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Michael Rooker stars in Hypothermia, a monster film about two feuding families who must team up when a creature unearths itself at the remote ice fishing location they're both visiting. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovimore
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Horror
Directed By: ,
On DVD: Oct 2, 2012


Michael Rooker
as Ray Pelletier
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"The Creature from the Black Lagoon" if conceived by Jim Jarmusch and directed by Larry Fessenden...

Full Review… | March 11, 2013
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I first heard about this movie after seeing the theatrical poster online. It was pretty weird watching a movie with Michael Rooker being a good guy. I kind of sat there for the first half hour still trying to grasp at the image of a wholesome, friendly, loving father-type Michael Rooker.

The story itself is fairly weak; family goes to a frozen lake to do some ice fishing and bonding. The son and his girlfriend are joining the Peace Corps after college. This fishing trip is supposed to be the one last bit of family time spent together before they leave. A douchebag father and his timid son arrive later with a fancy camper trailer and fishing gear. Eventually both families end up trying to survive against the monster.

Speaking of the monster, I had high hopes for it but when the thing finally appears, my hopes fell through the ice, drowned, suffered from hypothermia and were never recovered no matter how hard the movie tried to mount a rescue. The monster suit is probably one of the worst I've ever seen. I have to give them credit for not using a CGI monster but I don't know why they thought what looked like a cheap Wal-Mart Halloween costume would end up being their choice in monster looks. The costume from the Creature of the Black Lagoon is like the Mona Lisa compared to this kindergarten glue and macaroni abomination of a rubber suit.

Overall the movie had pretty decent gore and blood but it didn't help the weak story, or terrible monster. The acting was pretty good although the douchebag father seemed to be exaggerated, and the Asian girlfriend seemed very artificial in all her responses and facial expressions.

Giving it two stars cause I think seeing Michael Rooker as a good guy was probably the scariest thing about it.

Vlad C.
Vlad Cabias

The effects for the monster were TERRIBLE! But over all it's not a bad film and defiantly not a great film. Just OK.

Isaac Connors

One line summary: Take the safest route when dealing with a monster.


Ray, his wife Helen, their son David, and daughter-in-law Gina are setup in a cabin by a frozen lake. Ray scouts the lake in the twilight for a good fishing spot for the next morning. He spies a dead coyote, and goes to investigate. Something goes bump in the evening, and Ray falls through the ice. Ray is a man of considerable strength and stamina; he is able to pull himself out in the dark with no tools, but the effort leaves him flat on top of the ice. The rest of the family soon think he's been out too long. David finds him and walks him back to the cabin. They are still going ahead with the next day's fishing; they will just have to be more careful about weak spots in the ice.

The setup for fishing goes without a hitch. On the other hand, there are no fish. Another family drives a truck and a trailer out onto the ice. The Pelletiers are a bit skeptical of all that weight even further out on the ice. Later they drive the truck away in a rush, leaving the trailer behind on the ice. The idiots return on ice-mobiles of some sort. The large whatever moves through and catches all of their hooks, but they do not bring it in.

The new people are Steve Cote and Steve Jr, who are intent on catching the big whatever. The initial guess is that it might be a sturgeon of some sort. Steve Jr. gets pulled in, and the monster cuts him. Steve cleans him up, and lets him sleep. He offers the Pelletiers steak dinners. During the meal, Steve Junior starts feeling some sort of effects from his cut. Definitely an infection, but it looks like an infestation as well. The Pelletiers think Steve Jr needs to go to the hospital; Steve insists not.

Steve and Ray go out to catch the beast. Steve starts a generator to charge batteries, provide light, and hopefully attract the beast. Steve Jr. gets up instead of resting; the beast comes back, and drags Steve Jr. away. Steve Sr. takes a shot at the beast, misses, but manages to fall into the drink. The beast manages to cut Steve Sr, not as deep, but a long laceration. Steve Sr also gets an infection. Steve Sr is determined that something is going to die before the night is over. He gets his wish.

The Pelletiers wait for the dawn to go back to their cabin. Unfortunately, the monster gains partial access through the capped fishing holes in the trailer; David gets a fatal cut on the neck.

Will anyone make it out alive?


Cinematography: 6/10 Several of the long shots were rather poor: fuzzy, low contrast, too dim. There was a fair amount of camera shake on the closeups in the interiors.

Sound: 7/10 Pretty good.

Acting: 5/10 Michael Rooker, Blanche Baker, and Amy Chang were fine. Don Wood, Greg Finley, and Benjamin Forster I could have done without.

Screenplay: 2/10 The story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and the exposition from one to the next is not that bad. However, there were so many opportunities for the fate of the family members to come out much better. The case for all decisions to be bad ones was rather weak. The ending sucked rocks and made no sense at all.

SFX: 0/10 The monster is the only SFX, and it looks really cheesy. This was a major detriment to the film. Its silly appearance shut down the suspense.

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