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Justice League
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I love reading comics in general and I love watching movies in general. Both mediums are my favorite form of art and my preferred choice of escapism. I especially am a huge fan of Batman and Wonder Woman as characters. And I most especially love the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited tv series. So, as a fan of these characters and the world of DC comics, I can't help but feel a little more than curious to see Zack Snyder direct a Justice League movie. However, based on the trailers alone, it was obvious to me that the movie was most likely not going to be good. So, the little excitement I had for Justice League quickly faded away. But, simply out of curiosity, I still went to see the movie and hoped I would at least enjoy parts of it despite the movie looking to be nothing like what I wanted and hoped a Justice League movie would be like. Now having seen the movie, I can honestly say though I did enjoy a few moments and chuckle a couple times, this movie is a mess and beyond frustrating. It's just deeply disappointing. I wish I can say I am so confused as to why a movie that cost around 300 million would have such awful and laughably bad CGI along with a villain who's entirely CGI and he looks worse than the rest of the noticeably questionable CGI. I wish I can say I am so confused as to why Superman's mouth looks so weird it became jarring enough to take me out of the movie. I wish I can say I am so confused as to why the movie feels rushed and feels like there are a lot of scenes either missing/cut out/removed from the movie. I wish I can say I am so confused as to why there's so much lack of character development when the movie is only two hours long. But I can't say I'm confused, because I know why, and it's highly unfortunate, annoying, and frustrating. Suffice it to say, I hated this movie and I never want to see it again and I can't recommend anyone to pay to see it in the theaters either. I give Justice League a D+.

mother! (2017)
57 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's a shame that so many people are misjudging this film, because so many people misunderstood it. Just because a movie isn't what the trailer made it out to be doesn't mean the film sucks or is bad, etc. It simply means the film was poorly marketed. mother! is in fact not only a brilliant film, but it's a true cinematic piece of art and a masterpiece of film-making. This is a film that everyone should see. It's a film that everyone needs to see. If any movie deserves to make half a billion to a billion dollars it's mother! and if any movie deserves your attention and respect, it's mother! I highly recommend this film and I highly suggest you see it asap! I give mother! an A+.

It (2017)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I fucking hate reading Stephen King's books because I can't stand the way he writes, but God fucking-damn-it he is a great story-teller and has created some of the most interesting and exciting stories and characters that are perfect for being adapted to the big screen, and IT is my favorite Stephen King story that just so happens to have one of my favorite literary characters of all time, Pennywise the Dancing Clown. After watching the embarrassingly and laughably awful IT miniseries, I hoped and prayed someone would make a proper film adaptation that honors the spirit of the novel all the while omitting or making small changes from the book, because let's face it, the book is far from perfect and has a lot of issues (*cough*child orgy*cough*), but it's still a very effective piece of story-telling and one that's worth a read and worth having millions of dollars invested into making a great IT film based on the novel. So how is IT? Well... BRILLIANT! I like it, ah fuck that, I LOVE this film! It's absolutely fantastic and has easily become one of my favorite horror films of all time. Director Andy Muschietti has taken a smartly adapted script and used it to elevate the horror genre in attempt to help this story and these characters reach their full potential, and guess what... with the help of an amazing cast and their electric chemistry and wonderful performances, along with the help of an awesome score and bold editing, he has managed to make one of the best films in the horror genre. As a fan of the book I could not be happier and as a fan of the horror genre I could not be happier and as a lover of films and film-making I am the happiest movie-goer on the planet right now. See IT, ASAP! I give IT an A-.
P.S. IT was never intended to be the scariest movie ever or even super scary. The people who market movies are paid to try and get as many butts in seats at the theater so the film can make as much money as possible. So don't let movie trailers influence your expectations, and don't expect this movie in particular to be super scary, because, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, it's not. Not because the film fails to be scary, but because that's not what the movie is about. This film is creepy, sure, and it certainly has some scary moments, but this is not nor was it ever trying to be a typical or traditional modern horror film. Meaning, this film actually has characters, actually has a story to tell, and actually is about stuff and things that mean something to these characters and to fans of the book and to fans of cinema, people who want more and expect and need more from the horror genre. So, if you walk out of this movie thinking this movie sucks and feeling disappointed because it wasn't scary enough or because it just didn't scare you... then I feel really bad for you.

Alien: Covenant
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Love it or hate it, Prometheus raised interesting and exciting questions, setting up the next film to explore the answers to those questions with our new main characters, the curious and mischievous robot, David, and the last survivor of the Prometheus, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. As for me, despite its flaws, I mostly enjoyed Prometheus and was very much looking forward to following David and Shaw on route to the home planet of the Engineers. I was even happy to patiently wait several years to see a sequel to Prometheus, especially if it meant seeing the Engineer's home planet, David be more creepy and mischievous, and Shaw trying to get some answers from the Engineers. Five years later, instead of a sequel to Prometheus, we get Alien: Covenant; a movie that's obviously a direct result to the mixed reviews and fan hate of Prometheus. Alien: Covenant tries to be a mash-up of Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus, which sounds good and exciting... on paper, but it comes off more like a semi-shitty cover band doing the greatest hits of different types of songs from different types of bands. The result is an Alien remake/reboot that contradicts all of the previous movies all the while being frustratingly predictable and boring, with very poorly written throw away characters making annoyingly stupid choices, servicing a plot that's way too familiar, and ends the exact fucking way Alien, Aliens, and Alien 4 ended. Yep, by shooting the alien out of a fucking airlock. It's the fucking Death Star in Star Wars all over again. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Alien: Covenant not only bombs any hope of answering the questions left by Prometheus, but it also shits on the characters of Elizabeth Shaw and David, but more Shaw than David in this entry. Alien: Covenant exemplifies what happens when you write & direct yourself into a hole. This is what happens when there's a lack of intelligence and imagination, and an obligation to make sequel before another director volunteers to come in to direct a better sequel (from all the Alien fans, we are so very sorry Neill Blomkamp). Ridley Scott obviously had good and inspired intentions with Prometheus. He made a bold, suspenseful, and visually masterful movie asking interesting and important questions and teasing great and exciting ideas, and that is despite the shitty script he had to work with. He made an effort to make the best of that script. Here, with Covenant though, the script is worse than shitty, and it feels like Scott either stopped making an effort, or no longer is the right man to continue this series. Either way, whatever the reasons are, Alien: Covenant is deeply disappointing, painfully frustrating, and just about a complete waste of time. I give Alien: Covenant a D+.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Of course it's not as good as the first one, but it's still good, and if you're going to see it, then see it in IMAX or XD. Obviously. I give Guardians of the Galaxy a B+.