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This movie was a smash hit. Reason being was it wasn't just a typical hero movie. It was in your face with cursing, gore and action but with a comedic and sometimes very realistic tint. Throw in a very tragic death and some explosions and you have yourself a movie. Chloe Grace Martez steals the show as Hit Girl. Excellent flick.


A fantastic story rich with elements of father-son love/bonding, and the stark and tragic truth behind relationships: sometimes they don't always work out, sometimes the hero doesn't get the girl at the end, and sometimes love is premature and underdeveloped. Women can play with mens hearts, Men can be failures, and the mistakes we make can follow us for a lifetime. In Mud, you don't come out of it feeling happy or sad, you come out of it with a fist full of lessons about human interaction and a fantastic little story to boot. Very good movie.


Excellent movie, the music is solid. The dialogue is minimal but it doesn't hinder the story. Strong performances and a smouldering intensity from Gosling make this one solid flick

X2: X-Men United

Best of the Original "X" Trilogy. Not super strong, but the story and effects are good. Solid flick.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Action, a surprising amount of comedy, and adventure all in one nice package. EXCELLENT movie

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Best of the trilogy, the music, the cinematography, everything. Excellent flick.

Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding, isn't Oscar material by any means... but it's a great flick to curl into a ball and watch on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Dark Knight Rises

Not as strong as it's predecessor but still an excellent film. Bane is a treat to watch on screen and despite several plot-holes the film manages to pull it all off with a bang (literally). Excellent flick

Batman Begins

After the abysmal massacre of a Batman film that starred a certain Mr Clooney, the series thirsted for a more serious and dramatic tone. *Raspy voice aside* Nolan and Bale deliver that here with an outstanding first introduction into a trilogy that has made history. Excellent film, would watch again in a heartbeat.

The Dark Knight

Magnificent story, Ledger steals the show, strong cast and performances and it questions morals and the rules of society. Amazing film, instant classic an something that demands a repeat viewing.

I Give It a Year

it's a pretty average run of the mill romantic comedy. The humor isn't even that strong and some of it just comes off as awkward and weird. Unfunny, and definitely not memorable.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Just saw it with a friend. We felt the length of the movie about halfway in after Jonathan Kent died in the Tornado. Then it was just ACTION until the end. I liked the visual spectacle.... but the overall effect felt very plastic. The beginning was very cool with Krypton and Jor El besting Zod in hand to hand combat and being badass. But the cheesy plastic dialogue and "coincidence" scenes coupled with way too much emphasis on religion and super huge action shots kind of killed it for me

The Princess Bride

This movie was a lark. Excellent satire and comedy

This Is the End

I just saw this and I can't believe it's getting a higher rating than Man of Steel. The first half of the movie was hilarious and worth it.. the second half..... not so much. When Jay starts taking the narrative into this religious detour and doesn't look back, the story really loses steam. I liked the idea of the Apocalypse and the end of the world scenario, but towards the end it just got stupid. Also Danny McBride was a bit much... and the phallic imagery was abundant and uncomfortable. The first 45 minutes or so are good Micheal Cera is GOLD. But other than that... it's an easy pass, rental at best. The huge detour into religion and the Backstreet Boys ending just nixed it for me.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety not Guaranteed is honestly one of the most charming movies I've ever seen. The scenery with nature, the character interactions, the underlying latent messages about pain, life, lost love and new love. And lastly, the stark and harsh strokes of reality in the forms of misplaced violence, taking real risks and rejection. It's incredible. I cannot believe that such a good movie was made. It's something I can legitimately watch again and again and love it each time. It makes me want to make other intellectuals watch it so I can have an in depth discussion about it on the patio at 2 am in the morning. Wonderful Flick 10/10.

This movie was amazing. Hands down one of the most original and authentic movies I've seen in quite a while. From the scenery, to the setup shots, to the character interactions, to the story. Everything is on point and strong. The romance between Duplass and Plaza is captivating. You can actually FEEL it. I haven't felt this strongly about a movie in quite a while. Ignoring the fact that it manages to successfully mix several different genres into one, and even ignoring the ending which borders on the fantastic. The movie has an extreme charm and sense of wit about itself. It spurs you forwards seeing what will be at the climax (which we actually get pleasantly rewarded with), and just keeps you in your seat with spurts of the fantastical leveled out by strokes of realism and an almost a glaringly stark sense of fear at times. (I made a likenesses in my mind to Catfish, featuring similar plot pints with Safety in certain areas). (Travel a distance to see this person that is advertising themselves online. They meet the person, and they're not all they started out to be). Whereas Catfish was based in realism, Safety blends realism with the fantastical. At times I almost felt like grabbing my old psychology notes and scrolling through the DSM to see if I could correctly diagnose what Duplass was exhibiting, and at times I just went right along with it. The movie leaves you questioning your own reality and relationships. "What if I had a Time Machine? Could I go back in time and makes things right with the one I used to love...the one I used to share such a deep connection with?" It's a romantic comedy that actually has a story and that actually works. We get to see all sorts of love across the spectrum: new love being formed, old love trying to be reforged and denied, and even a small little coming of age moment for Karin Soni's character, and in a way Plaza's as well. Again, wonderful flick definitely recommend it. Would watch again. (Makes me want to get the DVD and add it to my physical library, and I don't usually do that... ever).

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

I went with my mom, dad, and 10 year old little brother to see this movie today. Anticipation was high (overlooking the fact that I had spoiled myself by watching trailers saturated with content that would've been a gem to see for the first time on the screen prior to watching the film) ... safe to say there was a bit more content to see other than what was in the trailers, but... not by much. I am severely disappointed and disgusted with this movie, and this is coming from a fan. Yeah there's going to be a bit of bias, but honestly when the flaws were THIS blatant, you can't tell me this film was any good. (It really wasn't.)

Let's start with the jokes. The corniness was over the top; the jokes were stale (and that's when they were actually appropriate for my 10 year old brother... you know a key part of the TARGET AUDIENCE). Some of the comedy was a bit too adult; and there were a bit too many bikini clad women and usages of profane language for my taste. Literally in several separate scenes throughout the film there are just random bikini clad women everywhere, great message for kids! (insert sarcasm here) Some comedy scenes and action scenes felt UNCOMFORTABLE for my little brother to watch. That shouldn't be the case with a film that's so heavily geared towards kids. They even threw in some religious undertones which was annoying, and of course it had to be centered around Christmas at the start of the SUMMER movie season. The New Years and Christmas motifs became real old, real fast. The other jokes were just ridiculous. Saying the word "Pussy" in front of a kid on screen? I saw little 5 year-olds in the theater and I was just shaking my head. This is somehow geared towards children yet absolutely not for them at the same time... however, I digress.

The movie jumped in tone from humor (I don't know if you could call that garbage "humor"...) to blatant straight up in your face violence. I'm talking important characters shot point blank, abundant usage of guns to kill people in lethal ways, you name it. And again, I'll be the first one to tell you how much I like Iron Man, but this? Just a train wreck on screen. I seriously thought the producers would've' learned from their mistakes with the steaming pile of awful that was Iron Man 2. I was hoping they'd put in some neat visuals and make real effort to have a solid story, one that could revitalize the Iron Man solo series. If that's what you were expecting like me, then you are in for a nasty and harsh reality. The movie does NOTHING to live up to the shiny metal boots of the first film, and it only gets "dare I say" WORSE than the second film. Number one had stark shooting down bad guys too but it wasn't so BLATANT as it was in this film. The violence was there, but it was underscored by the heroism of Iron Man. They handled touchy subject material such as terrorism, homeland security, and use of weapons to attack the general populous in a superb fashion. It's an incredible movie. Sadly, it just deteriorates from the glory it once held. This movie was just one giant joke. Every piece of dialogue was either a bad joke or an action sequence. The shift was noticeable, predictable and annoying. I am really disgusted with this movie. It's like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. Number 1 was amazing, 2 was just ok and 3 was downright ABYSMAL. That is the EXACT formula for the Iron Man movies. It's like once the franchise gets big enough, it's out the window with staying faithful to comic lore and telling a solid superhero story and just in your face with explosions and villains and propaganda to try and sell as many toys as possible. Studios stop seeing the story and start seeing the dollar signs... guess which mindset makes it's way into this film?

The "Big Twist" on the Mandarin was just painfully awful, and I really didn't like it. Again THAT is just treated as one giant joke. This movie is geared towards kids, girlfriends, and wives/mothers. Legitimately and seriously, all of the women and children in the theater were dying from laughter. Yet at the same time you barely heard any males laughing, and that's because none of them were. I myself sat there with a straight face the ENTIRE film. The jokes were lame (apart from a scant few) and even then it was nothing memorable. It really was a family friendly movie aimed at the causal movie goer that had maybe seen the original Iron Man and been dragged by their counterparts to see the Avengers, and not much else. LITERALLY That's the target audience: Kids, Girlfriends and Women (Mothers, Wives, Sisters what have you). Marvel said to hell with a story for fans, and stuck to making cash.

Overall I would give the film a "1" on all scales. It was really terrible to watch. I seriously hope they do better for subsequent films in the Marvel universe. "Strong addition to the marvel canon", "witty", that's serious and utter bullshit.

Not impressed, and very disappointed.

The Cabin in the Woods

This movie was excellent. You'd think it'd be a generic run of the mill horror tale but the twists are actually legitimate and the ending? One of my personal favourites, it breaks the fourth wall and laughs at the fact that it is doing so. Excellent flick.