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Madea's Witness Protection
Madea's Witness Protection (2012) 4 years ago
  1. Brian: Hey Madea!
  2. Madea: Hey Brian, Hey Brian
  3. Uncle Joe: I don't know why you leave the toilet seat up Mabel!
  4. Brian: Hey Daddy!
  5. Uncle Joe: Don't I know you?
  6. Brian: I'm past 18 now stop pretending you don't know me because of paying child support!
  7. Uncle Joe: Hey son great to see you. Love you so much!
  8. Madea: You want something to eat, i'm making sandwich for Joe.
  9. Uncle Joe: I wouldn't eat that son I wouldn't eat that at all. I believe she's trying to kill me for my insurance money!
  10. Madea: You ain't got no insurance money!
  11. Uncle Joe: In that case i'm going to eat this sandwich Mabel made
  12. Madea: I ain't trying to kill you for the insurance money i'm killing you because I want you dead, completely dead, no life in you just not breathing just maggot food!
  13. Uncle Joe: Here son try this for me.
  14. Brian: I'm not tasting that thank you!
Temptation (2013) 4 years ago
  1. Janice: Can't you just knock. Just the person I want to see have a seat
  2. Judith: No! I wanted to just say thank you for the job but it's going to be my last week.
  3. Janice: No! This is your last day, I just got a call telling me Harley is out of the deal with me and going to open practice with you.
  4. Judith: That's what we are planning to do!
  5. Janice: We? Little Girl you have no idea what you are in for. But I wish you with all the best with your struggle.
  6. Judith: You know I've been meaning to tell you are in a existential identity crisis; I done my research on you spent those two weeks in Paris and now of a sudden with a french accent, we know you from Georgia!
  7. Janice: Bitch you better get your ass out of my office!