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Saw II (2005)



Average Rating: 4.6/10
Reviews Counted: 117
Fresh: 42 | Rotten: 75

Saw II is likely to please the gore-happy fans of the original, though it may be too gruesome for those not familiar with first film's premise.


Average Rating: 3.8/10
Critic Reviews: 29
Fresh: 6 | Rotten: 23

Saw II is likely to please the gore-happy fans of the original, though it may be too gruesome for those not familiar with first film's premise.



liked it
Average Rating: 3.2/5
User Ratings: 32,519,183

My Rating

Movie Info

Jigsaw, the diabolical criminal who captured the imagination of horror fans in the 2004 hit Saw, returns in this equally bloody sequel. Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) is a police detective who, after discovering the aftermath of a particularly gruesome murder, is convinced that Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is up to his ugly tricks again. Matthews' hunch turns out to be correct, but the master criminal proves to be disconcertingly easy to capture. As it happens, Jigsaw is eager to be put behind bars in

Feb 14, 2006


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Latest News on Saw II

October 16, 2009:
See Saw with Alex, Day 2: Saw II
Fear, I think, is one of the essential components of movie watching that almost completely...
November 9, 2007:
Ending Already Written for Saw V
The biggest thrills of the Saw movies are their surprise endings, which seem to keep audiences...


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All Critics (124) | Top Critics (32) | Fresh (42) | Rotten (75) | DVD (30)

In a fun house like this the elaborate tortures seem to leave behind the real world of pain and suffering for the realm of slapstick; they're the kind of horrors that make you scream and laugh at the same time.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comment (1)
Chicago Reader
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Quite possibly Saw II sheds enough blood to satisfy horror aficionados.

October 28, 2005 Full Review Source: Toronto Star
Toronto Star
Top Critic IconTop Critic

As it was in the first Saw, audiences are faced with insane leaps in logic that sabotage the last part of the film.

October 28, 2005 Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Saw II only has one ambition -- to make us squirm. And it does. Just don't be surprised if you need to switch to an electric razor after this.

October 28, 2005 Full Review Source: Orlando Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Saw II -- better-acted than its predecessor, which isn't saying much -- is so gratuitously, sadistically violent, and to such little end, that it finally falls over dead on the far side of obscene.

October 28, 2005 Full Review Source: Newsday
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Saw II has teeth, and this house-of-horrors franchise has legs, though they're manacled to the radiator.

October 28, 2005
New York Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The film doesn't take the direction most sequels do and manages to adequately follow up the original.

October 31, 2009 Full Review Source: Cinema Sight
Cinema Sight

In every way superior to its predecessor in terms of performances, story, characterization, gore, and climax.

April 29, 2009 Full Review Source: Cinema Crazed
Cinema Crazed

like the story, hate the directing

July 5, 2008

A Reloaded style one-up in which more people are trapped in bigger places and forced to perform scarier tasks with nastier results. Wow.

January 17, 2008 Full Review Source: Projection Booth
Projection Booth

Quite hideous.

September 27, 2007 Full Review Source: Antagony & Ecstasy
Antagony & Ecstasy

The ornate sadism isn't enough to carry our interest this time around.

August 18, 2007 Full Review Source:

By no means a masterpiece of the genre, but it's a slickly made picture that more than delivers on the promise made on its poster--oh yes, there will be blood.

March 1, 2007 Full Review Source: Film Journal International
Film Journal International

Ultimately uninteresting.

February 12, 2006 Full Review Source:

The slaughter in Saw II is pretty much non-stop, but you always see it coming. The movie's not really that scary, just gross in what by now is a fairly routine way.

February 7, 2006 Full Review Source: MTV

It's an unpleasant film with grotesque imagery, but Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" video is more unsettling than this mostly predictable bloodbath.

December 12, 2005 Full Review Source: Reel Times: Reflections on Cinema
Reel Times: Reflections on Cinema

Saw 2 gives talented, creepy-looking character actor Tobin Bell the chance to shine again as the cancer-ridden serial killer.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: ViewLondon

A grimy and relentless portrayal of high-tension cruelty that's excruciating to watch but as riveting as a nail gun to the nut sack.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Georgia Straight

Saw II feels like an episode of Fear Factor or Big Brother with Rob Zombie at the helm, and if that doesn't scare you away from this ridiculous movie, well, feel free to indulge your questionable tastes.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Premiere Magazine
Premiere Magazine

Saw II is a nasty piece of work ...

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Austin Chronicle
Austin Chronicle

... a sequel that shows some of the same boldness and intellect of the first one.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Film Threat
Film Threat

This macabre follow-up to 2004's low-budget horror smash can't rival its predecessor's fiendish ingenuity. But it makes up for it with a deliciously devious plot and enough gory shocks for a dozen Halloweens.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source:

To enjoy Saw II, one must have enjoyed Saw. This is a given. As to which is better, this is a fairly pointless question given how bad both of these movies are.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Boxoffice Magazine
Boxoffice Magazine

[Jigsaw] is like John Keating from Dead Poet's Society, if Keating used hypodermic needles and hacksaws instead of Walt Whitman.

December 10, 2005 Full Review Source: Film Threat
Film Threat

Ainda que relativamente engenhoso, o roteiro depende excessivamente de coincidências e revela-se pouco original, além de não conseguir criar um único personagem com quem o público possa se identificar.

December 4, 2005
Cinema em Cena

Audience Reviews for Saw II

I suppose that I am watching this for the sake of continuity.
January 4, 2014

Super Reviewer

I didn't think they could do a sequal so diffrent from the first one...but still this good. And the twist at the end....I don't see how it could be possible to see that one coming...great stuff
September 18, 2011
Martin Sahlin

Super Reviewer

After watching Saw 1, I was pleasantly suprised and was desperate to watch Saw 2, then go through all of them in order. That plan did fall through, but I did stay up all night and watch Saw 2 - possibly one of the few films that can join the 'Sequels Better Than The Original' Club. It was a lot better! There was more gore, rather than pathetically hiding it, it had 2 big plot twists near the end and Jigsaw's looming menace worked a treat, even though he was in front of 20 cops!

The traps in the film, including a furnace, a blade box, a door and various others, were rather clever and seemed realistic while still quite violent. Throw in the air of mistrust, a search for a link between all of the 'subjects' and some Saw 1 references, and you have a general sum up of the film.


The one thing the film lacked was a near end scene like in Saw 1, with a big chase, and all out battle to the death amongst various characters. Instead, you get one of the characters going insane and trying to kill everyone to find a number on their neck that would become part of a combination to open a safe. Although quite tense it did seem rather funny in a "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THAT?!?" sense when he can't trust anyone and cuts the number of his own neck to see it, before dying of blood loss!

Another moment of stupidity is where one of the characters is trying to find an antidote for a poison in a box. She puts one hand in to grab the antidote, drops it, tries to remove her hand to find that it is trapped by 4 blades. She then thinks it's a great idea to puts the other hand in to get the spilt antidote and fails, ending up getting stuck!

Backing away from spoilers now, the film is all-round very tense, especially near the end, and in a way, by having a similar ending but with some very unfamiliar twists, the film became much more creepy and intense than the first.

Just to sum up how good I thought the film was, I WILL be watching the rest of the Saw Septology!
August 28, 2011
BG Movie Reviews
BG Movie Reviews 2011

Super Reviewer

    1. John/Jigsaw: Now that's the Eric Matthews they gave medals to.
    – Submitted by Wesley W (17 months ago)
    1. John/Jigsaw: Don't forget the rules.
    – Submitted by Wesley W (17 months ago)
    1. Xavier: I guess you never been drunk before.
    2. Gus: I been drunk I spent 3 years in college. This isn't drunk, this is kidnapping. I saw this movie last week, this guy is a reporter and he goes to this war zone. He goes to sleep in his hotel room the first night, the next morning, he's in a cell with no windows and no light and he spent 9 years in that room.
    3. Xavier: 9 years? Man, that's nothing. Get over it!
    – Submitted by Hunter H (17 months ago)
    1. John/Jigsaw: Those who do not appreciate life do not deserve life.
    – Submitted by Nicolas T (2 years ago)
    1. John/Jigsaw: Oh, yes, there will be blood.
    – Submitted by Bria M (2 years ago)
    1. Xavier: Keep fucking looking. Come on, come on!
    2. Amanda: No, fuck you!
    – Submitted by Rob B (3 years ago)
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