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B 47% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) "I found myself loving this strange, straight-faced operetta that embraces everything from Gregorian chanting to East German punk to Flock of Seagulls " ‐ MTV
Posted May 26, 2016
B- 63% Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) "Neighbors 2's Social Justice Warrior critique would feel less sour if it weren't written by five white guys. I guess this is still their party after all. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 19, 2016
A 91% The Nice Guys (2016) "Crowe and Gosling are a perfect mismatch. They skulk around Los Angeles like a bear and a weasel who just escaped from the circus. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 18, 2016
C+ 56% Money Monster (2016) "If Bernie Sanders is elected president, Money Monster will be the only movie allowed on Air Force One. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 12, 2016
A 91% The Lobster (2016) "A cynical sci-fi comedy about life's most clichéd script: pair off or perish. That's been the formula since the first primeval fish, and every living thing since has been a sequel. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 11, 2016
A- 90% Captain America: Civil War (2016) "Captain America: Civil War is a comic book pulped into today's newspaper. " ‐ MTV
Posted May 5, 2016
C 48% Hardcore Henry (2016) "Hardcore Henry is nauseating, twice over. " ‐ MTV
Posted Apr 10, 2016
B 50% Demolition (2016) "The metaphor is heavy-handed. Still, Demolition has a light touch. Vallée is a good soul who traffics in greeting-card ideas that he offsets with interesting crinkles. " ‐ MTV
Posted Apr 7, 2016
A 88% The Invitation (2016) "With the wickedly sharp The Invitation, Kusama has demanded that Hollywood give her a seat at the table. I'd give her one - or else. " ‐ MTV
Posted Apr 6, 2016
C 88% Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) "Before Midnight convinced us that Linklater had become one of the most emotionally mature filmmakers of his generation. With Everybody Wants Some!!, he has a lame midlife crisis. " ‐ MTV
Posted Apr 1, 2016
B 72% Miles Ahead (2016) "Miles Ahead matches music and mood to memory. It feels almost improvised, a creation at once shaggy and fresh. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 30, 2016
C 5% Get a Job (2016) "Clearly, the economy has given Get a Job a reason to be sour. But there's no excuse for being so sexist. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 24, 2016
A 81% Pee-wee's Big Holiday (2016) "Pee-wee doesn't come saddled with backstory, like Batman. He's more like Mickey Mouse, an icon who can become anything he wants. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 18, 2016
D 12% The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016) "Divergent feels like a hasty idea scribbled on construction paper, crumpled into a ball, and ditched in a mud puddle. Even it can't tell what it wanted to say. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 18, 2016
C 90% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) "Great publicity, dumb move. The title alone is a spoiler. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 11, 2016
C+ 38% The Brothers Grimsby (2016) "Grimsby's balls - actual balls - broke my dignity. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 10, 2016
C+ 38% Me Him Her (2016) "You sense that Landis's brain is a cage full of rabid ideas. Rather than tame them, he's happy to open the gate and let the monsters loose. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 9, 2016
90% City Of Gold (2016) "Gold is merely the conduit for the film's real focus: Like his own reviews, City of Gold is a love letter to L.A. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 8, 2016
C 25% London Has Fallen (2016) "Butler doesn't even have his own catchphrase. He just poaches two of Schwarzenegger's, bellowing both "Get to the chopper!" and "I'll be back!" " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 5, 2016
B 68% Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) "A girl-power comedy with a bold twist: The timid heroine blossoms in Afghanistan, one of the most female-unfriendly countries on earth. " ‐ MTV
Posted Mar 3, 2016
B- 12% Gods Of Egypt (2016) "It's tempting to dismiss Gods of Egypt as the most perfectly bad film I've ever seen. But that's not fair. It's perfectly itself - a bizarre, yet cohesive, construction. " ‐ MTV
Posted Feb 26, 2016
B+ 53% Triple 9 (2016) "#AllLivesMatter? Not here. Hillcoat wants us to admit the truth behind the robbers' callous calculation: Some people are worth more than others. " ‐ MTV
Posted Feb 25, 2016
C 52% Risen (2016) "It's pointed about how we treat today's zealots, as when Clavius likens the pain of crucification to "sucking air through a wet cloth" - a description of waterboarding. " ‐ MTV
Posted Feb 19, 2016
C 91% The Witch (2016) "Like the Puritans themselves, the movie shuns drama. It has too much moral virtue for jump scares. " ‐ MTV
Posted Feb 18, 2016
C 49% How To Be Single (2016) "This concept of single still assumes that a woman must have a man, that a girl's only choice is between one boyfriend or 20. " ‐ MTV
Posted Feb 12, 2016
B- 85% Hail, Caesar! (2016) "In the dailies of Hail, Caesar!'s fictional Hail, Caesar!, a title card reads, "Divine presence to be shot." To the Coens, is that a promise or a threat? " ‐ MTV
Posted Feb 4, 2016
C 51% 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (2016) "A wholly fictitious bus blast had my audience applauding with glee. "That was for us!" a character grins. Yes, literally - it was invented for a crowd that prefers fist-pumping to facts. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 14, 2016
B 65% A Perfect Day (2016) "A wry salute to the world's hard-drinking, eye-rolling aid workers, men and women whose high ideals get crushed by global bureaucracy and local recalcitrance. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 14, 2016
B- 31% Anesthesia (2016) "I wanted more time with almost all of the subplots - I got invested in their small, relatable agonies - which is both a complaint and a compliment. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 6, 2016
B 92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) "The Force Awakens steers the franchise back to its popcorn origins. It's not a Bible; it's a bantamweight blast. And that's just as it should be: a good movie, nothing more. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 16, 2015
B- 59% Sisters (2015) "What's quietly revolutionary about Sisters is that it's a dumb-party movie like a million others. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 15, 2015
C 42% In the Heart of the Sea (2015) "Moby-Dick was a story of fever and obsession. Ron Howard is interested in something more cynically modern: corporate greed. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 10, 2015
A 82% Chi-Raq (2015) "Chi-Raq is a marvel. It's Lee resurrecting his voice - angry, impassioned and funny as hell - right when we need to hear it. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Dec 2, 2015
C 70% The Danish Girl (2015) "The great mystery of the script: Why does The Danish Girl pretend to cheer Lili's courage while changing the facts to make her seem selfish? " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 24, 2015
C 94% Creed (2015) "Stallone can't let go of the spotlight, even though he barely has a handle on his own character. His Balboa has been Xeroxed too many times; he's all blurry around the edges. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 24, 2015
A 70% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) " In the first Hunger Games film, we were simply meant to care whether Katniss won. Three movies later, the series has become about how horrible it can be to win. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 19, 2015
B 97% Mustang (2015) "It hurts to see those bars erected around the house. It hurts worse to see them mounted in the girls' minds. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 19, 2015
D 33% By The Sea (2015) ""Jesus," Jolie groans, "have I become that dull?" Yes, in fact, and with her name all over the credits, there's no one else to blame. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 11, 2015
C 44% Dangerous Men (2015) "To sit through it feels like honoring the dreamers of the world who at least get shit done. Is it terrible? Of course. Is there belly-dancing? Duh. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 11, 2015
B 69% Miss You Already (2015) "Toni Collette gives an Oscar-caliber performance in a movie that Oscar voters probably will avoid watching until 2019 when they're stuck home with the flu. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 4, 2015
B- 34% Our Brand is Crisis (2015) "A horror film wrapped in a fast-talking political comedy. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 29, 2015
C+ 52% Tokyo Tribe (2015) "The nearly two-hour run time starts to feel like a concert where the hype men won't get off the stage. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 26, 2015
B- 67% Nasty Baby (2015) "Nasty Baby takes aim at a fat target: gay modern-family dramedies, those well-meaning, self-congratulatory films that haven't actually felt modern in a decade. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 23, 2015
91% Bridge of Spies (2015) "Bridge of Spies connects Cold War paranoia to today's terror. That's a bridge worth building. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 22, 2015
B 70% Crimson Peak (2015) "A faithful homage to a foolish genre. The risk is that audiences who don't share that love won't appreciate the work, like the world's best cover band nailing obscure nu-metal hits " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 14, 2015
A- 94% Room (2015) "Abrahamson is fascinated by happiness and hope: how Jack can see joy in this dungeon, and how Joy can dream of freedom when her son can't comprehend that there's anywhere else to go. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 14, 2015
A 84% Victoria (2015) "This sparse marvel leaves the audience rattled by how small decisions lead to big consequences. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 8, 2015
98% Finders Keepers (2015) "Finders Keepers sees the tragedy in Whisnant's egomania. As he agrees to a tacky reality show, we realize he's peddling something more valuable than a leg - he's selling his soul. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Oct 1, 2015
A 96% #DEL Do Not Merge "Finders Keepers sees the tragedy in Whisnant's egomania. As he agrees to a tacky reality show, we realize he's peddling something more valuable than a leg - he's selling his soul. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 25, 2015
B- 77% Where to Invade Next (2016) "In Where to Invade Next, Moore has stopped being cynical. He's sincere - a noble fool willing to ask questions we've abandoned. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 16, 2015
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