry onscreen. Most of the time it was focused on the main plot but for the most part a jumbled mess.

I should mention director McG. I do not like McG at all. For the most part he makes the same movies, spy and undercover movies. When he's not doing those he's killing the Terminator franchise (Salvation). So yes, Terminator did have me dislike him because it was a great series until then. He also likes to put humor into it? For the most time he didn't work at all but at times I did laugh. Was it funny? It was more stupid than funny so more like I was laughing at the movie for being so stupid.

So again, this is the dumbest movies of the year but I was entertaining beyond believe. Kevin Costner and Hailee Steinfeld are both really good in the roles. I don't really suggest this one, but if you like to be entertained mindless for two hours it's still better than Transformers Age of Extinction.

I give 3 Days to Kill a C

How to Train Your Dragon 2

The first How to Train Your Dragon blew me away. I thought it would be a fun movie with cool dragons, I got a movie full of cool dragons, great animation, great characters, a strong story and awesome action sequences. Lets not forget the amazing score by John Powell. So yes I was very excited about the sequel coming out four years later, my review now.

Five years after the first movie, Hiccup and the rest of Berk is living in peace with their dragons. But a new enemy rises and threatens their lives and their dragons. Hiccup must find someway to defeat the new enemy but also deal with his personal issues.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 sets up a sequel as it should. Featuring better characters, amazing action scenes, the best animation I have ever seen in my life. This is without a doubt the best animation of the year and one of my favorite movies of the year.

The characters are just as great as they were four years ago. All of the voice actors are great including new cast member Cate Blanchett do the best they can and too me they perfectly capture the right voices for these characters. I loved seeing these characters grown up. In the first I really cared about them and seeing them all grown up was a great add in. Seeing Hiccup from the small weakling to this cool guy. His new challenges (no spoilers) added more to his ark. My only issue is the villain. He was just an OK villain who doesn't do much. You don't hate him enough or relate to him enough he's just meh.

And the dragons look awesome as ever. Toothless remains to me one of my favorite dragons on the big screen. He's so lovable and reminds me a lot of my own dog. The others are given more time to shine and they show their own personalities. But my god the animation!

This movie has the greatest animation I have ever seen in an animation. The human characters look so great. The human animation isn't what blew me away though. Yes the dragons are cool and have all kinds of color but the landscapes! I literally thought I was looking at actual live action landscapes it looked so real!

The action scenes are awesome also. The fight sequences are put together so well and it flows amazingly. It isn't action overkill, it's perfectly paced, the suspense and thrills are in the air. Seeing the dragons fly around with the camera following them are some of the best sequences of the year.

Don't even call this a kids movie though it gets dark. This animation uses all kinds of mature and adult themes. Like relationships, family, growing up, war, poaching and it all falls together greatly. about 2/3s in the movie one event happens and I was shocked. It came out of nowhere and from there on the movie is dark.

I would also consider 3-D for this movie. It features some great 3-D sequences with the dragons flying around and the action scenes. Just saying, looking for a 3-D movie just check this out,

This is much more than a family movie is goes much more than that. Using mature themes it's great for adults to catch but have the dragons great for kids. The animation is the best I have ever seen, the characters are great and the action is actually thrilling. This is one of my favorite movies of the year so far:

I give How to Train Your Dragon 2 an A.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

A great comedy

A poor superman movie, in fact a poor movie.


Maleficent is considered to be one of Disney's greatest villains. She's pure evil, intimidating and turns into a dragon. What the film version takes everything you love about Maleficent and screws it over. My review of Maleficent right now.

Same movie only a new twist from seeing the point of view from the villains.

I have to say this, Andrew Poulliot warned me this was bad and I have to say I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, this is one of the worst movies of the year. I was sitting in the theater the entire time just pointing out everything wrong with it! Maleficent has almost one good things going for it!

Angelina Jolie does a great job in the role of Maleficent. She's bring a lot of charm and a lot of evil to the character and really does understand the villain. However I will get to characters in a moment. Sharlto Copley is in it as the king, I like this guy as an actor, he was great in District 9 and made a good villain in Elysium but here? He over acts and plays just a complete douche bag! He does! There isn't really a valid reason why he's the way he us and that annoyed me so much! Elle Fanning, Ella Purnell, and Brenton Thwaites all do piss poor acting work. The only other actor that I liked was Sam Riley playing the shape shifting bird.

Now characters, wow. All of the characters are 2 dimensional brats and the only one you care about it Maleficent! But I hated how they turned her character into a hero! She's the hero of the of Disney's greatest villains is a hero. She doesn't even turn into a dragon, the bird does. There is literally a prince in the movie and he has no purpose in it at all. He has five minutes of screen time in the last 30 minutes of the movie and he does nothing but kiss Princess Aurora and arrive at the last 30 seconds. WTF? All of the characters besides Maleficent and the bird were annoying little brats and don't get me started on the fairies, I was praying they would get killed off but they don't haha, oh boy.

A lot of people will be mad on how bad they screwed up the original Disney movie. I can see why, They killed the once great villain and made her a hero. I haven't see the original Sleeping Beauty but I can tell you it's a lot better than this piece of crap.

A few more things, this was going to be a 137 minute movie, it's now 90 minutes. Nearly an hour was taken off and why? Where did the footage go? Oh that's right no one cares! And the movie relies too much an visuals effects too. They looked great but that seemed to be the big focus, not enough time was taken for the characters, the plot or the script. Exactly what Transformers Revenge of the Fallen did only this is better than the second Transformers.

I do not recommend this at all. Besides the Angelina Jolie's great performance everything falls flat. I'd say 98 percent of the acting is awful, the movie relies too much on visuals and there were so many plot points missing it wasn't even funny! The pacing was rushed the ending was just a big wtf moment.

I give Maleficent a D.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Groundhog Day on Steroids! My review of Edge of Tomorrow right now.

In the future, an alien race known as Mimics have invaded the Earth and are conquering most of Europe. When an invasion is planned on the Normandy beach, officer Cage is forced into the war and dies five minutes of landing on the beach. But he wakes up the next day, it turns out he's been infected and it caught in a time loop where whenever he dies he resets the day. Now he just be trained but Rita, a girl who's gone through the same process before. The more he's trained the better fighter be becomes.

This was one my most anticipated movies of the summer and the year. Edge of Tomorrow completely delivers on every level. Finally he have an original and intelligent action film. This has been one of the best and most intelligent action movies I have seen in years and finally Tom Cruise makes up for Oblivion.

Like I said, this is the best we've seen Tom Cruise in some time. He does a really good job in the role. I really liked his character, it's unlike any of his previous action roles he normally does, his character arc was handled very well. The best part about Cruise is that he's 50 years old and he does his own stunts! That's literally him doing all of the work! No actor is as committed as Cruise is too his action. But it's Emily Blunt who steals the movie as Rita, the girl who trains him. You wouldn't expect her to play an action hero but I'm gonna compare her to Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 (T2), she's quite the badass. And she's also quite attractive also. Bil Paxton is hilarious in the role he's given too.

The action, holy crap we have some of the best action scenes of the year! The visuals are impressive but not Oscar worthy. Doug Liman who directed The Bourne Identity handles the action so well, using a lot of wide shots instead of the quick jump cuts directors use all of the time these days. The beach sequences made me think of a sci fi Normandy invasion from Saving Private Ryan. The action is thrilling, gripping and a lot of fun!

You would think this movie would get repetitive since he's reliving the same day over and over again, not the case here. It becomes really funny! They find ways for him to die in hilarious ways! If you've seen the trailers then you would know he broke his leg and Rita walks over to him pointing a gun at his head. He shoots him in the head, he wakes up really pissed off. I laughed out loud a few times.

Like I mentioned, it's great to see an original sci fi film in a world where everything is sequels or prequels and remakes. Edge of Tomorrow stands as an original and again great movie! The movie unfortunately is under performing at the box office which is really a crime. Please help out the movie and pay to see it! You will not regret it I promise you!

My only issue I had with Edge of Tomorrow was in the beginning during the first beach invasion I wasn't sure where the movie was gonna go. I started to get worried it wouldn't be as good as I would have hoped but it really picks up in the finally two acts where it's a non-stop thrill ride and some hard hitting emotion scenes. This movie had everything.

So yes this is one of my favorite movies of the year so far. It's well acted with Emily Blunt being the new Linda Hamilton. The action is thrilling, suspenseful and a lot of fun. Hilarious at times and heartfelt. One of the most original and smart movies in general in a long time, please go see it and help out in it's box office performance.

I give Edge of Tomorrow an A.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Truth he told: I was not a huge fan of the Spider-Man? reboot from 2012. It was the biggest disappointment of the year for me, I gave it a C-. When the new trailer was released I was iffy on it, the visual effects looked crappy and again, not a fan of the remake. But the more I saw of it the better it looked. So here's my review of The Amazing Spider-Man? 2 right now. Warning: I will be giving out some minor spoilers in the review.

Peter Parker is loving being Spider-Man, he takes out all kinds of bad guys, people are loving him and he has cool spider powers! What's not to love? Except his problems with Gwen Stacy is quite complicated since Spoiler! He promised to keep away from her after Gwen's father died. Things get more complex as Harry Osborn joins the picture and the city is threatened by a new enemy, Electro.

I seriously think that this Spider-Man is underrated. It has done worse than Spider-Man 3, this is was better than Spider-Man 3 was! Was it perfect? No. Was it better than the first? I think so. Was it better than Spider-Man 2? There will be no Spider-Man better than Spider-Man 2. Is it best superhero movie of the year? No. But it was pretty damn entertaining.

For me, Tobey Maguire is Spider-Man. I'm sorry, I will stand by the statement until the day I die, he was Spider-Man for me. But Andrew Garfield does a very good job in this one. His portrayal of the hero is very well done, I'm happy that he was the one to replace Maguire was Spider-Man. He perfectly balances the quick jokes while he's fighting with the seriousness to pull off the hero. Way to go. I wasn't a big fan of Emma Stone in the first one. She was really bland and I just liked MJ better. She's a lot better here, I actually liked her character here. Both Garfield and her had great chemistry on screen. Dane DeHaan who plays the new Harry Osborn is pretty boring. For me, James Franco? was such a great Harry and seeing him I just kept thinking about how I liked Franco's Harry more than his. Sally Field is quite welcomed as usual. I like her as Aunt May she's good in the role. I can't say i dislike her at all, she just does a good job. Lets talk about the villains now.

Jamie Foxx? plays Electro, the villain of the story. I really liked him before he was Electro. He was this nerd, didn't have many friends and he just wanted to be noticed. He becomes OBSESSED with Spider-Man and when he's transformation occurs and he is the new villain I was just like "wtf?" His acting is good I will admit but his character doesn't do much. He is only there to fight Peter when he's Spider-Man, nothing else! Green Goblin and Doc Ock challenged him mentally and here we don't get any of that. From what he saw, there were going to be three villains here, but only Electro has enough screen time to be called the villain of the story! The other two shouldn't even be in here! Venom from Spider-Man 3 had more screen time than the other two combined! Yeah! That kind of sucks.

My fear came alive when three villains were announced. I was like "oh god, another Spider-Man 3". Then I saw the runtime of two and a half hours so I was like "Yes, all three villains are going to get equal amount of screen time and everything will be good!" As I mentioned, two of the three had almost no screen time. In fact it dragged on a little too long. It wasn't the villains but the actual story! It had so many things happening at once, from Peter and Gwen's will they/won't they? Harry Osborn taking control of his company, the disappearance of Peter's parents and Aunt May trying to be better without Peter, it's a crowded mess at times!

Thankfully the action was just awesome. The visuals turned out to look pretty great. The way Electro looked and how he shoots electricity was awesome looking. Electro is the most visually stunning villain but nothing more. Now the action used slow motion at times, I mean REAL SLOW MOTION, slower than The Matrix?. But it looked awesome! The ending where Spider-Man is fighting Electro and he's swinging around with all of the electricity flying around, just awesome. The sad thing is that we see more Peter Parker than Spider-Man. I don't have any problems with at all! In The Dark Knight Rises we see more Bruce Wayne than Batman but the story was interesting enough and more compelling to have the audience be indulged in the story, here like I said dragged on for a little bit.

The best part was when Peter was Spider-Man and he was swinging around. I've alway liked how the cinematographer for the movies make it look great and here we are shown the best web swinging of any past Spider-Man movie. Slow motion combined with some impressive CGI and add in a great action scene = awesome.

So I believe this is underrated. The acting is good, Garfield has grown on me a lot. The action is awesome, combine it with the visuals and web swinging and get some stunning scenes. I just wish they cut out some of the stuff happening and kept the plot simple like the first two. It was unfocused and started to drag on a little, cut out maybe twenty minutes at least. And near the ending, oh my god I was shocked. No spoilers, but I was shocked at the ending. When it happened I couldn't believe it and it was emotionally effective. Points to that aspect of the movie.

I give The Amazing Spider-Man an B.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

The dialogue is did we get to this point?


Teen novels are really becoming their own genre now, first Twilight, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments and now Divergent. Now to be clear I'm not doing a book vs. movie comparison since I haven't read the book so here's my review of the movie.

In a dystopian future where there is no Hunger Games, after some sort of awful war happens, society breaks into five distinct factions based on their personalities. Beatrice "Tris" Prior is a girl who takes the test and finds out that she's someone called "Divergent" who doesn't belong in just one faction but in multiple and now she's in great danger from the people around her.

Yes I will admit I felt like watching The Hunger Games, but I can tell you that Divergent is badass! That's right, I didn't expect much but in the end I love the shit out of this movie, it's better than the first Hunger Games movie and also met the levels of the second one.

The acting is pretty good in this film. Shailene Woodley plays Tris, the Divergent girl. She's hot. Just saying that now. Her acting was really good, I felt like she owned the role and it didn't seem possible for anyone to play it like she did. But again, she's hot, really hot. And even if her acting wasn't very good, at least I would have gotten to look at something during the movie, don't judge me. Theo James who plays the badass man known as "Four" is Tris's commander and is always looking after her (take a guess why). He did a really good job too. I wouldn't say he was like Shailene Woodley but he was good in the role and he was a complete badass. Like, a young Liam Neeson almost, yeah he was that cool. Peeta, suck it. The other actress who also killed it was Kate Winslet who plays the villain. Just saying, she's a complete bitch in the movie. She is literally a natural born bitch and she's great at acting like one. She's actually a better villain that I would have thought and she just nails it. yes we do get some good supporting work from Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, and Ashley Judd.

The characters I found more interesting than the ones found in the Hunger Games. Tris was a better person than Katniss ever was, she's relatable. I mean I was feeling for her the entire time and when the third and final act was going on, I felt really bad for her. I was watching all she was dealing with which was hard, she was getting hit hard at times and you just want her to win and succeed over it all.

We do get some pretty cool shootout scenes. The action isn't very often and it's not like it's amazing or anything but it was suspenseful and well made. Most of the involve shootouts with guns and I can tell you it had me on the edge of my seat, it got me so hooked into it that I didn't want to want and I wanted to see the result of these fights. I'm not saying their great, but definitely really well made.

The most interesting scenes in the movie was the training sessions. 2/3s of the movie was Tris training to become better and fit in with her chosen faction. And it was just awesome seeing this hot girl, sorry, this good girl work her hardest and overcome many of the challenges that she faced it that time.

Hell, just the premise of the movie was interesting enough. The idea of our society being broken down into different factions in this dystopian future and it was really cool seeing the world the author thought of and I thought it was a strong part of the film but that wasn't my favorite part!

My favorite part was the music. Yes and soundtrack for Divergent was fantastic. Hans Zimmer composed the score for the movie and he's one of my favorite music composers making some of the best scores in cinema, like The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, The Lion King and many more. Throughout the film I was loving them playing the right kind of music at the right times whether it was a actually song that met the mood of the time or a musical score, it was all perfect. The music to me was the best part of the entire movie.

Of course, it did have a few downs. I'm not a fan of teen romance and this movie does have that. I knew it was gonna happen but I still didn't like it! Does every single teen novel need some kind of romance between two characters? I guess so but it's old now. I didn't mind this one, but it was still "oh come on" moment. Then we have a few unexplained themes like this war that happened, what was it about? How bad was it? I wanted to know about this awful war but it was only mentioned a few times, boo me. The length of the movie did over do it just a little bit but nothing bad. Of course, the ending.

OMFG the ending to this film had me raging so bad. I mean like The Hobbit did, I'm not kidding I was nearly screaming and trying to wrap my head around it. The second movie needs to be made and soon because I can't wait for the next one!

So Divergent has been one of the better movies I have seen this year. It was an unexpected see and I'm more than happy to have seen it in theaters. So please, go buy our tickets and see Divergent because I want the sequel soon so do as I say PLEASE! The ending kill me!

I give Divergent an B+.

The Truman Show

"JIm Carry can't do a serious role, are you kidding me?"

*103 minutes later*

"Well...never mind."

Yeah Jim Carrey's best performance he's done, I was one of those people who thought the same thing but he gave such a heartbreaking, moving and powerful performance as a man who's been unaware of his entire life. How he didn't get an Oscar nomination is my question.


Joaquin Phoenix falls in love...with his phone. Ok then my review of Her right now.

In 2025, Theodore Twombly is going through some hard stuff. His wife divorced him and he's quite lonely. But things change when he meets an operating system named Samantha who can develop personalities and they start a relationship.

This was a 2013 movie but like Lone Survivor it's a limit release so technically it's 2014 and it counts. A lot of you thought this looked stupid and I can see why you would think so. But for me, Her was a very well written and intelligent romance about how the world is coming too. Not one of the best movies of the year but it's a damn good one.

Joaquin Phoenix does a marvelous job playing Theodore. He truly captures the lonely aspect of his character. It's a heartbreaking performance and really he's perfect for the role. And for me he's so relatable. Those of you who really know me I'm a really sky person and sometimes I have a hard time interacting with people and not the best with relationships. I kind of feel this would be me (minus the phone relationship, not happening). Amy Adams has a small but important role as his friend and she does a find job with the role she's given.

But the biggest star of the movie isn't even in the movie. Scarlett Johansson voices Samantha and my god she is amazing! It's like a new form of acting if you think about it, using just your voice and believe it or not she was under Oscar consideration for her performance! I can completely see why, she gives such a complex and heartbreaking performance and it's unbelievable!

This is such a well written film too. It won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars and for no reason. The dialogue between characters is so great and the originality, my god! This is one of the most original movies in years! I'm gonna compare it to The Fault in Our Stars for a moment but it makes that romance look like nothing. It really does! Looking at it it has so many layers upon it and it does get under your skin. Think of how many people are addict to their phone, I feel like this movie is predicting the future for some people because they get THAT attached to their phones. It's scary!

So yes Her is a pretty good movie. I don't think everyone will like it, it's for a mature audience and if you have an interest in seeing the movie check it out. While The Fault in Our Stars was a better movie I think that Her beats it upon originality and how complex it is.

I give Her a B+

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

You went from ok to wtf in a year

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Still a bore from start to finish, at least there was a fight at the end that was some what entertaining.

Lost In Translation

Odd, touching and funny as hell. Bill Murray gives the performance of his career and deserved an Oscar for his performance. A great movie.

The Fault In Our Stars

Before I get into this review, the only reason I even saw this movie is because I made a promise to a friend months ago that I would. I went as far as to read the novel, the last few days was me reading the novel of The Fault in Our Stars. How was the movie and did I enjoy it? My review now.

It tells the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster who at 13 was diagnosed with cancer and survived. Lately she seems depressed and her parents send her to a support group where she meets a young man named Augustus Waters, also a cancer survive. And her life seems to change for the better soon afterwards.

Before I talk about the movie, lets talk about the book. I thought it was a great book. I seriously did. It was filled with characters we really got to love and care about. The dialogue was smart and intelligent, it wasn't over the top and sappy, it actually made fun of itself at times when a cheesy thing is said. The ending broke my heart and I was shocked, loved the book.

Now the movie? I am not ashamed to say half way through this movie I knew I was looking at one of the best films of 2014. Yes I am saying this, I loved the movie. Is this everyones movie? No. If you don't like love stories and stuff you will probably like this but like the novel it isn't an over the top love story it's a great love story. The best since 2012s Silver Linings Playbook (one of my favorite movies) and The Perks of Being a Wallflower (also from 2012)

Shailene Woodley, my god. She was great in Divergent but here? She deserves oscar consideration for her performance in this movie, holy shit! It will be a crime if she isn't a contender and if she isn't nominated I will be shocked. Her performance is effortless. Whether she is talking and interacting to the other characters or just looking at and responding to a message she nails the character and brings Hazel to life, she has given one of the best performances of the year.

For the other cast members Ansel Elgort who played Woodley's brother in Divergent stars here also as Augustus. I thought he was a little dull on screen but he nails the role. He perfectly hits the part of him. He has that charming smile, upbeat personality and giving a heartbreaking performance when the time called for him too. The chemistry between him and Woodley was great also and it felt real, not over the top but a real story with real characters. We get great supporting work from Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, and Sam Trammell all of them giving great performances from a great cast.

The thing I loved about the novel was that it avoided cliches from the normal love story. It isn't over the top and sappy and it provides great characters and a real story. I feel that everyone can relate to the film while watching it. The emotional depth went so deep and just like the book I was caught off guard and I really felt for these people.

One more thing, Josh Boone is a first director and holy crap he brings the story to life in such a great way. There were some plot points that were slightly changed or left out but it didn't bother me that much. Yes I noticed them but it wasn't a Percy Jackson where they killed the movie. The director and screenwriters have great respect for the book and followed it so well. Talk about the screenplay, this is a great screenplay also just saying. And the soundtrack, perfectly fitting the mood and tone at the most important moments.

I do not suggest this for everyone. If you don't like these kind of movies then you will hate it. Is it a chick flick? Yeah but the strong performances and the sharp dialogue prevent it from being a cliched and boring film. The ending, everyone was crying in the theatre. I knew they would. I'm not kidding, this is one of the best films of the year I knew that halfway through. I don't care I'm gonna get hate from this but:

I give The Fault in Our Stars an A+

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Wolf boy stripes...again....and again...and again...we've had enough.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

This movie pissed me off so much! If Bryan Singer hadn't left X-Men The Last Stand to direct Superman Returns then that movie would have been amazing! This movie proves that X-Men is Bryan Singers franchise, no one else will have their grubby hands on it. My review now.

In the future, the sentinels have destroyed the future. Mutants and people are nearly extinct and it's pretty much a Terminator type future. There's only one option now, the remaining X-Men send Wolverine's subconscious to the past into an older body to unite a broken Charles and Erik to save the future by stopping Mystique from killing the man who will create the sentinels.

OK so this is one of my most anticipated movies of the year and this does not disappoint at all! This has been the best X-Men we've gotten so far, no other installment in the franchise came close to the awesomeness of Days of Future Past. Like I said, this is Singer's franchise and he fully restores it to its former glory.

Breaking down the cast here, this will be the older X-Men and the next will be younger. At this point do I need to talk about how fantastic Hugh Jackman is as Wolverine? He's the only Wolverine for me and he just nails it here. It was interesting because you actually see his character mature, comparing him from the first movie you see a Charles inside him, that was great. It was also great seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen as Charles and Erik again, those were perfectly casted in the first trilogy and seeing them again in the roles....they're perfect. Also seeing Halle Berry, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and Daniel Cudmore reprise their roles too.

As for the youngers one, James McAvoy, he nails Charles. I mean he was great in First Class by making him a more relatable character but here? Holy shit! He is completely broken, this is a Charles we have never seen before and the way he presents it was perfectly executed. Michael Fassbender is perfectly casted as Erik. He stole the movie in First Class and is a perfect example of great casting and he's once more great. But this time, McAvoy steals the show. And let me tell you about Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, she is a scene stealer! I liked her in the first one but here you see her nail the role! She is conflicted and distressed which was interesting seeing but she was badass too. I have said this before and I stand by it, she's the actress of her generation. Nicholas Hoult is good s beast but doesn't shine. Then we have Evan Peters as Quicksilver and this guy is awesome! He has the best scene in the movie no spoilers.

This entire movie worked on so many levels from creating one of the best assembled superhero cast ever made but the story was just mind blowing. This is by far the most dark and violent X-Men we've got, everything is at stake. The way Bryan Singer managed to pull off the story was just perfectly executed. I'm not gonna lie, one scene in the heat of the moment one thing happened which I teared up. I'm a huge fan of the X-Men franchise and to see that scene happen was heartbreaking. I'm not ashamed I did tear up, not at all. But the serious tone of the movie isn't completely like that. It had multiple hilarious scenes so Singer also managed to balance the hard hitting drama with the humor, great job man.

And from an X-Men movie the action is great fun too. This probably has the best and most fun action from all of the X-Men movies. It's intense without a doubt and keeps a certain realism to a breaking point instead of it winking at you it's a comic book movie. The visuals were impressive but nothing groundbreaking. No Oscar nominations I can see but good to look at.

My only issue I had with the movie and it kept bothering me throughout was how did Charles survive being incinerated from The Last Stand? Jean obliterated his entire body and you seen him perfectly fine at the post credit scene of The Wolverine and they never explain that. Again, that really bugged me.

Without a doubt the best X-Men we've got. One of the best superhero ensemble cast ever with everyone giving great moments throughout. Action is fun and visuals cool. Not gonna lie, it had me tearing up in one scene. This is officially the best superhero movie of the year, Captain America, take a seat. And I can't wait for the next X-Men coming out in 2016! The way it ended just killed me!

I give X-Men Days of Future Past an A, not quite an A+ but close.

Back to the Future

The 80s, one of the best year for movies.

Right here is an example of an 80s movie. Back when things were original and didn't do sequels very often (not saying it's back though). Back to the Future is a surprisingly funny movie, it has better humor then most Sandler movies when it's suppose to to make you laugh but fails. This is a great movie just summing it up.

I give it 10 out of 10


The movie event I have been waiting four years now as finally arrived. Since 2012 I've had that one movie in which I just can't wait for. In 2012 it was The Hobbit, I loved the first Hobbit. In 2013 was Man of Steel. That being the biggest disappointment of the year for me and now it's 2014 and Godzilla is now most anticipated. But the question is does it deliver? My review now.

I don't want to spoil the plot for you guys all that much so I will say this, it's a remake of the original 1954 classic. The arrogance of man has backfired unleashing the Muto, a monster that is ready to destroy the entire world. But a force of nature, an alpha predator has awakened to kill the Muto and restore balance to the world. That predator is Godzilla.

The old Godzilla movies were a big part of my childhood I bought all of them and watched them over and over again so finding out about the remake was just mind blowing. The trailers wowed me and I finally got to see it opening day. Does it deliver? F*ck yes! This is the best Godzilla movie ever made! It was everything I wanted it to be and is one of the years best movies.

The acting wasn't as strong as I strong as I would have hoped. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the lead character, Ford Brody a bomb disarm man. I thought he was good in the lead role, his acting was fine but his character just wasn't the strongest I have ever seen. Ken Watanabe plays the Japanese scientist Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, who as all loyalty toward Godzilla to kill the Muto. He was great in Inception and he's great here too. One of the better acting performances here. Elizabeth Olsen plays Ford's wife and a nurse, she does a fine job here too. I thought she was really underused because she could have been a great leading but when she was used it shows she's got talent. But let me tell you about Bryan Cranston, holy shit he kills in here! He by far does the best acting of the movie and brings all of the emotion and heartbreak. I haven't seen him in Breaking Bad but from this, yeah he was great. My only thing is that he isn't in the movie very much and he really is underused also. I wanted to see more of him than I did so that was a little disappointing. If he was in it a little more I would put him up for Oscar consideration.

But the big star here is Godzilla and when he got on screen it was just pure awesome. The visuals in the movie were fantastic, some of the best of the year and Godzilla's design was better than the original to me. He can really throw down in a fight. My thing is, he isn't in the movie all that much. He has maybe twenty minutes of screentime in a two hour movie but boy when he got on screen nothing disappointed me! I also loved the Godzilla portrayal, he is a force of nature trying to restore balance. He isn't a villain in fact he left people alone he was only after the Muto. Now the Muto was a good monster for him to fight. It doesn't stand out like some of the original monsters of the series but it was good, a little freaky looking and always kind of stupid but a good monster.

My god the action scenes! The director really did know how to make Godzilla throw down with the Muto. The final fifteen minutes of the movie, holy shit it was some of the best action scenes and some of the most memorable scenes of the year! The visuals greatly helped out and building up the suspense and then delivering the the thrilling action scenes literally made me fanboy in the theatre. I started to freak out especially in one scene, spoiler alert! He has his atomic breath and when I saw his spines lit up blue, I started to freak out so bad, my grandmother will tell you how I was freaking out, I was smiling, cheering and crying on the inside it was just everything I wanted.

I really liked the characters and human story. Godzilla isn't known for it's story but it's pretty strong here. Yes complain will be focusing on the human story more than Godzilla but I wanted a strong human story to connect to and I got that! These are REAL people and the way the director set up the movie it feels like if this actually happened, a monster this big was real that the military would be there exactly how they did in the movie. It was pretty scary because it seemed to real! Real people reacting to this event perfectly.

Before I end it I need to talk about the directing. Gareth Edwards truly does respect the Godzilla story because he restores it to it's full glory. His action and visuals were great. But one thing I loved was the cinematography. We see first person point of views of the large monsters and how giant they really are! It was done so well and so perfectly my mouth gasped a few times looking at how big these things are!

So yeah Godzilla delivered all the way. The action was just fantastic with the gorgeous visuals. The acting was good for most of the part and the human story was strong enough. But it was the final throw down at the end and the design/portrayal of Godzilla that really won me over. If Cranston was in it more along with Godzilla then it would have been perfect. But minor issues. I am so happy to give this I haven't done this since January.

I give Godzilla my highest rating an A+!

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Sadly the final Toy Story, but I'm blown away.

Once more, Pixar impresses me with once more, a better sequel. Just like the final Lord of the Rings, Toy Story 3 is better than the original two! Excellent CGI animated, great comedy and the story improves! And probably the best part about this one, the emotion of the movie. At moments I felt like crying because of what was happening. Blown away I say!

This is the best Toy Story EVER! I give it 10 out of 10

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The old Disney movies have a special part in my heart. Particularly the Renaissance area. Lately it's been my mission to complete all of those movies, the one I chose to watch this time is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. My review now.

A deformed bell ringer in 1400s France will go against everything he's been taught from his master, the evil Frollo to help his friend, a gypsy dancer set France free from Frollo's rule.

This is seriously the most underrated movie to come out of the Renaissance Area, Hercules seriously did better than this? Are you kidding me? This is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen in my life! What we have here is a dark, heartbreaking and richly emotional drama about a poor man who has never seen the outside world.

The one thing I wished they changed in this movie was the voice cast. Tom Hulce plays Quasimodo, a deformed bell ringer who dreams of going outside and meeting real people. He did have the voice right for him but I didn't think the emotional scenes really fit the role to say. Other than that the other actors like I said were good in the movie but could had been improved. All of them EXCEPT Tony Jay who plays the evil Frollo.

I was completely shocked from the villain in this movie. He is a EVIL man, an evil priest who wants to destroy all of the gypsies in France. Frollo is such a complex person, in the first five minutes of the movie he kills a mother and attempts to drawn a baby, yeah this is still Disney. At some point he gathers sexual desires toward a gypsy, the very people he wants to destroy! Yes, this is still Disney which gets to another reason I loved this movie.

For a Disney movie, this is quite the dark story. Frollo is a heinous man committing crimes against humanity itself! Not to mention he gets sexual desires for someone giving off a few innuendos throughout and at some point asks for gods forgiveness for his desires for her! He purposefully lies to Quasimodo about people, locking him up in a bell tower and constantly insults him by calling him ugly and hideous. The movie goes into social problems, while watching this I couldn't believe it all myself from what I saw. This movie also uses religious themes to enter twin into this dark story.

No other problem with the movie is lacking the songs from previous Disney movie. The only song that stuck out was 'Hellfire' when Frollo sings for his lust for Esmeralda and will do anything to get her for himself. With a darker beat and some often evil lyrics including the use of hell, it shows off how evil this man is. Completely shocked by it all.

However, while it's a darker story for most Disney movies it is also a heart lifting adventure. As I mentioned, Quasimodo is a deformed man but when people see him they are scared of him. While he is an outcast, Esmeralda sees him as a person and not the monster every believes him to be. He finally knows what it is like to have a friend in life to except him and doesn't judge him for his looks.

So overall, I loved this Disney movie. The darker story telling, with a heart braking/heart lifting adventure you will never forget. Then we have that villain who to me is one of the greatest ever to put to film. Yes I am serious, he is that bad. I give this great movie a 10 out of 10

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

The best of the franchise, some thrilling action sequences, Brad Bird's sharp direction and a smart script makes the best of the movies cliches

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Sean Penn is highly overrated here, he was ok in the movie but Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean should have won the Oscar.

The Dark Knight

Nolan's sequel is finally here, and I'm blown away once more!

The Dark Knight will remain one of my all time favorite movies! It has everything! The action, the script, and the plot. The acting from the cast members still good, but one thing won me over. Heath Ledger. His performance as the Joker is legendary, flawless. He creates the Joker into something Nicholson couldn't even do, a demensted and interesting character that makes you want to keep watching and watching!

Like I said, one of the best movies ever made, I give it a 10 out of 10

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Clint Eastwood makes one of the best movies of 2008, no Oscar nominations my ass


If Neil Blomkamp hadn't done District 9 before this, I probably would have liked it better than I did. I will say the pacing was quite rushed and Jodie Foster is quite bad. But Matt Damon does a good job and we get some really cool action scenes. The one sequence with the robot blowing up in slow motion, awesome. It could have been much more but it was a good sci fi film.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Such a great sequel.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

When it couldn't get worse, it does. Jessica Alba didn't even strip in this one.

Race to Witch Mountain

Dwayne Johnson does try at least..


Will Smith, you can do better.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Robert Downey Jr. really is Iron Man

X-Men: The Last Stand

The weakest in the trilogy, action overkill with no room for characters to shine.


Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen are just the bomb

X2: X-Men United

One of the best sequels

Gangs of New York

Daniel Day-Lewis, you are the man.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

When I was a kid this was awesome, now it's just OK


Some cool action I guess....the animation was impressive....but the rest?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Yes I get it, Megan Fox has a nice rack Michael Bay. Maybe next time focus on maybe a plot with something called dialogue and less of your explosions you love so much. Thank you but this movie sucks

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

Pretty much the same movie, a lot of "Been there and done that" A real disappointment

Driving Miss Daisy

Morgan Freeman nails this role, one of his best ever.


Probably the best comedy of 2007, smartly written and Ellen Page is just fantastic.


How did Captain America do better than Thor?

Thor is one of the better films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was entertaining of course and some good performances from the cast, but Tom Hiddleson as Loki was the real winner for me. He is the perfect image of Loki for me now.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

The first ever full CGI animated movie hits the theaters, and it was shocking

Toy Story is everything you would not in any movie, an original idea. Unlike some of the other movies coming out that year, Toy Story delivers great things. An excellent voice cast, Hanks and Allen. Good humor for the whole family and just outstanding animation. Even though now the CGI has improved, it's still great.

I give it a 8 out of 10

Thor: The Dark World

Two years ago, Marvel Cinematic Universe came out with Thor. To me, Thor was one of the most entertaining superhero movies to date. I gave it a 7.7 out of 10. Now two years later, marvel releases Thor The Dark World. Does this sequel surpass the first? My review now.

Thor The Dark World takes place a year after The Avengers where Thor is battling to keep peace within the nine realms. Loki has been locked up for his attack on New York. Meanwhile Jane Foster has been working in London and discovers an ancient power source that the evil Dark elf Malekith wants to use to plunge the world into darkness. So Thor must team up with Loki and go on a dangerous quest to save the world.

Thor The Dark World is a solid sequel to the original Thor. While I mostly enjoyed the first film better I very much enjoyed this one. The action sequences were pretty impressive and cool for the most part though the final one did go on a little too long. We get some comic moments too, especially with Loki being a wiseass. I laughed out loud for the most part. The visual effects also improved over the original, some pretty impressive moments with the CGI. I would consider it for an Oscar.

The performances from the actors were also a strong part. Chris Hemsworth is growing with his role, in the movie he's a much more mature than he was in the first one. Natalie Portman does a fine job as Jane Foster, she and Hemsworth work together well through a good chemistry pairing. Anthony Hopkins to still doing a strong performance with Odin who's doing a Shakespearean touch to the film. Of course all of he credit as to go to Tom Hiddleston for playing the evil Loki. By far the most interesting character on the screen, he still proves he's the only Loki in these films. Christopher Eccleston is just OK playing Malekith. He's sort of a bore and doesn't do much for me. Not the most impressive villain to hit the big screen.

So overall, Thor The Dark World, not as good as the original, is still a solid sequel. Full of good performances, awesome action and impressive visual effects, not to mention a huge cliffhanger in the end of the movie making you want more. a worthy addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I give it a 7.5 out of 10

The Wolverine

In 2009, Wolverine would get his own solo film in X-Men Origins Wolverine. I was pumped for it since he was my favorite character, I was blown away on how bad it was. It was one of the biggest disappointments of my life! Now four years later, Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine in The Wolverine. My review now.

When Wolverine is summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, he is embroiled in a conflict that forces him to confront his own demons. - IMDB

So The Wolverine is a HUGE improvement over Origins. X-Men Origins was filled with cliched work and some bad performances (except Jackman who made the movie what it was). Four comic book movies were made this year, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine and Thor The Dark World. Was it the best of them? Lets see.

Hugh Jackman is still great as Logan. He has proven over the years that he is the only one to play Wolverine. He's been in every single movie and they couldn't even keep him out of one of the best cameos of all time. While he doesn't do anything he hasn't already he's still great. What I would have liked to have seen is him going into more pain and trying to wrap his head around what is happening to him with being able to be hurt. The others actors in the movie do well Rila Fukushima is good as Yukio, the girl who brings him to Japan.

Yes the acting in the movie was good, but what I wanted to see in this movie was a good villain, General Zod from Man of Steel was cool to watch but he mainly acted villainous and punched buildings. The Mandarin from Iron Man 3 was a horrible excuse to what can go wrong in a plot twist. And Malekith from Thor was just ok. None of them came close to Loki who's been the best villain on screen since Heath Ledger's Joker, I love seeing him on screen being the most interesting character form the Thor movies. The villain in this movie was a girl named Viper played by Svetlana Khodchenkova. She was also just OK. Better than Malekith but had no real objective in the movie besides to do some guys dirty work, yawn. But damn, she's hot.

The fight sequences in the movie differed for me. Some of them over did it. What I mean is they would get ridiculous (especially at the end of the movie) and some did drag on, a lot. I like a good fight scene as much as the next guy but there's a limit to where you can go. I mean come on! There's a scene where Wolverine to fighting this guy on top of a train for five minutes, wtf?

Probably the most interesting scenes in the movie were Logan trying to deal with killing Jean Grey from X-Men The Last Stand. It shows that he just isn't some angry and heartless monster but he was a heart and emotions. Director James Mangold (3:30 to Yuma) does a great job showing us this side of Logan.

As I said, this was an entertaining X-Men movie, was it the best? No. But it was better than Origins by far. The ending does get ridiculous as those movies do and the fight sequences tend to drag on a little too long. Did we need another stand alone Wolverine movie? I don't think so. But the post credit scene at the end of the movie was just so great that it saved the entire movie. This is just a lead up to next years X-Men Days of Future Past which looks amazing and check it out if you're an X-Men fan! But The Wolverine, I give it a 7 out of 10

Draft Day
Draft Day(2014)

It's been a rough movie week for me at the theaters. Yes Bears was really cute but then we had the highly disappointing Transcendence and the trash Rio 2. So I had hope that Kevin Michael Costner? would save the week for me in Draft Day?. My review now.

Sonny Weaver is head manager for the Cleveland Browns, after having a huge loosing streak he believes he can get lucky on this years draft day.

So I got what I expected from Draft Day. It was a fun movie, but the one thing I couldn't get pass was that it seemed to be a ripoff of Moneyball. I mean this is Moneyball but with football.

Kevin Costner goes away from his baseball and golf movies to football now and he did some good work in the movie. Was it his best? No. But I'm really glad he's getting more work, he's the only reason I gave Man of Steel an OK review, he made Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit and he's really good in Draft Day. He seems to have a lot of fun in the role. Jennifer Garner? plays his wife and she's good in here. Do I think she needed to be in the movie? No her role could have been erased but I liked her here, and for the fact that she's quite attractive here. Denis Leary plays the jerk of the story. He's like Philip Seymour Hoffman from Moneyball. He is always against Sonny's decisions and eventually he warms up to him. He was good at playing the jerk, but he wasn't like Costner in the story.

While watching Draft Day I couldn't but help think this is a Moneyball ripoff. Moneyball was voted by favorite movie of 2011 and just about every theme or material in Draft Day related to Moneyball in some way. I feel that it tried to be the Moneyball in football but wasn't even half of what Moneyball was. It featured the manager who makes the weird decisions that everyone questions like Brad Pitt did. Then the guy who goes against everything says and does. And of course, picking who you want on your team and the deals and trades that go into the story. Then they are the underdogs who have lost so many times that now they have a chance to win! I'm sorry but I had to compare it because it was that movie in a football telling.

The first like half of the movie wasn't that won me. It was a lot of talking and explaining on who they are gonna pick and making the deals. I had to really pay attention because I wasn't sure what draft day really was. So it was a little boring I will admit. It wasn't completely boring but it didn't catch me full attention. It was when the actually draft that caught my attention. I was like "yeah the movie just got better!" It was interesting on how the whole process goes down and I liked how Costner reacted to it and the decisions he was making.

I don't think everything really worked though. Like in the beginning of the movie Jennifer Garner's character is pregnant with Costner's child which didn't help with his stress. But I feel that if the movie hadn't put in the pregnant child elements that the plot wouldn't be any different that what it was, he would still be as stressed. Also the whole thing with his mother and his dead father was just forced to me. Yes we probably needed some drama but it kind of overdid it and took away from the main theme of the movie.

I knew from the beginning that if I didn't like the movie all of you football lovers would give me crap like "Oh you didn't like that movie because you don't really like football." that's not the case. Do I need to like and watch baseball to enjoy Moneyball? No. Do I need to watch boxing to love The Fighter? No. So when I give my grade don't complain to me because of that it's not the case here, I reviewed the movie as a movie.

So Draft Day is a good time at the movies. It is a little corny and silly at times but Costner kills it here. All of you mayor league football fans will be hollowing and cheering here, it's a good movie. But it's not the best I've seen all year however it's good to see something good after both Transcendence and Rio 2.

I give Draft Day a B.


Um....quite possibly one of the most disturbing movies I've ever watched. I can't find words to describe this movie other than disturbing.

Rio 2
Rio 2(2014)

So 2011s Rio got a sequel, but The Incredibles haven' My review of Rio 2 right now.

Taking place after the events of the first Rio, Blue and Jewel have kids and they're happy living. But when rumors of more of their kind have been spotted in the Rainforest they go out so see for themslves. Then really stupidd stuff happens.

I will say Rio wasn't my favorite animation, I mean it was OK but nothing special. Seeing the previews for Rio 2 gave me some hope. Now I can tell you my friends on how bad this sequel is. Sequels either go two ways, either being like a Dark Knight or Terminator 2. Or it goes Transformrs 2 or Matrix Reloaded on us. Let me just say Rio 2 "Nuked the fridge."

I didn't have any problems with the voice cast here. We have a large cast here with Jessie Eisenberg doing fine work as Blu. But does he own the role? Not at all. Anne Hathaway is also good as Jewel, let me tell you she can sing. Les Miserables proved that and listening to her sing was just great. George Lopez voiced by favorite character from the first Rio and his role is shortened, a lot. I didn't like it, but he was still good. Jamie Foxx and are good as the more annoying comic relief characters no one cares about. The other actor worth mentioning is Bruno Mars having a role in this film and he's my favorite singer. He was good but just stick to singiing please, stay away from movie.

People complain about how Spider-Man 3 was over crowed with characters, please stop complaining about that and see this. There were so many characters in Rio 2 and most of them I didn't even care about! Nigel, the evil bird from the first Rio is in this again, why is he in here? He has no point, if he wasn't in the movie then the plot wouldn't be any different. Then the girl who raised Blu, Linda I think is her name and she's useless also. They did so many characters and sooooo many of them annoyed the living crap out of me. The original characters at one point started acting like idiots! It was THAT BAD!

The animation to the movie I will admit was gorgeous. All of the characters looked great, full of bright and fun colors. The musical sequences of Rio 2 were impressive to watch, all of the birds moving and flying around. But I can't say that made Rio 2, that's like saying Batman and Robin was a good movie because it had George Clooney in it.

Now talk about a boring plot line. I complained that the first one was unoriginal and uninspired but not compared to this piece of crap. I couldn't wait for this to end! Just like with the characters they added so many plot elements that it got too much for the film makers and none of them were interesting. One of them being Blu trying to impressive Jewel's father and of course he keeps messing up, how many times have we seen this before? At least a million. Like the whole "save the rain forest" thing was here but served no purpose. This is a 101 minute movie but it never seemed to end, oh my god HEADACHE!

Rio 2 is obiously meant for a younger audience, while sitting in the theatre surrounded by little kids they were even bored with it! They laughed maybe a few times but when it was allover none of them seemed to have enjoyed it. The age group that the movie was intended for didn't like it! You know you're in trouble when that happens.

I can now tell you that I have seen a worse movie than Robocop. Yes this is worse than Robocop. Those of you who know my thing with Robocop know how bad this must be if it's worse than that. It was boring, over longed with overfilled. This is a perfect example of a sequel going Jar Jar Binks on itself. I hate doing with to a kids movie but this has been the worst animation of Ice Age Continental Drift. Didn't want to to this but:

I give Rio 2 a big fat F.


The greatest underdog story ever told.

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

This was a perfectly example of the acting power of Robert De Niro

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

One of the best movies of 2010 and one of my favorite movies of all time. Christian Bale is a scene stealer and deserved his Oscar.

The Town
The Town(2010)

One of the best movies of 2010, the action is intense, excellent cast, perfectly directed by Ben Affleck. The scenes featuring Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck's are perfect examples of dialogue that never falls flat. This is a must see.

I give the Town an A.


So Johnny Depp managed to make the absolutely awful Lone Ranger last year, he was awful in the movie and I mean AWFUL. So when Transcendence was being made and I saw the trailer I thought to myself "This is going to be awesome.". My review now.

Scientist Will Caster (Depp) is making breakthrough discoveries in the A.I. field which he will be able to change the world. But when he's shot and nearly killed. Though the bullet being poisoned he begins to slowly die so his wife gets the idea to upload his subconscious into a computer. Then Will begins to ask for more power and they begin to question whether they are dealing with him, or a machine.

Transcendence had the idea of the year, being able to upload someones subconscious into a computer which is studies of scientist today. Just like Inception the idea was awesome to think about but it's all about the execution. And let me tell you how....awful is was. This has been the biggest disappoint of the year! Just about everything was wrong with this movie.

Johnny Depp now has two bombs in a row. While much better than in The Lone Ranger, but he lacks a human personality. He's in the computer for about the entire movie and he's just boring to watch. He talks like a computer for nearly two hours and it's just "Oh come on Depp." Then Rebecca Hall from The Town REALLY tries in this movie. She must have known about the bland script and she makes the best of it but she suffers through under developed characters. The movie provides no time to introduce the characters, learn who they are and really care for them. They're just there and it's just stupid. Transcendence waits a great cast, Morgan Freeman is in this movie and I have no idea why he's even here! The company must have been like "Yep we have an extra million dollars to wait, what to do? Is Samuel L. Jackson free? No. Oh well lets get Morgan Freeman, he'll get us more money! Everyone loves Morgan Freeman!" That's literally the only reason he's in this movie.

I hate spoilers guys, but I'm gonna spoil the entire movie so please don't read it if you plan on seeing it which you shouldn't. After he gets shot with a bullet full of radioactive products (no idea how they even got the products to do that) he's upload and his wife tries to protect him by putting him on the internet where he becomes more powerful and they manage to get off the grid in this small town. Everything in that whole sequence made me want to fall asleep, I mean I was fighting back to stay awake and it lasted like that for most of the movie.

Transcendence then jumps two years later (which is really unnecessary). Will is literally curing people. That's all he's doing which I found the scenes of him fixing people help to be interesting to watch but the scene would change and I would be bored once more. In this time he's building solar panels to power the computer he's been storing and using. The movie then goes from boring to down right creepy. He starts to control people and begins to get power hungry. Meanwhile his best friend and the people who tried to kill him before are planning to stop all of this so they get Morgan Freeman's character and also Cillian Murphy's FBI agent (also wasted cast in the movie) to take him down. Rebecca Hall's character is struggling trust Will and his decisions. Then we get to an interesting 40 second action scene where things blow up and guns are fired! For 40 seconds, wow. They build up to that moment and wasted it, I was just mad when something like that happened.

So they escape and Will now has the power to heal and regenerate people's tissue, organelles etc. The power comes out of the ground to heal the people around him. His wife is now scared of him and walks away from the event, she is captured and then helps out Morgan Freeman take out Will by the stupidest plan ever. The idea is just a WTF moment. This plan includes injecting herself with the virus where Will will upload her subconscious so they can be together. She goes back and it turns out that he's regenerate his body back and his mind is once more back, he's alive again! Morgan Freeman then blows stuff up for like two minutes with cannons and that happens. She is hit, Will takes her down where they both die. The virus works and the system shuts down for good. The world is in a blackout then movie pretty much ends there.

I was completely bored throughout. Yes a few exciting moments saved it from being completely boring. It's a thought provoking film and it wants you to think about it but the more I think about it the more I get a headache.

There were a few elements I did enjoy. The movie is directed by Wally Pfister, his first ever film and he's Christopher Nolan's cinematographer so he knows how to create a gorgeous picture. While shot beautifully the script just killed me. It was boring as hell and had many many characters we want to care do nothing and we don't like them at all.

So I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre. While beautifully filmed, the films pacing, bland script, under developed characters and forced acting made this an awful movie going experience for me. This has been the biggest disappointment of the year for me and I'm sad that:

I give Transcendence a D+.

50 First Dates

This is actually a good Adam Sandler film. He and Drew Barrymore have really good chemistry on screen. I will admit I laughed quite a few times but overall this is one of his better films.

I give 50 First Dates a B

Million Dollar Baby

The absolute best film of 2004 and one of the best movies of the last decade

The Amazing Spider-Man

The biggest disappointment of 2012

Disneynature Bears

Who wants to see a movie about bears!? I know I don't! My review of Disneynature's Bears right now.

The story revolves around a family of bears, Sky the mother and her two cubs Amber and Scout as it tells the lives of Scout's and Amber's first year of their lives.

Just being honest, I was made to see this movie by my grandmother so going to see this I was sure it was be a sleep feast. I'm happy to say I was wrong. Bears overall was an entertaining movie.

The three bears in the movie was quite the trio. Even though it had no human characters, the bears showed a lot of personality and layers to make some great animal characters. The mother Sky showed us how mother bears do with their children. She's determined to keep them safe and she's loyal to the end, you don't f*ck with mama. And her two cubs were just the best. Not only were they the most adorable things you've ever seen but it was the way they interacted with each other that was awesome. They played with each other and the way Sky would throw them around was just so funny to watch.

John C. Riley narrated the movie, just letting you know he's voiced Ralph in Wreck-It Ralph and was opposite Will Ferrell in Step Brothers and I liked him in it. His voice was a calm and gentle tone here and he provided some funny moments with just his voice alone, narrating what the bears could be saying.

Bears is beautifully shot with gorgeous cinematography. We get some sweeping shots of the landscape that wowed me in the theatre. Also the making of Bears was just "wow". After the movie ended we get a look on how the movie was made, these people actually followed these bears for an entire year and close so close yet none of them were harmed. It's just amazing to think about!

So Disneynature's Bears was a good family movie. The three bears showed such character and you really route for them, I haven't done that since Joey in 2011s War Horse. The camera was was marvelous and the making of the movie just amazing. We also get a great song at the end of the movie called "Carry On" so if you see the movie stick around to listen to that. It was perfectly paced and I would nominate this for a possible Oscar for Documentary film.

I give Disneynature's Bears a B+

Marvel's The Avengers

The movie event we've been waiting for is great!

Marvel's The Avengers is one of the best superhero movies of all time! With great direction from Joss Whedon and the performances from the cast. Mark Ruffalo us a perfect Bruce Banner. The action was great, just like a Michael Bay film except this movie had a plot line. And then one of the best movie moments of all time when the Hulk beat up Loki, I was almost crying from laughter.

A great superhero movie, I give it a 8 out of 10

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Iron Man and Thor have already had their moments to shine, but I think it's time for Captain America to have his shot. My review of Captain America The WInter Soldier now.

Taking place two years after the events of The Avengers where Steve Rogers is struggling to blend into the new world, his loyally with SHEILD will soon be tested. When a new threat rises known as The Winter Soldier, it will test him to his breaking point and why the question, who can he trust?

So 2011s Captain America The First Avenger was OK. It didn't go anything really for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it really only existed to introduce Captain America and lead up to the Avengers. But this captain America I would say is a far superior sequel in almost every single way possible. Better story, better characters and better action all round.

Chris Evans has grown up so much since the first Captain America and outdoes himself from the Avengers. He's really starting to own the role and showing us that he's a superhero to be reckoned with. In this he shows a vulnerable side to him in which we haven't really seen before. Scarlett Johansson returns as Black Widow and she owns her role also. She seems to have a lot of fun in the role and she's proven she's one of the hottest woman alive. Anthony Mackie from the 2009 The Hurt Locker plays Falcon and he's awesome in the role. He perfectly fits and when the action hits, he's all over it. The great Robert Redford has a small role and he's a scene stealer along with Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. Both are great actors and when their in the same room, the dialogue never falls flat.

The villain in the movie was also a strong point. He's no Loki or anything but he was good and only appeared in a few scenes. Like he was only there to create chaos and wreck havoc while the bigger plan happened (not spoiling anything). I just kind of wished he was in it a little more and just letting you know the big plot twist was spoiled for me before I saw the movie, thank you so I wasn't caught by surprise. It would have been great to had been surprised greatly.

Of course, the amazing action sequences in the movie were just like "Oh my god!" The first Captain America had all the action in one montage which really annoyed me since I wanted it throughout, here we get a ton of action throughout the entire movie. The movie has lowered the CGI use and focus on more grounded visuals that greatly helped out the movie. And when the big action happens the visuals are absolutely gorgeous and could be an Oscar contender. The hand to hand combat fights were just so perfectly choreographed, thank you to directors Anthony Russo, Joe Russo for giving us some of the best action scenes of the year. While it does get ridiculous at times, it's a superhero movie, turn off your brain and just love it all.

Also Marvel's been known to provide some really good humor in it. To be honest I laughed out loud quite a few times. It's not like a brain dead Adam Sandler movie where he says something really stupid in an annoying voice, it's intelligent. The chemistry between Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson is fantastic. Right in the middle of the fighting they'll start bickering over something randomly while all of the fighting is going on. Paying half attention to the actual mission. To me that's smart and great work to the writers!

Probably the best part to the movie was that it wasn't just another superhero move. It had a political thriller type feel to it like back in the 1970s. With themes like trust, betrayal, government keeping secrets, It asked questions like "Who can I trust?" and if Steve does trust someone, will that person betray him? That aspect of the movie was the best part, similar to The Dark Knight it changed the feeling to your average superhero movie genre.

After The Avengers, Marvel went into the second phase of movies, I would say this is by far the strongest one. Iron Man 3 was really good and Thor was entertaining but this one was more well rounded film with providing what a sequel should do which is make everything better.

So I highly recommend this superhero flick. Awesome action, great acting and the political thriller feeling to it helped out greatly. It's the strongest in phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is it as good as The Avengers? No but I do say it's one of the best of the entries. And I can't wait to see Captain America return in next years Avengers Age of Ultron.

I give Captain America The Winter Soldier an A.


I'll give him one more chance to redeem himself


Russell Crowe is now playing a religious figure from the Bible and it's directed by Darren Aronofsky, what could happen! Noah, my review now.

Somewhat based on the tale of Noah and his mission to build the ark and save all of the innocent before God destroys the world.

How was Noah? It was really good. I have never read the Bible so I can't tell you that I can complain on how much they changed it. If your a religious person and live by the Bible, skip this because you will hate it so. But if you're not then there's a good chance you'll like this epic like I did.

Russell Crowe does the best acting performance since his Oscar nominated performance in A Beautiful Mind and he kills it as Noah. The character Noah is quite a complex character and throughout the movie is tasked with many hard decisions and it's Crowe's acting ability to bring all of these to life and like I said, he kills it in the role. Jennifer Connelly who played Crowe's wife in A Beautiful Mind is his wife again in this film. She's good in the movie, nothing really special but she doesn't have enough screen time so really make an impression, she has one shining moment and other than that she's just good. Then's there's Anthony Hopkins as Noah's great grandfather, Methuselah and he's a scene stealer. He does the best acting since The Silence of the Lambs. His character provides some comic reliefs and he's kind of like a Yoda character. Giving wisdoms to help out Noah on his mission, perfectly casted.

Emma Watson is Noah's daughter and she also kills it. While watching Noah I felt like she has grown away from Harry Potter and she really has matured since then. She has quite the future ahead of her I promise you that. Then the villain of the story is Tubal Cain, played by Ray Winstone he also kills it. He's been the best villain of the year without a doubt and he's just the kind of villain you hate from his despicable acts towards Noah. The only actor I didn't care for was Logan Lerman as Noah's son. His acting wasn't bad but I'm just not a fan of his work, he's matured a little but I just don't like him. If you kill my childhood (Percy Jackson) then yes I have a grudged for you, sorry but not sorry.

By far the most impressive part of the film was the visual effects. These are definitely Oscar worthy visuals. Everything just looked so real, from the animals to the flooding of the world, it was just great looking. There were a few moments where something didn't look quite real but that's not much because 98% of the time, the visuals were dazzling and breathtaking. Some shots of the landscape even surprised me on how great it looked, the cinematography used for the film was just great and really helped out with the sweeping shots of the land combined with some CGI.

My favorite part of the movie were the use of the rock creatures called "The Watchers". This is an add in but they were these angels were came down from Heaven to help out the humans but the "Creator" (god) punished them by turning them into these rock creatures. The visuals for these were fantastic looking and I loved the idea/personalities of them. They help Noah build the ark during the movie and the movements for them made sense, they are slow and don't move really fast. They were great to look at and they were in a word, awesome.

What I really liked was the telling of the character Noah. Like I said above ^ he is a complex character being chosen to save all of the innocent, he isn't really depicted as a hero because he does some pretty awful things and attempts to do some pretty awful things, no spoilers . He isn't this jesus which everything he does is good and for others, he makes some pretty hard decisions and overall, suffers through those decisions.

Even for a Bible adaption, you know there was going to be some kind of action and it's awesome. Ray Winstone's character leads the towns people to capture the ark and stop Noah from doing whatever he is doing and it was epic. The Watchers were a huge part with Crowe getting some pretty cool moments it just worked. Excellently choreographed with some supporting visual effects, I was completely engaged into the battle sequence and was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Of course, the issues. The movie's runtime is 2 1/2 hours and that overdoes it a bit. Some scenes I felt weren't really necessary and some of the elements that happened I was like "um, maybe if that person was there and if that thing wasn't there..." you get my point. Then some of the scenes were slowed down and it becomes a really boring, and again, Logan Lerman annoying the shit out of me for being a bratty teenager.

So Noah is a really good time at the theaters. If you're religious and know about Noah's Ark then you will hate this adaptation, if you're not then there's a good chance you'll really enjoy this. The acting is great, action is cool and the visuals have been some of the best this year and could be Oscar worthy.

I give Noah an B-.


OK so I watched the reboot for the film Robocop today! review now.

When cop Alex Murphy is nearly killed, a powerful company revives him as a robot known as Robocop and his mission: To protect the people of the city but when the human half begins the mess with the programming, things go for the worst for the company.

I didn't expect much from Robocop, I loved the original. It was stupid and over the top but also entertaining as hell. The remake, I HATED Robocop. Absolutely nothing good from this unnecessary reboot. I HATED Robocop.

Gary Oldman carried this entire movie on his shoulders. He was great in the movie and really the only thing positive about the ENTIRE film. He played scientist doctor Dr. Dennett Norton, the creator of Robocop. While I loved Oldman in this movie, his part was almost completely useless (I will get to that in a moment). Then we have Michael Keaton playing the villain and nothing against his acting but the actual villain was poor. He was the same exact person from the pervious Robocop and he did nothing to move the movie and just was so bland. Samuel L. Jackson has a small part in this movie but he's annoying as sh*t! His part is completely useless and the only reason he did this movie was to make a quick paycheck, great job Jackson.

The lead actor for the movie was extremely disappointing. Joel Kinnaman is the new Robocop and he's just so BORING. Peter Weller IS Robocop and he's the only person to really play the part. The character was changed for him to be a rebel cop who goes against orders vs. the new cop and I hated that. Kinnaman did the best he could I guess but he was just not convincing.

The only reason I came to watch this is mostly hoping to get some really cool action sequences. Got nothing from that either. In the entire movie, there was countless gunfire and explosions but nothing stuck out until the ending where a quick thing happens and even then it starts to drag on. Another thing, the action drags on FOREVER. Just like Man of Steel the action is so BORING and just tries to be what the original had done. Changing to a PG-13 rating was awful because what made the original so fun to watch was the over the top violence and action. I got nothing from that, at all. Just boring as crap.

The movie went on too long. It's a two hour movie and it takes nearly an hour because Murphy becomes Robocop and it's just draggy and once again BORING until then. We wasted nearly half an hour for Oldman's part in this film which was useless but it was great seeing him doing a great job in an awful movie. If the director had taken out that half an hour then maybe I would have liked it better? Probably not but still the idea isn't terrible either. Only a small portion of the film was action and did I mentioned it was all boring. I know I've said boring a lot but that's what Robocop was, BORING.

What I really liked in the old film was when he was remembering his past and his family in just flashbacks. I appreciated that the new tried to do and do a family type problem but it failed in the process. It was weak, lacked emotional depth and did nothing to move the plot line. The original did a better job at showing who his family was in just a few minutes of flashbacks vs. that this did the entire time.

Another thing I noticed while watching the movie was that it just wasn't fun to watch either! The original had the over the top violence and action, but I ended up looking at my diabetic pump to see how much longer the movie had left. I could have walked out of that movie, I'm not kidding. I wish I had and I wouldn't have regretted it.

So if you're looking for a good action film, you'd be better off skipping this piece of trash and watch the original because that's where all of the fun is. Oldman is great and we get one good action scene but other than that? I would had rather done my math HW than watched all of Robocop. I HATED this movie. You know that Hollywood is running out of ideas if they're remaking Robocop and next thing you know, Die Hard is getting remade. OMFG please don't!

I give remake for Robocop a D

12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave in 2013, won the Oscar for Best Picture. Widely considered to be the Schindler's List of this decade and it's my next movie review now.

Based on the true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man with a family living in New York City is aducted and sold as a slave for 12 years.

Words cannot describe this movie. I've been trying to find the right words to describe 12 Years a Slave for nearly fifteen minutes now and I can't find the right words. 12 Years a Slave is powerful, moving, touching and one of the best movies to come out this entire decade.

This film has a large cast and all of them do such great work that I'll talk about every single one of them. Chiwetel Ejiofor leads the film as Solomon Northup, a freeman who is thrown into a living nightmare where he is sold into slavery. This man gives one of the most powerful performances of 2013. I'm saying it now, he outdid Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips hands down. Ejiofor completely shows you all of the horrors this man in those 12 years as a slave, it's haunting to think about. To me, he deserves the Oscar for Best Actor but I guess not. Then we have Lupita Nyong'o as Patsey, she has the most horrible story to tell. The main slave owner (get to him in a minute) is constantly allover her and his wife is constantly insulting, beating, and disgracing her as a slave. She outdid Jennifer Lawrence's performance in American Hustle, Lawrence's acting didn't even compare to her and that's saying something. Whenever she got in screen I cringed, something was constantly happening to her and there's even a three minute whipping scene with her! It was awful watching. Then we have Michael Fassbender Edwin Epps, the slave owner. He gives the performance of his career. I haven't hated a movie character like that since the prison guard in Schindler's List. I mean whenever he got a screen I just hated him he was an awful, cruel and just hateful character. I cannot believe people like him even existed.

For the next round of actors is Sarah Paulson who is the biggest bitch to be on screen I have ever seen. She's wife of Edwin Epps and she's the real reason he was like that. She's the one who HATES Patsey and wants to see her die, nothing more. I hated her even more than Edwin because she influences him to do these awful things. Benedict Cumberbatch even has a role in this movie and he kills it! Yes he's another slave owner but he isn't as bad as he could have been. He shows you that not all slave owners were cruel human beings. He cared somewhat for his slaves and despite him being a slave owner he wasn't an awful person. Then finally we have Brad Pitt in a some role and he's the hero of the story (not telling why). He's good, I mean he doesn't shine or anything he he is really good in the movie despite not having much screen time.

What horrified me the most was that all of it was real. Again, this is a TRUE STORY of a man who is adducted and made to work as a slave. How often do you hear of something like that happening? You don't and to know that this happened is haunting. I mean this could happen to anyone! The men who captured him lied to him and managed to send him away, that could happen to anyone today! Slavery is still going on in parts of the world and even today it still goes on.

And unlike Oskar Schindler from Schindler's List, Soloman isn't shown to be a hero of any kind. He did fight back with all of his strength and tries to help out people but he just can't! He is nearly killed many times, being hanged, gun to the head or some other reason. The man was brave without a doubt but in the end, his spirit is broken and he doesn't fight back, he's just another slave.

We've all heard about how bad slavery is but we really don't know what happened, here we see a graphic showing of the hell that was slavery. Paul Giamatti's character is selling all of these different black people like property! He has them all lined up and he's talking about the prices as if they aren't real people! It would be like I got a few candy bars and talked about the prices of them and how many you wanted or the kind, exactly like that and it's disgusting to think about. And these slave owners would do as they wanted with their 'property' from whipping them, raping the woman, killing them left to right and yes, working them do complete exhaustion and they die. I don't know how many times I cringed at a showing of slavery, I can tell you it will haunt to for years a come.

12 Years a Slave is just such a hard movie to watch, we see slavery at it's worst and it's exactly like Steven spielberg showing you the holocaust from Schindler's List. Yes 12 Years a Slave without a doubt is the Schindler's List of this decade, I wont lie, I cried. At the end of this movie I ended up crying from it all. With such a powerful and yet awful movie the ending of it all grabbed me and didn't let me go. If you didn't cry at the end of this movie, you are not a human being. Yes I'm saying it, if you didn't cry then you aren't a human being and check to see what's wrong with you.

To call 12 Years a Slave just a movie is insulting. This is not a movie to watch on a Saturday after it's horrifying. I warn you, many of you might not be able to watch this movie from the cruelty and graphic showing of slavery. It's a history lesson that tells you none of this should have happened and his one mans battle to survive is heartbreaking but in the end, moving. One of the best movies of this decade.

I give 12 Years a Slave an A+

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks not getting an Oscar nomination caused quite a controversy at the Oscars this year. Well I can tell you know what I believe was the right choice, my review of Captain Phillips now.

Based on the true story of Captain Richard's Phillips ship being taken over by Somalian Pirates.

Holy crap....Just wow. Let me tell you that Captain Phillips without a doubt is one of the best movies of 2013, I mean one of the best. How Tom Hanks managed to get snubbed from this year is something I have no idea about.

All of the actors did really well but lets talk about our two stars. First off, Tom Hanks does his best acting in Saving Private Ryan, not quite as good but still he is mesmerizing in the lead role. I'm not a big fan of spoilers but I'm gonna tell you something right now so don't read it if you plan to watch the movie. ***The scene where Phillips is going into shock after being rescued was the shining moment in the entire movie. I couldn't believe it when Hanks was acting like he was going into shock, I FELT like he was actually going into shock! Tom Hanks was that believable in that one scene*** and that one scene along should have gotten him an Oscar nomination! Our other star of the movie is Barkhad Abdi, the leader of the Somalian pirate raid on the ship. So is Abdi's first ever move, first ever acting and he's great in the role. I mean, for a breakthrough role this is kind of shocking. While not like Hanks acting he does provide a lot of great scenes and constantly keeping to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Captain Phillips is also by far the most intense movie I have seen all year. Yes World War Z or The Hobbit were intense but nothing like this, remember this is based on a TRUE STORY. After the first twenty minutes pass getting to know the characters and the actual story comes in, there wasn't a moment where I wasn't indulged in the story! Tom Hanks trying his hardest to keep the pirates away was good but after they get on the boat and take him hostage, that is what killed me. You have no idea if any of the passengers are gonna come out alive or if the pirates will shoot and kill them. Then more spoilers sorry ***When Muse gets Phillips in the lifeboat and the navy is trying to get him out, holy crap.*** This entire movie is just intense and unbelievable.

Another thing I really liked in the movie was the character interaction. The scenes between Phillips and Muse were by far the best of the movie. You have to remember that these pirates have these very large guns that could easily kill any crew member they wish to kill, it was a battle between Muse and Phillips trying to keep everyone alive. At times it would be Muse yelling at Phillips and threatening to kill him or even just the quiet conversations with them was just fantastic. Their acting abilities did really help them out.

Paul Greengrass's direction on the movie was spectacular. He made you feel seasick watching the movie. He had the cameras on the Somalian pirates boats and you could see the camera move up and down, watch splashing on it. I felt like I was actually on that boat when they were trying to take it. Then we have the lifeboat situation where everything is enclosed and you feel claustrophobic. He had made me feel a little claustrophobic watching the movie with the different closeups of the characters and the pirates battle to get pass the navy.

We have a lot more things to appreciate in this film like the screenplay. The dialogue between the characters not just the interaction was great. It wasn't cheesy, over the top, or anything. It was very strong and some of the best dialogue and one of the best screenplays of 2013. Then the music they played, loved that.

Captian Phillips is by far one of the best movies of 2013. It was intense, perfectly acted by both Tom Hanks and a breakthough Barkhad Abdi. I loved everyone second of it.

I give Captain Phillips an A+

It's a Wonderful Life

You know, I've realized I've had a wonderful life, but it took George Bailey a little longer for him to realize that. It's my review of It's a Wonderful Life right now.

An angel tells a frustrated businessman, George Bailey how things would have been if he had never been born.

How can I describe this movie? How about perfect? Magical? Poetic? Or even one of the greatest movie experiences of my life? All of those would describe my love for this film, It's a perfect film and EVERYONE needs to watch in their life time.

James Stewart leads this film as George Bailey, a man who's been challenged his entire life on helping out the people of Bedford Falls and keeping them safe from a greedy and selfish businessman. He walks on an Oscar worthy rope to what I think should have been Oscar gold. He's perfect in this role. He has a lot a heart, soul and passion for the people who surrounds him and he will stop at nothing to make sure nothing happens to them. Then we have the beautiful Donna Reed as Mary Bailey, his wife in the film. Along with James, she has a lot of heart in the movie and to me, she does one of the best jobs in the entire movie. How she did not get an oscar nomination is why question.

In supporting roles we have Lionel Barrymore as the evil and selfish businessman Henry Potter. Now if you want to talk about a douche, you got one right here. I'm sorry but that's what this guy is! He loves making everyone around him miserable and constantly trying to beat and defeat George. One of the best movie villains created right here. I know, he's not a Darth Vader, Hannibal Lector or Joker but he's more of a real life villain. Just like Amon Goeth from Schindler's List, he could be a real life man and I just him so much in this film. Not since Schindler's List have I hated a man on screen. And finally in a smaller but a huge role is Henry Travers, George's guardian angel who helps him out in his time of need. What I most liked about him was the fact that he provided some more of the funnier scenes, releasing a lot of the hard hitting drama. He was funny, old, kiddish but also wise and powerful. Loved all of these actors in their roles.

Speaking of the roles of the actors, I just loved the actual characters of the film! Not often do you really seen a lot of character build up in the movies today (well a lot of the shittier movies some of you watch). The real plot of the film doesn't kick in until the final hour or so and before then we get two hours to really become engaged and care for these people. George was just a regular man doing the best he could to help out his friends, he was a relatable guy and the more he was on screen the movie I wanted to see his story unfold. I can see where his struggles are coming from too, Potter like I said is a douche and he's in the fight of his life keeping him away.

Probably the best part of the story was the actual story. I loved the mixing of fantasy and drama into one thing. It's a 2 hour and 10 minute movie and the first hour and a half is just getting to know these characters and see how George affects these people's lives. When he wishes he was never born and you see how much he really did changed their lives it's just unbelievable how one man can do so much change. It's really interesting to think about, if you were never born and how would it affect the people around you? Quite a thought huh?

Just like 2012 Silver Linings Playbook, the movie is just a feel good movie. While watching Silver Linings Playbook, I felt wonderful watching it and I felt the same way here. The only difference is that it's the ultimate feel good about yourself movie and probably the best christmas movie, sorry Die Hard, you've been replaced.

The more I think about It's a Wonderful Life the more I love it. The characters are awesome and the actors do such a wonderful in their roles. The story is one of hollywoods greatest and it shocks me is that it did not win a single Oscar, wow bullshit to the academy. It's great to watch such a movie after watching the shit feast that was Robocop. too just saying that now It's a Wonderful Life is one of the best movies I have ever watched in my life.

I give It's a Wonderful Life a A+

The Monuments Men

Just like Lone Survivor earlier this year, when I saw the trailer for a movie called The Monuments Men I got pumped for this. Not only did it have a fantastic story that I had never heard of but also one of the greatest cast ever put to film! My review now.

The Monuments Men tells the mostly forgotten true story of seven men specializing various fields of art are pulled together to help save and protect the pieces of art that the Nazi's have stolen.

The Monuments Men is for the most part a solid movie. While it did have a lot of ups to it, it had more negatives to me than I would have hoped. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it but it could have been much more.

Because of the large cast I will break it down in a few paragraphs for all of you. This movie provides one of the greatest casts ever put to film including George Clooney (also writer, director and producer of the movie), Matt Damon, Bill Murphy, John Goodman and Cate Blanchett! George Clooney does a pretty solid job here. He plays Frank Strokes, the man who gathers the men together to save all of the art. Clooney's laid back and often powerful presence gives this movie a bit of the kick it needs. Matt Damon is pretty good as James Granger, a painter. Damon provides the heart and soul of the movie to me, he has a passion for the mission (with all of the other men) and will do anything to save it all even at the risk of his own life.

John Goodman does a good job as well as Walter Garfield, a sculpture. He gives some of the funniest moments in the movie but doesn't steal it like how funny man Bill Murphy did. Murphy does the best job from any of the actors. He gives by far the funniest moments in the movie, Murphy wasn't even trying is the best part, he just as that presence of him. One of the greatest actors to have ever lived. I will admit that he does get some help with the humor by Preston Savitz. Their characters hate each other at first making some really good chemistry to it all. Whenever both their characters were off screen I wished they would just get back on.

Two other mentions for actors are Jean Dujardin, the actor from The Artist is also a painter who always seems to be in a good mood and always on the positive side. Much like Damon he gives the heart of the movie, he just has that big heart even when they are in the middle of hells itself. Finally Cate Blanchett is the only female character of the movie. She did do a good job in the movie (but could have improved her french accent) but was her part a major factor? I think she could have been replaced by any other actress and the movie would had been the same all around.

The actors though weren't the only reason I went to this movie, the story seemed incredible. Much like stories like Schindler's List, Lone Survivor and Saving Private Ryan this story had to be told. Of these seven men, these brave men who never seen combat or dreamed to see it go in the war to help save pieces of stolen art. That also brought up a question to me, why art? Why save pieces of art? The movie had a huge impact on me by showing that these pieces of art they are saving are people's lives. They are their culture, way of life and if you take that away from them, we would had lost the war.

The movie also gives some pretty good comic moments throughout. I cracked up quite a few times most of Murphy's and Balaban characters. Matt Damon gives me one of the funniest scenes of the year involving a land mine and it was just a riot watching it all.

But not all of this movie was positive. Yes I completely agree this story had to be told, but did it as a movie? The running time was only 118 minutes, way too short for me. I would had rather seen it as a mini series on TV than a feature film. Still on the subject, kind of give the audience an idea of what's really happening in the war. Yes the movie was about the art but why not show us the affects of war on people and how it's god awful. I would have liked that to had been included but it wasn't a big thing to me.

Along with that the characters were a bit underdeveloped. In the beginning it shows Clooney gathering them all up but we don't get much of a back story or what their lives are now (a few characters are better than others when it came to this subject). Also I got a little bored at times. Monuments Men has a slower place than I would have wanted and I felt like falling asleep at times but then something would happen to completely engage me.

I did enjoy Monuments Men. It was a good movie but anything else? I can't say that. I believe everyone should watch this movie to see this incredible true story of these seven brave men and their hard work to save humanities culture and history! It was bit of a let down but overall a solid film. I give it a 7.3 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The characters are maturing and the plot gets darker, I like the sounds of it already

The upside to this movie, the darker tone than the others. Harry and his friends are finally maturing and leading to something great, but not everything works here. Like I've said before, the movie goes on too long! Three out of the four I've said that and now it's getting tired. Anyway the action and CGI work well, especially with Harry battling the dragon which is the most interesting part of the movie besides (finally) the rise of Voldemort. An excellent villain played by no other than Ralph Fiennes, another great cast member.

This is entertaining as the first two but doesn't meet the third one, I give it 7.5 out of 10

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

Shrek has made a franchise. And the second is good.

Not much to say here. Shrek two still has the animated and the voice cast still being chosen so wisely. But the humor isn't as good, maybe because some of it is repeating from the first. However I will admit that this is one of the sequels that doesn't really disappoint or suck

It's still a good movie, I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Boy was I bored!

I really don't care what other people think, this was boring and extremely draggy! This HP film didn't no anything for me. With a ridiculous running time of 154 minutes, this drag on! I said it again I know! It wasn't until the end of the movie with Dumbledore did the movie get good. Other than that it was poop.

This movie was boring and dragged on forever! I give it a 6 out of 10


Without a doubt one of the best animated movies ever made.

Shrek has brought you something different. I really liked the twist fairy tale with the monster saving the princess and the human being the real monster. Shrek has fantastic humor that is even better than most of the comedies coming out lately. The best voice cast I have ever seen, Eddie Murphy as donkey made me crack up laughing. And what surprises me is that Shrek tops most of the Pixar movies I have seen.

This is a great movie, I give it 10 out of 10

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Another Toy Story, and I'm pleased to say that it's even better than the original!

This movie right here is one of the rare sequels to improve over the original. With great voice casts, introducing Joan Cusack. Even more clever humor. The animated has improved and the one thing I liked most of all. The new plot and dialogue. I really liked the idea of Woody being kidnapped and so Buzz goes off to save him. And the new and interesting characters.

This Toy Story is better than the original, I give it a 9 out of 10

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Putting Sam Jackson was smart

Die Hard 3 was better than the second one in my opinion. Mainly because of Sam Jackson's clever humor he brought into it. But I can't say it's better than the original here. But give it credit than being better than the second.

I liked it, I give it 8 out of 10

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Another one

I don't see what was so bad about the fourth Pirates, still I enjoyed it. This one didn't set the plot as well as the others and cut out Bloom and Knighty. That was the worst part, however this Pirates provides more humor than two & three. And adding McShane and Cruise as the cast members was a good idea.

Still I enjoyed it, I give it 7 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The books come to the big screen

I have never heard the books but that doesn't matter. I liked this movie. While I think it goes on way too long and sometimes drags on. And the beginning was really slow. But over all, the first HP movie has upsides. Like the cast members fit their roles very well, I'm saying more of Emma Watson here.

It's not the best, but I give it 7 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter returns

This HP movie improves over the first one, just by a little bit. Again, it's a really long movie and sometimes goes on longer than needed, but over all I liked the elements. A darker film with introducing the past of Voldemort. And once more the cast members do well. The action is also pretty good, with the Basilisk fight at the end where I was on the edge of my seat.

It improves just a little bit, I give it 7.5 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

The final movie is here, and I'm pleased with it ALL!

Finally after two almost horrible HP movies, the epic finally really is EPIC. The acting is great, the visual effects are what you expect them to be. The raw emotion, the good action and the way you wanted the whole thing to end. I was blown away with the final HP

The best HP EVER! I give it 9.5 out of 10

Lone Survivor

As soon as I saw the trailer for Lone Survivor I knew it was going to be great. Just letting you all know, I'm not a big fan of the War genre except for a few exceptions like Saving Private, Black Hawk Down and War Horse. When I heard from all of you that Lone Survivor was great and from others that it was just as great as Saving Private Ryan (one of my all time favorite movies) I got psyche! My review now.

Based on a true story of a failed military operation known as Operation Red Wing, four navy seals are sent in to capture Taliban leader Ahmad Shah in Afghanistan Marcus Luttrell.

Holy shit was that a movie, holy shit. This is seriously one of the most underrated movies that has ever been made. Lone Survivor is quite possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.

Mark Walberg gives the performance of his career playing Marcus Luttrell, one of the navy seals who goes in to capture Ahmad Shah. I cannot believe he didn't get an Oscar nomination for his performance in this film, yet he got one for the Departed, not his best in my opinion. He made you feel that he was that poor man going through all of that hell, just fantastic. Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch all do great work in their roles but once again, Walberg steals the movie.

By far the most impressive part of the movie were the battle scenes. Director Peter Berg left no expense in creating some of the most grittiest and most realistic battle scenes in recent movie history. The soldiers were constantly being shot at for what seemed to be a never ending barrage of bullets. Explosions going everywhere, the sound was perfect, the sound of the guns hitting the rocks or the ground. Just excellent. During the entire course of the battle scenes (most of the movie) I dared not look away. It was so gripping that you just couldn't! They were thrilling and suspenseful. I thought I was watching Saving Private Ryan all over again! The thing is you know what's going to happen in the movie but it still keeps you on the edge of your seat. A lot of them though were so hard to watch like when the seal team jumps off the side of a mountain to get away from the enemy and they smash into rocks and trees, breaking their bones. It was all hell. This is one of the most realistic depictions of war to ever be put on screen.

What I most appreciated was the anti-war theme to the movie. Like Saving Private Ryan, Peter Berg creates the most realistic battle scenes with blood splattering all over the place or fingers being shot off from the bullets. Unlike Call of Duty when it clearly glorifies war, this shows you the horrors of it and what war really is, hell.

My only problem with the movie was the lack of character development. I assumed that we would get getting to know these characters before the actual mission started but they get right into it. I really wish they extended the length of the film to fill in some needed character development. Yes when they did die it was heartbreaking since these were real people going into the war zone.

How can you not like this movie? Everything works to perfectly. The acting is great, direction fantastic and the battle sequences some of the most thrilling and suspenseful since Saving Private Ryan! I can't believe this didn't get multiple Oscar nominations including best Picture, Director and Actor. This is the best war movie since Private Ryan and one of the best movies of this decade, I give it a 10 out of 10.

White House Down

I don't see what's wrong with this movie?

Honestly I really liked White House Down. Thought it really was like a Die Hard starring Channing Tatum instead of Bruce Willis but it was a fun and entertaining movie. The action sequences were pretty good and with some of the burst out loud humor in the movie. Though the best part is the chemistry between Tatum and Fox. They were great in the movie.

I really liked it I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

So Lone Survivor didn't work out for me this weekend because my sister wanted to see Ride Along with my mom and for some reason it isn't playing right now. So instead we went to see Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit. My review now.

A remake on the 'Jack Ryan' franchise has a young Jack Ryan before he becomes an known agent. He's working as an analyst for the CIA when he uncovers a plot for a terrorist attack on the United States. In response he travels to Russia to investigate into it.

Kicking off this movie season with Jack Ryan wasn't the best choice for me, this movie was just OK. Nothing new came out of Jack Ryan that hadn't been done by any James Bond or Mission Impossible film, it really tried to be a James Bond or Mission Impossible type of movie and it didn't make it to either of those levels.

For the most part, the acting was pretty solid. I love Chris Pine in the Star Trek movies, he's just fantastic in them beating WIlliam Shatner in his own role and he's solid in this movie. While not quite as compelling like in Star Trek, he's great in this role, understands it. To me he's one of the most talented younger actors working right now. However Kevin Costner steals every scene he's in, he's just great in this mostly flawed movie. Once he entered the 2000s, he sort of lost it but last years highly disappointing Man of Steel got him back. He's one of the few reasons I gave the movie an OK review but he's much better and like I said, he's coming back! Keira Knightley does some good work here too. While I like her much more in the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise, she's still pretty good and also shared a good chemistry with Pine to pass it off. However Kenneth Branagh who plays the villain of the movie (and also director) is just OK in the movie. I was really disappointed that he wasn't a better villain as I would have hoped and overall could have been much more. All he did was do the same thing any Bond villain has done in the past making him plain and boring.

The actual story makes enough sense to pass. Using the Twin Towers to set up the movie was a good idea but possibly something better could be used maybe? It was a devastating event in history but something else just as horrible? No? Ok then. And yes it does take a little bit to get into the movie and within the first thirty minutes I was kind of bored with nothing going on to really catch my eye. But once the action scenes kicked in and the plot got going I was mildly engaged into it.

We do get some well made and engaging action sequences. Kenneth Branagh, while not a convincing villain, did do a well done job on directing it. They were well made and what I appreciated made sense. Movies these days try to make the biggest and dumbest action scenes possible and leave out reality. Yes the Bond movies can get ridiculous, so does Mission Impossible. I can see a lot of the things going on in Jack Ryan in the real world, you also have to notice that he also doesn't get any fancy gadgets like James Bond or Ethan Hawk. He's analyst who hasn't seen combat before so he's new to it.

A problem I had besides the beginning being a little too slow was the lack of originality. A lot of the material has already been done a hundred times before and it really gets old. The villain wants to destroy the United States by crashing the economy with all of his henchmen who can't shoot the broadside of a barn! The plot was simple but not too complicated for a movie like this but could have used some fresh material.

Yes the acting of Jack Ryan was well done esp. from Pine and Costner. The villain was disappointing not being the most well made or done in movie history. The plot was boring but the well made action scenes made up for that. And again, the lack of of originality, why can't we have an action movie with some new and fresh ideas? I give Jack Ryan a 6.5 out of 10


You know, Cameron is one of the best movie directors of all time.

Cameron some how surpasses Scott's original, one of those rare sequels that's better than the original. I can't believe it. When I was about to watch the movie I didn't think that Cameron could do it but he did, and it was fantastic. Easily considered one of the best science fiction movies of all time. Everything was perfect, mainly the action Cameron put into the movie, wow.

I loved it, perfect I give it 8 out of 10

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is my favorite movies of all time, the whole trilogy. So when I heard last year that Peter Jackson was going to direct he prequel, The Hobbit into a film franchise it was a must see! My review now.

A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on an "unexpected journey" to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug. - IMDB

Many people were let down by the first installment of The Hobbit trilogy. reviews of the movie were mixed having a 65% on Rotten Tomatoes which got me a little worried a Iittle it wasn't going to live up to its expectations, but I was sorely wrong.

The Hobbit wasn't the best movie of 2012 as I thought it would be, it currenlt ranks fifth in front of Lincoln and behind The Dark Knight Rises. The movie had its problems but that was only a few minor problems. But this is a well made, gorgeously filmed and action packed first start of the trilogy. But doesn't live up to the Lord of the Rings.

Peter Jackson purposefully held up shooting the entire movie for Martin Freeman to play Bilbo Baggins, a youthful Hobbit who dreams of adventures but doesn't think he can. Freeman plays Bilbo exactly as I thought, he created the perfect Bilbo for the movie and I look forward to seeing him later on in hte trilogy. The great Ian McKellen returns as Gandalf the Grey and he's as great as ever. McKellen by far gives the most impressive performance in the movie but still wasn't as good as he was in the Lord of the Rings. Richard Armitage is also really good playing Thorin Oakenshield, a dwarf who wants to retake his homeland from the evil dragon Smaug. He's almost like the Aragorn in the Hobbit trilogy being a strong and loyal friend but also a talented fighter. The other dwarfs don't really shine as much but are still good in the movie.

One of my most anticipated parts moments in the movie was Riddles in the Dark with Andy Serkis returning as Gollum. I have no idea how Serkis didn't get an Oscar nomination from playing Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, he gave one of the best performances I have ever seen from any actor. It was great seeing him in this movie again even if his part isn't nearly as big before.

Jackson's a master at creating some of the best battle sequences ever put to film. From fighting trolls, wolves and even the fantastic goblin chase sequence had my mouth drop in awe. Jackson doesn't leave a page unturned which leads to my problems with the film.

The movies run time is 169 minutes, the movie takes nearly 45 minutes for Bilbo to agree to go on the quest and for the movie to really kick off. The movie itself is too long, Jackson added a lot of stuff into it but some could have been taken out like the giant mountain fight sequence. And he uses all CGI for his visual effects instead of his protatical use like in the Lord of the Rings. While it looked great I think he could have down grated the use of it. Not to mention the HUGE cliffhanger that I was completely outraged by. I stood on my feet and was ready to attack the screen, remember that Taylor?

So The Hobbit is a really good start off to a hopefully excellent franchise. While the movie has its problems and isn't nearly as good as the Lord of the Rings I still recommend it. I'm really hoping for the second to out do the first one which I believe it will do. I give it a 9 out of 10

The Incredible Hulk

Ang Lee's Hulk wasn't so bad to me, this one?

Years after Lee's Hulk, Louis Leterrier makes it and it was alright. Some things did work out better like Liv Tyler as Betty. She did do a good job. Same as William Hunt as General Thunderbolt. Another thing was the villain. That awesome final battle at the end of the movie had me on the edge of my seat. But some things didn't work out.

Like Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. Don't get me wrong, he was good. But Eric Bana (to me) seemed to understand the role better. The plot and dialogue was boring and finally the one thing I didn't really like about it. In Lee's Hulk it had a darker story line which I came to really like.

This was alright, I give it 6 out of 10

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

When I first heard about this movie, I was like "This can't be very good." After months and months of begging one of my friends pressured me into watching it, and I was blown away.

This one movie has everything a movie needs. Stunning visual effects like the Bolrog, and a cast that fits their roles perfectly like Ian KcKellen with Gandalf. And of course the acting is near perfect here and don't even get me started on the plot and dialogue! I'm telling you, The Fellowship of the Ring is a perfect movie.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

The book was a disappointment but I'm curious how this will turn out


I don't have much to say about Up, it was just a good movie

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Last year, my friend Taylor, my sister and my mom went to see the final Twilight movie while I went to see Lincoln. They would see a movie trailer known as World War Z. My sister thought it was stupid while Taylor thought it looked good, once I saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a good movie. Finally my friend Robert had the movie and we watched it. My review now.

Gerry Lane is a stay at home dad with his two daughters and his wife. One day they are sitting in traffic and the worst happens. A disease that occurred in China is spread throughout the world turning everyone into zombies. After just escaping an attack Gerry is pulled into action to help find a cure for the zombies.

World War Z is a pretty good movie. While the movie has it's strengths it also had some of its problems. That I expected. But World War Z met most of my expectations. The plot in the movie made sense, it's not a regular zombie movie where the apocalypse just happens out of nowhere so I liked that, the script/dialogue is also strong part of the movie.

First off, the acting in the movie differs. Brad Pitt gives a strong performance playing Gerry. His character is also well developed and a likable hero. Other than that the acting is just ok or average. Mireille Enos plays Gerry's wife, she's just ok in the movie. Another actress worth mentioning is Daniella Kertesz playing an Israeli soldier who helps Gerry throughout the movie. But at the same time she's under develop. Most of the characters in this story besides Brad Pitt needed more character development in order for it to really work.

The actually zombies in the movie, meh. Their nothing like the zombies in Zombieland or even the brief images I've seen in The Walking Dead. Some of the are intimidating but nothing terrifying. This movie had plenty of jump scares for me, more than once did I jump out of my seat. The movie did a great job in showing what they could actually do in large groups showing how dangerous they are.

By far the best thing in the movie was the action scenes. The first half hour of the movie is full on action which just made my day. After that you have four more action scenes in the movie and one of them actually made my jaw drop. Definitely the highlight of the movie.

Another great thing they showed was the chaos and destruction. The movie shows us the dangers of not just the zombies but also people who are just as dangerous. The suspense of some of the scenes are nearly mind numbing, I was on the edge of my seat at times.

So over all, World War Z is a pretty solid movie. Brad Pitt is great in the movie with fantastic action sequences, some good jump scares, this makes this movie good. What I'm most excited about it this going to be the first part in a planned trilogy. I'm curious how they will take the next move in the franchise. I give it a 7.7 out of 10

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

When I was younger this movie was just fantastic. The battle sequences were great and the visual effects just as great. But when I re-watched this movie, I was sorely disappointed.

The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets. - IMDB

The trailer of the movie made it look amazing. That's what I thought of the second Transformers but I ended up no liking it every much. I loved the first movie, 8 out of 10 but was disappointed by Revenge of the Fallen, 5 out of 10. While Dark of the moon is an improvement it still needs a lot of work.

The acting improved, or at least just a little. Shia LaBeouf is still screaming at the top of his lungs when an action sequence kicks in which just annoys the crap out of me. Rosie Hunting-Whiteley replacing Megan Fox, meh I didn't care for Fox anyway. Though Huntington-Whiteley is hotter to me, her acting is just meh. She provides a horror english accent and refuses to show real potential. But who cares? Look at her body am I right? Great job Michael Bay, at least she's hot right?

The supporting cast, blah. I didn't see the point in bringing back John Turro, if you took him out of the film it wouldn't be any different. He's just useless. Josh Duhamel probably does the best supporting work but he's a little stiff on screen and says some pretty crappy dialogue from a stupid script. Tyrese Gibson tries his best I think, he should stay to the Fast & Furious franchise, the one thing he's good at.

Now I don't come to a Michael Bay film for plot or the script but are you serious? The plot is bloated from a horrid screen play a ten year old could have written filled with action scene after action scene. Not to mention the nearly three hour run time, what were you thinking? The direction is lazy and the editing a joke.

But as I mentioned before, the action sequences are the best part. In fact Michael Bay's films have made some of the best I have ever seen from the attack on Pearl Harbor and the first Transformers final fight. While the CGI visuals were some of the best I have seen this year the battle scenes drag on. After one fight ends, they run for a minute then another thing happens to drag them on even longer. I like a good battle sequence but most of the ones in here drag on forever!

The final Transformers is ok. While the movie could have been done better, I knew what I was going to see. Hopefully Mark Walberg can save the franchise next year with Transformers Age of Extinction, I give it a 6 out of 10


Another classic from Pixar

Wall-E is everything you'd want in an animated movie. An original plot line, great CGI and humor. And then a character who you just fall in love with I know I did. Pixar keeps giving us some of the best animated movies and this is one of them

I give it a 9 out of 10

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

One of the best action movies of all time

Bruce Willis wins me in what is one of my favorite action movies and one of my own personal favorite movies of all time. Die Hard put me on the edge of my seat with the intense action sequences and thrills that most movies lack these days. Boy was it a ride. I loved it! And giving me the best movie line of all time, Yippie-yi-yay motherfucker!

This is great! I give it 10 out of 10


Another one of those highly overrated movies ever made.

I don't have much to say about the movie. It's not special at all, the plot was sort of boring, I had a hard time trying to figure out what was happening but the movie has some great quotes. Not only that but acting was good but I can't wrap my mind around this one, I really didn't enjoy Casablanca.

It's one of the most overrated movies ever made, only behind The Godfather, I give it a 5 out of 10

Batman Returns

Tim Burton makes another Batman movie, what could happen right?

I'm glad to say that Batman Returns is better than Batman. While I'll miss Nicholsen as the Joker, Danny DeVito shocks me. He as the Penguin was chosen very wisely, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman was also chosen well. One problem with the movie is that it's too dark. Tim Burton likes to tell a story with dark characters, that can't really work here. At moments it's too dark for kids.

But It's an improvement over the 1989 Batman. I give it 7.5 out of 10

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Because of a lot of complications over the past few weeks whether the weather being bad or Taylor not being able to make it, we've finally got to see the second Hobbit. Many critic described it as being better than the first, are they right? My review now.

The dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug. Bilbo Baggins is in possession of a mysterious and magical ring. - IMDB

This year, two other sequels managed to surpass the original. The first being Star Trek Into Darkness and the second being Catching Fire. The Desolation of Smaug manages to out do the original in every single way.

Because of the large cast, I'm gonna break it down for you. From the dwarf company: Martin Freeman and the other returning cast members have grown up on their roles to say. They have grown to become stronger actors while working on this picture. Freeman is still the perfect imagine to play Bilbo Baggins who is one of the best movie heroes to hit the big screen of this year, even better than Iron Man, Wolverine AND Thor. Richard Armitage has taken Thorin to a new level, as I mentioned he's like the Aragorn of this trilogy and yes indeed he is. Ian McKellen is still going a Ian McKellen performance as Gandalf who is the wizard version of badass, Dumbledore, you can eat it. Aidan Turner who plays the dward Kili is actually does one of the best acting performances in the movie and we have a rising star.

Elves: Orlando Bloom returns as Legolas who is still great in the role. Him being in the movie got me pumped to see that bow and arrow in action which you see just as much as you did in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I only wish he had more screen time than he actually did though. However, even he doesn't match Evangeline Lilly playing Tauriel, an elf who servers the high king and is the chief captain. Her acting in the role more than impressed me and she also got one of the best moments in the movie with all of the action sequences (get to them in a moment). Lee Pace plays Thranduil, the elf king of Mirkwood is good in the part but doesn't do much to make much of a impression on.

Other characters: Luke Evans is good playing the human Bard who helps out the dwarfs in their time of need. I liked him in the movie and he was better than he was in Fast & Furious 6 but doesn't outdo the rest of the cast. But still being one of the most interesting characters to watch on screen. Even Azog the defiler (played by Manu Bennett) is a pretty much villain in the movie but doesn't even match the best villain of the year, Smaug.

This is what I was most excited to see in the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch did a great villain earlier this year, Khan from Into Darkness but out does his previously great role in this movie. Smaug is the best villain of the year and that dragon is exactly what it was suppose to be. Smaug is the best dragon to be put on screen in three years (offering to Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon), his design of flawless, voice work is magnificent. Peter Jackson knew how to put this EVIL villain to the big screen. Smaug actually compares to some of the original James Bond villains, he'e evil and he loves being evil. Great work to both Jackson and Cumberbatch!

The action sequences outdid the first one too. I loved the goblin chase from the first Hobbit movie but that doesn't compare to some of the other sequences put to this movie. They were more well made and planned out. The spider fight scene was greatly worked on and even jumped both Taylor and I at one point. But my favorite scene in the entire movie was the barrel chase. Not since 2009s Avatar had there been an action scene like that. I was on the edge of my seat drastically waiting for the outcome.

The movie did have some minor problems though, the orcs were kind of dull. Yes they look intimidating but they can't do crap. Left and right Legolas and Tauriel were shooting them in the head or decapitating them with sword, but in great style. Well, Smaug was the real villain in the movie so lets just leave it at that. The runtime for the movie also kind of threw me off. When we get to Smaug, the dwarfs actually fight him. At first it was great but they fight him for nearly thirty minutes which by the end of it I was kind of tired of the fight.

The movie also gives us some really funny moments. I'm not gonna mention anything of them but it revolves around a love triangle in the movie. Yes, the second hobbit movie has a love triangle between Legolas, Tauriel and Kili! The best part, it was still better than the Twilight Saga ever attempted to create. I just loved that whole scene.

Some other things to note in the movie are the things most people ignore. The set design and even the makeup of the movie is fantastic and should get an Oscar nomination. The visual effects in the movie are great as in any Peter Jackson movie. I still disagree with Jackson using full CGI for everything but it still looks great.

The Desolation of Smaug as been one of the best times I've had at the movies his year. The acting great, action fantastic and seeing Smaug for the first time ever was like icing on the cake for me. This movie like the first has a HUGE cliffhanger at the end, even worse than the first. So now I'm anxious to see the ending of this masterful trilogy. I give this movie a 10 out of 10

Dances With Wolves

'I don't think it lives up to its title. Yes I very much enjoyed the first two hours but after that it started to drag on sadly

Superman Returns

not the greatest superman story told, it's just ok

American Hustle

After I saw the movie trailer for American Hustle I knew it was going to go to greatness. With a cast of Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jermey Renner and Jennifer Lawrence and Director David O. Russell directing AND being the screenwriter this was going to be one of the best movies of 2013.

A con man, Irving Rosenfeld, along with his seductive British partner, Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso. DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia. - IMDB

American Hustle is one of the best movies to come of 2013. Director David O. Russell makes the most of the best cast to assemble in 2013. Never in the movie was there a boring or uninteresting scene going on.

Lets start off from the cast, leading first. Christian Bale has now proven he's the actor of his generation being dedicated to this roles. Going from having a six pack, buffed up Batman he's now just a fat man with a ugly comb over. But his performance in the movie is not quite Oscar worthy and isn't as powerful as he was in The Fighter but he's still great. Amy Adams does excellent work as his partner. This has been her best performance. He know her being the sweethearted good girl like in Enchanted or Night at the Museum. She has created a dark, powerful and nearly perfect job in this movie.

Going to supporting cast, Bradley Cooper gives the performance of his career playing the FBI agent. Last years Silver Linings Playbook got me a fan of his work now he's more than impressed me. Jermey Renner does a good job as the major of New Jersey. He gives the best acting in a while, since The Town but wasn't as well done. He was the weakest part of the acting cast. We can now forgive him for that is known to be the one worst movies I have ever seen, Hansel Gretel Witch Hunters which he sucked in. The real star of the movie is Lawrence as Rosalyn, Irving's crazy wife. While not as compelling in Silver Linings Playbook she was flawless in the movie. My front runner for best supporting actress. She looked fantastic in the movie if I must so say myself.

Director David O. Russell not only directed the movie but also wrote it. Both his directing and screenplay deserve Oscar nominations. He not only has one or two, but three home runs in the park with The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook and now American Hustle. Even though he's up against strong competition like 12 years a Slave (which will win I promise you that) I think he should win the Oscar. This is the best screenplay of the year.

Now Russell does provide some great humor out of this story from the often heavy drama going on. Taking advantage of Cooper's and Lawrence's crazed characters they provide some laugh out loud moments throughout the entire movie.

Other great pieces to note in the movie are the film editing is great, the costume design gorgeous, and the music in the movie! Wow. I loved the 70s soundtrack, perfectly playing the right song or theme at the right times.

If you really think about it, American Hustle is part of Russell's trilogy over the past three years. The first being The Fighter then Silver Linings Playbook and now finally American Hustle. This entire movie is just showing you about these people who just want to be normal but can't for whatever reason. He's a master at creating the most interest characters ever put to film and showing their colors, personalities, and goals. All of his charcters from the three movies just want to be at peace but can't because of family, drugs, mental illnesses, the law and just confused about who they are in life. I admire that of Russell's story telling.

American Hustle has been one best movie experience of the year for me. The cast is great, the directing and screenplay fantastic. I will be shocked in Lawrence doesn't go home without an Oscar in her hands. I give American Hustle a 10 out of 10

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

It had its moments and a few jokes worked (from mainly Kevin james). But Grown Ups is a juvenile attempt for Adam Sandler to steel your money so he can become richer than he already is. Is it the worst Sandler movie? No. But it wasn't anything special


Last night I was suppose to watch The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug with my friend Taylor, but of course the theaters were closed to do the weather. I was sorely disappointed. So instead we went to Redbox and picked up a movie that I thought looked really stupid, Oblivion. Trust me, there were no other choices. My review now.

A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself. - IMDB

Let me start off by saying Oblivion was one of the longest, draggy, and most boring movies I have ever watched. And it was suppose to be a sci fi thriller too!

Tom Cruise does a pretty good job as Jack (the most common used name in movies now). While the movie sucked big time he brought enough life into it that saved it just a bit from a horrid ZERO. There are literally two other actors in this movie, Morgan Freeman does a Morgan Freeman performance. His god voice was one of the best parts of the movie (no I am not kidding). None of the actors are worth mentioning since they were just OK in the movie.

I heard from critics and audiences who saw the movie that the visual effects were pretty good in the movie, Oscar worthy in fact. But during the course of the movie I couldn't get pass how fake they looked. With a movie the budget of 120 million dollars I expected more! Instead I was almost laughing at some of them, compare them to Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel or Pacific Rim and you get The Hunger Games CGI fire effect from last year! My god I couldn't get pass that part.

Like half way through the movie, Taylor and I just started to talk about whatever when I looked back at the screen and they pulled an 'Inception' move on you! When I saw Inception move I mean it was so complicated and confusing that I couldn't understand what was happening until the very end of the movie. I did not enjoy that part at all.

As I mentioned before, Oblivion is one of the longest movies I have ever watched. It's only a two hour movie but I felt it kept going on, and on and on and on. Just when I thought the movie would end they keep dragging it on until I started to roll my eyes, annoyed by the director.

But the ending of the movie, maybe the last fifteen minutes were enough to keep the movie alive. The plot twist started to come together slowly and it was really interesting. If it weren't for that this movie would have gotten worse.

So Oblivion wasn't really a disappointment since I thought it looked stupid from the beginning, but it did let me down a bit. Tom Cruise keeps being in these movies that are getting him no where besides giving him a huge pay check, great job man. I give it a 5 out of 10

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

I'm not gonna bother writing a review for Grown Ups 2. Lets just say it was one of the worst movie experiences of this year

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

When I was young I was a big fan of the Godzilla movies, why? Because of the big monster fights. I couldn't care less about the plot just the fights. Now this year a movie was made about giant robots punching giant monsters, in the face. The movie is Pacific Rim. My review now.

In the future, giant monsters known as Kaiju have risen from the sea to destroy humanity. So humans create these giant robots known as Jaegers to fight them off. Being commanded by two pilots, they share a neural bridge to fight them, the stronger the connection the better than fighter.

This is one of the biggest surprises of the year to me. I borrowed the movie from a friend, when I did all I expected was a movie about robots fighting monsters, that was part of it. The movie went much more than that. Sure the movies plot is ridiculous and sometimes get out of hand but it's a lot of fun!

The acting in the movie was pretty good. Charlie Hunnam leads the movie playing Raleigh Becket, a talented by tends to disobey orders from his superiors. Rinko Kikuchi is Mako Mori, she is Hunnam's copilot in their jaeger known as Gypsy Danger. Idris Elba, the guy from the Thor movies does a really good job playing Stacker Pentecost, the marshall in control of the jaeger program. He was one of the highlights in the movie and does the most epic speech since Bill Pullman from Independence Day. Charlie Day is funny playing a scientist and Ron Perlman is in a subplot in the movie selling parts of dead kaiju to make a profit, though his part of the movie is mostly pointless.

But lets face facts, the real reason we saw this movie was for the monster fights. And they do not let you down, not one bit! The visual effects in the movie are the best I've seen this year only behind Star Trek Into Darkness. Mixing the visual effects and the actors were well used and fun to watch. The monsters fight are the definition of awesome, I started laughing at times when it would get awesome but just plain ridiculous.

However, what I liked about this movie was that it was original. All of the blockbusters this summer were just sequels like Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Fast & Furious 6, Grown Ups 2. I was happy to know that this is the most original movie of the summer.

So Pacific Rim is the greatest dumb movie of all time! Full of awesome visual effects, fantastic fight scenes and solid acting, Pacific Rim is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. I really hope that this will become the first of a future franchise, I would love to see where they go with it next. I give it a 8.2 out of 10

Jerry Maguire

What a movie!

It's times like this when The Academy makes me so mad! The english Patient over Jerry Maguire? What are you thinking!? Jerry Maguire is an intelligent film that mixes comedy, drama, sports and romance together perfectly. Thanks to top notch performances from Cruise, Gooding, and Zellweger, it made the movie even more than it was. Tom Cruise was fantastic as the title role, if I had to choose one this would be his best performance in his entire career.

I give it 10 out of 10


Holy crap I was on the edge of my seat!

Never has a movie had me on the edge of my seat like Argo did. Everything about the movie was so perfect! From the dark comedy at times to the performances from the actors. I'm not kidding when I say I wanted to yell at the movie during the final sequence, holy crap was that intense! This is one of the best movies of 2012, the best Ben Affleck movie. Keep up directing movies Affleck!

I give it 10 out of 10


One of the most underrated movies ever.

What is so bad about Armageddon, I don't get it? Ok so I'll admit that the editing was a bit rough at many moments but other than that it was great! Many of the action scenes on the meteor was so intense I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, acting was alright. From a Michael Bay film it was pretty good, Bruce Willis didn't deserve a Razzie for worst actor in my opinion.

I give it 9.5 out of 10

Fast & Furious

Final the franchise has improved.

After the dreadful movie known as Tokyo Drift they come back to the routes of the franchise. By adding in the characters from the first movie and a better story it's improved a lot. The action and impossible stunts is still there so is the racing. I'm so glad they came back. But don't get me wrong, it still has flaws. The story is a little boring.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Last year, the best selling book series The Hunger Games hit theaters. At first, I was a bit iffy on watching it but after hearing about how great the books were from my friends I decided to go see it. I very much enjoyed the movie, I gave it a 7.5 out of 10. Now its sequel comes out being one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Does it manage to out do the first? My review now.

We leave off with Katniss and Peeta winning the games and trying to settle in. President Snow comes out of nowhere and threatens Katniss that her act in the area has created uprisings in the country so she must stop it, she fails. Now her and Peeta are reaped back into The Third Quarter Quell against previous winner of the games.

Whether you are a fan of the books or just the movies you will fall in love with the movie! It was a great movie! Sticking to how the book went besides a few notable differences but nothing major. Somehow, they managed to create the rare sequel that out did the first in every way! This movie was badass!

The acting and casting in this movie was near perfection! All of the actors go into more depth in their characters, Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect image as Katniss, she was just as good as she was in Silver Linings Playbook. Josh Hutcherson is also pretty good as Peeta, both sharing a strong chemistry helped out big time in the slower scenes of the film. Liam Hemsworth? He's better than he was but I hate Gale to start with. The supporting cast is as welcomed as its leads, Woody Harrelson should get Oscar consideration for playing Haymitch. Other returning casts include Standley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, and Elizabeth Banks all do great work.

Now my biggest worry to the movie was Finnick. He is by far my favorite character of the trilogy and being played by newcomer Sam Claflin worried me a little, but boy was I wrong. Claflin was perfect as Finnick, still badass as ever! Jena Malone who plays Johanna is pretty good here, getting the rather disturbing performance.

The acting was perfection, the visual effects were gorgeous in some scenes. In the first movie, it was cheesy with the CGI fire. In this one, they are Oscar Worthy. Beautifully filmed and directed by Francis Lawrence out does Gary Ross big time with his fantastic direction. The set/art direction and costume design should get oscar consideration.

The action in the movie also out did itself, I was on the edge of the seat during the entire area time. Awesome action sequences. Even cutting out a lot of the violence, it's still full of gore and strong violence. Note that this is a strong PG-13 movie and younger viewers might get scared or sickened by the material in this movie.

So over all, The Hunger Games Catching Fire out does the first in every single way. Powerful performances, fantastic CGI and intense action make this movie an unforgettable experience. This movie has a HUGE cliff hanger and we have to wait a year before Mockingjay Part 1 comes out, I give this movie a 9 out of 10


When I heard the 2013 animated movie Frozen was being compared to such classics as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King that got in interested. So my grandmother took me, my sister and my little cousin to see the movie. My review now.

The movie takes place in a kingdom where sisters Anna and Elsa live with their parents. Elsa has ice powers, but after an incident with her sister she becomes distant of them. Years later, she is about to be crowned queen of the castle but Anna sets her off and the entire land is thrown into an eternal winter. Now Anna must set off with Christof and his raindeer Sven to save the land.

Let me start off by saying this is a masterpiece in film making, I was completely blown away. And I am going to say that Frozen meets the levels as Beauty and The Beast and The Lion King, my god this was a great movie!

Frozen does show familiar disney elements in the movie such as princesses, princes and castles. Quests and even true love, but Frozen is also one of the most original movies to come out of Disney. This is the most original movie made by Disney since Beauty and the Beast. With a masterful script by Jennifer Lee, this movie was just great.

Last years Rise of the Guardians blew me away with its gorgeous animation, Frozen out did it. With gorgeous and dazzling visuals, Frozen is the most impressive landmark in animation yet! For the most part I couldn't believe my own eyes at the wonder and even magic of it.

The characters are fantastic in the movie and the voices marvelous. Kristen Wig plays Anna who is a wacky and lovable person. Jonathan Groff voices Christoff, a mountain man who agrees to help out Anna, he's just awesome. Of course we can't forget the best part of the movie, Josh Gad as Olaf who is a snowman who dreams of seeing what summer is like (not realizing the consequences). He is the comic relief in the movie, I was dying whenever he opened his mouth. We also get some good voice work from Santino Fontana playing Hans, a prince that Anna falls for.

Of course the animation and the voice work were excellent, the music. We have Oscar worthy songs in this movie, great voices singing great songs. I expect an Oscar for Original Song.

So overall, Frozen is a fantastic movie. The animation, voice work and singing all perfection. This kicks Monsters University's ass on every single level. A frontrunner for Best Animated Picture, I will bet welling to bet money that this wins! As of right now this is the best movie of 2013, I give it a 10 out of 10

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Holy crap.

While I don't think Pulp Fiction meets its reputation as one of the greatest movies of all time, however the movies offers originality. Right here is one of the most original movies, one of the most thought out, sickest, and highly entertaining movies I've ever watched. An excellent script and the performances from the actors help out with some of the minor problems with the movies story. Samuel L. Jackson should have won the Oscar.

I give it a 9 out of 10

21 Jump Street

One of the biggest surprises in my life.

I don't have much to say about 21 Jump Street. It is easily one of my favorite comedies of all time, I laughed out loud at many moments during the movie. The most important part of the movie was the chemistry between the two leads which was great in the movie. I cannot wait for the sequel.

I give it 8 out of 10

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The first ever animated Star Wars movie, who knew!

I don't have much to say here. The animation is impressive but the script doesn't help make it a great movie. However, it's better than the first two prequels and that's saying enough.

I give it a 6 out of 10

2-Headed Shark Attack

See, I'm not going to even waste my time writing a review for this horrible excuse of a movie. But its lack of visuals, acting and common sense just hurt my eyes watching this disaster unfold


The best Bond I've ever seen.

Skyfall is a great action movie, exhilarating action sequences (I'm mostly speaking of the awesome opening sequence of the movie). The performances of the actors were pretty good, Daniel Craig is finally understanding the character he is playing, the best Bong actor I've seen. But the one who most impressed me was Javier Bardem. He was fantastic as the main villain, he was at Oscar worthy material. But of course he wasn't nominated because it's a Bond movie, how sad.

I five it a 7 out of 10

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

If I wanted to see a damn love story I would have saw Titanic instead of this. Michael Bay equals great action sequences (the attack on Pearl Harbor) and visual effects. But cheesy dialogue, a boring plot and horrible performances from mostly Affleck. At least he made three great movies in the future.

I give it a 4 out of 10

Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

It's just as good as the first.

This sequel has even more ridiculous moments that are impossible to achieve, but what do you expect in a Jim Carrey movie? It's just as funny as the first with the jokes but I liked the setting and plot better in the first one. But the humor is just as good.

I still really like this movie I give it a 8 out of 10

Lee Daniels' The Butler

Oscar worthy material right here!

Lee Daniel's The Butler has been one of the best movies I've seen this year. It's powerful, emotional brilliant. A fantastic cast, and the two leads (Whitaker and Winfrey) are car worthy performances. Especially Whitaker, he should either be nominated or win.

This is near a masterpiece, I give it a 9 out of 10

Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective

What the fuck where you thinking!? You insult the Ace Ventura franchise, humor and Jim Carrey himself with this pile of shit! I cannot not believe these people! Words cannot express my anger for this.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

The movie that launched Carrey to super stardom!

I love Jim Carrey and he's one of my favorite actors, and I love him as Ace Ventura. This movie is really a tipical goofball movie, however it's not one Adam Sandler would make. It has some really laugh out loud moments in the movie and in the end Jim Carrey wins you over.

It's a stupid movie but I love it, I give it a 8 out of 10


The superhero movie that started superhero movies

Thank Raimi who really understood Spider-Man, I wouldn't want anyone else to direct it. Thanks to Tobey Maguire's fantastic preformance as Spider-Man, really did make the movie what it was. I wouldn't imagine anyone else as Spider-Man! The action is great in the movie and I love the Green Goblin in this movie, he made it really interesting.

I love this movie, I give it 9 out of 10

Batman Forever

Another Batman movie, with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones!

Tim Burton has left Batman and Joel Schumarcher has taken over, not a very good thing. Don't get me wrong it was alright but nothing to get excited about. The best part of the movie, mostly giving it my alright review as Jim Carrey's interesting performance as The Riddler, and then Jones as Two-Face. But other than that, it was just alright.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10

Silver Linings Playbook

Finally Lawrence won her first Oscar!

I loved Silver Linings Playbook, I didn't expect as much as I would. To me Cooper and Lawrence were the best part of the movie, the two's chemistry was perfect they gave amazing performances. Everything else near perfect as well. But I am sad that Cooper lost the Oscar but if I had to choose between him and Daniel Day-Lewis for Linclon well I would go with Lincoln anyday. And Lawrence, she deserved the Oscar.

This is my favorite movie of 2012 I give it a 10 out of 10

The Silence of the Lambs

I never saw that coming

One of the biggest sleeper hits ever The Silence of the Lambs has everything you would want in a movie. Great dialogue along with a perfect script. The performances from the two leads, Jodie Foster was fantastic in the movie. But of course if was Anthony Hopkins as the brilliant Dr. Hannibal Lecter that won the movie for me. His performance sent chills down my spine especially when he was toying with Foster. The two have a amazing chemistry together.

This is a MUST SEE I give it a 10 out of 10

Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr. playing the most famous detective in history? Well yes!

I couldn't believe this movie when I saw it. I'm not a Sherlock Holmes fan at all but this movie changed my mind, I loved it. The reboot on the Sherlock Holmes gives us something new to work with, he wasn't just solving the cases, he was having social problems with Watson at the same time. Jude Law did a good job as Dr. Watson but it was Downey Jr. that won he over. He brought great humor to the movie, he should have been nominated for an Oscar for the role and because of his role he is now one of my favorite actors of all time!

I give it a 8 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

What are the critics saying? This is now my favorite HP movie so far!

This HP movie is perfectly paced with great action (when Dumbledore fights Voldemort) and the cast members remain loyal to their characters. I like how this one like the third doesn't drag on. Ralph Fiennes is still great as Voldemort, the character is making things interesting for me now. Finally, the whole Dumbledore army going on was probably the best thing here. Having new characters like Luna coming in and introducing ones that have been in them like Neville.

A great HP movie, I give it 8 out of 10

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

The weakest of the trilogy is underrated.

While I'll admit this is the weakest of the Spider-Man trilogy, it has more plotlines going on and more characters being introduced that some people don't really care. Don't get me started on the whole emo Peter Parker in the middle of the movie, the dance sequence in the bar was also like 'why did that just happen?' However this movie is still the Spider-Man with some of the best action sequences of the trilogy, Tobey is still doing great as Spider-Man, just a good movie.

I still like the movie, I give it 7.5 out of 10

Fast & Furious 6

Just when I thought Fast Five couldn't be beaten, they make the sixth one.

I was blown away from Fast & Furious 6. It has everything the fifth one had but doubled! I don't really have any completes about the movie besides SPOILER killing Han at the post credit scene. At least they can connect the dreadful Tokyo Drift in the rest of franchise. But the movie was great with solid performances, great and impossible action and a better story.

This is the best Fast & Furious yet! I give it a 8.5 out of 10

The Fast and the Furious

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in a cop movie with car races? Get out of here

I'm surprised on how good the movie was. Sure there were moments where the cast members delivered some below average acting. And a lot of the action they're doing is impossible, but boy does it make them look cool right? Lots of the action is impossible but it's still fun. And the racing can be a bit intense on who's going to win. I liked the movie.

I give it a 7 out of 10

2 Fast 2 Furious

Another Fast & Furious, but no Vin Diesel!

The movie was alright. It didn't do anything for me like the first one did. Sure they had cool car races and doing impossible action sequences. And they have Tyrese Gibson instead of VIn Diesel which lowered the rating a bit. But Tyrese did provide just about all of the humor in the movie and he made a good character for the future of the franchise.

The movie still has many flaws, I give it a 6 out of 10

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Why in the name of movies would you do this!

Tokyo Drift is by far the worst Fast and Furious movie yet! I can't believe what they did here. Creating a whole new USELESS story with horrible performances besides from Sung Kang as Han, he was good. The racing was good but the final one? Who wants to see them race down a stinkin mountain?

This movie was pretty bad, I give it 5 out of 10

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

The franchise it better than ever!

Fast Five is the best in the series so far! With intense and sometimes ridiculous action sequences, but another thing they provide in the movie is solid performances. Vin Diesel finally understands his character, Paul Walker is also pretty good. But Dwanye Johnson impressed me the most with probably the best performance he's given, What I also liked was bring some of the old characters into the movie again like Tyrese and Tej.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Monsters, Inc.

Another great movie from Pixar

The Lion King

A classic from Disney

The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies ever! Everything in the movie was perfect, nothing else or less.

Monsters University

Mike and Sully going to college, this should be good

Monsters University was a good movie, but doesn't nearly reach what Monsters Inc. did. I liked the whole idea of Mike and Sully being enemies at first, giving you something new. The story was good.

It was still good, I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

My most anticipated movie of the year isn't all that impressive

When I saw the trailer for Man of Steel I was blown away. Right away I wanted to see the movie and when I did I came out of that theater highly disappointed. Zack Snyder is not my favorite movie director of all time, he's made nothing I've enjoyed. Man of steel is the best movie he's made sadly. The movie has too many fight scenes that drag on and nonstop CGI explosions everywhere that hurt your ears. But the good side of the movie were the performances from the cast, Crowe, Shannon and Cosner.. The cast itself was great. The opening scene of the movie, the destruction of the planet amazed me but it just went down hill after that.

The movie was ok, I give it a 6 out of 10

District 9
District 9(2009)

District 9 is great and original

We have seen all the alien movies before when they invade the Earth and want to destroy us, but this time we're the villains. Yes I said it District 9 is one of the best alien movies I've seen and one of the best movies of the 2000's. With a strong script and direction along with the visual effects. What I liked was the message it was giving us.

This is a great movie I give it a 8.5 out of 10

Men in Black III

Smith and Jones are back, in time

Men in Black III is a improvement over the second but still doesn't quite reach the heights as the first. The story was good, dealing with time travel in a new way, the visual effects? Could have been better at times. But the best part about the movie, Josh Brolin. He was an exact image of Tommy Lee Jones. He mastered his part in everyway, to me he deserves an Oscar for his performance. And then the clever ending with such a twist.

I liked the movie I give it a 7.5 out of 10

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

A movie with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones fighting aliens?

Men in Black was a surprise to me. A secret organization fighting aliens, not to mention it's also a comedy. But it was great. The movie had great humor, perfectly mixed with the action sequences. The script was smart. Then the chemistry between Smith and Jones, who better to put in a comedy than those two?

I loved it! I give it a 9 out of 10

Captain America: The First Avenger

Chris Evans is another superhero! Hopefully he's better this time

Captain America was entertaining. Being better than Iron Man 2 and of course The Incredible Hulk but doesn't reach Iron Man. Chris Evans does a good job as Captain America, Tommy Lee Jones was great as he always is. But Hugo Weaving did the best with his great performance as the Red Skull.

Overall a good superhero movie, I give it a 7 out of 10

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

An improvement over the second and the first. The best Iron Man yet!

Just about all of it fit in so well. The action sequences are fantastic along with the visual effects. The performances (Downey Jr.) were convincing and some of the burst out loud humor in the movie. But one thing I didn't like about the movie. The plot twister. Sure it was funny but I expected the Mandarin to be some kind of badass, too bad.

Other than the plot twister this is the best iron man, I give it 8 out of 10

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

The Iron Man sequel isn't all that good sadly.

Sure, the action and visual effects improved as they always do but just about everything else falls and crashes to the ground, then explodes. The performances of the movie were good but I liked Terrance Howard as Rhodey more than I like Don Cheadle. The villain was completely horrible. Jeff Bridges was great in the first movie. Throughout the movie I wanted to fall asleep, why? The boring plot line.

This Iron man was really boring and a disappointment, I give it a 6.5 out of 10

Live Free or Die Hard

Yay! The Best Die Hard since the original!

The fourth Die Hard was a good installment to the franchise. I really like it, the second best of the franchise. The action was completely stupid, as they all are of course. And thanks to Bruce Willis's charm, he brought good humor.

I give it 8 out of 10

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

Not even close to the original, but a good sequel.

Die Harder is one of the sequels that is good and doesn't suck. The whole story was good and the action was good. But none of it compare to the original Die Hard. But still a good movie.

I give it 7 out of 10


Ridely Scott's masterpiece.

Alien is one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. I'm not kidding, it was everything. A good setting, dialogue, like able characters, particularly Ripley. Another thing that got me was the suspense of the horror going on. The whole time the Alien was on their ship, I was on the edge of my seat and one scene even jumped the crap out of me!

One of the best science fiction movies of all time here, I give it 8 out of 10

Star Trek Into Darkness

A rare sequel better than the original!

When I found out the Abrams was making another Star Trek movie, I was like "Alright! Another one by him! Bring it on" and I was so shocked by it. Everything in the movie was nearly perfect! Everything I say! This is my favorite movie of 2013 so far and it probablt won't change any time soon!

This was a great movie! I give it 9 out of 10

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Oh great a Star Trek movie, this should be awful.

Boy was I wrong! I loved the movie! I will admit, I hate Star Trek. The old TV series was cheesy and I didn't want anything to do with the movies based on them. So one day I was sitting in my bedroom when nothing was on, besides Star Trek. I said "Whatever" and watched it. The story was great, the acting nicely done. The cast members did even better than the old ones, Pine, great job! And you to Quinto! But the visual effects blew me away, some of the best I've ever seen!

This is one of the biggest surprises for me, ever! I give it 8 out of 10

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

What looks like the final Pirates is here, and still good.

The whole movie was good, but just ran on too long. The final battle scene was impressive without a doubt a doubt dragged on. But as the first two, Johnny Depp wins the movie with his clever humor and brilliant acting.

I give it 7 out of 10

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The sequel was good, very rare.

Was it as good as the first, not at all. But was it still good? Yes. Bill Nighy being in the movie as such a interesting character was one of the best parts of the movie. The acting was good and so were the visuals. The plot and dialogue could have used some work. But once more, Johnny Depp wins the movie for me as his brilliant performance was Captain Jack Sparrow.

It was a good sequel. I give it 7.5 out of 10

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffry Rush. This should be good.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time right here. I don't really see what's so bad about this movie! The script is different and the dialogue good. The acting is good, but Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. He deserves an Oscar for his performance, a shame he didn't win one. The visual effects are of course good, but the real reason of the movie was Johnny Depp at his best.

I loved it, I give it 9 out of 10

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Oh my god was this horrible

The Ice Age movies has officially gone from ok to shit. This movie was awful. In fact one of the worst movies I have ever seen! Another and I mean nothing came good of the film, nothing! I was falling asleep and waking back up multiple times during the whole movie. Only Scrat was the good side to this movie.

This was horrible I give it 1 out of 10

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

No improvement over the second sadly

The third Ice Age is no better than the second one. Animated is top notched of course. But once more the story doesn't do anything for me and not many laughs. I'm telling you that only Scrat is doing his job here!

I give it 6 out of 10

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Another Ice Age, who would have guessed? Yeah right

I am REALLY disappointed in this movie. While the animation improved for sure, and the voice actors are good everything else lacked. Not many laughs in the movie which is what it's all about, only Scrat provides all of the laughs here. Even he can't do it alone! The story was bland and worst of all, they added some really annoying characters. The possums, oh give me a break.

A big disappointment I'm telling you, only Scrat is good here. I give it 6 out of 10

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

Dreamworks Ice Age is great!

I don't why the critics didn't like this movie as much as I did, but Ice Age is one of my favorite animated movies ever! The CGI is good. But that's not what got me, the voice actors were perfect for the roles, the script is smart. And the comedy make me burst out laughing every time I see it!

Ice Age is a great animated movie, should have won the Oscar. I give it 9 out of 10


Michael Bay does Transformers now, what could go wrong?

I know what most people were thinking, this is going to suck. Why? Because all Michael Bay likes in his movies are explosions and CGI. Well this movie has all of that and more. The cast, well could have been a bit better. The plot was good, and script was done nicely. Compared to other Michael Bay movies. But I really enjoyed the movie I have to say. It had excellent visual effects, some of the best I've ever seen. The action, not even going to go into detail. It's a Michael Bay's best since Armageddon

I really enjoyed the movie honestly! I give it 8 out of 10


James Cameron is back, and better than ever!

His newest movie, Avatar was great! I completely loved it. One of my favorite movies of all time. The story wasn't completely original, a little Dances with Wolves here but still a great setting! And the visuals, don't even get me started. The best since the original Star Wars! I was angry when Avatar didn't win the Oscar, man! Cameron was ripped off!

This is a great movie! I give it 9.5 out of 10

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

Another movie by Pixar

Finding Nemo is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. Gorgeous CGI work here, the original story with a fish being kidnapped and his father trying to save him, wow. The screenplay is great here. And the voice actors, I'm mainly talking about Ellen DeGeneres. Her voicing Dory was the best since Eddie Murphy as Donkey!

A great movie! I give it 10 out of 10

Shrek Forever After

The final Shrek, improves over the third at least.

This Shrek I will admit, a LOT better than the third. But I can't get over what else is happening here. The plot is better, but predicable. Not much big laughs that the first two had and over all, just alright.

It's better than the third, I give it 6.5 out of 10

Shrek the Third

Shrek now has begun to fall and crash.

So the third Shrek, I'm not really impressed. The voice cast will always be perfect. And the animation keeps up dazzling people but it's the story and humor that lacks what the other two had. The plot isn't really original like the other two. In fact it gets boring after a while. And the humor tries to repeat what has already been done. There may be a few laughs in there, but it don't stick to you.

I'm really disappointed here, I give it a 6 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Oh my goodness, will these movies get any better?

Part I of the epic finally is here and boy I was disappointed. I take back about The Half Blood Prince, this one dragged on! With no really interesting things going on until (spoiler) Dobby's death that broke my heart in half, this was a real disappointment.

Boring as hell, I give it 5 out of 10

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Finally one of the best HP's so far!

I'm glad to say that this is by far the best HP that has hit the big screen yet! The best thing they did to this movie was adding Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, loved it! And it goes into a greater emotion and a darker side with Harry, seeking revenge against the one who helped kill his parents. This movie had me going and then a brilliant twist at the end.

The best HP so far, I give it 8 out 10

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The final Star Wars is here and I'm happy in a positive way.

Revenge of the Sith provides what the other two prequels lacked, everything. The acting is so much better along with the dialogue and plot. This Star Wars movie in my opinion is one of the better ones, even surpassing Return of the Jedi! The visual effects are highly impressive and just a good movie.

This is by far the best of the prequel trilogy and I give it a 8.5 out of 10

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

The equally as horrible sequels arrives years later.

Lucas makes another Star Wars movie, and it's no improvement. Attack of the Clones has even more action and visual effects making it more of a Michael Bay movie. The plot is a bit more interesting than the Phantom Menace, but the diologue is no better and the acting is nothing special besides Ewan McGregor, Sam Jackson's and yes I'm saying it, Yoda.

This is as equally bad I'm giving it 5 out of 10

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

The movie event of the decade is finally here, but is it good?

I say it was alright. And really, Lucas has crushed me. His first time directing a film since the original Star Wars and he doesn't do it! The plot line needs work, a lot. And the dialogue? Don't get me started. The characters like for example Jar Jar is the most annoying movie character of all time since Kristen Stewart's Bella. The action and visual effects were the only good thing coming out of this movie besides Liam Neeson's impressive performance as Qui-Gon and Ewan McGregor's performance.

This is a big disappointment, I give it a 5 out of 10

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The final installment of the Star Wars trilogy doesn't quite cut it.

I really enjoyed the movie, the action is still great. And the acting blah blah blah. The ewoks were amazing in the movie, little fuzz balls defeating the mighty Stormtroopers. I will admit it was a bit insane. Anyway this movie is still a good ending to a legendary movie trilogy.

I give it 8 out of 10

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Once more, Lucas makes a Star Wars movie, but can it match the original?

In my opinion, no. It's close to the original making it one of the best sequels ever made. But doesn't quite meet up to the original. It goes into more of a emotional depth than the original with Leia and Han. It goes even darker than the original and once more a clever script. This sequel has amazing action sequences, with great visual effects and the best part, Yoda.

The Empire Strikes Back is a great sequel, I give it 9 out of 10

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The 1977 classic is really a masterpiece.

Star Wars will remain one of the greatest movies ever made and one of my favorites. The best visual effects until Avatar, and the acting from the cast. Mostly of Ford's and Guinness's. I'm telling you, this is a must see that changed the world of visual effects FOREVER

I give it 10 out of 10

The Dark Knight Rises

The final installment of Nolan's trilogy is here.

The conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies and franchises is amazing! TDKR is a worth while movie with such a thought out and clever plot with an amazing ending that no one would have ever imagined. I will admit that Tom Hardy's Bane isn't even in the same league with Ledger's Joker but doesn't make it horrible. And Hathaway's Catwoman is also pretty impressive.

An amazing conclusion to an amazing movie series, I give it a 9.5 out of 10

Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan takes over the Batman Franchise, is it better?

By gods name I was blown away with Mr. Nolan's reboot. He got down every little detail you could ever want. The beginning story with Bruce is interesting but a bit slow. Though it's worth it! After that the cast members keep up the fun like Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson. The action is great and the acting good. I'm telling you this is the Batman remake we've been waiting for!

This is a perfect remake, I give it a 8 out of 10

Batman & Robin

And now, the Batman movies has come to an end, what do I mean? Lets see

Joel Schumarcher directs another one, and it was horrible. One of the worst movies I have ever seen, Batman & Robin pulls it all off. The acting, minus Clooney's. The cast and script but worst of all. Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze. With horrible line delivers! And the action in it is just too much. This is a PG-13 movie? Yeah right. It's a kids movie.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and one of the biggest disappintments ever!

I give it a 1 out of 10


Finally, the first ever Batman film to be made, but is it any good?

I liked this Batman film. Is it the greatest film ever? Heck no. It is the greatest superhero film ever, no. But it's entertaining enough. The best part of the movie was Nicholson performance as the Joker, but even that has problems. Batman's real problem is that it's more of a Joker movie. From the amount of screen time the Joker has, it might as well be titled JOKER.

I give it a 7 out of 10

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

That is what Forrest Gump was like. When I heard of the movie I was like "Yeah, I'm going to watch that" but I was stunned. Forrest Gump is one of the best movies I have ever seen with Hanks at his best with a strong supporting cast (Wright, Sinise, and Field). Though without Hanks this movie wouldn't what it made it what it is. Over all Forrest Gump is amazing and a MUST SEE

I give it 10 out of 10

Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks is now Saving Private Ryan and making it classic!

Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite movies of all time, it has everything. The strong performances from the cast. Mostly of Tom Hanks. Perfect and the most intense battle sequences I have ever seen (Omaha Beach). Steven Spielberg has done it once more. But one thing gets me, how in the hell didn't this movie win the Oscar! The Academy robbed Spielberg once more.

I give it a 10 out of 10


Christopher Nolan is taking a break from The Dark Knight Trilogy is bring us another masterpiece of his.

Inception is the most complicated, most original, most everything you can think of! Only a few have managed to achieve great things, Mr. Nolan has done it now with perfect casting and the performances. The visual effects and the writing just gives me chills down my back. It breaks my heart to his Nolan get ripped off from NOT getting a best director nomination. Inception is one of my favorite movies I have ever seen.

I give it 10 out of 10

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Dustin Hoffman teams up with Tom Cruise, what could happen?

Rain Man is a fantastic movie. One of my favorites. But the one thing that impressed me the most was of course Hoffman's legendary performance as an autistic, boy did he impress me a lot.

I give Rain Man 10 out of 10

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The Fellowship is broken, what are they to do now but make a better sequel!

The Two Towers for me was even better than the Fellowship of the Ring in every way. The cast extended into something even greater. Adding Andy Serkis as the horrible Gollum, brilliant! And one of the best parts, the battle sequences. The Battle of Helm's Deep blew me away.

The Two Towers is one of those rare sequels that improves over the original. I give it 10 out of 10

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

After three years, the final Lord of the Rings is here. And they made it perfect.

Here we have the final Lord of the Rings, with everything going as it was made to be. With Frodo destroying the one king and Aragorn becoming king. Let me tell you something, this Lord of the Rings is the best out of them without a doubt! While I'm sad these movies came to an end, at least it stayed amazing.

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King is the best of the trilogy. I give it 10 out of 10

I will admit that the WHOLE trilogy blew me away and they are my favorite movies of all time.