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Peppermint (2018)
13 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Between shoving fistfuls of popcorn into their open maws, the audience would reach their hands around their massive bellies to clap when Jennifer Garner killed the messican.

Everything is superficial, there is no depth to the story. Things happen in order to move the story along. All of a sudden we cut to the consequences of Jennifer Garner hunting the people she's seeking revenge on, with absolutely no explanation as to how she go there or what her motivation is, particularly for the judge and DA. It's implied they're "dirty" but we're told that in a throw away line. It's a movie, show us that. Most of the action in the revenge killings occurs off screen when it does happen so it's not even satisfying.

The killing of the three gangbangers that did the drive-by that killed her daughter isn't even shown. They are most responsible for the killing and we don't even get to see her take her revenge.

The culmination of her hunt for revenge is the killing of the "boss", but we are repeatedly reminded throughout the movie that he doesn't even know who Jennifer Garner is, what she is capable of, or why he should care about her. It's not satisfying to see him killed.