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3:10 to Yuma

3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Rancher Dan Evans agrees to help transport captured outlaw Ben Wade to the nearest rail station, where they'll board a train to court. But all the while, Wade's henchmen are plotting their next move. This movie is strongly directed and never anything other than watchable galloping along at a heart racing rate and not losing momentum even after a detour to exchange gunshots with some Apaches and a grisly encounter with some old enemies of Wade's among a gang of workers clearing land for the allimportant railroad. It is the railroad, that is itself both a force for good and bad.

The heartless rail company wants to buy Wade's poor scrap of land, which is why the banks are trying to force him out, but it is the train the implacable iron horse, invulnerable to the desperadoes attacks on which the embattled forces of good are relying to bring Wade to justice and, arguably, to bring civilization and the rule of law out to the west.

Traditionally the western is a genre in which elemental human drama of good versus evil can be staged in the vast arena of the frontier. For all this, 3.10 To Yuma is an enjoyable yarn and Fonda in particular strengthens the movie some, as the grizzled warrior and survivor of many such battles in the unending war of the American west. I highly recommend this movie to all.