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Jobs (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, we all know that, but could he be mistaken as himself in this flick? Steve Jobs, made the portable toilet paper role, and in his spare time volunteers at children's birthday parties as a clown. In the movie Jobs, Ashton wears glasses! It's shocking and allowed me to have an immense revelation! This movie was a tear jerker and at times made my laugh. In life we have lemons and some don't taste very delightful. Josh Gad played a man by the name of Steve Wozniak and was the guy who always conducted the advertisements for Job's magnificent invention, the portable toilet paper roll! Of course, in the end he's put in a situation where he either has to unclog his nephew's, dog's, cousin's, cat's, father's, grandpa's, grandson's, bestfriend's, bestie's, mother's, husband's, boyfriend's gorilla's toilet, or go and magically fix Job's glasses with the oh-so useful spell, reparo! Lukas Haas plays an amazing role because we share first names.... IGNORE THE K! In the end, you can tell I know absolutely nothing about this movie and haven't even bothered to watch the trailer, that is all....