Vincent Fissore's Rating of Elysium

Vincent 's Review of Elysium

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Well, what can you really say? You have Jodie Foster as a French (?)/Belgian(?)/Francophone (never really explained, nor justified) bully-like Secretary of State, Sharlto Copley as some cro-magnon Afrikaner/Boer mercenary with a lust for violence and over-the-top screaming, Matt Damon being stuck between those two giants and the rest of the cast basically being placed here and there to try and balance the story (surprising under-utlilization of William Fichtner, by the way). In the end, this movie does give you two desires: see Jodie Foster star in a French-speaking or French movie production and Sharlto Copley star in a remake of Braveheart. For the rest, it is a colossal letdown after District 9. However, since this movie has been a cool success in a summer of movie flops of epic proportions, I have no real fears from Blomkamp and Copley. Their careers are secured...