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Not a huge fan. He's not bad, but his movie choice isn't great.

Monster's Ball - 5/10 (More the script's fault, but still)
Finding Neverland - 6.5/10 (enjoyable, but forgettable)
Stranger than Fiction - 6.5/10 (enjoyable enough, but again, forgettable)
The Kite Runner - 7.5/10 (I haven't yet read the book, but while I really enjoyed this movie, I got the distinct feeling it could have been a lot better)
Quantum of Solace - 4/10, (huge disappointment after Casino Royal)
Jemima - I'm serious, that's really my name... Jemima Brown, my mother was hooked on being ethnic.
Jonathan - Or else turned on by a pancake.

- The Eiger Sanction 

The Eiger Sanction (Eastwood, '75) - Equal parts campy hilarity and genuinely good action.  A very odd movie, but mostly enjoyable  - 7/10
Airplane 2: The Sequel (Finkleman, '82) - Basically a lesser version of the original using similar jokes.  Still fun, but unexceptional. 6/10
A Night in Casablanca (Mayo, '46) - It's typical Marx Brothers.  Which is to say it's pretty good.  Not one of their greats but good. - 8/10
Parks and Recreation: Season 5 (Various, 13) - Let's face it: it is starting to slip a little bit.  But only somewhat.  It remains one of the most easily enjoyable TV comedies I've ever seen.  8/10
Fist of Fury (aka The Chinese Connection)
(Lo, 1972)(2nd) - Second viewing raises my opinion somewhat.  I need to see all the Lee movies again to decide which I like best.  9/10

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