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Death Note
Death Note (2017)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Death Note is a good Adam Wingard film. It contains many of the things you'd come to expect from the director. Great music and cinematography with some brutal gore. As a fan of his work I found his take on Death Note pretty unique and enjoyable. It makes enough reference to the source material to get anime fans on board while at the same time creating it's own unique and twisted scenarios to keep them watching. Death Note is by no means bad or insulting. It's a cool horror/thriller that will leave you entertained. Major issues I have with the film are it's length. It feels a tad over stuffed and I feel it would have benefited as a mini series instead of a film. The hour and a half run time does not allow the movie to breathe too often. Character motivations and exchanges are also lacking weight.