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Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Some will say Superman has not had the best films, and i would have to agree. I was hoping that this would boost it's stanima in the cinematic world, it would obviously bring in enough green, but i want a Superman movie that is actually good.

It's funny, most people don't know that Cal (Superman) is really a alien, and they really put that out front in this film. Considering the first 30 minutes is on Krypton, it really becomes apparent who Superman really is. I think that is why this movie worked for me, by that factor it really brought out the obsticals that Cal would face on earth. The first 30 minutes set the tone for me, emotion, story, plot were pouring out and i was getting everything that i wanted. It had a strong emotional pull around Cals home life, dealing with his powers, and his qwest to find out who he really is. The connection was their, Krypton was set as a metaphor for fallen hope, and it had me almost in tears. The first 30 minutes or say first half were outstanding.

Don't get me wrong i still liked the film past its 30 minutes. It still had its moments, but thats the problem. At times it just losses all drive, then for a couple scenes that emotional pull is apparent again, then it gets lost in very long and repetitive action sequence. I did think the action was very impressive and some very powerfull and thoughtfull angles were apparent. Which i loved, but a very impressive action scene can get to long and repetitive, and when it makes the film lose emotion and turn it muddy with no directon, you really want it to stop.

I loved this film.......... At times. The drive is their........... At times. The charectors had development......... At times. I think we have a film that REALLY works and is SUPER good.......At times. Ovrall the emotion that was their held it up, which i why i enjoyed MAN OF STEEL.

The Purge
The Purge (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One night a year, crime is legal, murder, rape, stealing, you can pretty much do anything you want to without getting thrown in prison for it. Sounds absurd doesn't it? Indeed it is, and much of the movie is absurd and stupid, but i had my self enjoying it for the most part.

With such a unbelievable plot i knew i was going to have a hard time believing it, it had to present itself in a fresh manner. Which for the most part it did, people focused on the politics of it, and not the humane part of it, and i was fine with that because everyone seemed to agree with the event and got used to it. So people were more focused on how many people of each state were involved and the over-all production of it. Which did work because it explains that the event has been going on for some time, but at times i had hard time believing that people were actually okay with the event. That point does get touched on with the family which is confronted with what is wrong and right, but it fell short and was not as powerful as much as i wanted it to be. I did have a good time with this movie though some moments had me tensed up and i found myself into the sequences. Mostly because of the strong roles played by Ethan Hawke, Lene Headly, and a very strong role played by very well by Rhys Wakefield which was creepy and captivating. Although it was very predictable i had very fun time with it.

The movie is silly and annoying sometimes, it has its cliches but you can also see it is trying to much to impress you, with the silly dancing with masks and machetes that look very stupid. It was also very repetitive with way to many "close calls". Also the two kids were extremely awful and annoying, with the boy being a useless character only their to proceed the ridicules plot.

But the flaws aside it was a good time worth seeing in theaters.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

After the events of "The Avengers", "Iron Man 3" is sort of a unofficial sequel to the summer hit. It follows Tony Stark (Downey Jr) who is dealing with his own personal problems while he embarks on a journey to find answers to his enemy's terrorist attacks.

My big problem with the first two Iron Man's was the huge amounts of unnecessary humor, we still have ALOT of humor in this movie, but it was smarter and made up for the movies slow pace. It did have me distracted a few times when i was torn between it being a comedy or a action movie considering this movie had a lot less action then the past two films. The movie has its moments, their are very entertaining action sequences and some very smart one liners. Also the twist on the villain was subtle enough to work without ruining the whole movie.

Its in between these big moments that lay my big problems. The movie lingers at a slow pace while the characters were saying fast dialog, it just felt awkward. Even though refreshing at times the comedy just kept coming, again i was confused on if i was watching a action, or a comedy and it felt to one sided to be both.

It had its moments, but their was just not enough for me to grip on it. Was it entertaining for the most part? Yes, but it went in one ear and out the other.

The Place Beyond The Pines
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I quickly fell into a trance after watching the first scene of this film, a long tracking shot follows luke (Gosling) through a busy carnival where he enters a arena with a crowed cheering. He greets two fellow bike riders as they move in on there stunt defying act. After the magic of this scene i was exited for what i was up for. The film making was flawless the sounds were intriguing and piercing the cinematography was stunning and at times reminded did me of the greats. All this was captured in one scene, and as the movie moves on it slowing grips you a tightens you until (for me) was a bittersweet end.

This film is divided into 3 different parts. Part one follows Luke played wonderfully by Ryan gosling, he rides a motorcycle for stunts at carnival where he runs into a old lover played by Eva Mendes who also gives her best performance yet. Luke discovers that she has his baby, he quickly feels like he needs to provide for her and his son. He does this by robbing banks and trying to give the money to his family. After robbing a bank he finds him self cornered by Avery play by Bradly Cooper. When there lives cross it kicks into part two, where it follows Averys life after being pronounced a "hero" where he is centered with what he did, and what he figures out his fellow police officers are doing illegally. We then for the last part watch the kids of avery and luke meet and fall to a friendship. And we can see how these two family's are connected through a devastation and how they try to flee from what there fate is.

This film is powerful, tracing how past sins can evoke and carry for many generations. Its raw and gritty and very real in they way that you will always find the truth and your not just going get over it, it always going to be apart of your fate. That rings true to the people who caused and the people who are eventually going to be effected by it. It shows the hard side of family, Fatherhood, and fate. And is a masterful film.

To The Wonder
To The Wonder (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Coming off from "The Tree Of Life" Terrence Malick gives us more sunsets, twirling, poetry, and amazing cinematography and boy do you get a lot of it. The film in a way is like a montage, you get beautiful shots of things happening with soft spoken poetry edited over it. You never get "movie scenes" you get pieces of a scene with a couple or even one line of dialog. It almost reaches its potential of being a scene that drops right before it gets there.

Neil (affleck) meets Marina (Kurylenko) in france, it shows them grasping each other and slowly kissing and moving in close to each other. They then move to Oklahoma where neil has a job, as his job stresses so does his relationship with marina, again this is done using nothing but montage and soft spoken poetry with bits and pieces of dialog. So it gets very dozy and repetitive. While the problems arise and marina's visa expires she is forced back to France. Neil then meets and old friend and begin to intimet, i found myself enjoying Jane McAdams playing this old friend, she kinda is a opposite of marina. She is down to earth and bright while marina seemed to be dark and edgy. My enjoyment then halted when they also started having problems, because neil feels obligated to get back to marina. Jane Mcadams was wasted in this film with only 10 minutes screen time. Marina also has contact with a priest played wonderfully by bardem, he seems to be struggling with faith and love, his voice is often played in the background speaking pieces of a sermon, which seems to be the narrative along with the scattered poetry.

This film or what i would say is a 2 hour montage with bits of pieces of "almost" scenes and scattered poetry had me sometimes attached it sometimes had me feeling for the characters. I could see that it does portray the exploration of love and it depths that it brings and does to people. Most of this pull is done by the amazing visual art the Malick portrays. But this had me feeling melancholy with such repetitive montages and a somber narrative. I know something beautiful is in there. But it left me empty.