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Rampage (2018)
10 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Surprisingly far better then I had expected.

I didn't have high hopes for Rampage, I figured it would be a horrible video game movie with the normal horrible video game tropes. However, it has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it so I as sure it would be fun. Maybe those low expectations helped as I was pleasantly surprised though to find it not just fun but a rock solid monster movie.

It won't win any high drama awards, but it stayed in the lane of being a monster movie and because of that there were no other expectations on it that it could fail. It included the requisite monsters, government ineptitude, great special effects, brutal monster eating people sequences, an evil corporation, and a hermit like scientific primatologist who used to be special forces, what wasn't there to like.

The even more surprising thing is that the movie did not feel like a video game movie. Maybe that is why I liked it so much. It didn't have the cheesy video game tropes and instead just took the basis of the video game and made it a decent monster movie (much how I always liked that Resident Evil was unevenly successful at the same thing but as a horror movie).

Nothing negative to say about this, it is a solid action and special effects driven monster movie that has The Rock as an ex-special forces primatologist.

The good: Everything was rock solid as a monster movie. Much better then The Mummy in this respect. Special effects, monsters, the Rock all enjoyable.

The bad: There wasn't anything bad as long as you come in expecting just a monster movie. I did feel bad for the wolf though, won't anyone think about the wolf?

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider (2018)
11 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The movie was an incredible disappointment if you come in expecting Tomb Raider related to the series of games (or even previous movies). It made a so-so action movie with a bland taste and unoriginal story.

The acting was fine, there wasn't a lot to show off the acting chops of anyone, but it wasn't so horrible you cringe like you would on a straight to DVD movie. The story was bland, no real surprises and sadly no supernatural.

The lack of supernatural aspect was the most surprising part. It is the one thing that makes Tomb Raider the Tomb Raider you grew up with. Boss monsters, a bit of supernatural end of the world, etc was completely removed from the world. This was a straight forward action movie with no actual magic, or person locked in a tomb.

I really was disappointed they didn't really stay with the video game reboot story. They kept a lot of chunks but left out most of the NPCs and all the cool portions of the story. The end result was a dry movie that was so bland and "meh" that I even now don't remember everything.

The good: The acting was ok, but thats it - just ok.

The bad: The story was butchered and details of Lara Croft's world so cut down that you wouldn't recognize it as that world, even if some of the scenes were straight out of the video game.

Justice League
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I went in expecting it to really suck, but it wasn't that bad.

Don't get me wrong, it is nothing compared to Wonder Woman, or any of the Marvel things that are happening, but I do have to say it managed to be better than Batman v Superman.

Now, remember that I also kind of liked (but kind of didn't) Suicide Squad so my taste is not the normal movie critic.

I liked the new characters, Flash and Cyborg seemed interesting, and both had a good feel. I loved the new take on the Flash, and his immediately volunteering to join sort of underscored his whole character. Meanwhile Cyborg was brooding in the beginning but became fairly mellow by the end

The movie itself felt the same dark dark dark grim dark of BvS in places, then in other places it felt less serious about itself and was able to be watched easier. I think this is where you seek Zack Snyder at first, and Joss Whedon in the others.

What this movie did show me was that Zack Snyder shouldn't be directing any of these. I am definitely for a dark comic book universe, but Patty Jenkins proved DC doesn't have to be dark with Wonder Woman, and Joss lightened up Justice League enough that it shows Zack's view isn't beneficial for the universe.

Now, there are huge holes in the movie you could drive a semi-truck through, but overall it was worth it and I would see any subsequent movies as well.

The good: The chemistry with the characters is there, even Superman. The less serious tone really benefitted the movie as well.

The bad: So many plot holes, acting issues and most importantly showing that Zack Snyder should not be directing these movies.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I loved the entire movie, and probably for the same reason that so many neckbeards hated it.

There may be slight spoilers, so read beyond this at your own peril.

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely things they could have done better. Interactions that lasted a little too long or felt just a little off. However, the whole of the movie is far better then the parts say it should be. There are so many parts that are so good. However this review has to stay short so I will only cover four.

I love the fact that it destroyed the whole Skywalker bloodline as being the center of the movie and universe. The fact that Rey supposedly is not anyone special, that her family were just drunks means you don't have to be a Solo or a Skywalker to have the Force choose you or to be able to wield it. Some say that isn't what the movie says, but I just leave the example of the child at the end using the force to pick up the broom.

I love the fact that Kylo Ren is an obvious stand in for the whiney alt-right man babies. He whines about the same things and throws the same kind of fits. His callous disregard for Rey being uncomfortable with him being shirtless is just one small, tiny example that encapsulates the alt-right self-importance. The whole crying about remaking the empire sparks that same MAGA concept the racists/sexist crowd in real life spouts. It is perfect movie model of real life.

I also am ecstatic that it destroys the expanded universe of Star Wars. I am sorry everyone, but I am old enough to have read those books when they came out but the vast majority of them SUCKED. I mean absolutely sucked with no redeeming quality. I am glad to sacrifice the few good things to get rid of the rest of that garbage. I like that Disney is making a clean slate to entertain and tell a story about that universe, especially once SW IX is done.

However, the final part and best part is making space for people who aren't white males as heroes and as the center of the story. This is coming from a white male, I am damn tired of the same old tired stories that don't give everyone else a chance in the spotlight. I can easily watch and love something that has women, alternate orientations, and people of color as the stars. I can identify them as someone to look up to. This benefits everyone, gives us a richer field to choose movies from and puts everyone on the same footing.  I look forward to more of this and I will happily spend my hard earned money supporting these ventures.

The good: The wide range of actors and actresses, the opening up of the universe, and just about everything SJW this movie does.

The bad: There were little things that bothered me, but nothing any other movie would have done. The biggest bad of this is having to wait 2 more years for SW IX.

Thor: Ragnarok
16 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The best Thor movie yet.

Thor has always been a difficult franchise for me. I like Marvel, I do think Chris Hemsworth is a decent actor, but the character didn't work for me. Not in the Avengers movies and definitely not in the Thor standalone movies. Too dour, too serious, the character isn't a lot of fun except for a few one lines. That is until this movie. He was fantastic. The humor bordered on too much, but never crossed that line of being too silly.

The rest of the movie was pretty good as well. I liked having Hulk/Banner in the movie. I believe Marvel is underutilizing Mark Ruffalo and it was great to see him involved. I also enjoyed Scrapper 142 as a person who surprises Thor with her origins (won't say more for spoilers) and of course The Grand Master was awesome. How can people not love Jeff Goldblum. He is one of those people I could watch an hour of him just talking. I absolutely loved the storyline on his planet, the gladiators and the revolution.

Sadly the part I didn't like was about Hela and the whole Asgard part. This part felt less fun, less interesting and seemed mostly a way to move around the pieces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She wasn't interesting and I absolutely hated her outfit. That being said, it is fortunate they seem to spend more time dealing with Hulk/142/Thor on the scrap planet with The Grandmaster. It was pretty awesome.

The one other thing though that this underlined was the way Marvel ignores women. So many little cameos in the movie, and the one little tiny thing involving Black Widow just reminded me that we haven't seen  a Black Widow movie, she gets less screen time then any of the others (even the Scarlett Witch, but she doesn't even get her own movie). I am not sure what the problem is with Marvel, they have the Black Panther coming up (and I am going to be there first in line to see it) but still no women led movies.

The fact that D.C. has them beat on this just confuses me even more.

That being said, the movie was great. Definitely in the top 5 Marvel movies for me and the best Thor movie period.

The good: Action packed with a lot of fun moments. It was great to see Hulk/Banner as well, but Thor definitely made it his movie.

The bad: The part in Asgard was not in sync for me with the rest of the movie, and the whole movie underscored Marvel's issues with female lead roles.

Of course I will see the next one, and I like his short hair better.