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Ted 2
Ted 2 (2015)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Get your thunder buddies some popcorn and a couple of cold ones and get ready for lots of laughs. Ted 2 is much better then the first one. In this installment Ted tries to legally make himself human after having his right taken away by the government that calls him "property". Ted is determined to prove he is a human but he must hire a good lawyer first and avoid his arch enemy Donny. This film has a lot of new jokes that I know you will get a kick out of. if you are a fan of the first Ted be sure to see Ted 2 as soon as you can. However I don't recommend the film for children or people who dislike black comedy.

American Hustle
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you like boring drama films that are hard to follow and don't make sense you'll will love this. In short don't see it or rent it. I spent two hours of my time that I will never get back. This film should have won golden razzie awards not golden globes. I wanted to hustle out of the theatre when it started

Spy (2015)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In the Past most of Melissa McCarthy's work wasn't well received, until now. This is Melissa McCarthy's best picture to date in my opinion. She plays the role of a CIA supervisor who wants to become an agent in the field, she gets her chance to do so when she goes on a mission to get revenge for her boyfriend who is presumed dead. What I liked best about the film is the fact that all of the jokes and slapstick scenes were very well written and preformed. Action star Jason Statham shows a different side of himself as a somewhat comical character. Be prepared for plenty of laughs when you go the see the film but don't bring the little ones.

Inside Out
Inside Out (2015)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Move over Toy Story, This happens to be one of the best Pixar films I have seen in a long time. Kids will enjoy the cute characters and the adults will enjoy the hidden adult jokes. The story revolves around five adorable little figures (Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, disgust) that live inside an 11 year old girl's brain and control her everyday emotions. The main Character "Joy" is the leader and it's her job to control happiness, she often try's to cheer up her friend sadness whose job is self-explanatory. Sometimes Joy feels that Riley the "11 year old girl" is better without sadness but soon learns that sometimes you have to know sorrow to know true happiness. This film grabbed the attention of parents with children on the autism spectrum because they often have a hard time recognizing emotions, they feel this film will be a fun way for them to learn about feelings while enjoying a good movie at the same time.
Like most Pixar films the animation was very well done and very detailed. Even though the film lacks a cast of well-known celebrities it's definitely a movie worth watching.