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Jurassic Park III (2001)


Average Rating: 5.2/10
Reviews Counted: 159
Fresh: 78
Rotten: 81

Critics Consensus: The dinos are as cool as ever, but there's too much of a "been there, done that" feel.

Average Rating: 4.2/10
Reviews Counted: 33
Fresh: 10
Rotten: 23

Critics Consensus: The dinos are as cool as ever, but there's too much of a "been there, done that" feel.


Average Rating: 3/5
User Ratings: 521,891


Movie Info

Director Joe Johnston takes over the creative reins from Steven Spielberg for this third installment in the thriller franchise. Sam Neill returns as Dr. Alan Grant, a scientist who's tricked by wealthy couple Paul and Amanda Kirby (William H. Macy and Tea Leoni) into a fly-over of Isla Sorna. The object of their sightseeing tour is one of the Costa Rican islands populated by ferocious, genetically bred dinosaurs and the "site B" setting of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World (1997). After their … More

PG-13 (for intense sci-fi terror and violence)
Action & Adventure , Mystery & Suspense , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By:
Jim Taylor , Alexander Payne , Peter Buchman
In Theaters:
Dec 11, 2001
Box Office:
Universal Pictures - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Jurassic Park III

All Critics (162) | Top Critics (35) | Fresh (78) | Rotten (81) | DVD (45)

An all-action, helter-skelter, don't-forget-to-buy-the-computer-game ride that makes the two previous installments look like models of classic filmmaking.

Full Review… | November 5, 2008
Top Critic

True, the film offers little new, but it's still stirring family entertainment...

Full Review… | February 9, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

If there's one thing certain in this new instalment of Jurassic Park, it's that the critters are a whole lot smarter, faster and interesting than the Homo sapiens dropping in on them.

Full Review… | March 19, 2002
Globe and Mail
Top Critic

Bad news is the only news in Jurassic Park III.

Full Review… | January 22, 2002
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic

Too bad the script doesn't extend the same courtesy to the actors, who are saddled with dialogue neither man nor beast could respond to.

August 9, 2001
Rolling Stone
Top Critic

The third time around is at least one time too many.

Full Review… | July 30, 2001
Detroit News
Top Critic

More than half an hour shorter than The Lost World, so at least there's a lot less of it to suffer through.

Full Review… | April 17, 2013
Antagony & Ecstasy

For kids who can handle nonstop action, it's good scary fun.

Full Review… | December 24, 2010
Common Sense Media

A clumsy, and poorly written farce with irritating characters I prayed for imminent death to arrive to.

Full Review… | April 29, 2009
Cinema Crazed

An efficient and surprisingly palatable finale to the Jurassic franchise.

Full Review… | November 5, 2008

Spectacular but not scary or thrilling.

Full Review… | September 24, 2007

Mr. Johnston keeps the action and one-liners coming and, before you know it, it's over.

Full Review… | July 14, 2007
Big Picture Big Sound

Much darker than the previous films, this third installment feels more like a horror flick set in amusement park than a good sci-fi adventure, though special effects, due to technology advances, are more sophisticated.

Full Review… | July 13, 2006

As seqüências de ação são boas, mas não o bastante para que ignoremos a fragilidade do roteiro, com seus péssimos diálogos e os personagens esquemáticos.

May 21, 2006
Cinema em Cena

It might as well be the crappy pilot for a Jurassic Park TV series or a feature version of Sid and Marty Krofft's Land of the Lost.

Full Review… | December 6, 2005
Film Threat

Jurassic Park III is a blunder.

Full Review… | October 5, 2005
Zertinet Movies

It's not art ... it's entertainment, and it knows it. Boy, does it entertain.

January 15, 2005
Looking Closer

If you're looking for a tight script, interesting three-dimensional characters and something new with this movie, you will be disappointed.

Full Review… | November 13, 2004
JoBlo's Movie Emporium

For a sequel with a Roman numeral in the title, Jurassic Park III is more entertaining than expected.

Full Review… | June 25, 2004

Milking a Brontosaurus would be easier than milking this franchise any more . . . This pointless sequel is a tepid end (if there is a God) to the series

Full Review… | March 19, 2003

People who go to see Jurassic Park III are not there for character development, they want cool-looking dinosaurs, and that they will get in spades.

Full Review… | February 8, 2003
Film Quips Online

The Jurassic movies have by now palpably entered the plane of baldly profit-hunting, unpretentious entertainment...

Full Review… | January 10, 2003
Nick's Flick Picks

The film never really decides what the central drive is going to be.

Full Review… | January 7, 2003
Hot Button

Returning to Jurassic Park a second time wasn't the most fruitful journey ... it's no surprise that the third trip back to the dinosaur-ridden island borders on the offensive.

November 18, 2002
Baltimore City Paper

Audience Reviews for Jurassic Park III


Here we are in the homestretch of this shaky trilogy, and people probably went into this movie, scared out of their minds about how it will compare to both the original and the terrible sequel. I truly believe it falls safely in the middle of both. It will never be considered as great as the first by any means, but it is eons better that the film that preceded it. As a boy and his father are lost on the island after wanting to view it, their family is out looking for them, and who better to trick into coming with them than doctor Grant. With much better effects, a solid story, and a script that cares about it's source material, "Jurassic Park 3" is a very entertaining film from start to finish. You can completely skip the second film and come to this. They have pulled the series out of the gutter.

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer


An unnecessary sequel that only provides shallow thrills thanks to a few intense situations. The plot is a predictable series of loosely stitched together chase scenes, the characters are pretty stock, and the visual effects have certainly lost their wow factor (in fact they look even more dated than the first two). The actors do their best and having Sam Neill reprise his role as Dr. Alan Grant certainly does not hurt matters but the cliche script provides little substance for the actors to work with. As long as you don't compare this to the first movie too much, their are some neat ideas at play. The bigger and deadlier Spinosaurus is a cool new addition to the franchise while the most original sequence involving the flying Pteranodons is also a decent highlight. If you can withstand a half-baked plot and dumb characters, then "Jurassic Park III" provides a decently short distraction, otherwise just watch the other two and skip this last entry.

Christopher Heim
Christopher Heim

Super Reviewer

While the visuals have lost their wow factor, this still maintains some of its acting and intense situations. While the raptors get unusual colours, T-Rex is replaced by a bigger and deadlier dinosaur; Spinosaurus. Sam Neill reprises his role as 'Dr Alan Grant' and, personally, is the highlight of acting in this film. Like with 'The Lost World', try not to compare too much with the original and this can be enjoyable.

Samuel Riley
Samuel Riley

Super Reviewer

Well although not a hit like the first, i must say its far better than the second and its a shock that it only came out a year after its sequel ! I love the cast and glad to see sam neill reclaiming his role shame about the rest tof the original cast, but the story really didnt have room for them!
However all in all i love the cast and enjoy this movie a lot! only took 8yrs to get a reasonably decent sequel discounting the 'Lost World' !

Film Crazy

Super Reviewer

Jurassic Park III Quotes

Paul Kirby:
What if they catch us with them?
Alan Grant:
What if they catch us without em?
– Submitted by Joe N (17 months ago)
Alan Grant:
I have a theory that there are two kinds of boys. There are those that want to be astronomers, and those that want to be astronauts. The astronomer, or the paleontologist, gets to study these amazing things from a place of complete safety.
Paul Kirby:
But then you never get to go into space
Alan Grant:
Exactly. That's the difference between imagining and seeing: to be able to touch them. And that's... that's all that Billy wanted. [a field of beautiful dinosaurs comes into view]
– Submitted by Adam O (20 months ago)
Alan Grant:
On this island there is no such thing as safe.
– Submitted by Adam O (20 months ago)
Eric Kirby:
read both of your books. I liked the first one more. Before you were on the island. You liked dinosaurs back then.
Alan Grant:
Back then they hadn't tried to eat me yet.
– Submitted by Adam O (20 months ago)
Eric Kirby:
Be careful with that. T-Rex. It scares some of the smaller ones away but attracts one really big one with the fin.
Alan Grant:
This is T-Rex pee? [Eric nods yes] How'd you get it?
Eric Kirby:
You don't wanna know.
– Submitted by Adam O (20 months ago)
Alan Grant:
Reverse Darwinism - survival of the most idiotic.
– Submitted by Adam O (20 months ago)

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