Ray Milland

Ray Milland

Highest Rated: 100% The Big Clock (1948)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Uncanny (1978)

Birthday: Jan 3, 1905

Birthplace: Neath, Glamorgan, Wales

Welsh actor Ray Milland spent the 1930s and early 1940s playing light romantic leads in such films as Next Time We Love (1936); Three Smart Girls (1936); Easy Living (1937), in which he is especially charming opposite Jean Arthur in an early Preston Sturges script; Everything Happens at Night (1939); The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940); and the major in Billy Wilder's The Major and the Minor opposite Ginger Rogers. Others worth watching are Reap the Wild Wind (1942); Forever and a Day (1943), and Lady in the Dark (1944). He made The Uninvited in 1944 and won an Oscar for his intense and realistic portrait of an alcoholic in The Lost Weekend (1945). Unfortunately, it was one of his last good films or performances. With the exception of Dial M for Murder (1954), X, The Man With X-Ray Eyes (1953), Love Story (1970), and Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), his later career was made up of mediocre parts in mostly bad films. One of the worst and most laughable was the horror film The Thing with Two Heads (1972), which paired him with football player Rosie Grier as the two-headed monster. Milland was also an uninspired director in A Man Alone (1955), Lisbon (1956), The Safecracker (1958), and Panic in Year Zero (1962).


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Serpiente de mar (Hydra-Monster of the Deep) Sea Serpent Prof. Timothy Wallace 1985
No Score Yet The Masks of Death (Sherlock Holmes and the Masks of Death) Actor 1984
No Score Yet Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (Airport 85)(Starflight One) Actor 1983
79% Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Actor 1982
No Score Yet Our Family Business Actor 1981
No Score Yet The Attic Wendell 1980
No Score Yet A Game for Vultures Col. Brettle 1980
No Score Yet Survival Run Actor 1980
29% Oliver's Story Mr. Barrett 1978
32% Battlestar Galactica Uri 1978
No Score Yet Blackout (New York Blackout) Mr. Stafford 1978
No Score Yet Cruise into Terror Actor 1978
No Score Yet Oil The Boss 1978
0% The Uncanny Frank Richards 1978
No Score Yet The House in Nightmare Park (Night of the Laughing Dead) Stewart Henderson 1977
No Score Yet Slavers Hassan 1977
No Score Yet La ragazza dal pigiama giallo (The Girl in the Yellow Pajamas) (The Pyjama Girl Case) Simpson 1977
45% The Last Tycoon Fleishacker 1976
No Score Yet Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (Rosemary's Baby II) Roman Castevet 1976
No Score Yet Aces High Brig. Whale 1976
No Score Yet The Swiss Conspiracy Johann Hurtil 1976
76% Escape to Witch Mountain Aristotle Bolt 1975
No Score Yet The Dead Don't Die Jim Moss 1975
No Score Yet Gold Hirschfeld 1974
No Score Yet Terror in the Wax Museum Flexner 1973
No Score Yet The Big Game Prof. Handley 1973
No Score Yet Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle Actor 1972
0% The Thing with Two Heads Maxwell Kirshner 1972
29% Frogs Jason Crockett 1972
No Score Yet Columbo: Death Lends a Hand Actor 1971
67% Love Story Oliver Barrett III 1970
No Score Yet Hostile Witness Simon Crawford Q.C. Director 1968
88% 'X'---The Man With the X-Ray Eyes Dr. James Xavier 1963
67% Panic in Year Zero! (End of the World) Harry Baldwin Director 1962
56% The Premature Burial Guy Carrell 1962
No Score Yet Hollywood Come Home Actor 1962
No Score Yet The River's Edge Nardo Denning 1957
No Score Yet Three Brave Men Joe DiMarco 1956
No Score Yet Lisbon Director Capt. Robert John Evans Producer 1956
No Score Yet A Man Alone Wes Steele Director 1955
No Score Yet The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Stanford White 1955
89% Dial M for Murder Tony Wendice 1954
No Score Yet Let's Do It Again Gary Stuart 1953
No Score Yet The Thief Alan Fields 1952
No Score Yet Bugles in the Afternoon Kern Shafter 1952
No Score Yet Rhubarb Eric Yeager 1951
No Score Yet Night Into Morning (People in Love) Phillip Ainley 1951
No Score Yet Circle Of Danger Actor 1951
No Score Yet Close To My Heart Brad Sheridan 1951
No Score Yet Golden Age of TV Dramas Actor 1951
No Score Yet Copper Canyon Johnny Carter 1950
No Score Yet A Woman of Distinction Prof. Alec Stevenson 1950
No Score Yet A Life of Her Own Steve Harleigh 1950
No Score Yet Alias Nick Beal Nick Beal 1949
83% It Happens Every Spring Prof. Vernon K. Simpson/King Kelly 1949
No Score Yet Alias Nick Beal Actor 1949
No Score Yet So Evil My Love Mark Bellis 1948
100% The Big Clock George Stroud 1948
No Score Yet Miss Tatlock's Millions Himself 1948
No Score Yet Sealed Verdict Maj. Robert Lawson 1948
No Score Yet Variety Girl Himself 1947
No Score Yet Golden Earrings Col. Ralph Denistoun 1947
No Score Yet California Jonathan Trumbo 1946
100% The Lost Weekend Don Birnam 1945
87% Ministry of Fear Stephen Neale 1944
No Score Yet Lady in the Dark Charley Johnson 1944
95% The Uninvited Roderick Fitzgerald 1944
No Score Yet The Crystal Ball Brad Cavanaugh 1943
No Score Yet Forever and a Day Bill Trimble 1943
No Score Yet Star Spangled Rhythm Guest 1942
100% The Major and the Minor Maj. Kirby 1942
78% Reap the Wild Wind Stephen Tolliver 1942
No Score Yet Skylark Tony Kenyon 1941
No Score Yet I Wanted Wings Jeff Young 1941
No Score Yet Arise, My Love Tom Martin 1940
No Score Yet Irene Donald "Don" Marshall 1940
No Score Yet The Doctor Takes a Wife Dr. Timothy Sterling 1940
100% Beau Geste John Geste 1939
No Score Yet French Without Tears Alan Howard 1939
No Score Yet Everything Happens at Night Geoffrey Thompson 1939
No Score Yet Her Jungle Love Bob Mitchell 1938
No Score Yet Men with Wings Scott Barnes 1938
No Score Yet Tropic Holiday Ken Warren 1938
No Score Yet Wise Girl John O'Halloran 1937
No Score Yet Ebb Tide Robert Herrick 1937
100% Easy Living John Ball Jr. 1937
No Score Yet Bulldog Drummond Escapes Capt. Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond 1937
No Score Yet The Big Broadcast of 1937 Bob Miller 1937
86% Three Smart Girls Lord Michael Stuart 1936
No Score Yet The Return of Sophie Lang Jimmy Dawson 1936
No Score Yet The Glass Key Taylor Henry 1935
No Score Yet The Gilded Lily Charles Gray/Granville 1935
No Score Yet One Hour Late Tony St. John 1934
No Score Yet Charlie Chan in London Neil Howard 1934
No Score Yet The Mystery of Mr. X Forbes 1934
No Score Yet Bolero Lord Coray 1934
No Score Yet We're Not Dressing Prince Michael Stofani 1934
No Score Yet Payment Deferred James Medland 1932
No Score Yet Polly of the Circus Rich Young Man 1932
No Score Yet The Man Who Played God Eddie 1932
No Score Yet Strangers May Kiss Admirer 1931
No Score Yet Blonde Crazy Joe Reynolds 1931
No Score Yet The Bachelor Father Geoffrey Trent 1931
No Score Yet Ambassador Bill King Lothar 1931
86% Piccadilly Actor 1929
No Score Yet Flying Scotsman Jim Edwards 1929
No Score Yet Informer Bit Part 1929


No Score Yet Charlie's Angels
Oliver Barrows 1980
33% Battlestar Galactica
Sire Uri 1978
No Score Yet Columbo
Kennicutt 1972
No Score Yet Night Gallery
Dr. Ravdon 1971
No Score Yet Testimony of Two Men
Jonas Whitherby Jonas Witherby


Don Birnam says: It tosses the sandbags overboard so the balloon can sail. (drinking)

Don Birnam says: It tosses the sandbags overboard so the balloon can sail. [drinking]

Tom Wendice says: People don't commit murder on credit.

Don Birnam says: Get on the merry-go-round, you gotta ride it all the way. Round and round till that blasted music wears itself out and the thing dies down and clunks to a stop

Don Birnam says: Get on the merry-go-round, you gotta ride it all the way. Round and round till that blasted music wears itself out and the thing dies down and clunks to a stop.