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Creed II
Creed II (2018)
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Very enjoyable, action packed, easy to get caught up into. Well acted and directed. A fitting sequel to the surprise that Creed was. It pays homage to the Rocky series in some ways that are close to jumping the shark, but it gets back on track quickly. You do have to suspend reality when going into any of the Rocky films, if you're willing to do that, you'll really enjoy this. It will be a big hit this holiday season and if the Academy would drop its' pride, it might renominate Stallone for Best Supporting Actor and give him the prize he should've gotten for Creed.

I Can Only Imagine
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's really sad to see the critic reviews of this movie. Then again, critics probably have very little use for the subject matter, the redemptive power of God. The film is tremendously made, finely acted, powerfully moving. The entire audience was in tears for most of the last 30 minutes of the movie. It will continue to create a buzz and has already outperformed the most optimistic estimates of its' box office opening weekend. Do yourself a favor and go see the film. It just might hit you in the heart...unless you're a jaded, snobby film critic, that is!

Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Mel Gibson is a very talented director, there's no doubting that. One of the best of his generation. The battle scenes are as gripping as Spielberg's in Saving Private Ryan, perhaps even more powerful. The message of faith in Christ in the midst of the brutality of war, is perfectly played, not coming across as preachy. Ultimately, Hacksaw Ridge is breathtaking and will stick with you long after the credits have appeared. Few films make you leave the theater determined to be a better person. This one absolutely does. It's undoubtedly one of the best movies of the year and should garner Best Picture consideration.

Priceless (2016)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Surprisingly well acted and directed. You find yourself being pulled into the film, scene by scene, until its' finale. Many faith-based films have a difficult time comparing to secular offerings due to budgeting and talent, this one does not. I have a feeling the Smallbone brothers might be seen again on the big screen. Great film with subject matter that demands our attention.

Creed (2015)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This far down the sequel chain, let's be honest...expectations are limited. If you plan to see the Creed movie, you know what you're in for, for the most part. I have to say, this film was a pleasant surprise. Makers of Creed managed to incorporate the spirit of the Rocky franchise while recreating a story line away from the series. Yes, there are some moments in the movie that are as predictable as a slow right hook, but Creed manages to rise above. This isn't a film for the art house movie snob and you may see some reviews that thumb their nose at it. For the person willing to plunk down ten bucks or more to get two hours worth of entertainment, this is well worthy of the investment. Lastly, I expect Sylvester Stallone to earn an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in the film. The one real surprise in the movie was that he was allowed to act again, maybe for the first time since the original Rocky. And he nails it.