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Reservoir Dogs
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

First ever review. Hold tight ladies and gentlemen because there will be more to come.

Ah, good old Quentin Tarantino. Never changing. Always seems to save us from the shit storm of terrible movies that we have to endure every year. Django Unchained being his latest, which was of course, fan-fucking-tastic. But, alas, I am getting carried away with Tarantino.

Onto the actual film. It doesn't take a God to figure out that this is a character-driven movie. Don't get me wrong, the plot is entirely there, but the characters are what truly form this golden masterpiece. The way we see every character interact with each other in this "whodunnit" type of movie makes it all worthwhile. We get to see them all scramble with the notion of impending doom heading their way as they realize that one of them is an undercover cop. Each and every one of them are dead set on finding this cop. And the way Tarantino sets it up is absolutely ingenious.

Of course my favorite has to be Mr. Pink, he is also a favorite among many fans. Steve Buscemi shined in this film, and for me, this was one of his best roles ever. Mr. Pink is the first one who came up with the thought that one among them was an undercover cop. The way Mr. Pink analyzes the situation and carefully deconstructs and constructs it all to be able to see that something was wrong helped form his character as this was done in the beginning. His smarts, curiosity, and general common fucking sense helped save himself from the bloodbath that was to come. Mr. White is a fucking idiot. Or that's what most people probably see when they see the movie. He had a fucked up judgement on what was right and wrong. He told Mr. Orange his real fucking name, I mean after repeated times on being told not to, Mr. White told his name. And then defending the dying Mr. Orange made the whole matter worse. Although I'll give it to him the way he killed Eddie and Joe was pretty fucking cool. And his escape was bad ass. But in no way, is he the Wolf like he is in Pulp Fiction. His lack of judgement made him much worse than the Wolf. Mr. Blonde is too fucking crazy for me. I mean, way too fucking crazy. The torture scene speaks for itself. Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue were utter failures, but of course they were because one was Tarantino (He's a fan of being killed in his own films) and the other had failure written across his face (He was old, even older than me.) Eddie was a comical guy, I can't help but smile when he tells his stories. Joe is an annoying shit.

And last but not least, Mr. Orange. The infamous Mr. Orange. Tim Roth did a great fucking job making me writhe in my seat, because in most of the film he was shot. And the way he cried in agony and pain was just fantastic. His character was that of a typical big hotshot of a cop, ready to go undercover, but when shit hits the fan, he quickly shells up and pretends he's not there.

But the best part for me was the ending. The way Mr. White was destroyed when Mr. Orange said, "I'm the cop." was priceless.

The screenwriting was masterfully crafted (It's Quentin fucking Tarantino), the direction was top notch (It's Quentin fucking Tarantino), the music was quirky and great (Stuck In The Middle With You and Mr. Blonde combined? Symphony bitches, symphony) and the thrills were thrilling (Play on words, bitches).

In a short way to sum this classic up: The characters and their interactions are the reason why this movie is a God damn motherfucking classic.

P.S.: Titty sprinkles.