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Justice League
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ÔŅ 1/4

Andrew Findlay

to me
21 minutes ago


Despite mediocre reviews from critics and mixed reception from my go to critics, I was still eager to see this as all in all I am very much enjoying the most part of the DCEU. 

Taking into note before I went to my screening of this film, what some other critics had said I still went in hopeful. And I‚(TM)m glad I did.¬†

Beginning very shortly after where Dawn of Justice left off, it took little-no time for justice league to get into full swing, with some kick ass action sequences including the me and only Wonder Woman swiftly bringing back why I loved her movie so much. And shortly then a scene with Batman - and then many many action sequences through the two-hour length (which flies by).

Drilling it the events of Dawn of Justice, this film follows the events of the film closely, if not lying to us a bit. By beginning the film with just Wonder Woman and Batman it begs to be thought how long will it take DC to pop out a Wonder Woman and Batman film - I for one would not complain. Doing what DC does, the film swiftly take a toll from being good to great with the introduction of the other members of the league. And some new members are better than others.

Cyborg surprised me the most with being quite a standout character, having a significantly more to do than his fellow team member Aquaman, cyborg constantly looking on point, with the CGI being outstanding and the acting from Fisher being also particularly strong. I don‚(TM)t dislike Jason Momoa but I wasn‚(TM)t extremely excited to see Aquaman, at this stage I neither hate him, nor do I love him. If he did nothing else he provided a few strong giggles to the film - somehow Aquaman underwater companion Mera does more in her three minute screen time than Momoa‚(TM)s lengthy screen time. ¬†

However, The Flash leaves his fellow male team members at the starting line and proves himself to be the best of the best. So! The Flash was the standout member, in other news, water is wet! 

Justice League prides itself on phenomenal action sequences, and nothing changes here. With this feature knocking out action scene after action scene; despite the fact the end fight sequence was truly spectacular, with left me with a huge satisfied grin on my face. The stand out action scene for me takes place on Thymasicra, with a phenomenal action sequence with Steppenwolf vs the Amazonians. This is nothing else makes this movie worth watching. 

Unlike most I do not dislike this movies villain, with some referring to him as ‚~posing no threat‚(TM) and even the way he looked. But I loved him. Yes, he is not as strong as others DC villains, but he did the film justice, brought the team together, and honestly, I thought he looked absolutely spectacular. However, not a direct fault to the movie, but the trailers reveals far too much - they should‚(TM)ve done what Wonder Woman did, and not reveal what he looked like.¬†

The costume design for this movie was truly spectacular, each and ever costume hit the nail on the head, both paying honour to the comics and making it modern. Each costume captures the character perfectly whether it from the main cast to minor characters all were fantastic, I really did love the design for the parademonds, they along with steppenwolf looked outstanding.

One thing DC has successfully mastered through all five of the movies is get each and every female captured perfectly, and that is one of the main things you can take from this movie, DC can get the female cast bang on, even when some males fall in the back. 

However, despite these overwhelming positives which left me with a huge grin on my face. This film is not without a few minor negatives and one or two pretty big ones. 


The biggest of all made me particularly  angry. The over sexualisation of Wonder Woman. My question is, why spend an entire movie building up a strong independent female to just do what they did with her in this movie? Yes this does not spoil her in this movie, along with the Flash she stands out, but with many sexual puns from team members, a cleavage facepalm from a team member and multiple butt shots, I felt angry and disappointed that they chose to do this with her character. I cannot help but feel as this was at the hands of Josh Whedon. 

On top of this the movie does jump from scene to scene a lot and points that clearly were explained in cut scenes, it is evident this movie was intended to be longer than it really is, personally I am very interested to see the intended whole movie.  

Minor CGI adjustments are required too. This includes the adjustments of Henry Cavill‚(TM)s beard which gave him a baby face, poor colouring in scenes and some green screen scenes which were obviously filmed in a studio but not as severe as some reviews suggest.¬†

There are still minor script errors, and some character development issues but all in all these aren‚(TM)t major.¬†

Overall Justice League is a perfectly valid entry to the DCEU, yes stumbling on the success of Wonder Woman but being leaps better than Man of Steel, go in expertly exceptional action sequences, genuine humour and a superhero movie which will undoubtably keeps fans grinning through out.

Be sure to stay around for the end credit scene, it is more than worth it will finish this film on a high. You‚(TM)ll know what I mean when you see it.

Overall rating - 7.9/10 or B