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Rating: Unrated
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror, Art House & International
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Zombie-slaying actioner from Japan with lashings of cheap CGI blood 'n' gore but nicely choreographed action sequences to keep the entertainment levels reasonably high. The story is basic and the characters cliched but I still had fun with this. The main heroine in this is seriously cute too!

Lee ?

Super Reviewer

The film action-horror adapted on the Japanese video game is very much like the game action and therefore lots of fun. The fight scenes are the highlights and really shine. The pathos and drama are pretty standard but necessary. There is only one hot Japanese girl in bikini and a cowboy hat fighting zombies with a samurai sword. Copious amounts of blood and gore.
The CGI effects are low but they managed to entertain the audience rather walking out or talking about the effects in the movie. The actors are good, the acting was passable and the zombies.

Dean McKenna

Super Reviewer

Yohei Fukuda makes his directorial debut with OneChanbara, which is a live action movie stemming from the The Onee Chanbara video game series out of Japan. A high budget masterpiece this is not, but d*** is this flick enjoyable.This movie feels like a combination of 2 films that I love. They are Kitamura's Versus and Iguchi's The Machine Girl. So naturally, I love this movie as well.The budget is low and there isn't much to the story, but how can a man argue when you have beautiful women in sexy outfits kicking butt. There is a ton of CG in this picture and some of it is cheap looking. It is mostly when zombies explode or get cut up. Yet, it is tolerable. The rest of the CG is fantastic and it is all in the swordplay.Speaking of swordplay, there is a lot of it. That and mini double barrel shotgun fun. People may complain about the shotgun not needing reloading, but look at the cover. This is not a movie to take seriously. As far as the choreography goes, it is better than you expect. The swordplay is fast and furious and so is the shotgun.The run time is only 80 minutes. The first 10 minutes is one long action sequence and the last 10 minutes is the spectacular final fight. That leaves 60 minutes in the middle for a repeating cycle of zombie carnage and slow parts for the story buildup.It is a little hard to rate the acting of the lead, Eri Oguto, since she doesn't talk much. She does a nice job at looking good and swinging the sword though. The same goes for female lead # 2, Chise Nakamura. Female lead #3 is Manami Hashimoto and she does most of the acting and talking of the three. All three are passable. I won't say anything about the male lead, Tomohiro Waki, since he is nothing special.OneChanbara is a perfect film to just sit back and relax to. It will also only take up 80 minutes of your time. Try it if you like over the top Japanese action films.

JY Skacto

Super Reviewer

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