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Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy (2001)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I never get tired of watching this movie! Jake Gyllenhaal in one of his earliest performances, is the perfect combination of adorably goofy and comically naive. His incredibly over protective mother (an annoying but well cast Swoosie Kurtz - although I think she's funniest as the mum in Get Over It), does her best to keep him as "pure" as possible.
There's some slapstick humor involved, but for the most part it's his kindness and good-hearted actions that wins him friends along the way. Stereotypes are played mostly with comedic effect.
It's sweet and funny. Obviously not cinematic brilliance, but it'll entertain you for a few hours on a Friday night, or Sunday afternoon (as was my case).

For a Good Time, Call...
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I like Ari Graynor. She's got the adorable smile. The spunky personality. And generally she chooses roles that are not always memorable, but always believable.
Here she delivers as vocal sex kitten Katie Steel, one half of a duo girl comedy where the leads start a telephone sex line to make ends meet. The prudish companion is portrayed by Lauren Miller, who until recently was happily engaged, until her fiance suddenly boots her from their seemingly 'vanilla' relationship and home, to pursue more exciting greener pastures.
The story is simple enough; It's basically a buddy film for chicks who love a laugh. Even the guys will get a kick out of the sexual undertones. Especially in the last scene which had me in stitches.
If you've got the time, then give them a red hot go. Or as they say "Mmm Hmm".