EvanAdams' Rating of Cloverfield

Evan's Review of Cloverfield

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


You know how they say that FOUND FOOTAGE films shouldn't have high-budget effects in them; for the most part they're right. Cloverfield is a GIANT exception, literally! My one and only strike against Cloverfield is the ending. If they had cut the last five or so minutes out and kept the rest then this film would be a genuine masterpiece. Cloverfield can trace it's frightening origin back to all the monster movies we enjoy like Godzilla and The Host. Instead of using a large well-known cast or involved story to keep your interest this movie focuses on a group of friends as they battle to safety through the near constant mayhem and destruction made by one of the best monstrosities in film. This is a monster thrill ride for the YouTube generation! So aside from the ending (and unnecessary back story) Cloverfield is a terrific movie that delivers exhilarating scares, frightening chills, endless suspense, and spectacular effects. This is a heart-racing experience.