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Red 2 (2013)



Average Rating: 5.4/10
Reviews Counted: 137
Fresh: 58 | Rotten: 79

While it's still hard to argue with its impeccable cast or the fun they often seem to be having, Red 2 replaces much of the goofy fun of its predecessor with empty, over-the-top bombast.


Average Rating: 5.3/10
Critic Reviews: 33
Fresh: 9 | Rotten: 24

While it's still hard to argue with its impeccable cast or the fun they often seem to be having, Red 2 replaces much of the goofy fun of its predecessor with empty, over-the-top bombast.



liked it
Average Rating: 3.6/5
User Ratings: 89,631

My Rating

Movie Info

In RED 2, the high-octane action-comedy sequel to the worldwide sleeper hit, retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. To succeed, they'll need to survive an army of relentless assassins, ruthless terrorists and power-crazed government officials, all eager to get their hands on the next-generation weapon. The mission takes Frank and his motley crew to Paris, London and Moscow.


Drama, Action & Adventure

Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber

Nov 26, 2013


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All Critics (137) | Top Critics (33) | Fresh (58) | Rotten (79) | DVD (2)

Ultimately, it's popcorn nihilism without the big laughs that helped distract from the casual approach to life and death in 'Red'.

July 30, 2013 Full Review Source: Time Out
Time Out
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This is a likable, almost gentle comedy and also a violent action film about the possibility of a nuclear bomb going off in a major city.

July 22, 2013 Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Willis is self-evidently capable of kicking the asses of men considerably younger than himself. But at some point shouldn't he consider an alternative pastime?

July 19, 2013 Full Review Source: The Atlantic
The Atlantic
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Ridiculously action-packed and just as endearing, Red 2 is why we go to sequels despite our well-earned cynicism about studios churning them out.

July 19, 2013 Full Review Source: Denver Post
Denver Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

It's nice to see oldsters cavorting in kaboom movies, but a little of this stuff goes a long way.

July 19, 2013 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monitor
Top Critic IconTop Critic

What's interesting about 'RED 2' is that, not only is it better than its predecessor, it is miles better ...

July 19, 2013 Full Review Source: MSN Movies
MSN Movies
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A highly-watchable but stilted sequel that serves as a complacent sequel to the fun original.

December 23, 2013 Full Review Source: Big Hollywood
Big Hollywood

Much of the originality has faded and Morgan Freeman's absence is keenly felt, but the end result is still a fun, exciting adventure.

December 15, 2013 Full Review Source: Cinema Sight
Cinema Sight

Red 2 fails to capture the fun of the first film, but manages to hold on to its weaker traits, such as a bloated runtime and an inundation of mindless action sequences, turning this into a rather forgettable affair.

November 25, 2013 Full Review Source: We Got This Covered
We Got This Covered

The cookie-cutter action sequences - car chases, fireballs, shoot-outs - are so-so and whereas the first film had a giddy cheekiness to it, the vibe here just feels forced, a common trait of sequels we really weren't hankering for.

September 29, 2013 Full Review Source: 3AW

Who knows if teenagers will appreciate this type of actioner? No matter. They get plenty of films designed for them. You go, gramps!

September 6, 2013 Full Review Source: Spectrum (St. George, Utah)
Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

The basic formula of the freefall of action, laughs and casting class of the 2010 first film is the same, but everything is less spontaneous, a little more forced and a tad overcooked this second time around... Mirren comes out best

September 4, 2013 Full Review Source: Urban Cinefile
Urban Cinefile

RED 2's support cast (including the new additions) are punching hard for this sequel to be as fun as the original; however the diluted globetrotting and Willis' clear 'pay-check' performance make you wish they'd retired this series after the original.

September 1, 2013 Full Review Source: 2UE That Movie Show
2UE That Movie Show

RED 2 plays it pretty safe, carefully emulating the style and tone of its predecessor, so if you enjoyed the first one, RED 2 should tick the same boxes for you.

August 31, 2013 Full Review Source: The Mercury
The Mercury

Silly but unapologetic entertainment.

August 29, 2013 Full Review Source:

About the best - and maybe the worst - that can be about RED 2 is that it is an exceedingly safe pick.

August 16, 2013 Full Review Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

While we applaud the minds behind Red 2 for making a film for adults in a sea of movies for kids and teenage boys, they didn't actually make a good film for adults.

August 13, 2013 Full Review Source: The Playlist
The Playlist

The Expendables meets The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel isn't an obviously winning formula.

August 12, 2013 Full Review Source: This is London
This is London

Smart, breezy spy action, with an of-the-moment vibe that takes it post-post-9/11 and into the Wikileaks era of global politics.

August 9, 2013 Full Review Source: Flick Filosopher
Flick Filosopher

Willis looks so tired, so lacking in vitality, that it's tempting to suggest he follow his character's lead and retire.

August 5, 2013 Full Review Source: The Ooh Tray
The Ooh Tray

[A] tiresome sequel ...

August 4, 2013 Full Review Source: Observer [UK]
Observer [UK]

The plot is all too generic, right down to the ticking-bomb climax. You can easily imagine it being taken off the shelf and handed to a bunch of younger actors with barely a tweak.

August 3, 2013 Full Review Source: Movie Talk
Movie Talk

The trick to RED 2's success is its willingness to allow the actors to roar through all their greatest hits at the loudest possible volume.

August 2, 2013 Full Review Source: Irish Times
Irish Times

The plot might not add up to much, but there's plenty of fire-fights, punch-ups and bristling one-liners to go round a cast so vast they could have called this The Extendables.

August 2, 2013 Full Review Source: Birmingham Mail
Birmingham Mail

Like the first one, it's played for laughs in-between bouts of mayhem; most of the gags are off-target, though Mirren's Nancy Mitfordesque assassin gets a pretty good kill ratio.

August 1, 2013 Full Review Source: Guardian [UK]
Guardian [UK]

Retired, extremely dull.

August 1, 2013 Full Review Source: Little White Lies
Little White Lies

Audience Reviews for Red 2

What made the original RED film so enjoyable is that it was something we'd never seen before, so obviously being a sequel, RED 2 suffers somewhat because we know what to expect. I still believe that RED 2 delivers more of what we all loved about the original, although it does wander into 'seen it all before, formulaic action film' territory in places. But so what, this is what we expected and wanted no? I think it's a shame that the film was panned on release, it's a fun action packed pop-corn film, above average and actually pretty funny.
March 21, 2014

Super Reviewer

Dean Parisot gives Red 2, like its counterpart, a solid mixture of comedy and action.At first, 110 minutes sounds like a marathon for a movie of this caliber; however, the pacing is quick and to the point. The film moves from place to place, city to city, in a matter of minutes, leaving things fresh and new with every scene. At the same time though, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle without enough attention.The action is in abundance, highly stylized, and even over the top. In other words, it fits right in with the style of this picture.Bruce Willis is what he is in this film and there are no complaints here. John Malkovich is humorous and Helen Mirren is badass. Mary-Louise Parker continues to hold attention with her beauty.Red 2 succeeds in all departments, making it a recommendable action-comedy sequel.
January 9, 2014
JY Skacto

Super Reviewer

The OAP secret agent club is back and the makeup levels have increased tenfold. The over the hill Expendables strike again and this time there are new members to the team...sort of.

Mission status: your bog standard, obligatory, run of the mill, over the top James Bond type secret agent tomfoolery with 'Mission: Impossible' styled stunts and vehicle chase sequences. Throw in light-hearted comedy to soften the violence and utilise lots of age jokes.

I think the problem here is firstly this genre is so so so so so so utterly and completely flooded with so many films that are all the same with the same action sequences, its just dull. There is absolutely nothing exciting about watching these aged actors pretending to be action heroes, under layers and layers of makeup attempting to make them look young and fit whilst the whole time its simply watching stunt doubles. I mean really, what's the point? half the film isn't the actual cast!.

Willis clearly doesn't care anymore, the guy is done, past it and doesn't care about acting, he should retire. Louise-Parker is the most annoying female I've come across since Sandra Bullock, she merely smirks, grins and acts coy the entire time, that's all she and Willis do! perform awkwardly as a couple together, its dreadful. Watching Mirren is literately like watching my gran (God rest her soul) in an action flick! its embarrassing. The only person to have more makeup on than Mirren was Zeta-Jones who looked like a frankfurter, how much makeup Jones?? it doesn't make you any sexier or a better actress, give it up.

Only good old Malkovich still manages to shine with his bumbling trigger happy persona and Hopkins isn't too bad as the under assuming scientist type with a secret. But wait! the powers that be have really gone to town this time and have tried to hire every aged/aging British thesp they can get their hands on. Enter Thewlis as some other secret agent bloke who is a dab hand with a gun...unsurprisingly. Cox is also back again as Mirren's Russian love interest but does nothing accept sniff her boots.

After all that we have Lee Byung-Hun who really sticks out like a sore thumb. A primed firm fit buff martial artist who can take down hordes of men single handed yet can't defeat old man Willis. Surely this dude could and should kill the whole team without breaking sweat, its like he should be in a totally different movie.

Nothing of much interest happens for the whole film in all honesty, a few fights, a few shootouts, a dash of lame comedy, Willis and Parker displaying some of the worst acting you've ever seen etc...Its only at the end do we see some fast n furious action...errr in the form of a 'Fast n Furious' styled car chase a Lotus that came outta nowhere. The action is hyper yet dumb, so very dumb. I love the standard modern action movie cliches of bad guys spraying these fancy cars with machine gun fire yet no damage is visible, plus no one ever thinks to shoot out the tyres. The less said about the hideous helicopter crash that Willis and co walk away from the better, oh so they are invincible super agents after all.

A complete and utter rehash of the first film which somehow manages to be less exciting, not as funny and with tired performance from Willis. First film was quite quirky and fun seeing these old boys kick ass, now its just deflated and repetitive. There just doesn't seem to be any point to this films existence other than simply to try and make more money, just crank out another, no thought, no worries, roll out more of the same, no one will notice or care...its got Bruce Willis in it.
January 6, 2014

Super Reviewer

I think not seeing the first movie really affected my comprehension of this sequel. I had a laugh here and there (that's when I understood that this was a comedy) but it seems weird to say that it got boring seeing how people just died so stupidly and easily. I think this is one of those films that doesn't really merit a sequel. Granted I only rented it and saw it out of boredom.
December 24, 2013

Super Reviewer

    1. Edward Bailey: I didn't see that comin'!
    – Submitted by Alyssa B (8 months ago)
    1. Edward Bailey: I didn't see that coming!
    – Submitted by Maher J (8 months ago)
    1. Victoria: IT's important to enjoy life while you still can.
    – Submitted by Mohammad I (9 months ago)
    1. Marvin Boggs: You haven't killed anybody in months!
    2. Frank Moses: That's a positive thing!
    – Submitted by Mohammad I (9 months ago)
    1. Victoria: Its important to enjoy life while you still can!
    – Submitted by Maher J (9 months ago)
    1. Marvin Boggs: What happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin!
    – Submitted by Maher J (9 months ago)
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