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Annie Hall
Annie Hall (1977)
1 day ago via Flixster

This romantic comedy is classic Woody Allen playing himself and displaying his neurotic personality. It contains solid performances and includes some very unusual techniques including cartoon, subtitled thoughts, etc. The film relies heavy on its witty and constant dialogue, mainly between the two lead characters, and for the most it works very well, resulting in an enjoyable and entertaining film. Considered to be one of the best movies of all time and the second best romantic comedy off all time. AAW 1001

Under The Shadow
3 days ago via Flixster

This internationally co-produced horror film, set in Iran, weaves together various elements of fact and fiction in a clever way. It gives an interesting insight into life there during the 1980s. I am not a fan of the horror genre, but fortunately for me this film only has minimal scary elements. 1001

A Streetcar Named Desire
5 days ago via Flixster

This drama, based on a play of the same name, features outstanding performances (especially by Leigh) and a scorching script. The characterizations are well developed, which allows the viewer to feel and understand the tormented and troubled characters. Considered to be one of the best movies of all time. AAN 1001

The Odd Couple
6 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This comedy based on a stage play is fun and entertaining from start till end. Featuring solid performance all round, a witty script and perfect timing, this movie provides many laugh-out-loud moments. The scene with the Pigeon sisters is particularly funny.

The Bridge on the River Kwai
7 days ago via Flixster

This epic war film is certainly a monumental effort. Containing solid performances and a very dramatic and thrilling ending, this movie is entertaining from start to end. Considered to be one of the best movies of all time and my favourite film of 1957. AAW 1001