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Before Midnight (2013)



Average Rating: 8.7/10
Reviews Counted: 173
Fresh: 170 | Rotten: 3

Building on the first two installments in Richard Linklater's well-crafted Before trilogy, Before Midnight offers intelligent, powerfully acted perspectives on love, marriage, and long-term commitment.


Average Rating: 9.3/10
Critic Reviews: 40
Fresh: 38 | Rotten: 2

Building on the first two installments in Richard Linklater's well-crafted Before trilogy, Before Midnight offers intelligent, powerfully acted perspectives on love, marriage, and long-term commitment.



liked it
Average Rating: 4/5
User Ratings: 33,841

My Rating

Movie Info

Before Midnight is an upcoming American romance drama film and the sequel to Before Sunrise (1995) and Before Sunset (2004). Like its predecessors, the film was directed by Richard Linklater. As with the previous film, Linklater shares screenplay credit with both actors from the movies, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.(c) Official FB


Drama, Romance, Comedy

Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

Oct 22, 2013


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Latest News on Before Midnight

July 10, 2014:
Ethan Hawke's 10 Best Movies
Much has been made of the unorthodox way Richard Linklater filmed Boyhood, working with the same...
February 1, 2014:
2014 Writers Guild Awards Winners
The winners of the Writers Guild Awards were announced tonight in Los Angeles, and Spike Jonze came...


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All Critics (173) | Top Critics (40) | Fresh (170) | Rotten (3) | DVD (1)

This is a universal X-ray of bourgeois love, one that in a few decades will get around to something like Amour.

January 6, 2014 Full Review Source: Grantland
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Hawke and Delpy remain as charming as ever, and their combined goofiness is more endearing than annoying.

June 18, 2013 Full Review Source: Time Out
Time Out
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Love is messy here, life cannot be controlled, satisfaction is far from guaranteed. Romance is rocky at best. But romance still is.

June 14, 2013 Full Review Source: Detroit News
Detroit News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Though "Before Midnight" is often uncomfortable to watch, it's never less than mesmerizing - and ultimately, a joy to walk with this prickly but fascinating couple again.

June 13, 2013 Full Review Source: Seattle Times
Seattle Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

"Before Midnight" is heartbreaking, but not because of Jesse and Celine. It's the filmmakers' passions that seem to have cooled.

June 13, 2013 Full Review Source: Newsday
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Before Midnight is fascinating to watch, and so long as Celine and Jesse are communicating, there's still hope.

June 7, 2013 Full Review Source: Hearst Newspapers
Hearst Newspapers
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Their persistent aggravation with each other indicates so much time spent together, so much intimacy and so little self-knowledge. (They misunderstand each other so well.)

April 8, 2014 Full Review Source: Newcity

This film explores the complexities and complications of modern love and life in an international setting with dialog that is smart and elegant, but it lacks the romance and sense of place featured in the first two films.

January 1, 2014 Full Review Source: Laramie Movie Scope
Laramie Movie Scope

The movie's funny at times and difficult at others, and ends absolutely perfectly. The best of the three.

November 27, 2013 Full Review Source: EntertainmentTell

Delpy and Hawke talk and talk and talk but it is all fascinating.

November 25, 2013 Full Review Source:

An excellent statement (and warning) about the dangers of being in love with love.

November 10, 2013 Full Review Source: Cinema Crazed
Cinema Crazed

Hawke and Delpy emerge multi-dimensional and riddled with flaws. In a long-term relationship, you may think you know what the other is thinking, but do you ever really know?

November 2, 2013 Full Review Source: Yahoo! Movies
Yahoo! Movies

Like the other two, this is a film that breathes. It just holds on a little more before it's willing to exhale.

November 1, 2013 Full Review Source: The Nation
The Nation

Like the Up series, a return to visit old friends

November 1, 2013 Full Review Source: Movie Habit
Movie Habit

Making a movie with nothing more than smart dialogue and fine performances is a dying art, but Linklater, Hawke and Delpy remind us that it's a skill worth saving.

October 23, 2013 Full Review Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Before Midnight feels like the natural extension of the series, and will be everything fans of it could have hoped for.

October 5, 2013 Full Review Source:

The trouble with those first two film was their souffle-light scenarios...Here, however, things are much juicier as infidelity, commitment, divorce, resentment and all the other soul-sapping things that clock in when you hit your 40s come into play.

August 20, 2013 Full Review Source: 3AW the surprising third act, the film comes together as a plausible horror show of how good intentions and real affection can give way to vicious, realistic psychic combat. (

August 16, 2013 Full Review Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

...Before Midnight bears too few similarities to its thoroughly superior predecessors.

August 10, 2013 Full Review Source: Reel Film Reviews
Reel Film Reviews

The reason this film will hold your attention for two hours is because of the natural dialogue between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

July 20, 2013 Full Review Source: ABC Radio Brisbane
ABC Radio Brisbane

Before Midnight is like an old friend who has grown sharper and grumpier and saltier with life; and for students of cinema, the film is a masterclass in the use of the language and tools of this amazing artform to portray human nature

July 19, 2013 Full Review Source: Urban Cinefile
Urban Cinefile

The beauty of this film - like the two before - is its natural flow of conversation and ability to engage and transport us into the moment

July 19, 2013 Full Review Source: Urban Cinefile
Urban Cinefile

The release of each sequel is becoming an event, so it's particularly great to see Before Midnight not only meeting expectations but raising the bar.

July 16, 2013 Full Review Source: Concrete Playground
Concrete Playground

It's a brave, challenging and essential installment in what is one of modern cinema's finest trilogies.

July 15, 2013 Full Review Source: FILMINK (Australia)
FILMINK (Australia)

The beauty of this film - like the two before - is its natural flow of conversation and ability to engage and transport us into the moment

July 13, 2013 Full Review Source: Urban Cinefile
Urban Cinefile

Audience Reviews for Before Midnight

This is the most depressing, and definitely most realistic portrayal of romance, of the Linklater trilogy. Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke return as Celine and Jesse, now married with twins, living in Europe and enjoying a family vacation with friends. While the first two films were romantic because of what could be, this one is romantic for what they are, who they've become, and what's in store for them. Addressing the problems of the last film, Jesse worries about the distance between him and his son, about how much his ex-wife loathes him, and his own shortcomings as a father and a writer. Celine works constantly and worries about their life in Europe and how they adjusted to their marital woes. They argue, bicker, and yet love each other unequivocally, showing the audience that yes things get rough, and sometimes you want to quit, but in the end love is malleable and never-ending in its simplicity. This is by far the most beautiful of the three films and the best written of the three as well.
September 10, 2014

Super Reviewer

Jesse and Celine's marriage encounters hardship as they attempt to manage life together years after their first meeting.
It seems that the "Before" films are the only Richard Linklater films that I enjoy. Linklater's penchant for dividing people into two distinct groups, rebels and sell-outs, wanes when he focuses on Jesse and Celine, and the characters have more depth, more intellectual spark, more remarkable conflicts than any of Linklater's other characters. Their conflicts are remarkably real, and the reflections on life and relationships more poignant than most of what we see in modern romances. The plot - and there is a plot to these films - builds organically, borne out of reasonable assertions by both characters; no one is demonized in these films even if there is conflict. The film's climax is touching, heartfelt, and moving.
The film's drawback is similar to its strengths. After all, we're so used to quick cuts, shallow multiplots, and scenes that get in, get out, and leave nothing fully explored that it takes a long period of adjustment before we can fully appreciated what Linklater does with these characters.
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have the type of chemistry that is rarely captured on film, but I suppose that acting these parts for almost twenty years has its advantages.
Overall, Before Midnight might be the strongest film of the "Before" trilogy, but it's hard to make that determination as each is precious in itself.
May 27, 2014
Jim Hunter

Super Reviewer

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke portray a couple so well that at times I felt as if I were intruding as they navigate/negotiate both their present day lives as well as their futures in Richard Linklater's sublime paean to modern yah-but-we're-educated, not-like-our-dumb-parents love. Pretentious and self aware throughout, while essentially only 5 or 6 beautiful conversations, inter personal/political maneuverings, and yet ... therein the sparkle.
I dare you to watch this and not think at least once that you've had their very conversation, with exactly the same emotion, and the same guile.
My only problem with this was the desire to see the American speak at least a little French f'cryinoutloud.
April 24, 2014

Super Reviewer

Before Sunset and Before Sunrise where both romantic fairy tales. The first was all about spontaneity, the passion of youth. The second was more learned, there was an essence of regret but with the magic of second chances. Both were intelligent and both couldn't have been more romantic. As much as I adored these films, I honestly thought they should leave it there. Much like when they announced the second movie, I was concerned. They got away with it once but could they do it again? After watching it my answer is yes and no. Before Midnight is no fairy tale but it is in many respects, the most romantic of the series. Jesse and Celine are proper adults this time round, their relationship has evolved as they have grown older. Their relationship is no longer fantasy, it is reality. On paper I would have said no way and would have begged Linklater not to make it but I'm not sure why I ever doubted them. I'm married and have been in the same relationship for around the same amount of time, real love is arguments and real love is getting over those arguments. Jesse even says in the film (I paraphrase) that this is no fairy tale, I can only offer you genuine love. That's the key to this films success and a success it is. I now believe they should make another film every 9 years for the rest of their lives. It's already something special but to see a lifelong romance like this, raw, real and uncompromising, would be of benefit to all and very much appreciated. This is real romance and glorious it is too to see it represented authentically for once.
April 11, 2014

Super Reviewer

    1. Celine: Who wants to be Joan of Ark? She was burned at the stake and a virgin.
    – Submitted by Frances H (7 months ago)
    1. Celine: We all get dragged through our parents' lives.
    – Submitted by Michael W (10 months ago)
    1. Celine: Now I know why Sylvia Plath put her head in a toaster.
    2. Jesse: It was an oven.
    – Submitted by Brigita S (11 months ago)
    1. Celine: The world is fucked by unemotional, rational men deciding shit.
    – Submitted by Brigita S (11 months ago)
    1. Jesse: God knows he has many problems and has struggled his whole life connecting and being present, even with those he loves the most. And for that he is deeply sorry. But you are his only hope.
    – Submitted by Brigita S (11 months ago)
    1. Celine: One of the perks of being over 35 is that you don't get raped as much.
    – Submitted by Brigita S (11 months ago)
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