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Warrior King 2 (The Protector 2)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Something these movies need to learn is that there's only so much suspension of disbelief we can do, and there's so much action we can take in one movie. The Protector 2 is even worse than the first one; whereas the first one had some good action scenes. This one has a lot of them, some of them lasting forever. When you execute an action scene, you don't just stretch it to fill the movie; you still have to give a pair of story scenes. But here, we're caught between two bad parallels: when there's action, only the first few minutes are good, but when you get tired of it, the action doesn't stop, as there's like 20 more minutes of it. And when there's no action (yes, they do stop like 3 times in the movie) there's a boring story and stale characters saying horrible lines. Literally, lines, no dialogue at all. It's all the movie is: a cheesy, too over-the-top action film with horrible dialogue. Not one funny moment, not one moment to care about anything. Add horrible editing and special effects to the mix and you get The Protector 2.

You get so tired of the action in this movie that you constantly keep thinking to yourself: "What's this leading to?" Nothing, of course. It's just of fill the movie, or whatever the hell this is. The first stunts are already pretty impossible, but the movie dares to escalate its own ridiculousness, to the point where it becomes too much even for its own insanity. There's a lot of impossible over-the-top movements; one of them actually has Tony Jaa against one of the bad guys while standing in their wet feet on electric rails, resulting in them literally lightning-bending. Add Star Wars lightsaber sounds to that...and you just lost it, and the movie only keeps getting worse. This was just horrible and laughably bad to watch, the only thing that keeps it from being something really, really awful, is the fact that it's better than Manos: The Hands of Fate. But its likeable meter is similar to that of Transformers: Age of Extinction, with the exception that this one is just a bad movie, whereas Trans4mers makes you feel like the movie hates you.

The Protector 2 however is one of the worst action films I've seen. There are worse, but this one was just all over the place and never got into it because the movie never let me. For the sake of Tony Jaa's career and talent, I hope his next action movie (Fast / Furious 7, his American debut) turns out good, so people can see him as a talented fighting star, and not an overblown one.

The Cabin in the Woods
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Tired of modern horror movies? The answer is always yes. Well, don't worry, as Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have the perfect cure: The Cabin in the Woods. Yes, all those tired cliches and torture porn will be put to the test in this movie, which pretty much does what Scream did years ago, except that this IS genuinaly good.

The best way to review this movie is without any spoilers at all. I won't tell even the character's names, or even what it's about. I'll just going to say that you should really watch it and discover everything by yourself, everything about why is it so good. Just go and see Cabin in the Woods, then we can actually talk about this one. It's totally worth it.

Reservoir Dogs
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Tarantino's first film is uneven and violent. It's a 100% totally his. Reservoir Dogs is a unique experience, which shows that the before and after of a heist can be much more interesting than the heist itself; after all, the film never shows us the actual heist, but the preparations and the aftermath, and is thanks to Tarantino's scriptwriting talents that it works. While not entirely what I wanted and expected to see, the film still makes-up with its uniqueness.

The cast is awesome and does all-right as expected, but we don't get too deep on them, which fits, after all, we are not supposed to. Even so, it still makes a huge impact. The story is told in a non-linear way (again, Tarantino's direction), similar yet very different to Christopher Nolan's Memento or David Lynch's Eraserhead. Because of the tension and anxiety of not knowing what's going on, the violence here works as a nerve-pumping method that increases fear. I've heard and read of people actually walking out from this movie because the violence was too much. It's not that it's incredibly gory, it's just that it's effective. Some modern horror directors and writers should look at this picture for some good advice. Still, after watching, I had no idea what it was about. It's hard to tell, but it all comes together when you think about it twice.

All I have left to say is that this is a good movie, and surely got my nerves when it wanted to. It has a style and approaches the most of it. It's not perfect, but it surely acts like it.

Brick Mansions
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A straight-up, cliché-driven action film that can be entertaining at times, but mostly obnoxious. Brick Mansions is a remake of District B13 (which I have not seen, but I wish) adapted by Luc Besson, who often makes good AND bad action films. This film is also post-Paul Walker's death, meaning this could have acted as a great tribute to such beloved actor...but simply mentioning his participation in this film disgraces his well-known name.

The problem with Brick Mansions is the lack of plot. Let's just say I think the script was only 50 pages long, and the rest was covered with lousy and choppy action scenes to make it last an hour and a half. The movie is so busy in showing entertainment that it forgets to develop actual stories, and thus, the twists and change of sides are merely forced-up our asses. The dialogue has a lot of awful lines and even the countless action scenes are problematic. First of all, the editing and camerawork on them are atrocious. The camera moves too much and uses a lot of close-ups and quick cuts, and some of the cuts don't follow well the action. So, yeah, there's a lot of action scenes, but all of them filmed with the same problems, resulting in not being as much fun as it should. Overall, the movie has little to nothing to offer, that without saying that the movie follows pretty much every action cliché in the worst way possible.

Brick Mansions is just an average and forgettable action movie, but definitely is not awful. It still entertained me, but I expected to have fun, which is not the same. It's not one of the worst of this year, but surely is one of the most forgettable.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'll say right away that I think both Ghost Rider and the sequel are equally bad for me. Both have the same faults, or even if they have different ones, the overall level of awfulness generated by them are in the same level. With that said, this stand-alone sequel has one or two cool things, but it's not worth it. The story didn't get any better or bigger, the characters are one-dimensional trash and the movie is not really all that fun, it's mostly a know, just like the first one.

Nicolas Cage does his classic rampage acting that was absent from the previous one, but appears only slightly (if you want to see him going all-out jam, better watch Face/Off) and when he is Ghost Rider, he's mostly acting all quiet and rather quick, so much that you can't catch a thing with your human eyes. It's basically drugs. And we shouldn't be surprised by that, as the director of this movie is the Neveldine & Taylor duo, who is known for the Crank movies starring Jason Statham. Those movies have the character needing some kind of element to be in full energy mode. That creates a lot of drug-inducing-like sequences, which the duo know how to do very well. They forgot to put the same effort and joy here in Spirit of Vengeance.

The more I think about it, this movie would have been a lot better if they used the style of the Crank movies. Just imagine: a Crank movie but with Nic Cage as Ghost Rider as the main character...that sounded like the craziest yet fittest idea ever. But all we got was trash, just poorly managed and directed trash.

The story is very thin, practically the whole plot can be written down in one poster tagline. The size is so little that makes the movie really nothing important. In fact, I tell you this: every time you go into a movie store and you see an empty shelve, IT'S NOT AN EMPTY SHELVE. Why? Because Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is there. Still don't see it? Well, it is there, but its importance and presence is so little that the eye can't see it, because our brain doesn't care about it and thus, it practically almost doesn't exist. So, remember, everytime there's an empty movie shelve, it's only because there's a Ghost Rider sequel DVD or Blu Ray right there.

Overall, this movie is just as bad as the first one. For everything it improved from the first, it works it out with another mistake of its own. These movies are unimpressive and ridiculous. Simply watch The Avengers or the first Iron Man, and there's your Marvel Comics movie.