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½ May 19, 2007
As far as super hero flicks go this was good stuff and fun to watch. I was surprised and Jessica Alba won me over for her hot points :)
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August 25, 2007
Not THE Fantastic Four oh no...its simply Fantastic Four here, much cooler. So this is the first major production for the Four after the now cult Roger Corman B-movie effort. Team of clever people head out into space and get hit in the face by an interstellar cloud of space stuff and obtain super powers. Naturally one of them becomes twisted and evil with his new found powers and much fighting ensues, that's it, that's all there is.

Thing with this film is everything moves so fast at first. One minute the Four are discussing this space cloud, next they're discussing it with Von Doom, then they're all up in space in this space station, then they get hit by the space cloud and then just as quickly they're all back on Earth. The beginning feels so rushed so they can get to the fun stuff and silly special effects, and boy is there plenty of that. Most of this film really feels like a setup for the inevitable sequel, half the film is basically the team getting to grips with their powers and messing around.

Its all a rip off if you ask me, most of the time we only get to see 'Grimm' and 'Johnny' arguing bickering and pranking each other, whilst 'Reed' tries to study their new powers. Alba as Sue Storm does literately nothing accept for flirt with Reed, regurgitate her new nudity/invisibility issue and look absolutely ridiculous with her fake blue contacts and fake blonde hair, she looks like a mutant from the X-Men. The real killer is the fact we don't actually see Doctor Doom anywhere until right at the very end! This film has no villain! its true, the first superhero flick I've seen with no actual antagonist. Then when we do finally get some Doom action its a blink and you'll miss it scenario plus it never feels like Doctor Doom, just the actor McMahon in a plastic mask (what's with the eyebrow makeup on that guy?).

The sole bit of action for the most part is a highway pile up on the Brooklyn Bridge which gives the team a chance to flex their new skills in complete CGI glory. I can't really moan about the CGI because its obvious from the outset that the film was gonna be heavy on it, but this doesn't entirely excuse how bad it looks. The only character that looks reasonable is the Human Torch, Mr Fantastic looks anything but fantastic...but his CGI effects sure do look plastic. The Invisible Woman just comes across as bland and completely uninteresting whilst The Thing is so very clearly a stretchy suit. I think its hard to translate this team onto the big screen though in all fairness, they have a more childish vibe about them, their outfits are hard to update...and basically they're just dull all round.

There is a very comical light-hearted feel to the film that borders on infantile at times. Now I can't say that's a bad thing because the film does adapt the comicbook atmosphere very well, what else would you expect with characters like this? But at times the film is just embarrassing to watch, there is some really cheesy ultra hammy dialog and gags, dumb visual gags...dare I say pratfall stuff and loads of quickfire quips and one liners. I mean yeah Johnny Storm is suppose to be a good looking cocky mouthy young astronaut but some of his scenes with The Thing are simply excruciating to watch. Does he really need to shout out 'flame on!' to turn into the Human Torch?

The whole film looks bad and highly fake, not much better than a TV series...hell the Roger Corman movie isn't far behind really. The performances are weak, there is no bad guy and virtually 90% of the film is about nothing more than origins and tomfoolery, literately padding for the sequel in a crafty money milking operation. On one hand they do admittedly capture the spirit of the comicbook genre with this guff but on the other hand it really is a typically terrible sanitised sterile Hollywood production.
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January 14, 2010
"Fantastic Four" hits the big screen in style, but sadly that is all it has going for it, as most of it's style overcomes it's substance throughout the film. It feels less of an origin story than most Marvel films, because we do not get much of a backstory and we are placed in the heat of the moment that it is all occurring. I wished that these filmmakers took a bit more time to develop their story and characters, before proceeding the plot. Anyways, the acting is okay, they all play their roles well, the action is fun, the characters are somewhat likable, and the duration is just the right length. As cheesy and lame as this film really is, I still enjoy it.
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September 9, 2006
It's non-stop, fantastic and exhilarating fun from beginning to end. A spectacular and astonishing movie with a great story and great character development. Ioan Gruffoud, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans are fantastic together. Julian McMahon is brilliant. It delivers explosive action, humor and excitement. A great cast. The chemistry between the the four actors is truly brilliant and satisfying. The best superhero movie since X-Men. Fantastic entertainment. A pure-jolting adrenaline rush. Hop on to this awesome and unforgettable ride. It focuses more on the characters and the story than the special effects. Director, Tim Story crafts an excellent and brilliant adaptation which is absolutely fun.
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June 20, 2007
Fun and action-packed superhero movie. Despite the cheesy moments throughout, I liked it. It's watchable.
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½ March 18, 2013
Competent entertainment, and a fun feuding dynamic between youngish heroes not quite ready for the limelight, but it's basically just the Marvel Origin Story Template applied once more. Jessica Alba can't act, but Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom is one of the better villain performances in this stable. Meh.
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½ January 29, 2011
"Fantastic Four" is the story of 5 people who go to space for an experiment and then come in contact with a gamma ray storm. They then have to learn to deal with the side effects. 4 will be good and form the Fantastic Four, and one will become Dr. Doom. The special effects are a lil cheesy,but it's still very entertaining. Chris Evans(Human Torch), Michael Chiklis(The Thing), and Ioan Grufford(Mr. Fantastic) are all three perfectly cast. However, Jessica Alba(Invisible Woman) and Julian McMahon(Dr. Doom) seem out of place, and probably could have been cast better. Unlike most superhero movies, this is very light and family friendly. It's more of a fun hero movie instead of one that takes itself too serious. Not the best comic book adaptation, but nowhere near the worst. Having followed the characters growing up, I was satisfied and thought it represented them pretty good. Action fans, comic book fans, and movie fans in general should like this roller coaster of a ride movie.
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½ January 3, 2012
Much like Green Lantern, The film of the comic book super hero's Fantastic Four is quite simply a ludicrous, heartless and above all obvious attempt to make money off of fans that im sure will be dissapointed by it and the movie going public that enjoyed previous attempts at bringing comic book heroes to the screen. What surpirsed me the most was how heartless they were to the source material tht "inspired" it. Above all it was just boring and absolutely lame.
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October 29, 2011
A pure 3 stars for action, thin plot, quite weak performances, the wide spread gags are a disappointment.
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September 7, 2011
One of the worst super-hero movies I've ever seen. Extremely cheesy, super kid friendly, and cringe-inducing dialogue with little to no action to redeem the lacking qualities.
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½ November 3, 2009
Not pleased, not even a smidge.

Dull acting, poor casting, over-attention to visuals, under-attention to plot. There are many things to do wrong in a comic movie, this film is a walking manifest of them. That much being said, at least they got Thing right. That's it, the only claim to fame for this movie is that their adaptation of Thing was a perfect balance of humor and solemnity.

Now back to tearing it apart. Bad dialogue, terrible cinematography, and lacking character development. Over all, this movie is another one to add to my list of all-time worst book/comic adaptations. Well done, my friends, I haven't been this appalled since my friend tossed-up all over my brand new Jimmy Choos.
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½ October 2, 2011
This film is barelyyyy getting a 3.5 from me. It's always cool to see a comic book make it to the big screen, but Fantastic Four is a bit too silly for my liking. I believe all of these comic book films should be portrayed with a darker tone, as seen in films like The Dark Knight or X-Men: First Class.
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½ February 27, 2011
Fantastic Four is not a great movie, but I enjoy watching it. the plot was very boring I will admit, and it could have done more work. The cast sucked I will also admit, they could have played their part much better. The action was really good, i don't care what anyone says, it was cool to me. This movie was not great, but I enjoyed it so there it is.
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½ May 29, 2011
FF defines the words "generic-family-superhero-film".

Everything about it screams average and mundane to a point where you can't help but feel sorry for Marvel's little family of superheroes.

Save for Chris Evan's one-liners and gag's there are very few entertaining moments. I suppose the drama between Grimm and Mr.F was unavoidable what with it being a classic in the comics but the resolution and conflict that arises from it is just cheesy and so childish in nature it's like the film was written by a tween.

It always feels like Doom needed more presence, a bigger plan and just needed to hit threat levels that actually warrants four super powered beings as well.

All in all, disappointing ride.
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July 31, 2009
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½ February 23, 2011
The Fantastic Four are silly characters from the start. However, I am still fond of them. Just like a lot of superhero movies from Fox, the trailers were deceiving. I remember my moviegoing crowd at the midnight premiere of "Revenge of the Sith" went wild after the trailer was shown. Two months later, its opening day and we see this film unfold on the screen. We come out of the theater disappointed.

The dialogue, effects, and writing are the film's weaknesses. This movie had so much potential. The actors even try to cope with the film's issues. This movie makes me want to watch the low budget 1994 film even more. I saw the trailer for that one and it looked like "The Godfather" to me. Even the villain was wasted!

The only good thing about this movie was Jessica Alba and all the girls that share their screen time with Chris Evans. This is a popcorn flick and I have a thing for those types of films. You're gonna hate me but I enjoyed seeing this in the theater on opening day. I remember the audience being dead silent when the "Corpse Bride" trailer came on. A funny little kid behind me said "What was that?" all weirdly when the trailer ended. Ahhhhh. Memories.

I hope they reboot the series right!
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½ August 2, 2010
I really really like this movie. The Fantastic Four has always been my favorite Marvel comic book, so I like this film more for that reason.

With that being said, it's not as good as the Spidermans or X-Men. Brilliant fighting, acting, effects, ect., but some of the acting is questionable and annoying. I love the story and pace of this film though. The story is able to tell itself without focusing too much on action, which I like.

Overall, this is another highly entertaining superhero film, and Jessica Albs is hot!
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½ November 30, 2009
Its worst and best strength is that it's a very close adaption to the early comic books. It's unbelievably campy and goofy, full of color and special effects. However, it's really a cool story at heart and this showcases a lot of what makes the characters so interesting and lovable. It's two main attractions are Chris Evans dead on performance as Johnny Storm and the dynamite performance of Julian McMahon. He just completely dominates the movie as the most diabolical and self obsessed Dr. Doom i've ever witnessed. While some of the other characters are translated in a corny way, it's really Dr. Doom that basks in the movie's style.
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July 21, 2010
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May 23, 2010
The "super power" thingy is getting old.
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