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It (2017)
39 days ago via Movies on iPhone


Technically being a remake of the IT mini-series, this adaptation would either proval over the series or ruin it completely. I am a huge lover of the series version. However, unlike most modern day horrors, It manages to masterfully combines emotion, gory violence and even humour to add up to a prevailing Stephen king adaption swarming in a pool of duds and a remake remarkably better than its original.

Try to live up to Curry's adaption of Pennywise the Dancing clown was a big and daunting job for Skarsgård to live up to. Despite this Skarsgård put his own spin of the clown to lead to a genuinely scary version of the clown with it being much very different to Curry's version down to his general screen presences, the way he graces our screens all in all complete opposites. And it pays off royally.

On top of the adaption of Pennywise being a raging success, each child actor for the members of the 'loser's club' were chosen spectacularly, it is easily arguable the movies driving force, in areas of this adaptation it is impossible but to agree as each cast member had been clearly chosen with clear precision, almost appearing as if the child actors were star studied to play these roles.

Out of the seven 'loser's club' members each member were spectacularly acted. However, being the same as every film, there are always stronger, stand out roles. In this instance it comes from three of the members being the stand outs. Wolfhard, Lieberher and Lillis all capture their performances perfectly, Wolfhard brings much needed humour, and the tension between Lieberher and Lilis' characters were stand out considering they are only of young teens.

Some scenes in this movie, I would count as some of the best scenes in horror history. Especially the projector scene, as seen in the trailers, with a fantastic surprise in that scene. The opening scene being phenomenal and also a scene mid way through the film, this scene takes place in the abandoned house, also seen in the trailer. These three scenes are truly spectacular, especially the projector scene.

Three other parts stand out fantastically in this feature.

It is certainly remarkable how close this adaptation stayed close to its source material. Being book accurate yet also the originality as well put into this is very strong. Without knowing this was a Stephen King adaption, you could tell this was his work, much due to the detail put into the film, the different variants of Pennywise incarnations come to mind.

When the first look at Pennywise was released the film started backlash. Few people liked the costume, being very different to Tim Curry's costume - leading to people not to be happy. However, the costume works in every way. Not just does Pennywise look like a clown, but actually threatening, darker makeup equals up to a highly satisfying look to Pennywise.

On top of this, and maybe only noticeable to more hardcore fans, were the hints towards Pennywise's weakness, the Turtle. A comment is made saying there is a turtle in the water, a Lego turtle created by Georgie, a tub of turtle wax and a tent only to be hinted towards looking like a turtle. But that is enough.

There are minor negatives to the film, the same there are to any film. Brief dodgy script work, missed potentials and a few minor plot holes. However, due to how strong the other parts of the film are, it is easy to dismiss these problems.

Ranking on the Stephen King adaption, It swiftly becomes one of the best, falling sort of the best The Shining, sliding past many others to become one of the strongest Stephen King adaptions, one of the strongest horror films in recent year and one of the best remakes ever!

Final verdict - 8.8/10 or A

Rough Night
Rough Night (2017)
48 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This is the definition of a guilty pleasure film.

King Cobra
King Cobra (2016)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you are bored, and really have nothing else to watch this is the film for you.

With a mediocre and extremely absurd story line, surprisingly very strong acting (especially Allen and Franco) and enough intimate scenes to take on Fifty Shades of Grey, King Cobra deserves to be watched once for its acting, but no surprise would be given if no one rushes to watch this for a second time.

However, due to the sheer dumb originality put into this, somehow King Cora is engaging enough to sit through the 90 minute run time and if nothing more provides moments which are so 'out of the blue' you are left wondering how this movie actually worked (but not extremely well).

Final verdict - 5.9/10 or C