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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Red 2

Red 2(2013)

I think we can all agree that the first Red was an action-packed ride of mayhem stuffed to the brim with car chases, shoot outs, explosions, fist fights, and big laughs. Red 2 is by all means the exact same thing with almost no change in formula or the way it's delivered. It definitely serves up action, within the last 45 minutes mind you. I can't say that I didn't laugh because the movie does have some hilarious comedy but there are fewer gags in this follow up. Also as fun and exciting as the film may be, it's a sad excuse for a story that has no more originality then any of the other recent sequels. The one thing I can honestly say I did enjoy was the cast who are better in this film than its predecessor. For anyone who actually remembers what R.E.D stands for let me refresh your memory. R.E.D stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous. Well that was at least the first one. Red 2 is more like a recycled exaggerated disaster of clichés, mishaps, bad cinematography, and raunchy amusement. You'll get everything from the first, just less of it. Quick question, why make a sequel when the first movie came out over 3 years ago? Everyone has almost completely forgotten about the first. If you're going to make a sequel could it at least be for a movie that's stayed within living memory. Not a total disaster, but one of the worst films of the summer. See it only if you're truly desperate for entertainment which is about the one thing it succeeds at.