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Altered Carbon: Season 1

ULTRA super epic cyber in your face punk, i cant event remember what a bladerunner is

The Handmaid's Tale: Season 2

jawdropping woawesome still ... the biblical state in a post-trumpalyptic north america

Counterpart: Season 1
Counterpart: Season 1 (2017-2018)

not bad, not bad at ALL (why is this all caps?) ... im afraid too much review is impossible without spoiling ... John pope <3 ... i just ... getting a case full of ?500 bills would be a bit like driving a lighthouse through the province on a monstertruck. I dont even know any store that accepts it why is this all caps is my pc broken. excellent performances by jekyll and hyde haha

Mindhunter: Season 1

SUPER AWESOME... as a "dabbler" in the matters of the human mind (i cant say anything cos i never got the degree right HAHAH, i actually never got the 14.000k to pay for it but im afraid that doesnt mean i dont have it ... it's the land of no-portunity after all ... MASSIVE AWESOME ... on how the FBI slowly discarded lead lobotomy as the ultimate solution and the birth of prevention, right ? in other words and not so many
fucking awesome massive supreme shit
but i think they're taking a step backwards overthere now, maybe breeding a next-gen monster in the process that might require an overhaul of what will be "classic methods" by today but were unheard of back then I THINK THIS IS AWESOME MAAANNNN
you have no idea ... the standard sapient mind is SO easy ... because its normal ... thats what makes it easy, same patterns all over, now to be in the presence of monsters like THAT ? that's like jerking off pardon my french, if you understand what i'm saying here, mentally
i remember accidentally finding the psychological profile of anders breyvik on my hard drive somehow i devoured that, what i would give to spend time with people like manson and shit to pry them open just for kicks ?
you have no idea
but its obfucscated by the i can code five lines of javascript and such isnt it ? never mind, this deserves every star it gets

ggAH, precious, yes i am, but i'm also the best, that's why i'm the worst .... so what's my style here ?
nah seriously bro, AWESOME shti, right up there with the man in the high tower and the handmaid, the first season of narcos and ... well i think they spun out game of thrones too long but i have hopes for mister robot again

Mr. Mercedes: Season 1

well the cast alone would warrant a 4star minimum but all is to be seen

Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1

cautious ... steady ... after a long streak of fanbased groupie induced crap tearing something revolutionary down to post-vanilla world of warcraft levels maybe this could be something. The question is : does it have a black female spock and a one eyed cripple autist bi-transexual half latino captain with a speech impediment and obese anorexia ? or else ... in pc trumpian contradictory tradition it might not make the top ten most downloaded out of rich yupster protest. I'm sure it will have the classic EU-UN style "omg we said you cant do that cos its wrong and they accepted to a ceasefire but their envoy is a photon torpedo beamed on the bridge, HOW UNCOUTH" star trek moral style, nevertheless i have some hope for it

American Horror Story: Cult

after the one and only epic performance of lady haha ever i have no idea what happened to the next issue, i vaguely remember two or three minutes of it and i think i went comatose from boredom after that but this might actually have something to it although keeping it up for a whole season ? that is to be seen

Tin Star: Season 1

potential ....
edit : two months after ? i have no idea ... lets not spoil one inch of the story but just up it from 3.5 to 4.5
les gouts et les couleurs n'est-ce pas ? what do they call them actually ? native canadians, i never gave it a thought but its the same continent so it actually goes without saying but what do they call them ?

The Deuce: Season 1

the macksky and hutch ? i dont where this going ? Looks redder than the Paris district thats for sure. Less quiet tho but i think they have unspoken conventions ... no violence, no guns ... no cops who knows, passing by, looks promising
well so much later
im gonna up this to a 4.5 i think its fu ... i cant use the word in the context, right ? cos it's baed ? it makes baby jesus bleed, its ffuu ... awesome
so far

Room 104: Season 1

cautious initial, potential ... rating subject ot change ...

first impressions ? acting seems good enough, characters believable, not xeroxed from a magazine cover. I wouldnt classify it as comedy, more like twilight zone-ish stories try to keep you guessing is it gonna this or is it gonna be that, potentially refreshing from the beaten track. I wonder how long they can keep that up before resorting to has been done a lot. You know the site loads REALLY slow from thailand ?

Comrade Detective: Season 1

a cautious intiial , subject to change ... something tells me i dont want to see this dubbed. Rusky & Hutch, its gonna get downgraded by any Edisonian or Trumpian, i thought it kinda "nostalgic from the other point of view"

Salvation: Season 1

based on ten minutes or a trailer or something : this is probbaly one of those series they'll blame rotten tomatoes or piracy for. Its aimed at CSI spinoff junkies, clearly mass digesters. all m.i.t. geeks and top tech dudes look like they waltzed out of a commercial to sell tablets to rich hipsters. Feels wrong from the first minute. I see the crowd agrees. Have you SEEN any recent topranking CEO's in AI and tek lately ? do they look like that?

Queen of the South: Season 2

i think its getting better actually ... way closer to the audience score it first got ... el santo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 caps in the back of the knee... someone should add a cup of spike lee choreography, the montage can use some oiling but yea, its got me allright, not just for the pretty face on the skinny lady there

Game of Thrones: Season 7

Well, we had ultradorf ... and he's the shyte ... then we have the queen of dragons and she's how to say ... like dragonfire right ... and NOW we have both of them on one side ... thats like HOT shit
in the face of the undead king ? im kinda hoping its the final season though or this might end in spinouts ...
momentum ... how preposterous to complain being the most wanted series since breaking bad ? the point eludes me. Being a fan of greatness but never having been a groupie of anything though its probably hard for the moneygrubbing filth on top i still hope this is the last season and the night king will be a finale to leave everyone with mouth open for the last 30 minutes. Because i dont think it can go up from here, a pitfall that seems hard to avoid ... because of the moneygrubbing filth on top :)

Narcos: Season 3

lol ... i doubt theres gonna be one if the man is dead, right ? almost nothing in it i didnt know about don Pablo yet, but some about elliott ness there ... it got you nothing didnt it ? dispersal , MORE coke into the states than before you got him killed but you got a medal or something i suppose ? must see-ries. In all modern history not one single man came from so low to that high, if he stayed anonymous he might still have been the king ... who ever offered to pay off the national debt to be left alone ? who ever built his own prison and who walked out when he wanted while the army put down their weapons ?
well, theres only one
edito : season 3 , i saw the ads when i was in Paris, apparently they have series marathons in theatres there. They had marvels latest fluke too. Well, its still great but not quite the hunt for Escobar, so what's next ? Season 4 : how the flow of coke kept rising from 2000-2006 then probably got dimmed a bit cos crystal meth was all the junkies could afford atter the worldwide crash. See, im not cartel, clearly, or i wouldnt be living in a dump in a shithole i hate since i was 15. But this "the bad guy always gets caught"-propaganda that is the only downside here ... i think thats even worse, not cos i see the country here gradually turning police state and ratting is the new white but cos actually nothing has been achieved. They had a chance to take a deal TWICE. Dont tell me thats not how its done, the lawmakers are probably the biggest lawbreakers always. And they didnt. No one will find out what if Escobar would have been president and so et al ... well the law never was on my side really. Doesnt mean i condone mass murder but as a dabbler in sociology (which i never finished the degree ofcourse) i know that crime is born from necessity, usually poverty under corrupt governments, and continues by tradition. After all, if you make even only $10k a month a street runner, why the fuck would you just give out and go nine to five for copper pieces if you're born into it. That, and a vacuum always will be filled. Theres just too much money being made by the legalist side simply by doing the hunt. At the risk of being off-topic. A deal with north korea might be possible too, but you cant give in, right, after all, "the law" ... and shit like that
do i have to post this three times since the first two didnt get through again? am i not pc enough here ?
when it comes to the cartels, the only thing it resulted in so far is a bloody mess every time, if anything they got more ruthless, dispersed and are virtually untouchable since theres too many of them, born in blood with sicarios and gangbangers in the dog pen who have know nothing else all their life chopping heads like their names were IS ?
allright ... before i get rolling on the topic maybe i better cut it short

Queen of the South: Season 1

this is strange, i can get the general but i cant write anything except on season 1 ? well i'm down with the audience score, the critics are obviously paid-off dustball hipster jerks with glasses that rim you from a distance for attention right ?
pretty good for small budget and the girl is haaaawt ... could be more dirty though ... crackhouses are like more dirty, you cant get the stench on tv, right ?

Genius: Einstein

Speaking truthfully, sir, your mere presence spoils my respect for the future of Prussian mathematics. ROFLMAO. What am i gonna do now ? I'll no longer be able to talk about Einstein as if im smart (hah). Reminds me of how i corrected the dutch/german teacher who happened to be the head of class on the first day on the first note on the blackboard on a spelling mistake. She loved me all year long. By next year another hag came up to me on the first day telling me i wasnt wanted there, i would be wise to just leave. I still love wiping my ass with degrees of the dustball department of the ministry of -isms since, can i quote the man? "any fool kan now, the secret is to understand". Best part is when i mention einstein or use anything about him as a metafor. The dustball department gets defensive as if im saying i am Him. Nobody is Him, not yet.
i hope this review does not "violate community guidelines" would be three times in three months. My absolute idol. I used to keep pictures on my wall of this guy, next to pablo escobar, paracelcus, galileo tesla and george orwell and what not. And now everybody can quote einstein is if "they saw it on tv" (lol thats almost insider, i bet it was on of those two dusty dutchmen who pushed me out for not talking like them ... i think they spent too much time in school, it makes people think they're smart but they're actually parrots) points for einstein! einstein for intergalactic overlord. Quit school , you'll never learn faster than after you do ! (unless you're a borning normal turd ofcourse)
"my opinions are usually unwelcome", im gonna devour this
and more ... so much food for thought ... "hitler did not win" True dat, but the nationalist socialist party got what they wanted in the long term. Germany is europes ichiban economic powerhouse, it DID rise, no one seems to see it like that, all those piles of corpses in the end paid of ... for germany actually they did. like i said my opionons tend to be unwanted hahah, they're not black and white i would make this man president of the galaxy or god, but he would probably decline since he has better things to do like proving particles DO behave or something.
Einstein for the masses, finally, now EVERYONE can have seen it on tv and talk about it much to the demise of monopolISM by whats he call them there ? bloated windbags ? i think dinosaurs is too good, dinosaurs are extinct but at least they were impressive. I prefer to call them dustballs. Mental masturbation, yo, LOVE IT, LMAO-ing as we speak (euhm as you read, i suppose)

The Keepers: Miniseries

i call it "father Nazghul" ... makes belgian pedo-priests look like ... mwell they still look like belgian pedopriests ... backward country grown from catholicism where the church ruled long after the state came in ? sounds like ... MUST SEE .... thats some hardcore reality tv bro, as not seen on mtv
after 1 i think i get the feeling. Coming from the land of Leopold, built on slavery where the roman catholic party was the only one for decades at the start, living in a rightwing conservative hard labour zone where the priest had more power than the mayor like two generations ago im already thinking : this is gona end up in twssted children, abuse and pedophile priests, good christian uncles and fathers coveting their neigubours little girls and what not and what dya know. Sounds like a fun place to be and to have lived. Theres a nun at the base of why i hate this place so much. They never even forged the paperwork that kicked me out. They just didnt make any up. They told my parents and my parents grounded me for a whole summer and told me : if they say so im sure you have done it. So i cant wait to see if sister kathy got whacked cos she didnt go along with that. Yea theres quite the history of pedopriests in hellgium. None of them ever got convicted. cases were too old by the time people spoke. 4 stars for now, maybe more when i finish it
So : half into the 2nd episode, i recognize that place, its here but 70 years ago. It even has abusive cops included, dont wanna spoil too much but its spoiled as hell since its not fiction. You ever wonder why a muslim woman is forbidden to wear a hijab in official offices but everybody opens the door for a nun, but when they walk out they look exactly the same ? I think the only thing i have to think these people for, catholic schools, violent teachers who took out kids to beat them just cos they werent smart enough to answer fast enough, is that they made me polytheist agnostic cos the world is bigger but monotheism, be it christianity or any of the other, with a centralized leadership or not, is clearlyl a symbol for male dictatorship and the absolute ruler. I changed it to five stars thats a must see. The pope should watch it, cos like i said, none of the priests here got convicted and the unholy church of rome didnt even take a stand (no, not me, these things were a generation or more before me here but the violence, the mental and physical beating? that was still there, i never seen more fighting than when i was in catholic school)
supreme testimonies (but im only 1.5 episodes in)
Thats some hardcore reality shit there. You wouldnt believe? Well it seems to have been a pandemic round about that generation, who KNOWS how bad it was before. I wouldnt feel too guilty dearie, psychopaths tend to be rather smart and have great empathy, they can read others but they dont connect. Nothing you could have done as a kid. Just read around the world how many only came out after they turned 50-60 or more. So, who wants to start a vote on no longer paying stipends to the vatican ?
Well i'm not a christian as i said before, i'm not big into monotheism as i explained and why. I spent enough time in catholic schools and living in a place, it really reminds me of the zone here, to understand this much : a priest who's a salesman is not a moral guide. If you believe you don't need a worldy centralized authority to be with your God since your God is everywhere right? like the universe. The church of rome is a lie and it has committed nothing but crimes against humanity since its very first days, over the inquisition down the last century. am i getting too heated on the topic ? im sorry its just a review, right
you wanna talk to your god ? you don't need that pope he's a protector of criminals of the worst kind, the kind people in jail distance themselves from to feel better about what they did themselves, you know? ofcourse you dont why would you have been there
Its been 12 years ago for me but thats irrelevant. You cant fight it with the law, the power of the church of rome is unbelievable, even today, the jesuits basically raped africa and south america into submission but its like the most catholic places on the planet now. Thats terrorism right fucking there. I would get more old testament about it. If they wont receive the holy spirit back up theis ass in jail, a spiked baseballbat should do. An eye for an eye, right ? the biblical thing to do.
So im almost 3 full eps in and im steaming but i wonder. Will i log in later this week and find my account gone since i talked about powers that be ? Without warning, the american way of free speech. Wouldnt surprise me, it would be the third time in three months in the third place then.
Good nuff said, too much

American Gods: Season 1

hollywood movies might be in a sad, sad state. But american television seems have some kind of rebirth cycle going on. It's not even dystopian this one. Its a hidden world beneath the world and the setup is marvelous. If they got the balls to do muhammad i'll give them a five star plus (you do know thats why keep being bullied, right? you give your lunch money every time they bark). Good thing im not a christian either or id be a crusader. This show has the potential to become epic but it can still turn into crybaby fanbased shyte pardon my french i hope this is not a site where american free speech applies or else fuck it. Whoever wrote this shit deserves an immediate shot at another series imo. Total mix of everything, fine scenery AND good acting too but who came up with it ? thats the superstar to me

The Handmaid's Tale: Season 1

Dystopia seems to be the new magic word after the previous wave of 're-invention'. Few get it right, i dare say very few get it right.
Afaic the only thing that even comes close is the man in the high castle (which to me stlil wins with a photo-finish) but this is rare jewelry indeed

The Putin Interviews: Season 1

a never before seen take on a man dubbed most powerful in the world by some american magazine no one probably ever heard of (time or something) ... they didnt mention their own president, they mentioned putin and das mädchen ... so ... the title "commander in chief" is a title, right? barring that its like the most open take EVER on the man, i must commend mister Stone (its stone right?) for his bravado in talking to a man that must have an aura like strawhat luffy haki in real life so openly ... i particularly like the one single scene where he is driving his own car ... escorted ofcourse, he's like russia ichiban but he's behind the wheel, he doesnt have a driver, and hes like casually responding without flinching or thinking on what to say, its been eye-opening and most refreshing really, we agree on at least one thing : america caused al qaeda and is , as for the homos ... well its 2017, i dont really care where men poke their dick as long as they dont poke it at me but mwell ... diffferent places need different strategies right, its a bit older than this belgium here or the states for that matter