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Scream 3

Scream 3 (2000)



Average Rating: 5.2/10
Reviews Counted: 111
Fresh: 40 | Rotten: 71

According to critics, Scream 3 has become what it originally spoofed. Despite some surprising twists, the movie seems to have lost its freshness and originality by falling back on the old horror formulas and cliches.


Average Rating: 4.9/10
Critic Reviews: 26
Fresh: 9 | Rotten: 17

According to critics, Scream 3 has become what it originally spoofed. Despite some surprising twists, the movie seems to have lost its freshness and originality by falling back on the old horror formulas and cliches.



liked it
Average Rating: 2.8/5
User Ratings: 403,131

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Movie Info

In the third and final episode of the Scream trilogy, Sidney realizes that she can no longer escape her past. Inspired by horror movies, the killer once again returns, but this time all trilogy rules are broken.



Ehren Kruger, Laeta Kalogridis

Jul 4, 2000

Dimension Films - Official Site External Icon

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Latest News on Scream 3

July 15, 2008:
Weinsteins Ready to Scream Again
Buried in yesterday's news about The Weinstein Company's new seven-year deal with Showtime was a...
February 27, 2007:
Is Wes Craven Ready for a "Scream 4"?
While over at the New York Comic Con to help hype his "Hills Have Eyes 2," horror master...


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All Critics (112) | Top Critics (26) | Fresh (40) | Rotten (71) | DVD (24)

Tthe movie belabors the idea that it's the last of a trilogy rather than the third in a series.

September 7, 2011 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader
Chicago Reader
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A limp movie-within-a-movie parody that closed the trilogy with a fizzle instead of the bang it deserved.

March 24, 2011 Full Review Source: Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Scream 3 is a crafty and well-crafted wrap-up that really does bring a satisfying sense of closure to the franchise.

March 26, 2009 Full Review Source: Variety
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Craven has produced a poor carbon copy of his own New Nightmare.

February 9, 2006 Full Review Source: Time Out
Time Out
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Fulfills its modest ambitions by delivering a glib slasher spoof for the mall crowd.

June 18, 2002 Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The result is the usual fragmentary mixture of jolts and jokes, knife-wielding maniacs and red herrings.

March 22, 2002 Full Review Source: Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Scream 3 is a fine ending to the trilogy. The teen horror franchise that ate itself.

September 7, 2011 Full Review Source: Film4 | Comments (3)

Merely adheres to the very convoluted whodunit formula that it outwardly addresses via a from-the-grave video recording by Jamie Kennedy's genre know-it-all.

May 20, 2011 Full Review Source: Lessons of Darkness
Lessons of Darkness

The self-referential setup is in place, but not the ingenuity or wit to take advantage of it.

April 13, 2011 Full Review Source: LarsenOnFilm

...a rather anticlimactic finish to a series that started out with such promise...

April 4, 2011 Full Review Source: Reel Film Reviews
Reel Film Reviews

An embarrassing carbon copy of its previous films...

March 19, 2011 Full Review Source: Cinema Crazed | Comment (1)
Cinema Crazed

End (hopefully) to the hit slasher saga.

December 15, 2010 Full Review Source: Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media

Missing from the third installment are many of original scribe Kevin Williamson's self-referential genre jokes and a lot of his energetic bravura.

September 8, 2009 Full Review Source:

A bad slasher movie, made by a talented man who brought hardly a one of his talents to bear.

August 10, 2009 Full Review Source: Antagony & Ecstasy | Comments (6)
Antagony & Ecstasy

A truly tired sequel.

August 7, 2008 Full Review Source: Sacramento News & Review | Comment (1)
Sacramento News & Review

The other Scream films were also tricky and convoluted, but I don't remember them playing like the WB version of Murder, She Wrote, as Scream 3 too often does.

August 18, 2007 Full Review Source:

There is nothing particularly clever to make all the bloodshed -- and time spent in the theater -- worth it.

July 14, 2007 Full Review Source: Big Picture Big Sound
Big Picture Big Sound

I hope to forget about this one's existence quickly. It pains me to think of a superb franchise hitting relative rock bottom.

May 22, 2003 Full Review Source: Film Blather
Film Blather

Wes Craven should have quit when he was ahead.

February 8, 2003 Full Review Source: Film Quips Online
Film Quips Online

A pretty funny gore-fest that delivers the goods with a few new twists.

December 8, 2002 Full Review Source: Film Threat
Film Threat

The new movie strays pretty far from the original idea -- that the Scream characters are horror-movie savvy.

November 22, 2002 Full Review Source: Combustible Celluloid
Combustible Celluloid

Just a blur of blood and guts -- exactly the type of dreary mayhem that Scream was born to demolish.

October 15, 2002 Full Review Source: Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Enquirer

Audience Reviews for Scream 3

Detective Wallace: This is great! Ten more murders and we can publish a calendar. 

"Someone has taken their love for trilogies one step too far."

Scream 3 is an obvious and sad step down from the greatness of the first two movies. Still, it's better than about 90% of slashers out there, especially when franchises get deeper into their runs. Williamson not writing the script hurt the movie most, but it's still his story, so at least he is there in some way. The film is still very tongue in cheek and relies on humor,  as a way to parody the genre. I'll admit that, even me, someone who likes this movie, can see why a lot of people don't. Especially given that the first two were instant classics. 

Describing a plot for a movie like this is kind of a waste of time, especially when it's pretty much the exact same plot as the first two. This time however the killing isn't going on in Woodsboro, but in Hollywood, where Stab 3 is being made. There's a lot of Hollywood humor thrown into the movie and in a way Craven makes some good references to what Hollywood really is, but it's still vastly inferior to his previous commentaries.

The cast is pretty good with a lot of returning faces and some new ones including Parker Posey, Emily Mortimer, Scott Foley, and Patrick Warburton. The movie has its problems, but that is normal for the genre. It's just more disappointing because the first two were so good. Had Scream and Scream 2 never been made and a movie of this quality came out, we would probably view it in a different light. That's the hardship of success though. When you do great, more is expected from you.

Overall, I still enjoy this movie every time I see it. Did I expect more from it the first time I watched it? Yeah, but I've come to respect it for what it is. It's not a genre changing film like the first two were. It's just an add on for the people that really love the Scream franchise. Scream 4 was more of the same. So in the end, this franchise is still the best slasher franchise out there from start to finish in my eyes. Although it helps that most of them suck right from the get go.
December 22, 2012
Melvin White

Super Reviewer

A shoddy, unnecessary sequel to an overall impressive series concerning horror films and their construction, this time dealing with the production aspect of it where Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is drawn back into a sadistic killer's cross-hairs yet again. The thing that made the 'Scream' movies so enjoyable was its self-referential sense of humor. Unlike the first two installments, this one really does not contain any of that and instead sprints ahead into exactly the kinds of movies it is supposed to be making fun of. Not very memorable performances from anyone, and a lot of predictability that makes it boring after awhile. A real disappointment considering the fact that "Scream 2" was arguably better than "Scream", so the creators of these films definitely showed they had the potential to get better as they went along. This is not the case.
September 22, 2012
Dan Schultz

Super Reviewer

About as good as the other two movies, really. I'm not the biggest fan of the Scream series, but like the preceding movies, Scream 3 is entertaining enough to make it worth watching. I did think the ending was slightly disappointing, though.
October 6, 2011

Super Reviewer

    1. Roman Bridger: You follow directions well Sidney. Now, welcome to the final act!
    – Submitted by John B (58 days ago)
    1. Dewey Riley: So you know Sidney Prescott's mother?
    2. John Milton: Who?
    3. Jennifer Jolie: Rina Reynolds?
    4. John Milton: Aah. Do you know how many actors have worked for me? Hundreds. Thousands.
    5. Gale Weathers: We didn't say she was an actor.
    6. Jennifer Jolie: Good catch.
    – Submitted by Rawballs B (16 months ago)
    1. Roman Bridger: Phone Voice: You're not going anywhere Sidney. It's time you came to terms with me, and with mother. Maybe you never knew her at all Sidney... maybe you just can't get past the surface of things.
    2. Sidney Prescott: Who the hell are you?
    3. Roman Bridger: Phone Voice: The other half of you. I searched for a mother too, an actress named "Reena Reynolds" tried to find her my whole LIFE, and four years ago I actually tracked her down. Knocked at her door thinking she'd welcome me with open arms, but she had a new life and a new name, Maureen Prescott! You were the only child she claimed Sidney. She shut me out into the cold forever! Her own son. [takes off mask to reveal he is Roman Bridger] Roman: Roman Bridger, director, and brother. She slammed the door in my face, Sid. She said I was "Reena's" child and Reena was dead... and then it struck me. What a good idea, so I watched her. I made a little movie, a little family film. Seems Maureen..."Mom"... she really got around. I mean Cotton was one thing; everybody knew about that. But Billy's father - that was the key. Your boyfriend didn't like seeing his daddy in my film too much. He didn't like it at all. And once I supplied the motivation... all the kid needed was a few pointers. Have a partner to sell out incase you got caught, find someone to frame, it was like he was making a movie.
    4. Sidney Prescott: You... this is all because of you.
    – Submitted by Rawballs B (2 years ago)
    1. Jennifer Jolie: Jese!
    2. Gale Weathers: What the hell are you doing?
    3. Jennifer Jolie: Being Gale Weathers! What are you doing?
    4. Gale Weathers: I *am* Gale Weathers!
    5. Jennifer Jolie: Here's how I see it. I've got no house, no bodyguard, no movie and I'm being stalked. Because someone wants to kill me? No, because someone wants to kill you. So, now, starting now, I go where you go. So that if someone wants to kill me, I'll be with you and since they really wanna kill you, they won't kill me, they'll kill you, make sense?
    6. Gale Weathers: None!
    7. Jennifer Jolie: You know in the movies, I play you as being much smarter!
    – Submitted by Rawballs B (2 years ago)
    1. Jennifer Jolie: Oh my God Gale Weathers, listen, I know we've never met, and I don't mind your not returning my calls but after two films I feel like I am in your mind!
    2. Gale Weathers: Hmn, That would explain my constant headaches.
    – Submitted by Rawballs B (2 years ago)
    1. Dewey Riley: Creepy Karen?
    2. Randy Meeks: Shut up! She's a sweet person, okay? We were working late. We were putting away some videos in the porno section, and, you know, shit happens. (shouting and knocking from the door behind him) Fifteen minutes. (it continues) Paul, fifteen minutes! I'm leaving my legacy. (it continues) Fifteen minutes, Paul! Damn! Anyway, the reason I'm here is to help you so that my death will not be in vain. That my life's work will help save some other poor soul from getting mutilated. If this killer does come back, and he's for real, there are a few things that you gotta remember. Is this simply another sequel? Well, if it is, same rules apply. But, here's the critical thing. If you find yourself dealing with an unexpected back-story, and a preponderance of exposition, then the sequel rules do not apply. Because you are not dealing with a sequel. You are dealing with the concluding chapter of a trilogy. That's right. It's a rarity in the horror field, but it does exist, and it is a force to be reckoned with. Because true trilogies are all about going back to the beginning and discovering something that wasn't true from the get-go. Godfather, Jedi, all revealed something that we thought was true that wasn't true. So if it is a trilogy you are dealing with, here are some super trilogy rules. One: you've got a killer who's gonna be superhuman. Stabbing him won't work. Shooting him won't work. Basically, in the third one, you've gotta cryogenically freeze his head, decapitate him, or blow him up. Number two: anyone, including the main character, can die. This means you, Sid. I'm sorry. It's the final chapter. It could be fucking Reservoir Dogs by the time this thing is through. Number three: the past will come back to bite you in the ass. Whatever you think you know about the past, forget it. The past is not at rest! Any sins you think were committed in the past are about to break out and destroy you. (long pause) So in closing, let me say...good luck, godspeed, and for some of you, I'll see you soon. 'Cause the rules say some of you ain't gonna make it. I didn't. Not if you're watching this tape (the video promptly ends).
    – Submitted by Rawballs B (2 years ago)
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