MaineutralReviewer's Rating of Gravity

Maineutral's Review of Gravity

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Gravity knows how to work out a lot of stuff with a simple plot. Space movies recently have left little to no lasting impression, but much like Alien or Space Odyssey, Gravity leaves the audience with an unique experience, all this thanks to the tension, chills, thrills and realism that this movie has to offer.

The plot centers around two astronauts that after their shuttle was destroyed by some satellite left-overs, they are left as the only survivors. They have to reach safe space stations before another bunch of satellite left-overs arrive, all that with little time, supplies and lack of a lot of useful items. It sounds simple, but director and writer Alfonso Cuarón along with his son Jonás Cuaron knows how to manage such story into a tense sci-fi movie that drives us into deep space like never before.
No questioning of humanity, no evil machines, no alien monster, Gravity only works with the regular stuff: space, that's it. The much you can grab from this: the tension of being in the infinite, alone, with the danger to die by doing any tiny thing wrong, the lack of gravity, the violent it can suddenly become...Gravity works all this and much more.
Now the casting: only Oscar-winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are here. And that is enough for the film to work. It knows the potential of these actors and the movie masterfully puts them in characters only they could work with. Other cast includes simply voice-overs, and they do fine, whoever they are.

Special Effects? Simply awesome: it really feels like space, the shots of the earth and overall space along with the stations are incredible, also the scenes of disaster when the space trash comes are breathtaking and awesome. The movie knows that the special effects are not to show-off, but the help the movie. They certainly help Gravity to feel thrilling.
Now the musical score: Steven Price had composed tracks 100% accurate to each of the scenes, making a score that feels tense, dramatic, but hopeful and wonderful when it needs to be. This makes Gravity also a musical wonder, even when sometimes the silence works too.
And of course, the story: it's simple, but the progress is were it gets strong. It's mostly character driven, and the pacing gives the necessary time to everything, and character development are at its best. The camerawork its fantastic! The shots are filmed with such accurasy, amazing angles that capture everything and leaves the most important on focus too, also leaving a space for incredible earth-seen-from-space shots, the camera is masterfully managed in Gravity, and the dedication for this kind of works has only been seen in Kubrick's movies or Hitchcock's Rope.

Gravity however is not free of flaws, i mean, no movie ver is. The dialogue gets a bit cheesy at the end and while the movie is highly realistic, there's still some inaccurates here and there. Plus, one scene involving character Ryan (Bullock) escaping from a fire looks heavily computer-managed, sure, most of the movie is but this one shot of her escaping fire looks very unrealistic in comparison with the rest of the movie that creates geniune experience of being in space. But OK, this is a bit of nitpicking, at least it doesn't affect the experience at all.

Ultimately, Gravity is a master movie, it has done everything right and leaves the audience with an everlasting impression, and it's easly the best film i have watched in 2013. Check it out, it surely will be more an experience than a simple "sunday trip".