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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Imposter

The Imposter(2012)

The imposter is one of the most gripping and creepy documentaries I've ever seen. If this movie was fiction you might scoff at its implausibility. That these events are factual is downright astonishing.
In June 1994 a boy of 13 named Nicholas Barclay disappeared from his Texas home. Almost four years later a 23 year-old French man, Frederic Bourdin, shows up in Spain, claiming to be the missing Nicholas. Thus begins a shocking and consistently thrilling tale of deception and self-deception.
Directed with style and narrative flair by Barton Layton, mingling dramatic re-enactments of events and fascinating interviews with all those involved(including the charismatic and slippery Frederic), this is an excellent true-crime documentary.